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Re: The 14th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Threa

Mallratcal's 10th October Horror Movie Challenge!

List is Final! Checklist Complete!

Total: 103
New: 62
Blu-Ray: 22
DVD: 53
VOD: 28
Theater: 1

By Decade
1940's 01
1950's 02
1960's 02
1970's 8
1980's 29
1990's 19
2000's 20
2010's 22

Total Time: 9396 total
Average Time: 91.2 min

62 First Time Viewings 60.19%

I don't include Wildcards in my stats.

Oct 1st
1. Intruder ☠☠☠˝ / Blu-Ray / 83 min / 1989
Really good slasher set in a grocery store. Watched this on my first ever Horror Challenge on day 1 so I might as well do so again on Challenge #10. Lots of creative shots, the movie definitely has style.

2 The Thing ☠☠☠☠ / Blu-Ray / 109 min / 1982
First snow of the year today so might as well watch The Thing. Great movie with great special effects.

3. The Frightening ˝☠ / New / DVD / 85 min / 2002
A David DeCoteau film, so you know there were plenty of shirtless dudes. It's pretty bad, it starts as 4 students dressed in black killing fellow students. There is a pretty obvious supernatural twist and the movie doesn't have an ending, it just ends...

4. The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires ☠☠ / New / VOD / 83 min / 1974
East meets West as Van Helsing travels to China as he is interested in the legend. He is joined by 7 martial arts masters and Dracula is there too. It's mostly kung-fu and no gothic.

Oct 2nd
5. Visiting Hours ☠☠☠ / New / Blu-Ray / 103 min / 1982
Michael Ironside is an MRA who tries to murder a Barbra Walters type but only ends up putting her in the hospital, where the real main charter is introduced (Nurse Munroe), and a game of cat and mouse ensues. It's mostly mouse as the killer is not very good at this. The last act was really good.

6. AVP: Alien vs. Predator ☠☠ / New / DVD / 101 min / 2004
Been meaning to see this for a long time but put off by how bad everyone says it is. It's not great but it's not awful. The characters were all mostly nothings and the movie did feel too long, though.

7. Strangeland ☠☠˝ / DVD / 85 min / 1998
Dee Snider is a sex weirdo who abducts and tortures people he meets online. It's mainly about a cop who is hunting Dee, as he snatched his daughter. I might be a little generous with the rating but I did like Dee's character even if everyone else felt a little painted by numbers, the main cop's partner being the worst one.

8. The Autopsy of Jane Doe ☠☠☠˝ / New / VOD / 86 min / 2016
This was a really good mystery, not sure how it will hold up to a rewatch now that the mystery is gone, however.

Oct 3rd
9. The Hound of the Baskervilles ☠☠☠ / New / VOD / 87 min / 1959
Another good Hammer movie.

10. Leprechaun 3 ☠☠ / DVD / 91 min / 1995
The Leprechaun hits Vegas after a pawn shop owner awakens him. For the first 30 minutes Leprechaun just deals with that guy, while we get to know the 2 stars. Scott, a student on his way through town and Tammy, a magician's assistant. The new wrinkle in the story is that Scott gets bit by the Leprechaun (and gets some of his blood in the wound) and slowly starts to change into a Leprechaun. So Leprechaunism is sort of like an STD. The Leprechaun kills scummy/greedy people, except for the morgue worker, that dude didn't do anything! Lee Armstrong played Tammy and she was incredible looking, sadly she never did anything else.

11. Jeepers Creepers II ☠☠ / New /DVD / 104 min / 2003
Better than the first one. I was thinking the Creeper is a crappy villain because there is no way to stop him, but that was proven untrue. The Rules of 23 are still so weird though. This time the Creeper (not the director) preys on a bus full of high school basketball players, and a vengeful father is hunting the Creeper.

12. An American Werewolf in London ☠☠☠˝ / New /DVD / 97 min / 1981
Pretty good with some pretty great effects. I know it's a horror comedy but it felt a bit uneven. The highlight was the rampage at the end of the movie.

Oct 4th
13. Mad Doctor of Blood Island ☠˝ / New / DVD / 89 min / 1968
So you got your mad doctor and he is doing experiments on villagers, as he is looking for eternal youth. One of his experiments is loose and the killing begins. It's pretty slow. Apparently Severin Films has found the uncut version of this.

14. Happy Death Day ☠☠˝ / New / VOD / 96 min / 2017
This was good, probably better if it was rated R. The killer was super easy to guess. Best part was probably the montage where she is running down a suspects list and having some fun with it while also dying.

Oct 5th
15. The Endless ☠☠☠☠ / New / VOD / 111 min / 2017
This was really good. Not a jump scare movie at all. I don't want to spoil anything but it's 2 brothers who have escaped a cult, decide to go back and visit them after receiving a mysterious tape. Metaphors, man.

16. Impulse ☠☠˝ / New / DVD / 91 min / 1984
After a town experiences an earthquake the residents come down with a case of brain worms and start acting on their violent impulses. It was caused by a toxic spill into the towns milk supply and a shadowy government agent uses the Red Barron to gas the town. This is likely the movie that made people believe in chem trails.

Oct 6th
17. Macabre ☠☠ / New / DVD / 90 min / 1980
Not a lot happens. A lady keeps her boyfriends head in a freezer and teases a blind man. Her daughter is evil though.

18. Two Evil Eyes ☠☠ / New / VOD / 120 min / 1990
It looks nice but it's nothing special. Romero does the first Poe story about a wife scamming money from her dying husband, with her hypnotist boyfriend. Argento's tale is better, it's the Black Cat and dead body with monster kittens at the end is the highlight of the film.

19. Supernova ☠☠ / New / Blu-Ray / 91 min / 2000
This was a very formulaic movie, all of the common tropes are present right down to the programmer and A.I. being in love. A medical ship responds to a distress call and picks up a survivor with super strength and a mysterious alien artifact. It has a good cast and James Spader looked so young.

Oct 7th
20. Ghost in the Machine ☠☠ / New / DVD / 95 min / 1993
Pretty slow and a very low body count. A serial killer dies while inside of an MRI and ends up in a computer, but he can travel through electrical devices and also kill people through them. It would have been hard to make kills just through computers in '93, so I guess that's why he has that extra power.

21. Terror Toons ˝☠ / New / DVD / 80 min / 2002
This will easily be the worst movie I watch for this challenge. The music is horrible, so are the sound effects. The visual effects are from a special place in hell, they are literally clip art, just the worst. Cartoons break into the real world through a cursed DVD created by the Devil. The house was the only location used and I hope it was a set because it was the ugliest house I've ever seen.

22. Valentine ☠☠˝ / New/ DVD / 96 min / 2001
Average slasher about a nerdy kid getting his revenge on his childhood tormentors. I liked the ending, most slashers don't go for the dark ending. Katherine Heigl played a med student, so it's kind of a prequel.

23. Evil Toons ☠☠˝ / DVD / 83 min / 1992
Had to cleanse my Toon pallet. It starts with David Carradine hanging himself, though he was not wearing lingerie (sorry David). The Toon is the demon brought to life from a book 4 college girls find while cleaning an old house. The movie is totally tongue in cheek and is a fun watch. Biff might be the oldest college football player ever.

Oct 8th
24. God Told Me To ☠☠˝ / New / VOD / 90 min / 1976
Pretty god story of a detective trying to solve the mass murders where the killers tell him that God told them to kill people. It slows down a lot once the killing stops and the cop tries to find out more about himself. I think it would have been better if there were no twist. Also "God's" disciples who get tipped off to the killings early really goes nowhere and doesn't seem to serve him with any purpose.

25. Dr. Phibes Rises Again ☠☠˝ / DVD / 89 min / 1972
Forgot I had seen this in the past. Not as good as the first, it really needed more of Phibes' crazy death contraptions. Phibes heads to Egypt to find the river of eternal youth, while some other rich guy is doing the same thing. Phibes was lucky no one built anything over his underground elevators in the 3 years he was sleeping.

26. Hereditary ☠☠☠☠ / New / VOD / 127 min / 2018
This was really good. Toni Collette was great. There was a thing in the attic at the end that was kind of comical though.

Oct 9th
27. Tremors ☠☠☠˝ / DVD / 96 min / 1990
Really fun movie that did a good job of building everyone's character.

28. Don't Breathe ☠☠☠˝ / New / VOD / 88 min / 2016
Really solid cat and mouse movie with a blind guy hunting 3 robbers in his house. The blind guy also keeps a secret in the basement. At 88 minutes the movie was really tight, good stuff.

29. Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich ☠☠˝ / New / VOD / 90 min / 2018
A little disapointed with this. It had some great gore but it took a while to get going and was not as funny as I was expecting, in fact it was pretty dark with them being Nazis, front and center. The non-ending sucked.

30. Blood Rage ☠☠ / New / VOD / 82 min / 1987
Kind of a dull slasher about twin brothers, one of whom has escaped a mental hospital after he is wrongfully accused of murder. The killing starts right off the bat and is interspersed with weird scenes of the mother. This movie look a lot older than 1987 and must have had some sponsorship deal with Nike. I liked that it all took place in one night. Ted Raimi sighting, though he doesn't die.

Oct 10th
31. The Void ☠☠˝ / New / VOD / 90 min / 2016
Some amazing special effects but it's a pretty standard Lovecraftesque terror from beyond story set in a hospital. I really wanted more of the cosmic horror, like what we got from the final scene.

32. Drive Angry ☠☠˝ / New / Blu-Ray / 111 min / 2011
Pretty fun flick where Nic Cage escapes Hell to save his granddaughter from Devil worshipers. Had some dodgy CGI, though.

33. The Dorm That Dripped Blood ☠☠˝ / Blu-Ray / 88 min / 1982
5 college kids are cleaning up a dorm that is slatted to be torn down, while Garfunkel creeps around the campus. The killer made no sense but the final act made up for it, as it was quite long.

34. Killer Workout ☠˝ / New / VOD / 85 min / 1987
There were lots of beautiful women doing aerobics. It's a slasher that takes place at a tiny gym. There is no story flow, it's just aerobics, murder, aerobics, murder, fight scene, aerobics, and on and on.

Oct 11th
35. The Driller Killer ☠☠˝ / New / DVD / 96 min / 1979
An artist starts killing homeless people with a drill. Most of the killings happen together in quick succession, it's really a slow tale of a dude losing his mind.

36. Crimewave ☠☠☠☠ / New /Blu-Ray / 83 min / 1985
A dorky guy tries to save a woman from 2 hitmen. I've heard that the Coen Brothers are embarrassed by this movie but they shouldn't be, it's really funny! Lots of slapstick, it's really a live action cartoon. Ted Raimi doesn't die in this either, what the hell?

37. Inseminoid ☠☠ / New / DVD / 93 min / 1981
A science team that should not be in space (They are all idiots that make the worst decisions) find some crystals (that are forgotten about) that make people go nuts, and an alien that looks like a penis. Penis monster kills a scientist and inseminates another. The crew then spend the rest of the movie being terrorized by the mommy-to-be, who now has super strength and space madness. She does give birth to 2 penis monsters and yes they grow very quickly. I thought more people would get inseminated but they were able to avoid the 'Noid.

Oct 12th
38. Dog Soldiers ☠☠☠☠ / DVD / 105 min / 2002
A squad of army boys are trapped in a house that is under siege by a pack of werewolves. Haven't seen this since it first came out and it's still really good.

39. Detention ☠☠☠☠ / Blu-Ray / 93 min / 2011
It's a very meta spoof of a lot of movie, some of the jokes are dated but it's still very good.

40. The Fly II ☠☠☠˝ New / DVD / 93 min / 2011
Not sure why this doesn't get much love, it's a really good sequel. It picks up from the end on the first movie, Veronica gives birth to Martin, who ages quickly and is a genius. He's being studied by the Bartok company, and gets the teleporters working. He meets a girl and then turns into a fly monster, but it has a happy ending. If you like bad people getting their comeuppance then this is the film for you.

Oct 13th
41. Pulse ☠˝ / DVD / 90 min / 2006
This is what you're grandparents think of the internet. Ghosts use wifi to get into our world and steal the life energy of the living. I remember liking this more when it first came out, but it's really not very good.

42. I Know What You Did Last Summer ☠☠˝ / DVD / 101 min / 1997
I like the looks of the killer, the slicker/hook is really good. Fairly bloodless and it felt a little too long.

43. Basket Case 2 ☠☠˝ / DVD / 90 min / 1990
I didn't like this the first time I saw it but it's pretty good and funny. This time Duane is the freak as he and Belial are taken in by a family of freaks, while a reporter is trying to track them down. Belial also falls in love this time.

44. Jeepers Creepers III New / VOD / 85 min / 2017
This looked like it was made for $7.00. The CGI was sub-asylum level. It's a direct sequel to 1 (it starts at the police office) and is a prequel to #2. A sheriff and his team (half of them just disappear) are hunting the Creeper (the director knows a little about that). The Creeper returns to get his truck (which is now completely invulnerable)back from the cops There is a big plot point where they find an old Creeper hand that shows whoever touches it all about the Creeper, but we don't get to see it or even hear about it and no one uses the knowledge to do anything about it. Not good.

Oct 14th
45. Another WolfCop ☠☠ New / VOD / 82 min / 2017
A little to self aware this time. The shifters are impregnating people through beer. Kevin Smith is in it briefly and he's good. It also has some good effects.

46. Grandmother's House ☠˝ New / VOD / 90 min / 1988
2 kids move into their grandparents (Uncle Leo and Barbra Bush) home after their dad dies. Then a crazy lady starts showing up and it looks like the grandparents might be murderers, or are they? Some dumb and gross twists but it's mostly the kids just running around, pretty dull.

Oct 15th
47. The Halloween Tree ☠☠☠˝ New / VOD / 69 (nice) min / 1993
Pretty good animation, I would have loved this if I watched it as a kid. Ray Bradbury sounded a lot like Donald Sutherland.

48. Warlock III: The End of Innocence New / DVD / 96 min / 1999
Pretty bad, some bad acting and editing with flashbacks using the same screeching bird sound constantly, I think they were trying to give people seizures with some of the edits. So the Warlock is back and this time he wants to raise a bride. His powers are nerfed along with the budget, now he needs an item from everyone to do any magic against them. Bleh.

Oct 16th
49. Night of the Scarecrow ☠☠☠˝ / Blu-Ray / 85 min / 1995
Really fun B movie. It's a warlock trapped in a scarecrow who is looking for his book of spells.

50. Hobo with a Shotgun ☠☠☠☠ / Blu-Ray / 86 min / 2011
A great grindhouse movie that captures the spirit. Lots of great lines.

51. The Sentinel ☠☠☠☠ New / DVD / 92 min / 1977
A model moves into a new apartment and finds it to be haunted, or maybe something else is going on? This was a good mystery. Has an amazing cast. Also a cat has a birthday party and wears a party hat.

52. Zombie Lake ☠˝ New / DVD / 83 min / 1981
Pretty dull, there is no dialogue in most of the movie. The makeup effects were bad, the zombie were just painted green. When they filmed underwater you could tell they were in a pool as they didn't try to hide it. Lots of nudity though.

Oct 17th
53. House of 1000 Corpses ☠☠ / DVD / 89 min / 2003
Saw this when it first came out and hated it, but it's not that bad. Zombie has a good eye and there are some interesting visuals/sets, though I still hate the edits where it cuts to a scene and it has that filter on it, you know the one. The movie gets less interesting once the 4 normal people get captured.

54. Angel Heart ☠☠☠ / New / Blu-Ray / 113 min / 1987
A PI travel from NY to Louisiana in search of a missing person, the PI is hired by a mysterious dude and it's pretty obvious who he is. I had the ending spoiled a long time ago but there was enough hints that everyone should have figured it out.

55. My Bloody Valentine ☠☠☠˝ / Blu-Ray / 93 min / 1981
An above average slasher. Make sure to watch the extended cut for some good gore.

56. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer ☠☠˝ / DVD / 100 min / 1998
More exciting than the first one. I like the setting of the empty tropical resort during a storm. The epilogues to both films have always felt tacked on. I also forgot that Jennifer Love Hewitt had a brief singing career. 2 straight movies where a dead woman is found in a dryer.

Oct 18th
57. ParaNorman ☠☠☠˝ / Blu-Ray / 93 min / 2012
Love the animation. A boy must stop a witch's curse that will bring back the dead.

58. The Number 23 ☠˝ / New / DVD / 101 min / 2007
A man finds a book about the number 23 and seems to go crazy while trying to solve a murder. Not a lot happens and it's really boring, the first half of the movie splits time between Carey's life and the life of the detective in the book.

59. The New York Ripper ☠☠☠˝ / DVD / 93 min / 1982
A pretty vicious giallo that holds up on a 2nd watch.

60. House on Haunted Hill ☠☠☠ / DVD / 93 min / 1999
I think this still holds up. Party guests try to spend the night in a haunted asylum. I'm glad the shaky ghost/monster head stuff is over, it's never been scary and this movie had a lot of it.

Oct 19th
61. Nightmare Beach ☠˝ / New / VOD / 90 min / 1989
A biker is murdering spring breakers with his custom motorcycle that electrocutes people. The crooked town officials try to cover it up. John Saxon is a cop again and there is a latino Clint Howard. The real problem with the movie is that half of it is shots of people partying and it ruins the flow.

62. I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer / New / DVD / 92 min / 2006
This was bad. They went the Friday The 13th Part 6 route with this. It's pretty much a remake of the original except for the bad writing, acting, music, dialogue, effects and editing (the editing looked like something from a student film). The overall movie looked cheap, like a made for TV movie, but not from a good channel.

Oct 20th
63. Cherry Falls ☠☠˝ / DVD / 92 min / 2000
I like the twist on the genre, where virgins are being killed and the message of hypocrisy is still relevant.

64. The Frighteners ☠☠☠˝ / New / DVD / 122 min / 1996
First time watching the extended edition, not 100% what it added but this is a solid flick. Dee Wallace plays a maniac, very well, maybe too well...

65. Baskin ☠☠˝ / New / VOD / 97 min / 2015
A van full of cops respond to a backup call and end up in hell or something. It was ok, there were some things that didn't translate but this was fine.

Oct 21st
66. Chopping Mall ☠☠☠ / VOD / 77 min / 1986
This is a good fun movie, the title theme music is also great. Always felt bad that the mechanic couple didn't make it, they seemed nice.

67. Ghost Ship ☠☠ / New / DVD / 91 min / 2002
A salvage team find a derelict ship full of gold and ghosts. The ghost hi-jinx don't start until about an hour in. Pretty good cast and special effects, I didn't know Emily Browning was a child actor.

68. Murderous Intent / New / DVD / 81 min / 1985
An insufferable, struggling writer that looks like Jordan Peterson has visions of killing his wife. He's also a bad father/husband and has started to wear samurai clothing and practices with his katana, and is terrified of black people. Now I'm thinking Jordan Peterson just ripped this guy off! The movie is boring and has a lot of padding with dance scenes. It's trying to be deep but it fails.

Oct 22nd
69. The Hills Have Eyes (2006) ☠☠˝ / New / DVD / 107 min / 2006
This was alright but does not match the original. It's a straight forward remake, I was hoping for something different or new but didn't get it. The cannibals are more monstrous looking and strong but don't have the character of the original movie. Beast still gets his 2 kills and I'm glad he didn't get short changed.

70. The Strangers: Prey at Night ☠☠˝ / New / VOD / 85 min / 2018
Short movie, without credits the movie is only 79 minutes. This is a straightforward slasher and lacks the suspense and tension of the first one. It's OK though.

71. Scream for Help ☠☠☠ / New / VOD / 89 min / 1984
A teenage girl tries to prove that her stepfather is trying to kill her and her mom, the 3rd act becomes a home invasion movie. An entertaining kinda sleazy movie with top notch behind the scenes crew. John Paul Jones did the music.

Oct 23rd
72. Deranged ☠☠ / New / DVD / 84 min / 1974
Nothing special, it's presented as a quasi documentary of Ed Gein. Roberts Blossom was good and had some great facial expressions.

73. Jennifer's Body ☠☠˝ / New / Blu-Ray / 107 min / 2009
A high school girl gets sacrificed by a rock band and turns into a succubus. Movie looked good, some of the dialogue did not age well, this was alright but maybe I shouldn't have went with the unrated version because this felt long.

74. Cutting Class ☠☠ / DVD / 91 min / 1989
Starts really good but sags in the middle. The killer is never in question because they made him so weird and stalker-like. Has a weird comedy ending scene but they were doing this weird comedy thing with the lead girl's father, throughout the movie.

75. Camp Blood / New / DVD / 73 min / 2000
It's an amateur movie so you know what you are getting. There is a psycho in the woods, named Clown who is killing campers. The character Jay reminded me of Beavis and the clown mask was the crappiest thing they probably could find at the dollar store. Music is done by "Ghost" and they only know one song so I hope you like it.

Oct 24th
76. Day of the Dead (2008) ☠˝ / New / DVD / 86 min / 2008
This was like an alternate reality sequel to the Dawn of the Dead remake. The virus this time makes people instantly look like the dead, they also retain a part of themselves before the transformation, which means they are all ninjas who can crawl on the walls and ceilings. Another paint by numbers zombie film.

77. Cemetery Man ☠☠☠☠☠ / DVD / 99 min / 1994
I love this movie, very funny dark humor.

78. Summer of 84 ☠☠☠ / New / VOD / 105 min / 2018
Four 15 year old kids start spying on a neighbor because they think he may be a serial killer. This was good, the love interest felt tacked on but I really liked the ending.

79. The Fog (1980) ☠☠☠˝ / Blu-Ray / 90 min / 1980
A really good film. Watched with Carpenter's commentary, it was very dry.

Oct 25th
80. The Fearless Vampire Killers ☠☠☠ / New / DVD / 107 min / 1967
This was good but not quite as funny as I had expected. The Jewish vampire was the highlight.

81. Wrong Turn ☠☠˝ / DVD / 84 min / 2003
It's really only 77 minutes without the credits so it moves along quite quickly. 5 people try to survive a family of inbred cannibals in the West Virginia woods.

82. Ravenous ☠☠☠˝ / DVD / 101 min / 1999
Some serious tension in this movie, like when they first go to the cannibal's cave, good stuff.

83 Haunted Honeymoon ☠☠☠☠ / DVD / 84 min / 1986
I remember laughing myself sick watching this when I was a kid, it's still funny. Sad that the top 3 billed stars are dead, actually almost the entire cast is dead now.

Oct 26th
84. Wild Zero ☠☠ / New / DVD / 94 min / 1999
Aliens cause a zombie outbreak and a rock/punk band has to stop them. There are also a couple of unconventional love stories going on and the Japaneses Steve Buscemi. Some good music but it ran on a bit too long.

85. We Are Still Here ☠☠˝ / New / DVD / 84 min / 2015
Decent, had some good gore. I would have liked the supernatural stuff to have taken a bit longer to happen. The town has been sacrificing people to an old house filled with ghosts.

86. Halloween (1978) ☠☠☠☠☠ / Blu-Ray / 91 min / 1978
It's a classic.

87. Halloween: 25 Years of Terror ☠☠☠☠ / DVD / 83 min / 2003
A really good documentary of the series, though I would like to know more about the production of the movies. John Fallon came off like a real douche bag.

Oct 27th
88. The Wolf Man ☠☠☠☠ / Blu-Ray / 70 min / 1941
Probably my 2nd favorite Universal Classic movie.

89. Halloween (2018) ☠☠☠˝ New / Theater / 106 min / 2018
This was good, lots of callbacks to previous entries in the series. Best of the Myers sequels. Quite a bit of humor but most of the jokes fell flat for me.

90. Body Snatchers ☠☠˝ New / DVD / 87 min / 1983
A decent pod movie set on a military base. Not sure why Pod Dad spilled the beans about emotions but we did get a scene where a little kid got thrown out of a helicopter.

Oct 28th
91. Sorority House Massacre ☠˝ / DVD / 75 min / 1986
The mystery that the main girl was the survivor of a previous massacre was super obvious but they spent so much time setting it up. The action doesn't start until 40 minutes in and the movie is only 71 minutes without the credits.

92. The Hills Have Eyes Part II ☠☠ / DVD / 86 min / 1984
Big step down with this sequel. It's a standard slasher this time. Ruby is back, she has cleaned herself up and joined a motocross group whose bus breaks down in the desert, an old mine is the main set. Pluto is back, too, so Beast was robbed of his kill! He gets it back though. The main villain is The Reaper, Papa Jupe's big brother. He sucks though. He's really dumb and wears a hubcap on his chest, he also has a preponderance for trap kills. Ruby dies, maybe? She kind of falls over and hits her head and is forgotten about. Maybe that was a setup for a future sequel that never came?

93. Rifftrax: The Hideous Sun Demon ☠☠☠☠☠ New/ VOD / 74 min / 1958
This was a top tier riff. The actual movie is about a scientist that get irradiated and when exposed to the sun he turns into a monster.

Oct 29th
94. Boogeyman / DVD / 89 min / 2005
Boring. Almost nothing happens in this movie, the dialogue is low but the sound effects are high so this is jump scare central. This is about a man facing the Boogerman 15 years after it killed his father.

95. Cult of Chucky ☠☠☠ New/ VOD / 90 min / 2017
Another good Child's Play sequel, the last 2 have been really good. This follows the lead from the last movie who is now in a mental hospital. I like the multiple Chucky idea and really want to see where this goes next. Hopefully the new studio Child's Play and TV show don't derail this.

Oct 30th
96. Shakma ☠☠ / New / Blu-Ray / 102 min / 1990
Way too long. Most of the movie is people walking down hallways or holding doors closed. The title is Shakma but everyone calls him Shockma, I didn't expect him to get everyone.

97. The Prophecy: Forsaken ☠˝ / New / Blu-Ray / 75 min / 2005
A woman needs to protect the Lexicon from Tony Todd, as it reveals the name of the Anti-Christ. So this time doing the Devil's work is a good thing. At least it was short. There was also a lot of Romanian? Italian? But no subtitles on the disc. The Angels were lame and powerless but there were only 4 characters in the whole movie so the budget must have been small.

98. Halloween II ☠☠˝ / Blu-Ray / 92 min / 1981
Has some editing problems in the begining and the break in at the school was dumb and just filler. The Sister angle should also not have happened.

Oct 31st
99. Split ☠☠☠☠ / New/ VOD / 117 min / 2017
This was excellent, James McAvoy was great. I knew the "twist" going in but it was still cool to see.

100. What We Do in the Shadows ☠☠☠˝ / New / VOD / 86 min / 2014
This was funny. It's about a documentary crew following a group of vampires.

101. Halloween III: Season of the Witch ☠☠☠˝ / Blu-Ray / 98 min / 1982
Really good underrated movie.

102. The Rocky Horror Picture Show ☠☠☠☠☠ / Blu-Ray / 100 min / 1975
One of my favorite movies.

103. Bob's Burgers: Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street New / Wildcard / VOD / 21 min / 2018
This series always has great Halloween episodes.

104. RLM: Halloween Spooktacular 2018 New / Wildcard / VOD / 67 min / 2018
Love the Hack Frauds.

105. Sorority House Massacre II ☠☠ / DVD / 77 min / 1990
An alright slasher that doesn't take itself seriously at all. The house next door to the house in this movie is the one used for Evil Toons, both movies are about college girls cleaning up an old house. Pretty sure the pickup truck used at the beginning of the movie was the one Dick Miller drove in Evil Toons, as well. Both movies were in production at the same time as well.


Select 10 actors:
--- Lauren Ashley Carter -
-X- Brian Cox - The Autopsy of Jane Doe
-X- Jamie Lee Curtis - The Fog (1980)
-X- Peter Cushing - The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires
--- Bruce Davison -
--- Boris Karloff -
-X- Christopher Lee - The Hound of the Baskervilles
--- Helga Liné -
-X- Bela Lugosi - The Wolf Man
--- Elina Madison -
-X- Burgess Meredith - The Sentinel
--- Sam Neill -
-X- Michael J. Pollard - House of 1000 Corpses
-X- William Shatner - Visiting Hours
--- Oliver Reed -
--- Anita Strindberg -
-X- Dee Wallace - The Frighteners
--- Naomi Watts -
--- Caroline Williams -
-X- Ray Wise - Jeepers Creepers II

Select 5 recently deceased
-X- Umberto Lenzi - Nightmare Beach
--- Ulli Lommel -
--- Peter Wyngarde -
--- Jack Ketchum (Dallas Mayr) -
-X- Alf Humphreys - My Bloody Valentine
--- Dorothy Malone -
--- John Gavin -
--- Ren Osugi -
--- Lewis Gilbert -
-X- Debbie Lee Carrington - Cutting Class
-X- R. Lee Ermey - The Frighteners
--- Verne Troyer -
--- Michael Anderson -
--- Janine Reynaud -
--- Jerry Maren -
--- Derrick O'Connor -
--- Tab Hunter -
--- Shinobu Hashimoto -
--- Margot Kidder -
--- Robert Dix -
--- Jacqueline Pearce -
--- Donnelly Rhodes -
--- Fenella Fielding -
-X- Pasquale Buba - Two Evil Eyes
--- Al Matthews -
--- Gary Kurtz -

Select 2 film composers:
--- Philip Glass -
-X- Joseph LoDuca - Crimewave
-X- Paul Ratajczak - Crimewave
--- John Williams -

Select 5 directors:
-X- Alexandre Aja - The Hills Have Eyes (2006)
--- Mario Bava -
-X- Larry Cohen - God Told Me To
--- Jesús "Jess" Franco -
-X- Lucio Fulci - The New York Ripper
-X- William Malone - House on Haunted Hill
--- Sergio Martino -
--- Hideo Nakata -
-X- Roman Polanski - The Fearless Vampire Killers
--- Jee-woon Kim -

Select 2 makeup effects artists:
--- Nigel Booth -
--- Screaming Mad George -
-X- Steve Johnson - An American Werewolf in London
-X- Stan Winston - The Thing

Select 2 producers:
-X- Larry Cohen - God Told Me To
--- Bryan Foy -
--- Michael Hertz -
-X- Jeanette Volturno - Happy Death Day

Select 2 writers:
-X- Dan O'Bannon - AVP: Alien vs. Predator
--- David Cronenberg -
-X- Dennis Paoli - Body Snatchers
--- R.J. Robertson -

Select 30 of the following sub-genres / types:
-X- *3-D Film - Drive Angry
--- Agoraphobia -
-X- Anthology Film - Two Evil Eyes
-X- Appears on The 50 Best Horror Movies You’ve Never Seen - Valentine
-X- Based on a True Story - Deranged
-X- Based on a Novel - Angel Heart
-X- Cannibalism - Ravenous
--- Cinema Inspired By: H.P. Lovecraft -
-X- Cinematic Titanic / Horror Host / MST3K / RiffTrax - Rifftrax: The Hideous Sun Demon
-X- Classic Hammer Films - The Hound of the Baskervilles
-X- Comedy / Spoof - Detention
--- Criterion / Masters of Cinema Version Film -
-X- Cryptid Cinema - Leprechaun 3
--- Death by: Explosion, 2 -
-X- Director or Writer Cameo in Own Film / Film Adaptation - Peter Jackson, The Frighteners
-X- Distributor / Studio: Code Red - Shakma
-X- Documentary - Halloween: 25 Years of Terror
-X- Drunk Horror - Halloween III: Season of the Witch
-X- Extraterrestrial / Takes Place in Space - The Thing
--- Film From Someone Else's List You've Never Seen -
--- Film From TCM's October Schedule -
-X- Film Title Drop - I Know What You Did Last Summer
-X- Flashback Horror - Don't Breathe
-X- From a Basis Gogos Painting - The Wolf Man
--- Found Footage -
--- Frankenstein -
-X- Ghost / Haunting - House on Haunted Hill
-X- Giallo - The New York Ripper
-X- Ouija Board - Sorority House Massacre II
--- K-Horror -
-X- Killer / Evil Animal - Shakma
-X- Killer / Evil Child - Macabre
-X- Killer / Evil Doll - Cult of Chucky
--- Made-for-TV Movie -
--- Mummy -
-X- Musical / Rock ‘n Roll Horror - The Rocky Horror Picture Show
--- Nation of Origin: Thailand -
--- Nazi -
--- Prom -
--- Psychological -
--- Rape / Revenge -
-X- Scarecrows - Night of the Scarecrow
-X- Slasher / Psycho / Homicidal Maniac - Intruder
-X- Takes Place in a Hospital - Visiting Hours
-X- Takes Place on a College Campus or High School - Happy Death Day
-X- Takes Place on a Holiday - Blood Rage, Thanksgiving
--- Television -
-X- Three Installments in a Franchise - I Know What You Did Last Summer, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, I Will Always Know What You Did Last Summer
-X- Vampire - The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires
-X- Werewolf - An American Werewolf in London
-X- Witchcraft / Satanic / Religious - Hereditary
--- Wilhelm Scream -
-X- With Commentary - The Fog (1980)
-X- With Two or More Horror Legends - The Hound of the Baskervilles, Cushing & Lee
-X- Zombie - Zombie Lake

Watch 1 w/commentary from the "Masters of Commentary":
--- Joe Bob Briggs -
-X- John Carpenter - The Fog (1980)
--- Larry Cohen -
--- Joe Dante -
--- Herschell Gordon Lewis -
--- Tim Lucas -
--- George A. Romero -
--- Guillermo del Toro -
--- David del Valle -

Watch films in at least three formats:
-X- First format, Blu-Ray Intruder
-X- Second format, DVD The Frightening
-X- Third format, VOD, The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires

Watch films in at least three languages:
-X- First language, English, Intruder
-X- Second language, Turkish, Baskin
-X- Third language, Japanese, Wild Zero

Watch 3 films that you've never seen before that:
--- Stars an Arquette (Rosanna, David, Patricia, Richmond, Alexis) -
--- Features music by a rock band -
-X- Was made in the 1960s - Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968)
--- Features an investigation by Ed and Lorraine Warren -
--- Was written by Stephen King -
--- Features snow -
-X- Has the words "Don't" in the title - Don't Breathe
-X- Was directed by David DeCoteau - The Frightening
-X- Stars Brinke Stevens - Grandmother's House
--- Takes place at a strip club, 2 -
-X- Features a nun or priest - The Sentinel

Select 6 decades of film history:
--- Pre-1930 -
--- 1930 -
-X- 1940 - The Wolf Man (1941)
-X- 1950 - The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959)
-X- 1960 - Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968)
-X- 1970 - The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (1972)
-X- 1980 - Intruder (1989)
-X- 1990 - Two Evil Eyes
-X- 2000 - The Frightening 2002
-X- 2010 - The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016)

Select 3 from the following horror film tropes:
-X- Jump Scare - Pulse
-X- No Cell Coverage - Jeepers Creepers II
-X- The Abandoned Place - Baskin
-X- The Vengeful Spirit - We Are Still Here
-X- Death By Sex - Halloween II
-X- The Final Girl - Halloween (1978)
-X- Flickering Lights - The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Select 1 from the "Chronological Horror Years Faceoff":
--- 1943 (75th) -
-X- 1968 (50th) - Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968)
-X- 1993 (25th) – Ghost in the Machine

Select 1 from the following anniversaries:
-X- 25th Anniversary of Vincent Price's Death - Dr. Phibes Rises Again
-X- 50th Anniversary of Night of the Living Dead - The Void
--- 100th Birthday of Evelyn Ankers -
--- 200th Anniversary of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, 2 -

Select 4 ratings:
--- G -
-X- PG - Dr. Phibes Rises Again
-X- PG-13 - AVP: Alien vs. Predator
-X- R - Intruder
--- NC-17 -
--- X -
-X- Unrated - The Endless
--- M -
--- GP -

Attend a live event (convention, play, haunted house, ghost tour, etc.):
-X- Nim Vind, Argyle Goolsby, Michale Graves, Concert. Oct 4th.

Venture Into the Literary World:
--- Read a Horror Novel or Novella (insert title). OPTIONAL
-X- Read a Horror Comic Book or Graphic Novel The Walking Dead #183
--- Read a Horror Magazine (insert title). OPTIONAL

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