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Re: The 14th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Threa

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Goal= 50 (Ended with 86)
* indicates first time viewing (Ended with 28)
List finalized

September 30
1. The Changeling (1980) A very atmospheric and creepy setting and mood is almost ruined by George C. Scott. Not that he's a bad actor, but c'mon man, he's the scariest thing about this movie.

October 1
2. The Amityville Horror (2005) Good luck finding couples counseling that covers spousal possession. Sure the original was pretty slow, but the remake is on steroids. So if the original is Bobby Bonds, this one must be Barry Bonds.

October 2
3. Hell Night* (1981) Your run of the mill, or giant mansion with secret passages, teens trapped in a unfunhouse. Linda Blair was enchanting, but this might have been the whitest movie ever.
4. 976-Evil* (1988) This starts off fairly interesting, but then devolves into a pretty bad special effects-palooza. But this is how we dealt with unintimidating bullies in the 80s, we made pacts with demons. #GoodOldDays

October 3
5. Child's Play (1988) The apex of killer doll movies. Shakespeare could not have made this any better. And we all owe Chucky a huge debt for killing off My Buddy.

October 4
6. American Horror Story: Hotel S5 E8: The Ten Commandments Killer*, S5 E9: She Wants Revenge*- Weirdos, freaks, and psychos check in, but they don't check out.
7. Ghost Stories* (2018) Stop the press, this was really good. Think a British Tales From the Crypt (yes, I know that the 1972 movie is literally a British Tales From the Crypt, so eat a biscuit); it's a little smarter, a little more nuanced, and not as punny.

October 5
8. Humanoids from the Deep* (1980) Take some 50's rubber suited monsters, sprinkle in some 80's nudity and gore, then add a dollop of modern evil corporate misdeeds and set to purée. Out comes Humanoids from the Deep, a movie that Brett Kavanaugh would call "inspirational".
9. What We Do in the Shadows (2014) Do you like... basghetti? I always ask that of all my prey, I just like the sound of it. This is a simple, yet brilliant movie that shows vampires are just like us, only funnier.
10. Truth or Dare* (2018) Listen, I actually enjoyed this, it was an interesting idea with a slew of uninteresting characters. And why are pretty people such douche tacos? Or did I just answer my own question.

October 6
11. Child's Play 2 (1990) This was a pretty good continuation of the series, but it misses Andy's mom, she was the heart and soul of Child's Play. And why are kids such douche tacos? Also, Kyle might be the coolest chick in the whole world, she can light my homecoming float on fire anytime.
12. Pumpkinhead (1988) Such an obvious social-political metaphor for our times by liberal Hollywood. Pumpkinhead is clearly Donald Trump, summoned by conservative evangelicals to get revenge on fancy, forward thinking, and "cool" city-folks. But hey, it had Amy Farrah Blossom Fowler.
13. Halloween (1978) A classic and one of my favorite movies of all time. Just glad they are finally making a sequel to this.
14. The Stepfather (1987) I knew John Locke as 'The Stepfather' until Lost. A nice, quiet little slasher that depends on Locke's performance and he delivers in spades (and two by fours).

October 7
15. The House on Sorority Row (1983) So this is not bad, but it's just an amalgam of what we've all seen before. I want to see a movie where the freaky, mutant child actually escapes his destiny and becomes an accountant or maybe a podiatrist. I just hate how they are all stereotyped into psycho killers.
16. Prophecy (1995) Interesting movie that is so 90's it hurts. Unfortunately it's aged as badly as Virginia Madsen. The sequel should have been all about Viggo's Lucifer, he was the best part of this flick.
17. Marrowbone* (2018) Asks the eternal question, who's crazier, the nutjob, or the person that loves the nutjob? Otherwise it was a pretty good period piece semi-spooky tale.

October 8
18. Ash vs the Evil Dead S3 E1: Family*, S3 E2: Booth Three*, S3 E3: Apparently Dead*- If you like your humor sophomoric, your characters/demons cartoony, and your blood red (or black), then this is the show for you.
19. The Shining (1980) Don't get me wrong, this is a classic and I love it. But there are some folks that are a lil too into it. It's okay to love The Shining, just don't LOVE The Shining.
20. Piranha (1978) I haven't told anyone this, but I have always rooted for the piranha in this. Poor little fishies just wanted a seat at a Cracker Barrel buffet.
21. Slaughter High (1986) You had me at Caroline Munro. I know you're not suppose to like any of these characters, but come on. They were like human gremlins (the slimy green ones, not the cute furry ones).
22. The Houses October Built 2*(2017) Part documentary about cooler haunted attractions than anything I've ever seen and part mockumentary about a realistic buncha friends who are stalked by internet trolls. This one ended better than the last, but it's the same movie all over again, laser tits or not.
23. Night of the Living Dead (1968) The 60's melodrama really works with the black and white and camera angles. I used to identify with the people trapped in the house, now I am more team zombie, at least you know exactly what you get with them.

October 9
24. Hellraiser (1987) I need to apologize right now, this is the first time I am watching this classic for the horror challenge. I honestly don't know why it took this long, please forgive me, I am merely human. That out the way, this is so freaky, and I mean that in a good way. Hellraiser looks at the Saw franchise and says, "Awww, that's cute. Now sit down and watch how it's done."

October 10
25. Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 (1988) This has more of everything (except an original story), more gore, more screaming, more Pinhead backstory, more jogging through hell. It's not bad, but dear lord it's not good. And the Cenobite smackdown was kinda anticlimactic, Pinhead got jobbed.

October 11
26. House on Haunted Hill (1999) Way better in '99 than today, but still has some fun to offer. And like with Chris Kattan, you either love this remake or hate it.

October 12
27. Fright Night (1985) I love this movie like many of you love your country, in an oppressive way. Like I think there should be a law passed that makes you stand for the opening AND closing credits. This is just pure, unadulterated 80's fun. All the B actors brought their A game for this one.

October 13
28. Return of the Living Dead 2 (1998) The first Return of the Living Dead is a classic horror movie with a lot of comedy. This one tries to be a comedy with a lot of horror. So the horror part is fine, but the comedy... well, like Chris Kattan, it tries way too hard.
29. Return to House on Haunted Hill (2007) Mash up between House on Haunted Hill and a Tomb Raider movie, but somehow it works. The SFX are better than the previous movie and the (pretty) characters are more likable.
30. An American Werewolf in London (1981) I can't believe puffa jackets are back in. Anyway, this is a fine piece of werewolf cinema that's a simple story of why you should never leave the road. Why did they get off the mother scratchin' road? And why no "Werewolves of London" song, too on the nose?
31. Haunted Mansion (2003) A mixed bag, the mansion was wonderful and the sfx was pretty good for it's time. But the story was generic and the humor was off the mark. It must have taken a lot of work and skill to make Eddie Murphy that unfunny.
32. Penny Dreadful S1 E1: Night Work*, S1 E2: Séance*- So far... so great. This is a smart, modern update to some classic characters. And by modern, I mean lots of sex and gore.

October 14
33. Ash vs the Evil Dead S3 E4: Unfinished Business*, S3 E5: Baby Proof*, S3 E6: Tales from the Rift*
34. Jigsaw* (2017) Jigsaw for Attorney General... am I right troglodytes? This is an average entry to the Saw franchise, nothing very memorable or original, but not bad. It's basically an escape room run by H.H. Holmes.
35. Teeth (2007) This is a #HimToo nightmare, which does make it pretty enjoyable. Pure satire that goes after everyone equally and has the most uncomfortable gore that a sexual assaulter could imagine.
36. Final Destination (2000) I really feel sorry for pretty people in horror movies. They are nothing but targets for death, and I mean that literally in this flick.
37. Hereditary* (2018) If you want crazy done right, you call Toni Collette. If I went out with her, would definitely wear the brown pants. This is all kinds of weird, thoughtful weird, shocking weird, and confusing weird. Almost forgot, naked old people weird.

October 15
38. American Horror Story: Hotel S5 E10: She Gets Revenge*, S5 E11: Battle Royale*
39. The Burning (1981) Teenagers were so much older and less attractive in the early 80's. I am glad we have come so far meow. This is a surprisingly not bad camp slasher flick with Holly Hunter and George Costanza.
40. Ash vs the Evil Dead S3 E7: Twist and Shout*, S3 E8: Rifting Apart*, S3 E9: Judgement Day*
41. Trilogy of Terror* (1975) First two stories are weak Twilight Zone rejects, but that third one was worth the price of admission. That lil Zuni doll has got spunk and makes Chucky look like a Cabbage Patch Kid.
42. Abominable* (2006) I do not believe that douche bag Otis ever went to nursing school. This rather silly killer Squatch movie is a fun little 'where are they now' of 80's 'stars'. It's a kinda funny movie, with some not so bad suspenseful moments, that makes you ask, "why does the wrong chick always get naked?"
43. The Haunting of Hill House S1 E1: Steven Sees a Ghost*, S1 E2: Open Casket* Well raise my rent, this is some good old fashioned spooky storytelling. This pulls you in like that man dressed as a clown pulled me into his panel van with ice cream and Pokemon cards.

October 16
44. The Haunting of Hill House S1 E3: Touch*, S1 E4: The Twin Thing*

October 17
45. Penny Dreadful S1 E3: Resurrection*, Ash vs the Evil Dead S3 E10: The Mettle of Man*

October 18
46. Final Exam* (1981) I don't know what's the scariest thing about this poop bag of a movie, the acting, the script, the wardrobe, or the hair. Watching this celluloid skid mark should be considered hazing.
47. Evilspeak* (1981) Lil Clint Howard battles bullies, alopecia, and the IRS with the help of his IBM model number 5150 computer and Satan. I mean, who do you root for here? Side note, why were the nerdy underdogs in these movies so creepy and unlikable? I don't condone the onscreen bullying, but I kinda understand it.
48. Hocus Pocus (1993) What the druids refer to as a, "celebration of everything All Hollow's Eve." If you don't like this movie, I am willing to bet your fun meter only goes to 2.

October 19
49. The Haunting of Hill House S1 E5: The Bent-Neck Lady*, S1 E6: Two Storms*

October 20
50. Exorcist III (1990) It's the devil vs George C. Scott, and Scott is favored by 7. This is good, borderlining great. It's hurt by the studio's interference, forcing Blatty to change the ending and adding an exorcism by Merlin. But I swear, everytime Scott yells, my undies turn yellow.
51. Child's Play 3 (1991) It's Chucky vs the military in this 3rd chapter of the Child's Play franchise (before it goes way off the rails). It's not so bad, Andy magically ages five years after just one, but then again, voodoo possessed doll, so ya know. De Silva is the best part of this, which continues the whole female characters being the strongest, most interesting in the series.
52. The Haunting of Hill House S1 E7: Eulogy*, S1 E8: Witness Marks*
53. Casper (1995) This movie always makes me wish ghosts were real. SPOILER ALERT: They're not. But what is real is how much fun this movie is and how adorable Christina Ricci was. Other things that are real: climate change, the moon landing, and the Earth is round. Have a nice day.
54. The Hills Have Eyes (2006) Buffalo Bill takes his family to see the beautiful desert sand and runs into some Deliverance style X-Men, including their very own Prof. X. If you boil this down to its core, it's just another story about pretty people vs ugly people. Average people are rarely represented... viva la average people!

October 21
55. Scanners* (1981) I know this is a classic, but man the acting is just soap opera bad. This is another X-Men ripoff, with Jester as Magneto vs Number Six as a Prof. X/Dr. Frankenstein mash-up. It's a product of its time, and Cronenberg cronenbergs like you'd expect, but if you're gonna name a character Dr. Ruth, at least have 'em say penis once.
56. The Ritual* (2017) Aka the Blair Moose Project. This is a good, spooky lost in the woods with thick af British accents flick. I don't know what is scarier, the woods or the main characters' intolerance for the Wicca religion. Goes to show backwoods people are the same all over the world. Two points, a) why did they get off the mother scratchin' path? and b) it's just a wedding ring dumas.
57. The Haunting of Hill House S1 E9: Screaming Meemies*, S1 E10: Silence Lay Steadily*
58. Penny Dreadful S1 E4: Demimonde*, S1 E5: Closer Than Sisters*
59. Diary of the Dead (2007) Romero's last good zombie flick. Yeah he kinda hits you over the head with his message and the found footage-style camera work is shaky at best, but its an entertaining little modern take on his zombie world. But man, those college students were dumb as a bag of Doritos. If I were Pitt, I'd sue.

October 22
60. The House That Dripped Blood* (1971) Another enjoyable British horror anthology with several horror icons. Since the movie is so old, it didn't have to work hard for the creepy, grizzled feel. I will say, it's easier to understand accents in old British movies than recent ones.
61. Halloween* (2018) So this was very good, well made with lots of reverence to the original. But it's sad that in this economy, Michael still needs to work and probably can't hang up the knife for another several years.
62. Trick or Treats* (1982) WTF was that. Less a movie and more a buncha cheap, unfunny vignettes. And I never wanted to see a portly tyke get guillotined so badly. David Carradine must have been paid in Mad Dog 20/20.
63. American Horror Story: Hotel S5 E12: Be Our Guest* American Horror Story: Freak Show S4 E1: Monsters Among Us*
64. Final Destination 2 (2003) Pretty much more of the same, but A. J. Cook makes it all better. These movies are just Rube Goldberg death machines.

October 23
65. Boys in the Trees* (2016) This was a bit of a pleasant surprise, mate. I had no idea what to expect and it turned out to be more "Stand By Me" than "Happy Birthday to Me". Seems like Australia is just like the US, especially on Halloween. #WhereAreTheParents

October 24
66. Penny Dreadful S1 E6: What Death Can Join Together*, S1 E7: Possession*

October 25
67. The Amityville Horror (1979) I must first apologize to this movie, I called it "slow" in the beginning of this challenge. That was from my fuzzy memory of watching it sometime in the 80's. This was actually better than the remake, the house had a scarier, more possessy vibe and Brolin sold it better than Deadpool (sorry Ryan, still love ya babe).
68. Ghostbusters (1984) The measuring stick (and most quotable) for all supernatural comedies. What makes this a legend is the subtle funny lines that most comedies lack. It's sad that we only got two of these. I will add this, the remake was pretty good. I mean sure, spend your time hating it internet. I will hate things like human trafficking, domestic violence, war, and crocs with socks.

October 27
69. The Amityville Horror II (1982) A prequel that somehow happens after the first movie and contradicts its beginning. And I guess the names were changed to protect the innocent? So for a prequel, it gets an F, but if you judge it on it's own, it gets a C +. Creepy enough with decent acting, but as my Nana used to say, houses don't kill people, people kill people. And viruses, and bears, and lightning, and avalanches.
70. Mausoleum* (1983) I don't wanna rehash how this was robbed for every Academy Award back in 1984, it's just a shame how political those awards really are. This was made during a magical time when men could be men... and grab any strange woman they wanted. Nowadays the SJWs and PC police (and real police) frown upon that, but having to ask permission is just so unnatural. So about the movie, it's discount William Katt vs a succubus that is so bad it's... well, bad.
71. The Night Watchmen* (2017) Goes all in on it's comedy while only holding a pair of eights. I guess it's somewhat charming, just didn't push my funny buttons. But what do I know, I liked Daddy's Home 2.
72. Forbidden World* (1982) Pure Corman goodness. Unapologetic Alien B-movie rip-off, where the alien has a little too much comfort food and quickly lets itself go. In space, no one can hear you pork out.
73. Evils of the Night* (1985) This was more like a fake B movie inside of a real movie. I think this was about aliens coming to Earth and paying some red state local yokels to find teenagers for them to shoot with green lasers. Then it turns into a young Cobie Smulders vs an old Jennifer Garner. I will say all the nudity gave me Ed Wood.
74. Haunting S1 E1: The Woman in White*, S1 E2: The Slaughterhouse*, S1 E3: Demon in the Dark*, S1 E4: Children of the Well*- Real (fake) people telling true (bullshit) stories. Production value was high though.
75. Lord of Illusions* (1995) I tried to watch this twice back in the 90's, but got distracted both times. Decent 30's style detective noir with some bad 90's CGI. Captain Archer is a soft boiled dick falling down a rabbit hole with Jean Grey in a movie about magic that probably looks a lot better on paper.
76. Monster Squad (1987) A Gooniesque horror flick written by Black & Dekker that beats Stranger Things by like 30 years. This is exactly how I remember the 80's, minus the monsters. And scary German guy. And split-level treehouse. And friends. I think they should remake this with an all female cast. Just kidding... or am I? And science IS cool!

October 28
77. Scarecrows* (1988) More like an extended episode of Tales From the Crypt than a movie. Think Die Hard in an old farm house, and John McClane is a buncha scarecrows. It's hard to feel scared for some cliché military criminals roaming around a corn maze.
78. The Serpent and the Rainbow* (1988) Voodoo story that in this day and age I don't know if it's offensive or not. Claims to be based on a true story, but feels like fake news.
79. The Monster Club* (1981) Tongue-in-teeth British campy anthology that goes to show monsters are more human than we are. Way more light than dark (in every sense), and I would totally join that Monster Club, it's just like Soul Train. Well, how much are the yearly dues? I ain't made of money my friend. Also proves disco is undead!

October 29
80. Penny Dreadful S1 E8: Grand Guignol*, S2 E1: Fresh Hell*

October 30
81. Drag Me to Hell (2009) Fun flick that proves sometimes you can go home again. Has Raimi's finger prints all over it, old hag, buckets of gross, and slapstick. The lead is a little bland and Long is muted, but who cares about them, give us more Sylvia Ganush. She'd f-up Michael, Jason, Freddy, Leatherface, and Pennywise in a horror battle royale.

October 31
82. The Exorcist (1973) A flat out perfect film. Everything works and is top shelf, the writing, acting, direction, and characters. This movie is such a slow burn, it's like foreplay. Modern movies are like Stanley fumble fingers in the back of his Jeep with Debbie Sue, lil douche just wants to get straight to the jump.
83. Trick 'r Treat (2007) This film was legendary before it even came out and boy did it live up to the hype. Watched it for the first time during my inaugural challenge and then each year after. Look, some people don't like it, but then again, some people are souless pig-dogs who only shower once a week. You do the math. This movie embodies the spirit of American Halloween. MAKE HALLOWEEN GREAT AGAIN!
84. Halloween 4 (1988) Rumor has it that the Michael Myers in this one asked the one from the first movie, "What's the difference between you and me?" and OG Mike replied, "I'm not wearing hockey pads!" So other than Myers looking like a poor stunt double, this is a good entry into the franchise. Gave us a girl next door to root for and a kid that wasn't annoying af. And that's all we can ask for.
85. Stephanie* (2017) What if Carrie met A Quiet Place? You'd get Stephanie. So this is good, but you get the twisty feels pretty early on.
86. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966) Classic, still relevant, genius... la la la. Charlie Brown's an asshole. Toy Story of Terror (2013) Combat Carl (Weathers) finds a way!

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