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Re: The 14th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Threa

1- The Omen 1976. The opening score takes me back to when I watched it in the theatre and scared the crap out of me.
2- The Wolf Man. 1941. The best of the Universal horrors in my opinion.
3- The Others. Good haunted house movie .
4- Fall of the House of Usher. 1960. How far would you go to keep a family member close? Death?
5- The Reaping. A teenage girl holds the key to the 10 deadly plagues in Louisiana?
6- Slaughter of the Vampires. 60ís B&W Italian horror. A vampire reeks havoc over the Italian countryside.
7- The Outpost. What if you were hired to check out an old WWII bunker that turned out to have a German army of the undead.
8- Horror of Dracula. 1958. This is why you buy a region free player. Vast improvement.
9- Friday the 13th 1980. I always thought that I would turn into Ralph in my later years- thereís still hope for me yet.
10- The Lords of Salem- Freaky movie, what else is new, Rob Zombie movie. A descendant from the Salem witch trials is chosen to lead a coven of witches.
11- Argentoís Dracula. A bit cartoonish, but I liked it.
12- The Howling. An old favorite werewolf movie.
13- Friday the 13th - the series. 80ís tv show about haunted objects. The Quilt of Hathor PT. 1.
14- Friday the 13th the series- The Quilt of Hathor PT. II.
15- The Night Stalker- One of the best ever TV vampire shows.
16- Psycho. 1960. This has gotten better with repeat viewings. Norman Bates in the ending scene. Sitting all alone at the police station was very creepy.
Psycho II. 1983. The sequel works very well. Relatives of the victims of Norman try to make him go insane again.
18- Children of the corn. 1984. A corn god worshiping cult that kills people over 19 in Nebraska.
19- Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires. Kung Fu vampires of the undead.
20- An American Haunting. The curse of the Bell Witch of Tennessee.
21- 100 Feet. A woman under house arrest is haunted by the person she killed.
22- American Horror Story Episode 4- Didnít like it. Losing my patience with this .
23- House on Haunted Hill. 1958. People are paid to stay overnight in a supposively haunted house.
24- House of the Witch. Teens looking for a party house for Halloween find a haunted mansion with a witch.
25- American Horror Story- Episode 5- Still waiting for something drastic to happen- they brought the coven back.
26- Twilight Zone- A navy submarine gets messages from a sub 20 years itís senior. The 30 fathom Grave.
27- Sleepy Hollow. Icabod Crane and the headless horseman always works well.
28- Brides of Dracula. Great. Even better in HD.
29- The Haunted Palace. My favorite from the great Vincent Price, in the HD set also. Looks glorious.
30- The Fog. The original. Some great 70ís Shlock here. Complete with the 8-track/ radio component system that I noticed right off.
31- The fearless vampire killers. I was always interested in this. But after a first time viewing I wasínt very impressed. Could try it again at a later date. But for now, thumbs down.
32- Creature from the Black Lagoon. Expedition to the Amazon produces a gill-like creature.
33- And Now the Screaming Starts. A newlywed couple, a mansion, an old curse, wife goes mad, complete with Peter Cushing to boot.
34- Dracula- Prince of Darkness- Donít go to the castle they were warned. So what happens? They end up at the castle, of course.
35- From Hell- Take on the Jack the Ripper story.
36- American Horror Story- E6
37- Mohawk- Saw this on someone elseís list so I thought that iíd give it a try. Not sure of the horror aspect -maybe a wild card here.
38- Kiss of the Dammed. A secluded female vampire turns a human into her lifestyle
39- Evil of Frankenstein. The baron goes back home to continue with his work.
40- The Howling II. Karen Whiteís family go to Transylvania to deal with other werewolves.
41- Shadow of the Vampire. What if the actor who played the vampire in Nosferatu was a real vampire?
42- Fright Night 2- A female vampire roams Romania.
43- Nightmare on Elm Street. The one that started it all. Cheesy 80ís music.
44- The Wolf Man. Benito Del Toro version works well following the original movie.....mostly.
45- Coma- Why are patients going into comas after operations at the local hospital?
46- Mark of the Vampire- not as good as I hoped but the female vampire is creepy and steals the show.
47- AHS E7- Not getting this, itís a bore the last couple of episodes.
48- Rob Zombieís Halloween. His best movie. Remake on the classic Halloween.
49- The Birds. Hitchcock classic in every way. Never gets old.
50- Frankenstein meets the Wolfman. On first thoughts, I didnít like it. Universals are hard to watch for me. Even the classic ones. But iíd Try it again later on.
51- The Last Man on Earth. A Plague takes out the human race..or so he thought.
52- The Mummy. Ok Universal 30-40ís horror, kind of slow a times, but ok.
53- Twins of Evil. Good Hammer movie that has a bit of everything.
54- Humanoids of the Deep. A great repeat viewing movie for me over the years.
55- Witchfinder General. Price as Matthew Hopkins works very well.
56- Frankenstein. The original creature movie.
57- Dracula 1972AD- The new Blu-ray release is a vast improvement.
58- Night of the Demons. The remake of the original movie. I like this one better.
59- Dead End- A family drives on and on a deserted road not realizing that they were killed in a car accident earlier.
60- Halloween. Had to save the classic Halloween for my last entry on...Halloween.

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