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Re: The 14th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Threa

Back to hit a hundred !.

Total Viewings: 65 | First Time Viewings ***: 37 | Blu Ray: 48 | DVD: 6 | Streaming: 11 |

September 30th

1.Straw Dogs (1971) 9/10 - Exceptional rape/revenge thriller along the lines of Last House on the Left. Blu Ray. ***

2.Hour of the Wolf (1968) 7/10 - Fascinating look at the mental torment of an artist turned killer. Always interesting, but confusing at times. DVD ***

3. Love Me Deadly (1973) 6.5/10 - A deranged woman can only love the dead. Lyle Wagner with his ascot is a hoot. Unrated cut is pretty graphic. Blu Ray. ***

October 1st

4. Cat People (1942) 7/10. - Atmospheric psychological thriller. Tame by today's standards. Simone Simon was perfectly cast. DVD

5. Curse of the Cat People (1944) 6/10. - Direct sequel to Cat People is decidedly more tame than the original, without much of the atmosphere or tension. DVD.

6. Dressed to Kill (1980) 8/10. - Sylish slasher from DePalma with great acting from Angie Dickinson, M. Caine and Nancy Allen. Blu Ray

7. Lifeforce (1985) - 8/10. - Greatest set of breasts in movie history - nuff said. It's a great movie and one that Tobe Hooper does not get enough recognition. Blu Ray.

8. Flora (2017) 6.5/10 - Interesting concept centers around a deadly organism inhabiting plant life. Thin story line and spotty acting pull this one down a bit. Blu Ray ***

October 2nd

9. Blue Sunshine (1977) 7.5/10.A cautionary tale about the dangers of drug use. over the top story by Jeff Leiberman. Great story, well acted. Blu Ray.

10. Dagon (2001) 7/10. - ship wrecked travelers unwittingly end up on an island of fish people. This one grows on me with repeat viewings. Blu Ray

11. Resident Evil (2002) 5/10. - zombie infection video game. silly, but entertaining if your in the right mood. Blu Ray

October 3rd

12. Blood Harvest (1987) 4/10 - Blood Harvest commits the Slasher film sin of too many talky scenes and not enough kills. A painful endurance test of bad acting. Tiny Tim was the exception. Shudder.***

13. Blood Beach (1980) 3/10. - Brutal exercise in tedium. An artichoke monster inhabits the beach. Youtube.***

14. Piranha II: The Spawning (1981) 5/10. - Mutated Flying Piranha intended for Vietnam get loose on a resort. Silly , with lots of pointless characters and filler scenes. Blu Ray ***

15. Resident Evil:Apocalypse (2004) 6/10. - Picked up right where the first film ends, which i do like in a franchise. I thought the story was a bit more coherent than the initial film. Entertaining action film, but not very memorable. Blu Ray.

16. Devil Fish (1984) 7/10. - A prehistoric shark terrorizes a fishing community. Italian cheese goodness. Monster effects worked. A number of subplots that didn't go anywhere (ie, filler) brought the film down, but overall a very fun watch. Blu Ray ***

October 4th

17. The Sadist of Notre Dame (1979) 7.5/10. - Jess Franco masterpiece that deals with a psychotic priest who kills women of loose morals. Blu Ray

18. The Sleeper (2012) 7/10 - The Sleeper is an 80's throwback film and such a good one that i initially thought this was a slasher from the early 80s. Totally had me fooled. Some brutal kills with a hammer in this one. The film is let down by a few cliches and plot holes but overall very enjoyable. Blue Ray ***

October 5th

19. The Rape of the Vampire (1968) 6.5-7/10 - Surreal, erotic vampire film by Jean Rollin. At times incoherent, but always fascinating to watch. Blu Ray

20. The Blood Splattered Bride (1971) 7/10 - Spanish adaptation of the Carmilla La Fanu story which the Hammer Karnstein trilogy most famously brought to screen. Very good story and gruesome at times.Blu Ray ***

October 6th

21. Kwaidan (1964) 9/10 - A masterpiece of story-telling. Probably the best Japanese Ghost Anthology ever made. At three hours plus, it probably could be trimmed down a bit. Blu Ray

22. Down (2001) 7/10.Reboot of "The Lift". Entertaining and creative idea around killer elevators. Blu Ray

October 7th

23. Burial Ground (1980) 8/10.This is just a bat shit crazy zombie flick. It has it all, including zombies using table saws and garden tools. Its a shame that Petro Barzocchini (Michael) did not have much of an acting career (only 5 credits) Blu Ray

24. American Psycho 2 (2002) 5/10. - Lame follow up to the classic film. The comedy / teen girl angle doesn't work for me. Streaming ***

25. Dr. Cyclops (1940) 7/10.Along with the Incredible Shrinking Man, the best of the Sci Fi "people shrinking films". Albert Dekker was fantastic as Cyclops. The use of color really added to the effects. streaming.

October 8th

26. A Candle for the Devil (1973) 6.5/10 - two sisters kill off tenants of their boarding house who they believe are promiscuous. Blu Ray ***

27. Slugs (1988) 7/10. - Wonderful creature feature romp with some genuine horrific moments. It sounds silly and it is to some extent, but the slugs work. Blu Ray.

28. Hereditary (2018) 10/10 - a modern masterpiece of suspense and terror. A very un-nerving film. Blu Ray

October 9th

29. The Zero Boys (1986) 6/10.Another story based on "the Most Dangerous Game". This one has a lot of 80's cheese that makes it difficult to take it seriously. I think this film might resonate more had i seen it in the 80s as a young twenty-something. Streaming ***

30. Patrick (1978) 6/10. - Interesting story about telekinesis, but at 2 hours, a bit too long. Blu Ray ***

31. The House That Cried Murder (1973) 7/10 - Interesting love triangle gone bad story and genuinely creepy at times. Blu Ray ***

32. The House on the Edge of the Park (1980) 7/10 - Nasty rape/revenge film with the always fun to watch David Hess. The lullaby, dream like music of Riz Ortolani only enhances the impact. Blu Ray ***

October 10th

33. Happy Death Day (2017) 5/10 - I saw this in the theater and now at home. My feelings are the same - this is a film for a very narrow target audience -12-21 year old girls - The story is simple, the characters and actors are all young 20 somethings and the horror elements are muted. Not a bad film, but definitely not one i can recommend.Streaming

34. The Vampire and the Ballerina (1960) 6/10 - interesting gothic vampire film that gets a bit bogged down by some musical dance numbers. Blu Ray

35. Of Unknown Origin (1983) 7/10 - A compelling rat movie. Great story, great acting. Blu Ray ***

36. To Hell and Back (2017) 7/10 - Fascinating documentary about the life of Kane Hodder from childhood to burn accident to Jason. Blu Ray ***

October 11th

37. Alison's Birthday (1981) 6/10 - Australian Rosemary's Baby / Satan worship variant. Interesting, but a slow watch due to flat acting. Streaming ***

38. Cujo (1983) 7/10 - Rabid dog story. Simple, but effective for 90 minutes. DVD.

39. SuperBeast (1972) 4/10 - Super power nap. Jesus this was a tepid film. Island of Dr. Moreau on heavy morphine. Literally nothing happens for the first hour. Blu Ray ***

40. Abominable (2006) 8/10 - Thoroughly entertaining Bigfoot film. Story moves at a brisk pace and the acting was excellent. The Bigfoot payoff works as well. Blu Ray ***

October 12th

41. Dogs (1976) 6/10 - David McCallum carries this animals run amok story. The dog attacks came off pretty tame the way it was shot. Blu Ray ***

42. A Quiet Place (2018) 7.5/10 - I bumped my rating up after a second viewing. This is a unique and tense viewing experience. I still think the "flower face" monsters are all too common lately, but I like the film a lot. Blu Ray

43. Zombie Massacre 2: Reich of the Dead (2015) 6/10 - Nazi zombies, what more could you ask for? A lot actually, but this film was mindless fun. Showtime Beyond. ***

October 13th

44. Trilogy of Terror (1975) 7/10 - Excellent Dan Curtis anthology of three stories staring the always fascinating Karen Black. Blu Ray.

45. Demons (1985) 7.5/10 - Fun italian gore fest about a movie audience turning into demons. Non-stop action. Blu Ray

46. Trilogy of Terror (1996) 7/10 - A very satisfying sequel to the Dan Curtis 70's classic. Same format of three stories, with the second one being particularly terrifying. Streaming. ***

47. Inside (2007) 10/10 -A brutal, riveting gore fest about a woman's fight to save her child from a psychotic female attacker. DVD ***

October 14th

48. Return of the Living Dead Part II (1988) 7.5/10 - A reboot of the first film in my opinion. Equally as entertaining with similar storyline and characters. Silly, but a lot of fun. Blu Ray ***

49. Demons 2 (1986) 7.5/10 - Essentially a reboot or re-imagining of Demons as opposed to a sequel. Equally as entertaining and gory as the first film. Blu Ray

50. Resident Evil : Extinction (2007) 7/10 - The third in the franchise is a more story driven post apocalyptic tale. The CGI is still annoyingly bad at times , but a much better film than the initial two. Blu Ray ***

October 15th

51. The Lair of the White Worm (1988) 7.5/10 - Ken Russell puts his own unique slant on vampires with this fascinating film. Hugh Grant was an interesting choice of lead actor. Interesting and never dull, but always strange. Blu Ray ***

52. Death Valley (1982) 7/10 - Fun little slasher film with a twist ending , although the twist was easy to spot early in the film. Peter Billingsley is a really good, likable kid. Blu Ray ***

53. Giallo in Venice (1979) 6/10 - Extra sleazy giallo that emphasizes sexual deviance in it's characters over stylish killings and plot. Blu Ray ***

October 16th

54. Twisted Nightmare (1987) 2/10 - A test of your endurance and your capacity to sit through an incoherent plot, bad acting, irritating casio keyboard soundtrack and finally, a film shot in virtual total darkness. Blu Ray ***

55. Brain Dead (1990) 6/10 -Odd movie that has some great actors such as bill paxton, but i think the story simply doesn't give them much to work with. Blu Ray ***

56. The Werewolf and the Yeti (1975) 7.5/10 - Paul Naschy in a reboot of Werewolf of London. A trip to Himalayas results in a battle with a Yeti. Fun watch , nice pacing. Blu Ray.

October 17th

57. Witchhammer (1969) 7/10 - Interesting drama set in the 17th century about the catholic inquisitions. A bit long and talky, but still a good watch. Streaming. ***

58. The Blood on Satan's Claw (1971) 6/10 - Gothic British horror in the style of Hammer. A bit slow at times and the ending is a bit of a disappointment. I listened to one of the commentary tracks. Streaming.

59. Slaughter High (1986) 7/10 - Not a great slasher, but one with alot of charm. Silly at times, but what slasher film isn't? Blu Ray

60. Hunchback of the Morgue (1973) 7/10 -The hunchback is a favorite horror character of mine and i appreciate Naschy showing it some love. A gory and fun horror film. My only gripe is Naschy's minimal makeup. Blu Ray

61. Horror of Party Beach (1964) 6/10 - The Hot Dog monster terrorizes beach kids. Hilarious, bad, and lots of fun. Blur Ray

62. Movie House Massacre (Blood Theater) (1984) 3/10 - The term "inept" gets thrown around alot with horror movies, but this one earns the title. Blu Ray ***

October 18th

63. Peeping Tom (1963) 10/10 - A classic proto-slasher that is the first to expertly showcase POV shots. Unique and disturbing. Karl Boehm was outstanding in the lead role. Listened to the commentary track. Blu Ray

64. Exorcismo (1975) 6/10 - Paul Naschy cash in of the Exorcist film. Everybody and their brother was making a possession film in the mid-seventies. Naschy plays the priest. Pacing is off in this one because the meat of the story doesn't happen until the last 15 minutes. Blu Ray ***

65. My Little Eye (2002) 6/10 - group of kids stay in a surveillance house on a bet that turns into a killing spree. DVD ***

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