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Re: The 14th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Threa

Goal: 50

Blue = Repeated viewing
Green = 1st time viewing
Red = Vinyl Soundtrack

First time views: 37/62 = 59.7%
(BLU RAY) views: 58/62 = 93.5%

Sept 30th
1)Carnival of Souls - (BLU RAY) I learned that death, like some video games, has distinct borders. Great story, haunting and memorizing. Loved the creepy organ music, and the scene where the lead is playing the organ transfixed is well done. Revolutionary for the time period, if I saw this in the 60's, I would have shit my pants. 9/10
2)Deadtime Stories - (BLU RAY) I learned to simply ignore the sound of your trash can tipping over in the middle of the night. The Goldilocks and the 3 Bears was a WTF? out of the three segments, and easy vote to Uncle Mike for being the best Uncle of the Millennium. 5/10
3)Jack the Ripper (1976) - (BLU RAY) I learned that blind men make one hell of a witness. A completely unsatisfying ending, otherwise your typical Franco piece. 4/10

Oct 1st
4)The Car - (BLU RAY) I learned that it may be best to reschedule your practice parade marching until after the vehicular manslaughter ends. The music was very well done, but a little too familiar to The Shining (yes, I know this came after). It's almost like someone answered "a car" to the "chose the form of the Destructor" question in Ghostbusters. 6/10
5)Piranha (2010) - (3D BLU RAY) I learned that when dealing with piranha, your weapon of choice should be a motorized propeller. Insanely over the top, and exactly what I want in a film like this. Eli Roth making endless synonyms for boobs, T&A, Jerry O'Connell's dying words being "wet t-shirt", what's not to love here? 7/10
6)Piranha 3DD - (3D BLU RAY) I learned that it may be best to just skip opening day festivities of major theme parks and let the kinks work themselves out. My face when Piranha sequel announced My face when it was titled Piranha 3DD My eyes when Gary Busey and David Hasselhoff was cast The opening scene features a swarm of piranha chewing on Busey's face, only to have him rip one off for him to CHEW THE FACE OFF of the piranha! Yea... 3/10

Oct 2nd
7)Monster Club - (BLU RAY) I learned it's never smart to befriend a man who claims pigeons are his only friends. There is some charm here, but ultimately did not appeal to me. The bands in the music wrap around segments were an interesting idea, but again, not for me. 3/10
8)The VVitch - (BLU RAY) I learned to not let a witch get their hands on a newborn baby. This movie does for witchcraft what The Exorcist did for demon possession and Dawn of the Dead did for zombies. The pinnacle of witchcraft films. Beautifully shot, believable, phenomenal acting and such a slow burn that leads to a haunting and memorable climax. Subtitles are a must, however. 9/10

Oct 3rd
9)Humongous- (BLU RAY) I learned to never let your stupid, gun tootin' brother drive your boat. A nice Friday the 13th copycat, I had fun with it. Nothing revolutionary. 4/10
10)You're Next - (BLU RAY) I learned that an arrow shot through a window will quickly resolve any family dispute. And damn, I'm sending my child to a survivalist camp, will be way more useful than learning a fucking clarinet like I spent my youth learning. Thanks, dad! 8/10

Oct 4th
11)Frightmare - (BLU RAY) I learned to go for a Z-grade celebrity next time you're planning to steal a celebrity corpse. Had no idea this was a Troma film. For being members of a "Horror Film Society", these kids sure do make some dumb decisions. 5/10

Oct 5th
12)Jigsaw - (BLU RAY) I learned it pays to get to know your coworkers well. It had my attention throughout, and a good installment to the series. 6/10
13)The Strangers - (BLU RAY) I learned to go out, enjoy life, AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! Still effective for me, especially those first 30 minutes. The knocking noises got a jump out of me every time. 8/10
14)Class of 1999 - (BLU RAY) I learned that hatred of teachers and school will unify any warring people. Bionic tatas! Was surprised how much I enjoyed the insane finale of film. The first hour was typical warring gang type fodder, but the last 30 minutes is fun as hell! 7/10

Oct 6th
15)Squirm - (BLU RAY) I learned that electrocuted worms are angrier than a junebug caught in a tornado in the middle of July. I used this phrase because you will learn plenty of Southern sayings watching this, like "he'd tan your fanny" or "happy as a bump on a log". The howling noises of the worms was plain silly. Nothing great, worth watching once I suppose. 3/10
16)Slugs - (BLU RAY) I learned that eyeballs are a delicacy for mutated slugs. Features the unlikeliest heroes in a film ever - a health inspector, sanitation worker and amateur chemist. Better than Squirm, and has some great effects, but still nothing exceptional. 5/10
17)Slither - (BLU RAY) I learned that a bee sting, lime disease and alien possession all have similar symptoms that result in development of squid-like appendages. Surprise triple feature! Still love this film, great performances around, wonderful use of practical effects, and full of homages galore. 9/10
18)The Strangers 2: Prey at Night - (BLU RAY) I learned that witnessing your family members being murdered is the guaranteed quickest way to rehab your troublesome teen daughter. Has way too nice of pool for a trailer park. 4/10

Oct 7th
19)Willard (1971) - (BLU RAY) I learned all it takes to start training your own murderous flock of mice is a few breadcrumbs. Great character development and superb performance by Ernest Borgnine as the "bad guy". 6/10
20)Hellhole - (BLU RAY) I learned that mudbaths cure nymphomania. Felt disjointed with two separate plots that occasionally come together, with Silk hunting the girl to find the location of the papers she hid, and two physicians conducting unwarranted research on chemical lobotomies. Still, Silk has the be THE COOLEST character in horror movie cinema. Bonus points for abundance of nudity as well. 5/10

Oct 8th
21)Nightmare Before Christmas - (3D BLU RAY) I learned not to trust kids with your most basic of kidnapping plot. A classic, I know the words to most every song, and a film I try to watch on a regular basis. This was my first time watching in 3D, however, which added a new experience. 9/10
22)Happy Death Day - (BLU RAY) I learned that sometimes, not even getting arrested is enough to stop you from being murdered. An enjoyable film that keeps you guessing. 6/10

Oct 9th
23)The Fly (1986) - (BLU RAY) I learned that women are instantly swooning over men who win at arm wrestling contests. A classic remake that does everything right. Goldblum is fantastic and the effects are state of the art. 9/10
24)The Conuring - (BLU RAY) - I learned that demon possession smells an awful lot like rotting meat. Despite overuse of jump scares, this is a favorite recent horror film of mine. The Annabelle opening instantly paralyzed me the first time I watched it. 8/10

Oct 10th
25)The Babysitter - (Netflix) I learned that if you're going to be killed, go with style - like flipping a 1972 Chevy Chevelle through a front porch cool! It's like Home Alone meets a Satanic slasher film. 5/10
26)The Beyond - (BLU RAY) I learned that not surprisingly, one of the gates to Hell is located beneath a hotel. Think I stayed in a few like this. Much greater appreciation for it watching it a second time and easily Fulci's best. My only complaint is the sound effect used when a stretcher is rolling across the floor as it had a very "nails on a chalkboard" similarity. 8/10

Oct 11th
27)Doctor Butcher, MD - (BLU RAY) I learned that when used in fertility rituals, blonde scalps are thought to have double the effectiveness. Features what has to be the UGLIEST decor in film - bright green carpet with white, floral wallpaper. 6/10
28)Rawhead Rex - (BLU RAY) I learned that demon baptism looks an awful like being pissed on. The costume was a bit goofy looking, but otherwise ok. 6/10

Oct 12th
29)The Majorettes - (BLU RAY) I learned that while being a peeping tom is considered "wrong", it can lead to personal gain! This is one of those "so bad it's good" movies as I enjoyed writing down so many things I found hilarious, like the cop wearing Elvis glasses, the most white trash strip club ever with a string of lightbulbs TAPED to the floor to give illumination, and the stiffest acting I have witnessed since Birdemic. Not one of the victims screamed while being murdered, nor where there any tonal changes during dialogue. The end took a complete turn with an out of place shootout. Good film to make fun of. 4/10
30)Purge 4 (The First Purge) - (BLU RAY) I learned that it only takes one maniac with a knife to ruin a perfectly fun block party. Takes the series in a direction I do not like with laughable CGI blood and action sequences out of a Segall movie (one guy with a knife taking on a team of commandos with machine guns...c'mon!). I imagine the writing team saying "you know what would be cooler than glow masks? How about glowing contact lenses!" 3/10

Oct 13th
31)House By the Cemetery - (BLU RAY) I learned that most old houses in the Boston area have tombs in them. Great gore as expected from Fulci, most notable during a scene in which a bat latches onto a man's arm causing him to stab it with scissors and flail about, whipping blood onto his young son 6/10
32)Hereditary - (BLU RAY) I learned how important it is not to go along with someone's delusions, but rather to confront them and orientate them to reality. Might be my favorite of this year, so rare to find a horror film that doesn't rely on jump scares. It's unsettling throughout and terrifying, as is the pulsing, rhythmic soundtrack. 9/10

Oct 14th
33)Call Girl of Cthulhu - (BLU RAY) - I learned that if a prostitute brings a collection of sex toys and the customer's response is "I'm not interested", it's a guaranteed sign they are about to get murdered. A serviceable fan film, mixing sex with Lovecraft lore. 5/10
34)Pieces - (BLU RAY) - I learned that pornography doesn't make a person display deviant behaviors, it's taking away their pornography! Probably my favorite Grindhouse feature. 8/10

Oct 15th
35)Devil Incarnate - (BLU RAY) - I learned that mankind is more evil than the Devil himself. My first introduction to Naschy's work that I look forward to exploring more in the future. 7/10

Oct 16th
36)It (2017) - (BLU RAY) - I learned that fighting evil is more effective in groups. Thank you for bringing terror back to Stephen King, and hopeful for more remakes in the future. 8/10

Oct 17th
37)The Church - (BLU RAY) - I learned that a decapitated head makes a great, impromptu bell gong. Who the heck has a watch on their belt buckle? Should have been called Demons 3. 6/10

Oct 18th
38)Terrifyer - (BLU RAY) I learned to leave mimes the fuck alone! The actor playing the clown was magnificent, giving a menacing performance simply by his facial expressions and miming. The change in protagonists was unexpected, and the 'Silence of the Lambs' scene brought a smile to my face. 7/10

Oct 19th
39)Dagon - (BLU RAY) I learned that the town drunk is the best historian! The production seemed a bit cheap, but the location was spot on to how I would picture the town while reading the story. 5/10
40)Tenebrae - (BLU RAY) - I learned that paper can make a great, impromptu gag while stabbing someone. Any scene with John Sax being overly proud of his hat had me laughing. A great start to my giallo-thon, and one of Argento's best. 8/10

Oct 20th
41)Halloween (1978) - (BLU RAY) I learned that the next time your girlfriend asks you to get her a beer, respond with "get it yourself". The king of slashers, and in my top 5 horror films ever. Everything is perfect - the score, the stalking scenes, the mystery behind the killer. 10/10
42)Halloween (2018) - (Theater) - I learned that no matter how crazy you find your elders to be, they're probably right! A great follow up and brings the horror back to the series, and hopefully an end to the series. 7/10
43)Count Dracula's Great Love - (BLU RAY) I learned that Dracula is just like anyone else - looking for some pure virginal love. An interesting take on the lore, and quite different from other Dracula films for sure. 5/10

Oct 21st
44)Mom and Dad - (BLU RAY) - I learned that grandpa and grandma can still kick your ass! A standard, run of the mill "what if?" film, but has some great scenes of Nicholas Cage going nuts! And worth it to hear him say "anal beads". 3/10

Oct 22nd
45)New York Ripper - (BLU RAY) - I learned that old women tell time by what time of day re-runs of Dallas are on tv. Got a chuckle out of a coroner referring to female genitalia as a "joy trail". Must see Fulci and plenty of gore. 6/10
46)31 - (BLU RAY) I learned that if you ever encounter a grown man dressed as a pampered Beethoven, even on Halloween, it's never good news. Standard Rob Zombie fare. I enjoyed it, but the necrophilia and F bombs get tiring. That said, Doom Head is a FANTASTIC character. 4/10

Oct 23rd
47)Bay of Blood - (BLU RAY) I learned that wills are an absolutely, necessary thing. It wasn't until the random teenagers showed up until I realized it's influence on Friday the 13th. 6/10
48)Insidious 4 - (BLU RAY)
49)Black Sunday - (BLU RAY)

Oct 24th
50)Halloween 2 (1981) - (BLU RAY)
51)What Have You Done to Solange? - (BLU RAY)
52)Little Evil - (Netflix)

Oct 25th
53)Bird with the Crystal Plumage - (BLU RAY)
54)The Ritual -(Netflix)

Oct 26th
55)The Void - (BLU RAY)
56)Black Sabbath - (BLU RAY)

Oct 27th
57)Cat O' Nine Tails - (BLU RAY)

Oct 28th
58)Blood & Black Lace - (BLU RAY)
59)Deep Red - (BLU RAY)

Oct 29th
60)Strip Nude For Your Killer - (BLU RAY)

Oct 30th
61)Hell Night - (BLU RAY)

Oct 31st
62)Mandy - (BLU RAY)
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