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Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

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Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

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Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

List Thread.


Discussion Thread.

Please number your lists and compile results at the end of the challenge.

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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

☼ = First Time Viewing total =29
Total 56

April 1:
1: Pretty Peaches.(1978) ☼ Exploitation.tv . Pretty execrable 1978 porn "comedy" about an amnesiac who can't seem to keep from getting raped over and over. I was at a 24 hour Horror marathon 25 years ago and in the middle of the night they showed the trailer for this film and I was always curious to see it.
2: Giant of Marathon with Film Crew (1959)☼. ShoutFactoryTV. The Riff Trax guys on a Steve Reeves flick.
3: Turkish Batman (1973)☼. I HAD to put this on the checklist. I am so sorry.

April 2:
4: Mondo Trasho (1969)☼. Only John Waters film I've never watched. I tried years ago but couldn't do it. I think I'm ready.
5: Eaten Alive The Rise and fall Of the Italian Cannibal Film. (2015) ☼. Doc on cannibal films.
6: Raw Force (1982)☼. Exploitation.tv. This one has everything. Kung Fu, cannibals, and piranhas.
7: Cannibal Terror (1980)☼ Exploitation TV. A French Cannibal movie. Creme Fraiche.
8: Schoolgirl Report 1 (1970)☼
9: Coonskin (1975)☼ Ralph Bakshi's masterpiece.

April 3:
10: Liane, Jungle Goddess. (1956) ☼ German Female Tarzan. Ubercute star.
11: Blondie Plays Cupid. (1940) ☼ Always entertaining. Love the Blondie series.
12: Salon Kitty (1976) ☼
13: Four Flies on Grey Velvet ☼ (1971)
14: Bobby Jo and the Outlaw ☼ (1976)
15: Boss ****** (1975)
16: Xanadu (1980)

April 4:
17: Comin' At Ya! in 3D (1981) ☼

April 5:
18: The Street Fighter (1974)

April 6:
19: Pee Wee's Big Holiday (2016)☼
20: Breakin' (1984)☼

April 7:
21: Swamp Thing (1982)

April 8:
22: Bonnie's Kids. (1973)☼
23: Smithereens (1982)☼

April 9:
24: Multiple Maniacs (1970)
25: Previews of Coming attractions Vol 1: Giallorama ☼
26: Faster Pussycat Kill Kill. (1965)Blu-ray
27: Beyond The Valley of the Dolls.(1970) Blu-ray

April 10:
28: God Told Me To. (1976)☼
29: Chain Gang Women (1971)☼
30: Juvenile Jungle (1958)☼
31: Quest for Fire (1981)
32: Heavy Traffic (1973)☼

April 11:
33: Kung Fu Trailers of Fury ☼

April 12:
34: Re-Animator integral version (1985)
35: Bride of Re-Animator (1989)

April 15:
36: Listen to me Marlon (wild card)☼

April 16:
37: Mister Rock and Roll (1957) ☼
38: Pink Flamingos (1972)
39: Female Trouble (1974)

April 17:
40: Desperate Living (1977)
41: Polyester (1981)
42: Hairspray (1988)
43: Crybaby (1990)

April 20:
44: Up in Smoke (1978)

April 21:
45: Basket Case (1982)

April 23:
46: Dogma (1999)☼
47: Serial Mom (1994)
48: Pecker (1998)
49: Cecil B. Demented (2000)

April 24:
50: A Dirty Shame (2004)
51: Hairspray (2007)

April 25:
52: Time Traveling Bong (2016)☼

April 29:
53: Vanishing Point (1971) ☼

April 30:
54: Sssssss (1973) ☼
55: Basket Case 2 (1990)

May 1:
56: American Pop (1980)

If a category is listed as "Optional", it does not need to be
filled to "complete" the checklist. There are 10 free spots you may apply to non-Optional categories.
As with other checklists, titles can count for multiple categories.

Some of these categories are so obscure we're giving 10 free spots of your choosing to fill in the list.

Watch one film from every decade of film history.
* 1890 - (insert film title here)(Optional)
* 1900 -(optional)
* 1910 -(optional)
* 1920 -(optional)
* 1930 -
* 1940 - Blondie Plays Cupid
* 1950 - Liane
* 1960 - Faster Pussycat
* 1970 - Pink Flamingos
* 1980 - Swamp Thing
* 1990 - Serial Mom
* 2000 - Dirty Shame
* 2010 - Time Traveling Bong
Watch a film for each rating:
* G - (optional)
* PG - Xanadu
* PG-13 - (optional)
* R -Quest for Fire
* X (or NC-17) -Pretty Peaches
* Unrated (post-MPAA 1968) - Salon Kitty (re-rated)

Watch films in at least three formats (DVD, BD, HD DVD, Laserdisc, TV, online, Streaming Netflix type, UMD, theater, iPod, VHS-sourced{VHS transferred to DVD-+R is fine}).
* First format, (insert format), (insert title). VHS Multiple Maniacs
* Second format, (insert format), (insert title). DVD Boss N
* Third format, (insert format), (insert title). Blu-ray Faster Pussycat

Watch a film in an actual Drive-in. (optional) (insert title)

Watch a film in the following genres:
A Token Science Fiction B-Movie: Swamp Thing
A Token Horror B-Movie: Basket Case
Italian (or European) films of the following Genres:
* Eurospy (James Bond ripoffs) free spot
* Giallo Four Flies on Grey Velvet
* Sword & Sandal Giant of Marathon
* Spaghetti Western Comin' at Ya!
* Cannibal Film Cannibal Terror
* Mafia/Gangster Film free spot
Martial Arts film:
* Bruce Lee-sploitation (Starring any variation on Bruce Li, Le, etc.) free spot
* Hong Kong (or other Asian) film The Street Fighter
* American film Raw Force
* Any "Ninja" film free spot
* Bonus* Actual Bruce Lee film
Asian Action Film free spot
Biker Film free spot
Stoner Film Time traveling Bong
Carsploitation Film Vanishing Point
FADsploitation Breakin'
Blaxploitation Boss
* Any type A Dirty Shame
* Nudie Cutie Schoolgirl Report 1
* Roughie free spot
* 70s Porn Pretty Peaches
* Emmanuelle Film free spot
* Teen Sex Comedy free spot
Nunsploitation free spot
Shocksploitation Pink Flamingos
Rape/Revenge Film Bonnie's Kids
Vigilante Film Reserve
Women in Prison Reserve
Nazisploitation Salon Kitty
Eschploitation (religious end times, or general religious exploitation) Reserve
Hixploitation/Moonshiners Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw
Roadshow Exploitation/30s-40s "Cautionary" films Reserve
"Hood" Film ("Gangsta") Reserve
Hollywood Gangster film (Film Noir era) Reserve
Juvenile Delinquent Film Juvenile Jungle
60s Beach Movie Reserve
Film starring Musical Group or Music Star (that did not become a legit actor) Olivia Newton John in "Xanadu"
* *Bonus* Elvis film
Ozploitation Reserve
Mexican Wrestling Film Reserve
Foreign "Ripoff" film (such as Turkish cinema) Turkish Batman
Bollywood Film (actual, not a Hollywood pastiche) Reserve
Eco-Terror Film Reserve
Pre-90s Post-Apocalyptic film Reserve
"Mondo" Film Reserve
Documentary ABOUT B-Movies/Exploitation/Drive-ins or those involved in their production. Eaten Alive
Video Nasty Reserve
TV-Movie Reserve
* Lifetime Channel Movie
Bad Sequel to a "Well regarded film" Reserve
Critical Bomb (Less than 20% Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic or IMDB Bottom 100 {Bottom 100 archive}) *
Financial Bomb Reserve
Razzie Winner or Nominee Xanadu
MST3K/RiffTrax (or Cinematic Titanic) version of a film Giant of Marathon

Watch 10 films starring anyone from the actors safe list.
* 1 Marjoe Gortner "Bobby Jo and the Outlaw"
* 2 Steve Reeves "Giant of Marathon"
* 3 Fred Williamson "Boss"
* 4 D'urville Martin "Boss"
* 5 William Smith "Boss"
* 6 Sonny Chiba "The Streetfighter"
* 7 David Hess "Swamp Thing"
* 8 Divine "Mondo Trasho"
* 9 Tura Satana "Faster Pussycat"
* 10 Jeffery Combs "Re-Animator"

Watch 10 films Directed/Produced by anyone from the directors/producers safe list.
* 1 Tinto Brass "Salon Kitty"
* 2 Dario Argento "Four Flies on Grey Velvet"
* 3 John Waters "Mondo Trasho"
* 4 Wes Craven "Swamp Thing"
* 5 Russ Meyer "Faster Pussycat"
* 6 Larry Cohen "God Told Me To"
* 7 Frank Henenlotter "Basket Case"
* 8 Ralph Bakshi "Coonskin"
* 9
* 10
Watch 5 films from those in the Studio/Distributor safe list.
* 1 AIP "Bobbie Jo"
* 2 Dimension "Boss"
* 3 Eve Productions "Faster Pussycat"
* 4 Trans American Films "Salon Kitty"
* 5 Vinegar Syndrome "Pretty Peaches"

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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016


Unless otherwise noted, everything is from my personal DVD/Blu Ray collection

PART 1 - BATMAN v SUPERMAN (serials)

The challenge rules state 4 chapters per entry but since these are 15 chapter serials, I'll do an even 5 chapters per entry.
April 1
(1943 movie serial)
  1. The Electrical Brain / The Bat's Cave / The Mark of the Zombies / Slaves of the Rising Sun / The Living Corpse
  2. Poison Peril / The Phoney Doctor / Lured by Radium / The Sign of the Sphinx / Flying Spies

    April 2
    (1943 movie serial - continued)
  3. A Nipponese Trap / Embers of Evil / Eight Steps Down / The Executioner Strikes / The Doom of the Rising Sun
    Pretty damn good serial with the very first screen Batman and Robin. Yes, Batman's costume is ill-fitting but that's all in the fun. The Dynamic Duo battle a Japanese scientist who wants to conquer the USA with a radium gun and mind-controlled zombies. Alfred, Batman's butler, also gets in on the action and often aids Batman and Robin fight the bad guys. Lewis Wilson totally nails the part of bored playboy Bruce Wayne and his crime fighting alter-ego and Douglas Croft is also pretty good as Robin.
    Batman and Robin (1949 movie serial)
  4. Batman takes over / Tunnel of Terror / Robin's Wild Ride / Batman Trapped! / Robin Rescues Batman!
  5. Target - Robin! / The Fatal Blast / Robin Meets the Wizard! / The Wizard Strikes Back! / Batman's Last Chance!

    April 3
    Batman and Robin
    (1949 movie serial - continued)
  6. Robin's Ruse / Robin Rides the Wind / The Wizard's Challenge / Batman vs. Wizard / Batman Victorious
    A couple of notches above the 1943 serial but still cheesy as hell and twice as fun. The Batman costume has been slightly improved and for some reason Robin wears a black cape instead of his usual yellow. Two supporting characters from the comics make an appearance - Commissioner Gordon and photographer Vicky Vale. The action sequences are great with many outdoor scenes that give the story a bigger scope. This time the Dynamic Duo battle The Wizard, a villain that rarely leaves his lair and has a machine that can remote-control any moving vehicle.
    Superman (1948 movie serial)
  7. Superman Comes To Earth / Depths Of The Earth / The Reducer Ray / Man Of Steel / A Job For Superman

    April 4
    (1948 movie serial - continued)
  8. Superman In Danger / Into The Electric Furnace / Superman To The Rescue / Irresistible Force / Between Two Fires

    April 5
    (1948 movie serial - conclusion)
  9. Superman's Dilemma / Blast In The Depths / Hurled To Destruction / Superman At Bay / The Payoff
    The very first live-action Superman flew into movie screens in 1948 and kept kids (including my father, who saw this back then in a movie theatre) ribbeted to their seats while they saw the Man of Steel go up against the evil Spider Lady. Kirk Alyn has the honour of being the first Superman and he's perfect in the part, playing the role with the confidence and optimism that is the nature of the character (makers of the modern-daymovies take note), and also is the perfect Clark Kent who is not timid or weak, just a regular guy who is also an ace reporter. Noel Neill is also fantastic as the feisty Lois Lane who's not above playing a trick or two on Clark Kent in order to get the scoop. 15 chapters of action and fun!

    April 6
    Atom Man vs Superman
    (1950 movie serial)
  10. Superman flies again / Atom Man Appears / Ablaze In The Sky / Superman Meets Atom Man / Atom Man Tricks Superman
  11. Atom Man's Challenge / At The Mercy Of Atom Man / Into The Empty Doom / Superman Crashes Through / Atom Man's Heat Ray

    April 7
    Atom Man vs Superman
    (1950 movie serial - conclusion)
  12. Luthor's Strategy / Atom Man Strikes / Atom Man's Flying Saucers / Rocket Of Vengeance / Superman Saves The Universe
    This should really be called Superman vs Lex Luthor as he is the main villain of this story. All of the original cast of the first serial return for more pulpy adventure. Luther has devised a teleportation ray which allows him and his henchmen to commit various crimes, it also serves as a portal to something called the Empty Doom (somewhat like the Phantom Zone) where he can vanish his enemies, includes¡ding Superman. This is the better of the two serials in my opinion.

    PART 2 - BATMAN v SUPERMAN (the movies)

    These are the best of the worst of the theatrical films.
    April 8
  13. Superman and the Mole Men (1951)
    Some strange beings appear from beneath the Earth's crust after a deep-drilling operation bores a hole to their domain. The creatures are feared and persecuted because they are radioactive. Only Superman stands up for them in the face of intolerant townspeople who want to kill them because they're different. Some deep themes for a low budget flick.
  14. Superman III (1983)
    I've finally made my peace with this movie which is considered the worst Superman movie ever - and with good reason. After the excellent Superman the Movie and Superman II fans were expecting the Man of Steel to go up against The Parasite or maybe Metallo or even Bizarro, but who did we get? Richard Pryor. Yes, the comedian. Oh, and also Robert Vaughn as a third rate Lex Luthor clone whose evil plan is (I kid you not) to control the price of coffee. However if you ignore all the scenes with Pryor and Vaughn you're left with some pretty good Superman action scenes like when he saves a chemical plant from exploding or his fight agains his evil self that arises from being exposed to artificial Kryptonite. Also his relationship with his high school crush Lana Lang has much better chemistry than with the abrasive Lois Lane (again played by Margot Kidder whom I never liked in the role). Give this one a second chance if you can.

    April 9
  15. Batman & Robin (1997)
    After director Joel Schumaker changed the tone of the series with Batman Forever he finally abandoned all pretence of seriousness and tried to push the camp as far as humanly possible with this fourth instalment in the franchise. Everything is blown to larger than life proportions from the over acting and the stilted angles (borrowed from the 60's series) to the production design of Gotham City itself which seems to have buildings that are miles high. If you take it or what it is, you'll enjoy it a lot more

    PART 3 - Made-For-TV Marvels!

    Made-for-TV movies based on Marvel Comics characters.
    April 10
  16. The Incredible Hulk Returns (1988)
    After The Incredible Hulk TV series ended there was a trio of made for TV movies and this is the first and least of the three. Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno (looking even more Hulkier) return to reprise their roles and are joined by Thor who bears little resemblance to his comic book counterpart and seems almost tacked on. Once again Dr. Banner is on the search for a cure and things go south when Donald Blake shows up and tells him he's discovered the hammer of Thor and can use it to bring him from the magic plane to the real world. The prerequisite Hulk vs Thor battle ensues and then they team up to fight some bad guys. Considering the great writing of the TV show this should have been a lot better.
  17. The Trial of the Incredible Hulk (1989)
    The Hulk returns and this time his alter ego Dr. Banner is arrested for a crime he did not commit. It's up to attorney Matt Murdock to clear his name and at the same time battle crime lord the Kingpin as the vigilante Daredevil. A step up from the previous movie, this one is directed by Bill Bixby and it shows in his attention to character development. Many (including myself) complained at the time of daredevil's all-black hornless costume but after seeing the same suit used in the Netflix series, it's kind of grown on me. Pretty good.
  18. The Death of the Incredible Hulk (1990)
    The last and best of the made for TV movies, here there is no guest comic hero but finally gives the character the closure he was looking for. Again directed by Bill Bixby with a pretty good script and some solid acting. The beautiful Elizabeth Gracen stars as a Russian spy who is first against him and then becomes his love interest.

    April 11
  19. Captain America (1979)
    Loose adaptation of the Marvel character that kind of falls flat because it just drags on way too much. The setting is the modern age and here Steve Rogers is the son of the original Captain America. Some cool stunts and actions scenes but it should have been much better. Reb Brown looks the part but he is kind of bland. A plus is the lovely Heather Menzies (Logan's Run TV series) as the scientist/love interest.

    April 12
  20. Captain America II: Death Too Soon (1979)
    Second movie with Cap that was also (like first movie) a failed pilot for a TV series. This time main villain Christopher Lee wants a lot of money or else he'll age an entire city to death with an age-accelerating gas. At least Cap's costume is more like the comics but the whole thing is still pretty bland.

    PART 4 - Pulpy Adventure
    April 13
  21. The Phantom (1996)
    Pretty much succeeds on all levels as an entertaining movie with good old-fashioned adventure. The golden age hero is brought to life by Billy Zane who really does a great job in capturing the spirit of the character. A before-she-was-famous Catherine Zeta Jones is one of the main baddies. Lots of great fight scenes and derring-do. Still holds up really well.

    April 14
  22. The Secret of the Ice Cave (1989) Seen on Netflix.
    Dull as dishwater movie about a couple of teenagers in search of treasure. I'm not asking for originality here, just entertainment, and this movie has none of it.

    April 15
  23. The Spirit (2008)
    I saw it in theatres when it came out and I didn't get it. Saw it again and I still don't. Totally wasted opportunity to bring Will Eisner's classic character to the big screen.

    April 16
  24. The Shadow (1994)
    Could have been more film-noir to stay true to the character but this is a pretty good movie nonetheless.

    PART 5 - B-Movie madness from here to the end of the Challenge!
    April 17
  25. Save Me (1994) Seen on Netflix
    Harry Hamlin, Steve Railsback and Michael Ironside - a veritable who's who of 80's B-movie alumni. Joined by the ever sexy Lysette Anthony whose nude scenes are worth the price of admission.

    April 18
  26. Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973) Seen on Netflix
    A "BEE" movie for the "B" Challenge. A group of oversexed Bee-women mate and then kill their lovers. Anitra Ford and Victoria Vetri both have nude scenes so that at least saves this from total boredom.

    April 19
  27. Blue Money (1972)
    In spite of the nude scenes, this one's quite boring as nothing ever really happens. A California porn film director is being staked out by the cops for producing pornographic material. This makes no sense as porn movies are legal to make so why is he being pursued by the police? The acting is sub-par even by B movie standards.

    April 20
  28. Sextette (1978)
    Mae West's last movie where she plays a Hollywood actress who is going on her sixth husband. Ringo Starr, Keith Moon (drummer of The Who) and Alice Cooper all make cameo appearances so how could you not like this movie?

    April 21
  29. Gamera Vs Zigra (1971)
    The giant jet-propelled turtle goes up against an underwater shark-like creature. By this time in the series Gamera is a hero loved by kids and even has his own annoying theme song. Pretty bland.

    April 22
  30. Gamera Super Monster (1980)
    Nothing more than a pastiche of Gamera fight scenes from previous movies. This time a trio of Space Women who can fly and shrink in size join an annoying kid who are pursued by another Space Woman who is evil that is sent to destroy the earth with a series of giant monsters.

    April 23
  31. Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (1980)
    A reboot of the series that this time thankfully avoids annoying kid characters. Gamera fights Gyaos once again in some pretty terrific fight scenes.

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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

The Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge

2015: 17 items
2014: 11 items
2013: 2 items
2012: 13 items
2011: 11 items

*First-time viewing

Total first-time viewings: 7 (70%)

1. American Pie: Band Camp* (Netflix DVD)

2. Zeeta One* (Prime)

3. American Pie: The Naked Mile (2006)* (Netflix DVD)
4. American Pie: Beta House (2007)* (Netflix DVD)
5. Road Trip Unrated (DVD)

6. Damnation Alley (1978) (Shout Factory BD)

7. American Pie Presents The Book of Love (2009)* (Netflix DVD)
8. The First 9-1/2 Weeks* (Netflix DVD)

9. Private School (Netflix DVD)

10. Deep Blue Sea* (Netflix DVD)

Wild Things (crappy full-screen Netflix DVD)

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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

First Time View - ☼

First Time Views - 29
Total Items - 52

01. Meeting at Midnight (Black Magic),, 1944, Phil Rosen, Movie, Dvd, US, B&W,

02. The Nut Job,, 2013, Peter Lepeniotis, Movie, Stream, US, Color,

03. Wild Gals of the Naked West,, 1962, Russ Meyer, Movie, Dvd, US, Color,
04. The Swarm,, 1978, Irwin Allen, Movie, Stream, US, Color,
05. Crazy Couple,, 1979, Ricky Lau, Movie, Stream, HK, Color, ☼

06. Kid Dynamite,, 1943, Wallace Fox, Movie, Stream, US, Color,
07. Drive In Movie Trailer Compilation 1\Drive In Movie Trailer Compilation 2,,,, Trailers, Stream, US, Color\B&W,
08. Space Probe - Taurus,, 1965, Leonard Katzman, Movie, Stream, US, B&W, ☼

09. Wizard of Mars,, 1965, David L. Hewitt, Movie, Stream, US, Color,

10. Prehistoric Women,, 1950, Gregg C. Tallas, Movie, Stream, US, Color, ☼
11. Mesa of Lost Women,, 1953, Ron Ormond\Herbert Tevos, Movie, Stream, US, B&W, ☼

12. Taoism Drunkard,, 1984, Yuen Cheung-Yan, Movie, Dvd, HK, Color,

13. Invasion of the Bee Girls,, 1973, Denis Sanders, Movie, Stream, US, Color, ☼
14. The Young Taoism Fighter,, 1986, Chen Chi-Hwa, Movie, Dvd, HK, Color,

15. Blood Orgy of the She-Devils,, 1973, Ted V. Mikels, Movie, Stream, US, Color, ☼
16. Goliath and the Vampires,, 1961, Sergio Corbucci/Giacomo Gentilomo, Movie, Stream, IT, Color,

17. Drive-In Delirium Volume 3: Retro Rampage, "Disc 4",, Various, Trailers, Dvd, AU, Various, ☼

Blood Feast
Two Thousand Maniacs
A Taste of Blood
The Wizard of Gore
Love Camp 7
The Cannibal Man
Warlock Moon
Abducted Bride
Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein
The Living Dead At Manchester Morgue
Frozen Scream
The Witch Who Came From the Sea
SS Experiment Love Camp
Horrifying Experiments of SS Last Days
I Miss You Hugs and Kisses
Mardi Gras Massacre
Cannibal Apocalypse
Devil Hunter
Night of the Demon
Faces of Death
House on the Edge of the Park
Don’t Go In The Woods
Night School
The Slayer
Splatter University
Street Trash

The Satan Bug
Fahrenheit 451
Soylent Green
The Groundstar Conspiracy
The Terminal Man
Time Walker
De Sade
Gordon’s War
Macon County Line
The Farmer
De Sade’s Justine
School For Sex
Au Pair Girls
Cool It Carol
Sex and the Other Woman
Games Girls Play
Can You Keep It Up For a Week?
Intimate Games
The Baby
Kiss of the Tarantula
The Watcher in the Woods
He Knows You’re Alone
A Stranger Is Watching
Sweet Sixteen
Of Unknown Origin
The Carrier
Invaders From Mars (1986)
Deadly Friend
Mountaintop Motel Massacre
The Dead Pit
Friday the 13th Part VII – The New Blood
Friday the 13th Part VIII – Jason Takes Manhattan
Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III
Bloody Pom Poms
Cat’s Eye
Silver Bullet
Halloween III – Season of the Witch

18. The Terror of the Tongs,, 1961, Anthony Bushell, Movie, Dvd, GB, Color, ☼

19. Sleepy Eyes of Death: Sword of Satan,, 1965, Kimiyoshi Yasuda, Movie, Dvd, JP, Color, ☼
20. Drive In Movie Trailer Compilation 3\Drive In Movie Trailer Compilation Reel # 4,,,, Trailers, Stream, US, Color\B&W,

21. Mystery Science Theater 3000, "Mitchell", 1993,, TV, Dvd, US, Color, ☼

22. Blondie Has Servant Trouble,, 1940, Frank R. Strayer, Movie, Dvd, US, B&W,

23. Spaced Invaders,, 1990, Patrick Read Johnson, Movie, Blu, US, Color,
24. The Fairy, The Ghost and Ah Chung,, 1979, Patrick Lung, Movie, Dvd, HK, Color, ☼

25. Return of the Valuables,, 1975, Hsu Ta-Chun, Movie, Dvd, TW, Color, ☼

26. Kung Fu Trailers of Fury,,, Various, Trailers, Blu, US, Various, ☼

Ways of Kung Fu
Fists of Bruce Lee
Kung Fu vs. Yoga
Death Blow
Two Champions of Shaolin
Golden Dragon, Silver Snake (English narration)
Daggers 8
Secret of the Shaolin Poles
The Happening
Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow
Story of the Drunken Master
Chinese Kung Fu Against Godfather
The Invincible Swordsman
Return of Bruce
Bruce Le’s Greatest Revenge
Shaolin Iron Claws
Fast Fingers
Enter the Fat Dragon
My Kung Fu 12 Kicks
Brutal Boxer
The Damned
Bruce’s Deadly Fingers
One Armed Chivalry Fights Against One Armed Chivalry
Way of the Dragon (English narration)
Hong Kong Connection
Chinese Kung Fu
18 Shaolin Disciples
The Blazing Temple
Shaolin Wooden Men
The Magnificent Boxer

27. The Jungle Book,, 2016, Jon Favreau, Movie, Drive-in, US, Color, ☼
28. Zootopia,, 2016, Byron Howard\Rich Moore\Jared Bush, Movie, Drive-in, US, Color,

29. The Doomsday Machine,, 1972, Harry Hope\Lee Sholem, Movie, Stream, US, Color, ☼
30. Body of Prey,, 1970, Norman Thomson, Movie, Stream, US, Color, ☼
31. The Comet Strikes,, 1971, Lo Wei, Movie, Dvd, HK, Color,

32. The FP,, 2011, Trost Bros., Movie, Blu, US, Color, ☼

33. He Has Nothing But Kung Fu,, 1977, Lau Kar-Wing, Movie, Dvd, HK, Color, ☼

34. Seven Men of Kung-Fu,, 1978, Cheung Hang, Movie, Dvd, TW, Color, ☼

35. The Close Encounter of the Vampire,, 1986, Yuen Wo-Ping, Movie, Dvd, HK, Color, ☼

36. Return of the Demon,, 1987, Wong Ying, Movie, Stream, HK, Color, ☼

37. Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet,, 1965, Curtis Harrington\Pavel Klushantsev, Movie, Stream, US, Color,
38. Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women,, 1968, Peter Bogdanovich, Movie, Stream, US, Color,
39. Dungeon of Harrow,, 1962, Pat Boyette, Movie, Stream, US, Color, ☼
40. The Ghosts of Hanley House,, 1968, Louise Sherrill, Movie, Stream, US, B&W, ☼

41. The Invincible Armour,, 1977, Ng See-Yuen, Movie, Dvd, HK, Color,
42. The Woman Avenger,, 1980, Lee Tso-Nam, Movie, Dvd, TW, Color, ☼

43. Shaolin vs Tai Chi,, 1983, Ng Ka-Chun, Movie, Dvd, TW, Color,

44. Shaolin vs Ninja,, 1983, Robert Tai, Movie, Dvd, TW, Color,
45. La Nave de los Monstruos,, 1960, Rogelio A. González, Movie, Stream, MX, B&W,

46. Shaolin Temple Against Lama,, 1980, Cheung Gin-Gat, Movie, Stream, TW, Color, ☼
47. The Secret of the Shaolin Poles,, 1977, Ulysses Au-Yeung Jun, Movie, Stream, TW, Color, ☼

48. The 18 Bronze Girls of Shaolin,, 1978, Lai-Yeh Chien, Movie, Stream, TW, Color, ☼

49. Drive In Movie Trailer Compilation 5\Drive In Movie Trailer Compilation 6,,,, Trailers, Stream, US, Color\B&W,
50. Kung Fu Vampire,, 1993, Yuen Cheung-Yan, Movie, Stream, HK, Color, ☼

51. Kung Fu From Beyond the Grave,, 1982, Lee Chiu, Movie, Stream, HK, Color, ☼
52. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers,, 2002, Peter Jackson, Movie, Drive-in, US, Color,

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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

1TV=First time viewing

Trailers:Switchblade Sisters, Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster, Caged Heat, The Molesters, Eyeball, Devil's Girls
(1TV)1. Easy Wheels (1989)-I really liked the female biker gang seen in this. Too bad they couldn't have appeared in a less comedic movie. (DVR)
(1TV)2. Green Eyes (1934)-No comment about this whodunit. (DVD)
(1TV)3. Mama's Dirty Girls (1974)-Alright, now the challenge has officially begun! The opening frames of this movie had already won me over. I'm surprised I never heard of this movie earlier. Fun stuff! (youtube)
(1TV)4. Perils of the Sentimental Swordsman (1982)-Even though I had no idea what was happening, this still ended up being more memorable than the other "Sentimental Swordsman" movie I saw. (DVR)
5. Exterminator 2 (1984)-Since I've always been familiar with this film's outlandish moments, I figured it was time to focus on the drama this time around....And..Yeah, not much to really work with here. And even though this movie still manages to bring a smile to my face (Thanks to it's dated nature) I actually never noticed how annoying the music score can get. (DVR)
Trailers:Deranged, The Erotic Touch of Hot Skin, The Big Doll House, Violated Love, Bury Me An Angel
6. Basket Case (1981)-Listened to the audio commentary. Never did get the DVD, so the upgrade from VHS to Blu-Ray was astonishing to say the least. As for the commentary, I mostly got a kick out of hearing Frank's stories of 42nd Street. He should write his own book about the subject! (Blu-Ray)
(1TV)7. Inside Amy (1975)-I saw this under the title of "Super Swinging Playmates". Even though it's other alternate title, "Swinger's Massacre" is the more appropriate of the three. Very long, very serious, very slow and very tame (Considering we've got the likes of Rene Bond and Marsha Jordan making appearances here) (CPU)
(1TV)8. Way Of The Black Dragon (1979)-Even though it takes nearly an hour for him to show up, I think this is only the 2nd Ron Van Clief movie I've seen. The action-filled 2nd half almost makes up for the highly-irritating whining & crying heard from the female captives. (youtube)
(1TV)9. Sweet Justice (1992)-A slow start, but a (Badly) entertaining female-death-squad-flick eventually emerges. Contains one of the greatest "Nooo"'s ever heard. Courtesy of the villainous Frank Gorshin. (youtube)
(1TV)10. Psycho From Texas (1975)-(aka Wheeler) Reasonably good plot & acting, but man, the director sure loved to film foot chases. Early memorable appearance from Linnea Quigley. (youtube)
Trailers: Slave Trade of the World Today, Last House on the Left, The Curse of Her Flesh, The Streetfighter
(1TV)11. The Snake God (1970)-Despite slowing down towards the end, add this one to the upper tier for the erotically-charged voodoo sub-genre. I'd love to see more from Nadia Casini now. (CPU)
(1TV)12. Amazing Grace (1974)-As expected, trying to decipher every line Moms Mabley says was a monumental task. (DVR)
(1TV)13. Yellow River Fighter (1988)-It looked like this one would be just another standard Chinese-chivalry flick. Thankfully, we get treated to a drunken swordsman (As our hero) along with some nifty fight-sequences and fine cinematography. (YouTube)
(1TV)14. Kiss Me, Monster (1969)-Even though this was a tiny bit more risqué than Franco's other movie involving the Red Lips duo, it ended up being more forgettable. (DVD)
(1TV)15. Death Spa (1988)-Wasn't sure that this would live up to the hype, but by the time it reached it's in, I'd say "Job well done". Very interesting (And cool) gore fx to see here. Quite a bit of well known faces in here too like Ken Foree, Rosalind Cash (Who I just saw earlier in Amazing Grace) Vanessa Bell & Karyn Parsons! (CPU)
Trailers: A Taste of Flesh, Ilsa She-Wolf of the SS, Black Angels, Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde (God, I love the VO on this trailer)
(1TV)16. Sexcula (1974)-Could've been a more fun supernatural-cutie-porno (If there's such a thing) Too bad there were a few tacked-on scenes that went on WAY too long. (CPU)
17. Truck Turner (1974)-Been a while since I've seen this. It still holds up incredibly well. When I first saw it in the early 2000s, I called it "One of the best action films of the 70s". I still stand by that. (DVR)
(1TV)18. Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987)-The first of many movies that I'm going to watch by Andy Sidaris. This looked like it might be a dud in the early going, but some cheesy momentum was suddenly found during the middle. I really hope I like more of what follows with the Sidaris collection I've got. (DVD)
(1TV)19. The Psychotronic Man (1980)-Kind of like a ripoff of Carrie with an un-interesting, middle-aged man (Named Paco) with powers instead of a teen girl. Even though the last half-hour is one big chase, this whole thing ended up being a yawner. (youtube)
Trailers:The Tale of the Dean's Wife, Ebony-Ivory-and-Jade,The Minx, Torso
(1TV)20. Six She's and a He (1963)-aka Love Goddesses of Blood Island. Reminded me of Nude on the Moon but with dancing & gore instead of boobs. I don't even know if I appreciated it's short-running time! (YouTube)
(1TV)21. The Relentless Four (1965)-One those early Eurowesterns that tries too hard to look like an American one. Mildly decent. Poor Adam West didn't get to dub his own voice. (DVR)
(1TV)22. Beauty Investigator (1992)-I was expecting a lil' bit of Cat-III with this HK oddity. At least that missle-power-glove that shows up at the end helped elevate things. (DVD)
Trailers: Outlaw Riders, Ghost Ship, The Love Object, They Came From Within, Sweet Jesus Preacherman
(1TV)23. Nun of That (2009)-This thankfully didn't get as annoying the way so many of today's recent grindhouse-comedies do. What was with all the cross-dressing though? (CPU)
(1TV)24. Land of Doom (1986)-Apocalyptic snoozer. I took two naps during this. (DVR)
(1TV)25. Cheerleader Ninjas (2002)-Well, this could have been more bearable if you toned the comedy down by about 98%. I'm really hesitant to watch any more post-2000 movies for the rest of the challenge now. (DVD)
Trailers: The Thing With Two Heads, Honky, Sweet Sugar, The Blood Rose
(1TV)26. Terror in the Jungle (1968)-Man, I've hit a slump of duds all of a sudden. I need a miracle fast! (DVD)
27. The Klansman (1974)-Terrible quality, but I finally watched the R-rated version. Though It's no surprise that there was more impact with the restored footage, Richard Burton's on-set drunkenness was a little more obvious to see this time around. (CPU)
(1TV)28. Daimajin (1966)-As from other reviews/comments I've read, you have to wait a LONG time for the monster appear. All I can say is that there was definetly enough dramatic build-up for Majin's big climactic warpath. I wonder how the following sequels will match up. (Blu-Ray)
(1TV)29. Toxic Avenger II (1989)-My first time seeing this sequel...I'm only about 29 years too late! I thought most of the Tromaville scenes went on way too long. But I enjoyed almost all the scenes set in Japan. (Viewster)
Trailers: Girls For Rent, Girls Are For Loving, The Toolbox Murders, Cinderella
(1TV)30. Diversions (1976)-UK porno that's made up of mostly of fantasy/dream sequences. Even if the last few sequences dragged on for too long, I didn't do much nodding off here. (CPU)
(1TV)31. The Proud Twins (1979)-Okay Alexander Fu-Sheng Kung fu comedy. It just felt like it wouldn't end though. (DVR)
(1TV)32. Girls Nite Out (1982)-Modest slasher. It was odd to hear Lovin' Spoonful-songs playing multiple times. (youtube)
(1TV)33. The Woman Eater (1958)-This was kind of like a British version of (Corman's) Little Shop of Horrors. Albeit, a more serious version. Some nice looking female sacrifice-victims here...Which turned out to be the main highlight(s) of the movie. (youtube)
Trailers: House of Whipcord, The Student Body, Doctor Butcher, M.D., Doctor Masher
(1TV)34. Point of Terror (1971)-Good ol' Crown International boring me to death once again. (DVD)
(1TV)35. Delinquent Parents (1938)-Mildly interesting roadshow flick. Even though the title characters are hardly seen. (Popflix)
(1TV)36. No Room to Die (1969)-I couldn't really follow the plot, but the cinematography,music and William Berger's shotgun (Probably the best weapon in spaghetti-western history) helped make this watchable. It was also unique to see Mario Brega play a good guy for once. (DVD)
(1TV)37. Cheerleaders Beach Party (1978)-Slow and mostly uneventful, but I still didn't mind this. I just loved the acting style of the cheerleaders and you should have seen me grooving to the theme song. (American Pop Classics)
Trailers: Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, Emanuelle and Franciose, Night of the Bloody Apes, The Seduction of Inga
(1TV)38. I Spit on Your Grave III: Vengeance is Mine (2015)-It sure was strange to see an I Spit/Grave-movie not go the same route as it's predecessors. More like a Death Wish movie, but ultimately not really as cool as it sounds. (DVR)
(1TV)39. Death Laid an Egg (1968)-Not nearly as weird as I always heard it was. Though I didn't really care for it, this would make a good double feature with Dillinger is Dead. (Popflix)
(1TV)40. The Urge to Kill (1989)-Since I liked Diversions, I was curious to give director Derek Ford another chance with an 80's movie he did about a killer computer....And I was not disappointed one bit Lots of great laughs to unleash here. (youtube)
(1TV)41. Savage Beach (1989)-Despite a little too much plot in the early going, this was a bit more fun than my last-viewed Sidaris film. It cracked me up how much that "Old man" makeup on the japanese soldier ended up making him look like a zombie. (DVD)
Trailers:-None today
(1TV)42. Lady Godiva Rides (1969)-Unquestionably, the most slowest-moving movie I've seen from Apostoloff (But nowhere near as boring as Hot Ice) The one thing I was most surprised by this was Deborah Downey's large role. (youtube)
(1TV)43. Tough (1974)-Interesting Blaxpo-delinquent film. It just seemed decent upon first viewing, but hours later, I've had some difficulty getting this one out of my head. Contains a great final-freeze-frame moment. I just love it when 70's movies do that! (youtube)
(1TV)44. Martial Law (1990)-I haven't seen that many Cynthia Rothrock movies, but the ones that I've enjoyed are when she plays the lead. Needless to say, she's got a supporting role in this certain film. (youtube)
Trailers: Bloodsucking Freaks, The Grim Reaper, Ilsa-Harem Keeper of the Oil Shieks, Teenage Cat-Girls in Heat
(1TV)45. Forced Entry (1975)-Though it's got it's drawn-out and clunky moments, this was a proper entry (Pun intended) for this challenge. Cool to see Nancy Allen in such an early role. (youtube)
(1TV)46. Legend of a Fighter (1982)-It felt good to run into some Yuen Woo Ping choreography in this marathon. It was also a trip to hear so many F-bombs in the English dub. RIP, Fung Hark On, who passed away just recently. (DVR)
1TV)47. The First Turn-On!! (1983)-It was refreshing that this wasn't a typical raunchy/zany summer-camp movie that wasn't entirely centered around the camp. I especially liked how the last act was handled. Honestly wasn't expecting that. (youtube)
(1TV)48. Killjoy (2000)-Well, i'm very thankful that it was barely 70 minutes long. I'm willing to complete the trilogy for this challenge. Wish me luck! (DVD)
Trailers: Amin: Rise and Fall (I sure do love this trailer), Olga's Girls, The Corpse Grinders, A Couple of Trouble, Cool it Baby
(1TV)49. Slaves (1977)-Somewhat of a departure for Jess Franco films. Mostly because Lina Romay plays a baddie-kidnapper-madam here. And, naturally, Franco gets to torture her onscreen. This actually turned out to be a decent little thriller---As far Franco standards are concerned...And speaking of Jess, I never noticed how short he actually was. He sure looked TINY here. (CPU)
(1TV)50. Lady Terminator (1989)-Can we (Pretty please) get a prequel for the character of "Snake"? (youtube)
(1TV)51. Seven Dead in the Cat's Eye (1973)-Although I caught some zzzz's during this, it was cool seeing Hiram Keller here. He's just got the perfect face for giallos. (youtube)
(1TV)52. High School Big Shot (1959)-50's teen noir! Even though this had an abrupt and inconclusive ending, I didn't mind it..Then again, I always seem to like these little 50s flicks for these challenges. (Popflix)
(1TV)53. Chained Heat II (1993)-Nowhere near as fun as the previous Chained Heat film. It's just okay. And I can't be sure but I think this was the last time Brigette Nielsen looked really hot. (DVD)
(1TV)54. The Batwoman (1968)-Oh man. Some pretty good potential here. But they just had to throw in too many underwater scenes (My least favorite thing when it comes to cinema) Still though, seeing Batwoman in her (Non-wrestling) costume was one unforgettable sight. I can't believe they didn't make any more sequels. (youtube)
Trailers: Queen Kong, Diary of a Swinger, Devil Hunter, Her and She and Him
(1TV)55. Hog Wild (1980)-Make that two 80's biker-comedies I've seen that have been on the painful side. The only thing I liked was the Morricone-esque score. (youtube)
(1TV)56. Christa (1971)-I saw this under the title of "Swedish Fly Girls", but the original title is certainly more fitting (Considering that the other "Fly Girls" only appear for about a total of 5 minutes) There's also a large chunk of the movie that's spoken in Danish with no english subtitles. Despite those problems, this movie still made up for the previous one I had to endure. (youtube)
(1TV)57. The Young Vagabond (1985)-Shaw Bros failed attempt at mirroring what Jackie Chan did with the likes of Young Master and Dragon Lord. Things start to get serious near the end, but too little too late. (DVR)
(1TV)58. Fatal Justice (1994)-A fun opening scene, but it's all downhill from there. Poster-art is so much better than the movie (DVD)
Trailers: Free Love Confidential, Mountain of the Cannibal God, Don't Go in the House, The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant
(1TV)59. The Animal (1968)-John Alderman as a mentally-tortured, drug-addicted, prank-calling, blackmailing voyeur! Not a bad outing from Lee Frost here. (Cpu)
(1TV)60. A Few Dollars for Django (1966)-No Djangos to be found here (Surprise,surprise) instead we get a sheriff named "Reegun" who tries to end a cattle war. Nothing much to say about this other than I hardly recognized Anthony Steffen. He looked more burly here than he normally does. (DVD)
(1TV)61. Slash Dance (1989)-Well, I thought some of the bad acting would help save me from this monstrosity. Wasn't meant to be. This was so boringly bad. (Viewster)
(1TV)62. Return of Daimajin (1966)-Though it's got the same structure (But not as dramatic) as the previous Daimajin film, at least Kenji Misumi (My favorite chambara director) was at hand in this installment. I do hope the 3rd movie changes things up a bit. (Blu-ray)
Trailers: Madame Olga's Massage Parlor, Axe, Sock it to me, Baby
(1TV)63. A.A.A. Masseuse, Good-Looking, Offers Her Services (1972)-I felt like checking out some Paola Senatore early this morning. This ended up being somewhere between a giallo and an erotic comedy. At least I never got bored. (youtube)
(1TV)64. Red Planet Mars (1952)-You would think a 50's sci-fi movie called "Red Planet Mars" would be a perfect Drive-In movie. Instead what we get is a dead serious, political(!) and extremely talky borefest. I'm sure it's got some respect in some sci-fi circles, but it was the wrong movie for this occasion. (DVR)
(1TV)65. Kung Fu: Trailers of Fury (2016)-Fun stuff, but I wish some english-dubbed trailers would've been thrown in the mix. The chinese-language trailers sure get tiresome by just hearing nothing else but hands, feet & swords clashing with one another. I'll probably do the commentary late tonight. (DVD)
(1TV)66. The Boob Tube (1975)-Though there was heavy print damage on this copy I watched (It looks like over 10 minutes were lost) I wasn't complaining. This was the perfect type of movie for something like that to occur. (YouTube)
67. The House By The Cemetery (1981) -I last saw this on last year's Horror challenge. But I made sure to see it uncut on my new 4K TV this time around. Dare I say that gore has never looked so beautiful before. (TV)
Trailers: Laura's Toys, Circus of Fear, Caged Virgins, The Sin Syndicate, It's a Sick Sick Sick World
(1TV)68. The Annihilators (1985)-The unlikeliest-looking Vietnam-Vets do battle with the unlikeliest-looking street gang. Ordinary vigilante flick, but it had a pretty good pace. The picture-quality on this youtube stream was perfect, btw (youtube)
(1TV)69. The Penthouse (1967)-This was based on a play which is a good indication as to why this was soooo long and soooo slow. Nothing else to say about it. (YouTube)
(1TV)70. Picasso Trigger (1988)-A step down from the last Sidaris movie. Only a few explosions (With a few great dummy deaths) made this memorable. His 90s movies are next. Wonder how they'll be! (DVD)
(1TV)71. Poseidon Rex (2013)-After sitting through this, I'll gladly watch one of those recent shark flicks. (DVR)
(1TV)72. A Policewoman in New York (1981)-Good God. Another real tough one I sat through. As expected, Edwige Fenech's presence was the only thing worth watching. (DVD)
(1TV)73. Schoolgirl Report Part 2: What Keeps Parents Awake at night (1971)-I remember renting the first part of this series but ended up being grossed out by it. Whatever the reason, I decided to return to this series and...Liked what I saw! Hopefully I can squeeze in a few more by the time this challenge ends. (YouTube)
Trailers: Devil Doll, Astro-Zombies, Scream and Scream Again, Tomcat Angels
(1TV)74. Evil Brain from Outer Space (1965)-For years, I had only seen still-images of the "Lead" monster from this movie. All I can say is what a joy it was to see this guy in motion! Too bad he was underused. I still (Somehow) had a very good time with this Starman entry. (youtube)
(1TV)75. Big Bad Mama II (1987)-Decent reimagined sequel. From what I remembered, this one had more action than the original. Mama's daughters were also much hotter this time around. (YouTube)
(1TV)76. Killjoy 2: Deliverance from Evil (2002)-Ended up being worse than the first one. I didn't even recognize Debbie Rochon. (DVD)
Trailers: Suspiria, Mini-Skirt Love, Cyclone
(1TV)77. Double Exposure (1983)-My last Crown International movie of the challenge (Thank goodness) and I'm pleased(!) to say that it was a step-up from the last one. (DVD)
(1TV)78. Teenage Caveman (2002)-I saw a little bit of this years ago and decided to pick this disc up for cheap. And, well, you can definetly tell that Larry Clark directed the first half of this. The 2nd half sure felt like it was made by somebody else. (DVD)
(1TV)79. The Treasure of the Amazon (1985)-Good cast (Seeing Donald Pleasance and Emilio Fernandez in the same movie together has to mean something!) and some surprisingly gory moments scattered throughout. Too bad the rest of it tends to be stiff & uninteresting. (DVD)
Trailers: Syndicate Sadists, One Dark Night, Guru-The Mad Monk, Malamondo, Love Hunger
(1TV)80. Guns (1990)-The fist of Sidaris' movies that has Erik Estrada in it. At least Danny Trejo is also here. And one thing I've noticed lately, the bad girls in these films are always starting to be hotter than the good girls. (DVD)
81. Squirm (1976)-Haven't watched this in one sitting since I was about 6 years old. It's no wonder that I didn't remember any of the non-worm sequences. I've got to see the MST3K episode one of these days. (DVR)
(1TV)82. The Man With Two Heads (1972)-Not only did I never know that Andy Milligan made a Jekyll/Hyde movie, but this might also contain the best acting and best production value I've ever seen for a Milligan film! Who knows. If it weren't for the horrid picture quality, then this would be the first movie of his that I would award to the level of 3 stars! (YouTube)
(1TV)83. Self Service Girls (1976)-Well, let's just say that I'm starting to become an Erwin C. Dietrich fan! (CPU)
Trailers: The Girl in Gold Boots, The Silent Stranger
(1TV)84. The Cosmic Man (1959)-While it's refreshing to see a "Peaceful alien" for once in a schlocky 50's sci-fi movie, this was still mostly forgettable and uneventful. One more thing: It cracks me up how Bronson Canyon always served as alien headquarters in all these movies. (youtube)
(1TV)85. Return of Django (1967)-A Django movie that has him dying in the opening moments....Okay. It ends up being about his son, but I didn't care for what followed. (DVD)
(1TV)86. Hobgoblins (1988)-Watched MST3K version (Thank God) Never thought it would be that bad.
Trailers: Girl Snatchers, Teenagers From Outer Space, Motorcycle Gang, Paranoia, The Car
(1TV)87. Indestructible Man (1956)-It was too bad that Lon Chaney Jr didn't get to speak when he became "Indestructible". At least the narration often provided amusing moments. (popflix)
(1TV)88. Like Rabid Dogs (1976)-Though the 2nd half tends to get a little slow, this was still a mostly solid polizi flick. Having Paola Senatore as a cop certainly doesn't hurt things. (youtube)
(1TV)89. The Blood of Fu Manchu (1968)-I think this is the 3rd of the (Christopher Lee) Fu Manchus that I've seen and it's the best of the bunch. Though it does have it's slow moments and annoying humor (Courtesy of that overweight guy who seems to have stepped right out of a spaghetti western) this had enough energy and activity going on to keep me interested. (DVD)
(1TV)90. Corrupted (1973) (aka Pleasure Palace) Decent Canadian-sexploitation. One observation I noticed from these movies is how calm and quiet they (Even in the sex scenes ) but that changed near the ending of this because someone finally started speaking outloud! *gasp* (youtube)
Trailers: Kill, Baby Kill, Blood Drinkers, The Losers, The Doll Squad, The Bird With The Crystal Plumage, Five Wild Girls
(1TV)91. Santo Versus the Vampire Women (1962)-One of the more effective things these Santo movies needs to have is color and that was sorely missing here. Despite that, there was some very good gothic atmosphere in the early going. (youtube)
(1TV)92. The One Armed Executioner (1981)-Though this tends to be on the mediocre-side, what really sets it apart from other revenge-action flicks is the dialogue,dubbing,some (Very) dangerous stuntwork and cool theme music. (youtube)
(1TV)93. The Toxic Avenger III:The Last Temptation of Toxie (1989)-Ugh. This one gave me a huge headache. That Apocalypse inc stuff was my least-liked thing from the previous movie and it was all over the place here. At least I got a laugh from Melvin in the mirror scene. (DVR)
(1TV)94. Do or Die (1991)-...And continuing with the Sidaris films----Uh oh. These are starting to get worse now. Maybe once Erik Estrada leaves, things can start to get enjoyable again. (DVD)
Trailers: Queen of Outer Space, Erika's Hot Summer, One Million Years B.C., Eaten Alive, Kiss of the Tarantula, Empire of the Ants, Misty
(1TV)95. Deadly Manor (1990)-AKA "Savage Lust". A slooow slasher by José Ramón Larraz. Worth watching just for the bad acting. (youtube)
(1TV)96. Saddle Tramp Women (1972)-Slightly above average softcore western. Mostly because this actually had enough of a budget for bullet-squibs and it's always cool to see a black bounty hunter. (CPU)
(1TV)97. Wrath of Daimajin (1966)-Once again, familiar formula. However, this one was easily the most visually stunning of the trilogy. Enough so that I decided to watch it in 3D for more enhancement. Worked out fine. (Blu-ray)
(1TV)98. Murder Obsession (1981)-Slightly complicated occult-giallo with a couple of fun (But brief) gore scenes. I couldn't help but notice how much more attractive Laura Gemser had gotten in the 80's. Too bad her roles had greatly diminished in comparison to her work in the 70's. (CPU)
(1TV)99. Jailbait (1993)-I only saw the beginning of this back in the 90's. Kinda strange to revisit and watch this whole thing in the 2010s. Anyway, nothing groundbreaking to see here. One hilarious thing to see was the set decoration for the "Sex Dungeon". I'm sure when viewed on a murky VHS tape, it would've looked passable. But in high definition, the set looks like it was created at a school auditorium. (DVR)
(1TV)100. The Brain (1988)-Hmmm...Wonder if Cronenberg was involved. The mind control thing is sure up his alley (And hey! It's Canadian!) I had some fun with this one. And it sure is rare to see a serious WARNING message at the end credits of a movie. (youtube)
(1TV)101. Confessions of a Young American Housewife (1974)-Quite good and interesting "Swinging Family" movie...If you can get past Jennifer Welles constantly being called "Mama" by a fully grown woman. (DVD)
Trailers: Gutter Girls, The Sin of Adam and Eve, Alice In Wonderland-Adult Musical, Emanuelle Around The World, Tourist Trap
(1TV)102. Caged Heat 3000 (1995)-An unwatchable mess in the early going. Then it kinda starts to grab my attention. Then again, throwing tons of nudity on the screen is bound to have that effect. (youtube)
(1TV)103. Ruckus (1980)-Another movie where I just saw pieces of it as a kid. Starts out well, but an overload of humor and banjo/fiddle music soon takes over. (YouTube)
(1TV)104. The Erotic Adventures of Hansel and Gretel (1970)-Too tame. It felt like it was made about 4 years earlier. I did like the actress who played the witch though. (CPU)
(1TV)105. Sledgehammer (1983)-I haven't read many reviews, but damn, did that sure feel like a LONG one. The big highlight for me: What I thought was the shadow of the sledgehammer creeping into a scene turned out to be the shadow of the boom-mic. (youtube)
(1TV)106. Teenie Tulip (1970)-This looked to be an interesting psycho-sexual tale by Gerard Damiano. It's just really too bad that this is another one of those films that's been ruined by deterioration. Yet I still liked what I saw. (CPU)
(1TV)107. Killjoy 3 (2010)-At least we finally get a Killjoy movie that looks like it got a budget! I agree that this is the best of the three. Wonder how the others fare. I guess we'll wait til the horror challenge! (DVD)
Trailers: Maniac, Lucifer's Women, Evilspeak, Just Before Dawn, The Single Girls, The Manhandlers
(1TV)108. Hard Hunted (1993)-Just when I began to fear that all of Sidaris' films in the 90s would suck, along comes this life-saver...And I would've even liked it more if those two bumbling henchmen weren't in this. They (Thankfully) didn't overstay their welcome. But I hope this doesn't become a staple in future films. (DVD)
(1TV)109. The Tormentors (1971)-The first full-length movie I've watched on a mobile device. This was in my *Most-wanted* list for a few years now and it's not much of a surprise how disappointing it turned out to be. Still worth looking at just for it's ridiculousness. (Viewlorium)
(1TV)110. Come Back, Charleston Blue (1972)-Though it's way more over-the-top than it's predecessor, I still found this to be just as entertaining as Cotton Comes To Harlem. I really wish we could have gotten at least one more Coffin Ed/Gravedigger Jones movie. (youtube)
(1TV)111. Gor (1987)-Boring and bland Sword & Sandal flick with an 80s professor doing the time traveling. I like how Jack Palance gets high billing but only appears at the very end. (YouTube)
(1TV)112. The Booby Hatch (1976)-Sex comedy made by a couple of guys who were involved with the original Night of the Living Dead. This didn't ultimately get as annoying as I thought it would. (DVD)
(1TV)113. The Girl in Room 2A (1974)-Good plot and good effects (For what little there were) but I was expecting so much more. (CPU)
Trailers: Dr. minx, Truck Stop Women, Beyond Atlantis, The Devil's Wedding Night, Terminal Island, The Human Tornado
(1TV)114. Mini-Skirt Love (1967)-Icky subject matter and extremely annoying music should spell doom for this. However, this was all just oddly compelling to me! (youtube)
(1TV)115. The Roommates (1973)-Very uneven (Especially with the serial-killer stuff thrown in) yet I was already won over with the characters (My favorite cast of the challenge) and all of the hammy acting/dialogue all throughout. (CPU)
(1TV)116. Frozen Scream (1975)-I'm not sure just what the heck I just watched. But I think I liked it! (youtube)
(1TV)117. A Pistol For Django (1971)-The last of the Django movies I've got to see and it felt like I went out on a good note here. I loved all of the female characters that appear in this. (DVD)
(1TV)118. Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV (2000)-The last of the Toxie movies I've got to see and (Again!) another one that went out in pleasing fashion....But it didn't take much to top Toxic Avenger III. (DVR)
(1TV)119. Fatal Pursuit (1994)-Maybe it's because I've been watching too many Andy Sidaris films, but I really couldn't help but wonder how things would be if he directed this. At least we got treated to seeing Shannon Whirry in the shower. (DVD)
*I'm gonna be re-watching some personal favorites today. I've also ran out of trailers to watch*
120. Glen or Glenda? (1953)-Saw the colorized version. One odd thing I noticed (During the WWII stock footage) is that you can see a pair of butt-naked guys in the background of the beach landing. Wonder what that was all about! (DVD)
121. J.D.'s Revenge (1976)-It was rumored that Prince wrote the song that appears at the end. It turns out to be just that. A rumor. (DVD)
122. Colt 38 Special Squad (1976)-A tad bit long, but better than I remembered. (DVD)
123. Candy Stripe Nurses (1974)-I forgot what a great name (And character) Owen Boles is. (DVD)
124. Terrifying Girls' High School: Lynch Law Classroom (1973)-Still an awesome movie and it looked quite stellar on my UHDTV. (DVD)
125. Street Of A Thousand Pleasures (1972)-I just couldn't resist going down the street again this year! I even watched it in 3D (Kind of a bad mistake since most of the movie is hand-held) but man, Uschi, Alice Friedland, Michelle Angelo, Adelle Rain, Neola Graef, Mia Coco, Joyce Gibson, Lynn Harris, Antoinete Maynard, Casey Larrain, Michelle LeGrande...The street always delivers! (DVD)
126. Bloodsucking Freaks (1976)-Felt like giving the BD a spin. (Blu-Ray)
(1TV)127. The Kid With A Tattoo (1980)-Slingshot Fu! As expected, the humor in this Shaw Bros flick fell flat, but some fight sequences (Especially involving pole-fighting) helped save this. (DVR)
(1TV)128. Groupie Girl (1970)-Not the best that I've seen from Derek Harmon this month. Still a decent enough movie though. (youtube)
(1TV)129. The Nine Ages of Nakedness (1969)-Though I liked the movie overall, I would've REALLY liked it more if the futuristic segment ended up being the whole movie. (CPU)
(1TV)130. Women in Cellblock 9 (1978)-Odd that Letterboxd doesn't have this one listed, but anyway, typical Franco stuff. There seemed to be a feet-fetish in the early going of this. (CPU)
(1TV)131. The Mandarin Magician (1974)-Aside from never seeing any magicians in this movie, this ended up being a quite fun kung fu flick. Mostly because it was pleasing to finally get away from the claustraphobic Shaw Bros sets. It was also refreshing to see some Thai-boxing occur here. (DVD
(1TV)132. White Skin Black Thighs (1977)-Well, that was an....Interesting one to end the challenge with! (CPU)

List Finalized
121 First-time viewings
37 from DVD
36 from youtube
18 from CPU
13 from DVR
7 from other streaming services
5 from Blu-Ray

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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

* = First Time View

FTV Total = 27

Mar 31

1. His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th - Amazon Instant Video
2. Golden Ninja Invasion - DVD *

April 1

3. Trollhunter - Chiller
4. Nature Unleashed: Avalanche - DVD
4.25 The Three Stooges: Ants In the Pantry - DVD
4.50 The Three Stooges: Movie Maniacs - DVD

April 2

5.50 Break-Up Nightmare - LMN *
6.50 Jaws III - DVD
7.50 Stooge Snapshots - DVD
7.75 The Three Stooges: Half-Shot Shooters - DVD
8. Superman: Superman Comes to Earth - Roku

April 3

8.25 The Three Stooges: Disorder in the Court - DVD
8.50 The Three Stooges: A Pain in the Pullman - DVD
9.50 Outpost: Black Sun - Snag Films
10.50 Billy the Kid Trapped - Epix On Demand *

April 4

11.50 The Five Deadly Venoms - El Rey Network

April 5

12.50 Mortal Kombat: Annihilation - NWI
13.50 Jury Duty - Movieplex
14.50 West of the Divide - Epix On Demand *

April 6

15.50 Horrors of Spider Island - Cryptic TV
16.50 P-51 Dragon Fighter - Hulu *
17.50 Age of Dinosaurs - NWI

April 7

18.50 Gentle Ben 2: Danger on the Mountain - Pixl *
19.50 Simon Says - Epix Drive In
20.50 The Cookie Mobster - Pixl
21.50 Smokey and the Bandit Part III - Encore Action
22.50 Chilling Visions: 5 States of Fear - Chiller

April 8

23.50 Guns of the Magnificent Seven - Epix Drive In
24.50 Conan the Destroyer - IFC
25.50 Horror of Dracula - Amazon Instant Video
25.75 The Three Stooges: False Alarms - DVD
26. The Three Stooges: Whoops, I'm an Indian - DVD

April 9

29. ExisTenZ - El Rey Network

April 10

30. Dark Night of the Scarecrow - ConTV
31. Godzilla, King of the Monsters! - DVD
32. Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale - Hi-Yah! *

April 11

33. Ninja Empire - Amazon Prime *
34. The Hole - NWI *
35. Kung Fu Fever - DVD
36. Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey - Hulu *
37. Battlestar Galactica: The Plan - Hulu *

April 12

37.25 Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe: The Purple Death - ConTV
37.50 Dick Tracy Returns: The Sky Wreckers - ConTV
37.75 Dick Tracy Returns: The Runway of Death - ConTV
38.75 Attack of the Giant Leeches - DVD
39. Dick Tracy Returns: Handcuffed to Doom - ConTV

April 13

39.25 Dick Tracy Returns: Four Seconds to Live - ConTV
39.50 Laurel and Hardy: Liberty - YouTube
40.50 Ninja Apocalypse - Amazon Prime
41.50 The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - TCM *

April 14

42.50 Enter the Dragon - Amazon Instant Video

April 15

43.50 MST3K Eegah - Pluto TV

April 16

44.50 Peter Benchley's Creature Pt 1 - MGM-HD
45.50 Peter Benchley's Creature Pt 2 - MGM-HD
46.50 Zombie Hunter - NWI *
47.50 Nine Deaths of the Ninja - Amazon Prime *
48.50 Clash of the Titans (2010) WC 1 - DVR *

April 17

49.50 Avalanche Sharks - NWI
50.50 500 MPH Storm - NWI
51.50 Little Dead Rotting Hood - NWI *

April 19

52.50 Scooby-Doo! Frankencreepy - Cartoon Network *
53.50 Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue - NWI
54.50 To Dance With Olivia - Pixl *

April 20

55.50 Walking Tall (1973) - El Rey Network

April 22

56.50 Ninja Immovable Heart - Amazon Prime *
57.50 City of Darkness - Amazon Prime *

April 23

58.50 Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise - Encore Classic
59.50 Bulletproof Monk - Epix Hits

April 26

60.50 An American Haunting - Cinemax 5
61.50 Maximum Overdrive - Epix Drive In
61.75 The Three Stooges: Slippery Silks - DVD
62.75 Lethal Ninja - Amazon Prime *
63. Batman: The Electrical Brain - Cape Television
63.25 Batman: The Bat's Cave - Cape Television

April 28

63.50 The Three Stooges: Grips, Grunts, and Groans - DVD

April 29

64.50 Road Wars - Amazon Prime *
65.50 Airplane vs Volcano - NWI *
66.50 MST3K The Unearthly - Pluto TV *
67.50 3-Headed Shark Attack - Hulu *

April 30

68.50 Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown - FM *

May 1

69.50 Bloodsport - NWI *

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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

The 7th Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge

2010 B-Movie/Exploitation/Drive-in Movie Challenge List - 104
2011 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 105
2012 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 100
2013 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 100
2014 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 64
2015 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 86


1) Drive-In Madness! (1987) (Mutant Sorority Pictures) - Trailer compilation with some interview clips with famous people mixed in here and there. Not a bad little time-waster.
2) Viewer Discretion Advised (1991) (Mutant Sorority Pictures) - Sketch comedy. Had a couple of laughs. The horror movie parody with the self-aware douchebag character who knew the horror movie rules wasn't bad.


3) Raiders of the Shaolin Temple (1982) - While the badguys are kicking Shaolin ass, two monks (the two "differently abled" guys from Crippled Masters (1979)) use some goofy looking mechanical horses to train a stable boy to fight.
4) Kung Fu Genius (1979) - Guy opens a Kung Fu school in a town and fights a bunch of people. This was one of those kung fu flicks I don't like where the fight scenes just look like the guys are doing fancy dance routines. I think it was supposed to be a comedy, maybe.
5) Mama's Dirty Girls (1974) - Black widow, Mama (Gloria Grahame), and her three daughters (Candice Rialson, Sondra Currie, & some other chick) travel the country looking for men for Mama to marry and kill so she can collect the inheritance. Unfortunately for Mama, their latest target has a similar idea. This one started out promisingly, then trudged along to its rather predictable conclusion. Not bad, but nothing special.
6) Autumn Born (1979) - Dorothy Stratten plays a wealthy, teenage orphan whose uncle pays to have her kidnapped and imprisoned in a basement, where she's tortured and raped. Even without any full frontal nudity, and with lesbian scenes that were nothing more than a few light kisses, this was one sleazy, nasty flick.
7) Bad Girls Dormitory (1986) - Typical WiP flick; a few "innocent" girls get arrested, get locked up, and have to deal with lesbians, rapist guards, catfights, shower scenes, etc. This movie was not at all shy with the nudity.
8) James Batman (1966) (YouTube) - World organization recruits Batman and Robin and James (Bond?) to stop an evil organization called Claw from destroying the world. Doesn't work as a Batman or James Bond parody, but it does kinda, sorta work as a silly, low budget '60s action movie. Still can't say I'd recommend it.


9) Morgane et ses nymphes (Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay) (1971) - Two girls run out of gas on a lonely road and spend the night in a barn. The next morning, one girl wakes up alone, then follows a hunchbacked dwarf to a castle where she meets the title characters. It took me a few tries to make it through this one. (I shut it off and took a nap. Twice.) Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for subtitles.
10) Nathalie (Nathalie rescapée de l'enfer) (1978) - French Naziploitation flick. A Russian doctor/spy is arrested after a Nazi general in her care is murdered. Then she gets assigned by her superiors to find and rescue, or kill, a British spy who is imprisoned in a Nazi whore house. I have another, much shorter version of this film with the same title, but with a couple of alternate, clothed scenes, and without the full frontal nudity, the sex, or the torture scenes. Not sure where the tame version was intended to play since it's dubbed in English too.
11) The Red Nights of the Gestapo (Le lunghe notti della Gestapo) (1977) - Italian Naziploitation. A bunch of guys are suspected of plotting against Hitler, so the Nazis recruit a bunch of women to seduce those guys and get them to confess. At least it had something a little different from the usual "Love Camp" storyline.


12) Alyas Batman en Robin (1991) (YouTube) - Another Filipino Batman movie. This time a guy dresses up as the Joker, and along with his Uncle Penguin they rob banks and kill a bunch of people. Soon a couple of brothers dress up as Batman and Robin and go after them. Oh, and there's singing and dancing.
13) Pussycats Paradise (The Nudist Story / For Members Only) (1960) - British nudist camp movie. Strait-laced businesswoman, Jane, whose late grandfather was an "enthusiastic naturist" has to decide if she will renew the lease on grandad's nudist camp, or sell the property. So, of course, she spends a weekend there. This one had something I've never seen in a nudist camp movie before: nude synchronized swimming.
14) Pretty Peaches (1978) - Peaches goes to her father's wedding, gets drunk while playing slots, and drives off and crashes into a tree, losing her memory (that's a lot of setup for a porn flick). Then the sleazy shit starts. Turns out I'd seen a second or third generation VHS copy of this over 30 years ago, but I had forgotten the title (I thought all that sleazy shit happened in Inside Désirée Cousteau, which is a different film with the same star - I assume it was on the tape too).
15) Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold (1975) - Shaw Brothers/Warner Brothers blaxploitation/chopsocky mashup. Government agent goes to Hong Kong to find two missing agents. Norman Fell plays Cleo's boss, and Stella Stevens is the main villain, the Dragon Lady. I was going to say Tamara Dobson should've shot the makeup person (Cleopatra Jones looked like some kind of alien clown because of all that crap on her face, and those wacky costumes just made it worse), but she's listed as "makeup artist," so maybe she wanted to look like that. This film should've been a lot better than it was.
16) "Manos": The Hands of Fate (1966) - Decided to watch the Blu-ray I won back in Oct. A man, his wife, and their daughter, driving to somewhere, stop at the Master's place, where they encounter Torgo (who takes care of the place while the Master's away), the Master and his six constantly bickering (and occasionally catfighting) wives, and thousands of moths.


17) The Night Hustlers (1968) - A writer, looking for ideas for his next novel, talks to a couple of cops who tell him some dull stories. Occasionally, the phone rings, and the writer steps away to talk to one of his topless girlfriends.
18) Woodchipper Massacre (1989) - Mildly amusing, no-budget, shot-on-video dark comedy. When their father goes away for a weekend business trip, leaving them with their bitchy aunt, three teens soon have to find a way to dispose of a dead body.
19) The Girls on 42nd Street (Fleshpot on 42nd Street) (1973) - Surprisingly not unwatchable Andy Milligan flick. Following an argument with the guy she's shacking up with, a young lady returns to hustling on the streets, and eventually hooks up with Harry Reems.
20) Censorship U.S.A. (1971) - "Documentary" featuring interviews with various people in the business of making and selling pornography. The copy I saw was obviously heavily edited (you could occasionally hear a few seconds of the porn scenes that were removed), but since the runtime on IMDb was the same as the one I watched, I think it's safe to assume that no more complete copy exists.


21) Pornography in New York (1972) - A "crack team of investigative reporters" put together this "documentary" about sex and pornography in New York City in the early '70s. I think I saw Buck Flower in a trailer included in this movie (as an example of modern pornography), but he isn't listed in the cast for that other film on IMDb.
22) Not of This Earth (1957) - Roger Corman movie about aliens invading earth to steal our blood. Dick Miller showed up about halfway in playing a vacuum cleaner salesman.


23) Target Earth (1954) - After a failed suicide attempt, a woman wakes up to find herself in an empty city. She soon finds a few other people, and together they discover that the city had been evacuated due to an invasion by robots from Venus. Whit Bissell is in the B story as a military scientist working to stop the robots.
24) The Telephone Book (1971) - Oddball sex comedy about a girl who gets an obscene phone call and then goes looking for the caller. Made odder by all the familiar faces in the film.
25) Cat-Women of the Moon (1953) - Five astronauts land on the dark side of the moon, then go into a cave where they discover a few remaining members of an ancient civilization now living in the "bowels of the moon." I watched a really rough, washed out 3D copy (occasionally frames were missing from one eye or the other), but the 3D was still pretty good. Much better than the old anaglyph VHS copy I have.


26) Swingers Massacre (Inside Amy) (1975) - Lawyer badgers his wife into becoming a swinger. After they go to a party (with Rene Bond and Marsha Jordan) where he fails to rise to the occasion, he decides to kill the men who were at the party. Uschi Digard was also in this, for about a minute or so (in the Filthy McNasty scene).
27) The Jekyll and Hyde Portfolio (1971) - Someone is killing people at a nursing school. Rene Bond and her lesser half, Rick Lutz, are in this one. What's with the calliope music?
28) The Impossible Kid (1982) - The guy from For Y'ur Height Only (1981) is back as an Interpol agent working to catch a terrorist called Cobra who is threatening to kill several wealthy business owners if they don't pay him off.
29) The First Nudie Musical (1976) - After their last few porn flicks failed to make money, the money guys want to close the studio and build a shopping center, but the studio head convinces them to give him two weeks to make one last film. Remarkably similar to Let My Puppets Come, released the same year, but with Cindy Williams instead of puppets. Ron Howard shows up for a few seconds in a scene. I saw this one a few times on cable in the late '70s and early '80s, but hadn't seen it for over twenty years, yet I still remembered most of the words to most of the songs.


30) Chained Heat (1983) - Another flick I saw a few times on cable in the '80s, but hadn't seen in a long time. Linda Blair goes to prison, gets naked, etc. Great WiP movie that hits most, if not all, the standard plot points. Plus the cast is an exploitation movie lover's dream: Tamara Dobson & Stella Stevens (together again), Henry Silva, John Vernon, Sybil Danning, and lots more familiar faces (and other body parts).
31) A Night in Hollywood (1953) - Burlesque show. The last reel (with Tempest Storm) is in color.


32) "B" Girl Rhapsody (1952) - More burlesque. The sound on this one was not so good. It was kind of hard to make out the jokes.
33) Everybody's Girl (1950)- Even more burlesque. At least this one had good sound.
34) French Follies (1951) - And another burlesque show. These things were made by the same company and they use a lot of the same music. After a while, I started looking forward to the comedians.


35) Midnight Frolics (1949) - You know what I haven't seen in a long time? A burlesque show. This one was produced by Dan Sonney. I guess the others were too. The title crawl calls burlesque a dying art, yet Sonney kept making money off it for several years after.
36) Drive-In Delirium: Volume 1 (2010) - Disc 1: "Chicks in Chains / New World Nuggets / Psychic Terror / Undead and Loving It!" - Lots and lots of trailers. An entertaining compilation so far.
37) Born Innocent (1974) (Shout Factory TV) - Linda Blair plays a 14 year-old, six-time runaway sent to reform school after her parents sign her over to the state. This was pretty rough and sleazy for a TV movie. After a promising beginning, it lumbers into a slow second half, but not too bad.


38) The Curious Female (1970) (Shout Factory TV) - In the year 2177, on the island of Los Angeles, a group of people gather for an illegal underground movie night where they watch a soft-core comedy about three virgins. This might be the only thing, besides that one Star Trek episode, that I've seen Angelique Pettyjohn in. Julie Conners was the only other person I recognized.
39) Women and Bloody Terror (1970) - A housewife cheats on her husband, is stalked by a sleazy, fat garage mechanic, and seduces her daughter's new boyfriend (Gerald MacRaney).
40) Night of Bloody Horror (1969) (YouTube) - The second half of the double feature, featuring most of the same folks from the last one (including Gerald MacRaney). Girl takes a guy who was hit by a car to her home, and they soon become a couple. People get killed, and the identity of the murderer isn't exactly hard to figure out.
41) Ai nu (Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan) (1972) - Girl is kidnapped and forced into prostitution. Eventually she seeks revenge, ending in a big, bloody end battle. Shaw Bros. picture looked great projected in my HT. I was tempted to "grindhouse" it and watch it dubbed, but I "cheated" and watched it subbed.
42) Refinements in Love (1971) - Hardcore "documentary" about sex. Actually I'm not sure if they really tried to pass this off as a documentary or if it was all a joke. An odd film overall: The opening credits didn't appear until 45 minutes into the film. Rene Bond has a penetration scene with a guy other than Rick Lutze (even though he is in the movie). On the plus side, Rene Bond had her original boobs in this one.
43) As Taras Do Mini Vampiro (As Taras de Um Minivampiro / Little Vampire Taints) (1987) - Brazillian porn flick about a little vampire with bad teeth, a film crew that wants to shoot a documentary about him, a vampire slayer who wants to kill him, and the town's mayor who wants to turn him into a tourist attraction.


44) Klito-Bell (Bathman dal pianeta Eros) (1982) - Italian Batman porn parody. Two aliens, Erotikon and Klito-Bell, are sent to earth from the planet Eros, and become Batman and Bat-Baby.
45) Reform School Girl (1957) (amc.com) - Female passenger in a stolen car driven by Edd "Kookie" Byrnes gets sent to reform school.


46) Reform School Girls (1986) - New World Pictures over-the-top, tongue in cheek WiP flick. Girl driving the getaway car when her boyfriend commits a robbery is sent to reform school for three years.
47) Where's My Man To-nite (Marching On!) (1943) (Rewind) - An "all colored cast" movie written and directed by Spencer Williams. Young guy's fiancee breaks up with him because he doesn't want to join the army and he's jealous of a soldier. After he gets drafted and screws up in bootcamp, he goes AWOL and has an adventure. The movie isn't very good, but there's lots of footage of extras who were most likely actual WWII era black soldiers, so it's worth a watch just for its historic value.


48) Beware (1946) (Rewind) - Louis Jordan gets stuck in a small town that just happens to be where he went to college. When he visits the college, he finds out that it will soon close, so he helps out by putting on a show. Really just an excuse for Louis Jordan and his band to perform a bunch of songs.
49) The Giant Behemoth (1959) - Radioactive waste dumped into the ocean creates a giant radioactive monster that threatens London.


50) The Flying Serpent (1946) - George Zucco plays an archeologist who found Montezuma's lost treasure, which is guarded by Quetzalcoatl. He uses the flying serpent to get rid of people who tick him off.


51) Yarasa adam - Bedmen (Turkish Batman & Robin) (1973) (YouTube) - Batman listens to a tape and gets a mission from his boss, then goes after a gang that's killing women, or something. It would've made more sense with English subtitles. This copy is much better than the one on archive.org.
52) Chesty Anderson U.S. Navy (1976) - Group of women investigate after the sister of one of them is abducted and killed. Lots of familiar faces in this one. Just about everyone in it I recognized from some other, better movie.
53) King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962) - A submarine runs into an iceberg, thawing out Godzilla, who heads to Japan. Meanwhile, a couple guys working for a pharmaceutical company capture King Kong and take him to Japan. Eventually the two monsters fight.


54) Olga's Girls (1964) - Audrey Campbell is back as madam and drug kingpin, Olga, still torturing prostitutes in her basement.
55) London in the Raw (1965) - "Documentary" about London in the '60s. Not much to see here, but the hair plugs operation scene was pretty disgusting.
56) Drive-In Delirium: Volume 1 (2010) - Disc 2: "Bad Muthas / Read 'Em Their Rights / Ninja Fu" - More trailers.


57) Groupie Girl (I Am a Groupie) (1970) - Teenage girl runs away from home, stowing away in the back of a band's van, and becomes a groupie. The twins from Twins of Evil are in a few scenes. Surprisingly good, depressing film.
58) Me, a Groupie (Ich - Ein Groupie / Higher and Higher) (1970) - Ingrid Steeger plays an English groupie who decides to follow a band to Berlin. She smuggles hash, rides with the Hell's Angels, and hooks up with a bunch of guys along the way. Much lighter than the last movie.


59) Prison Girls (1972) - The girls take a shower, have a cat fight, and then go on a weekend furlough and visit old friends. "Ushie Digard" was one of the prison girls and "Rick Loots" had a small part as a member of a motorcycle gang. This was originally released in 3D, so I tried to watch it in simulated 3D, but the copy I have was too washed out and most of the 3d effects didn't work.
60) Angela is the Fireworks Woman (The Fireworks Woman) (1975) - Slow-moving porn flick directed by Wes Craven. Angela is in love with her brother, the father at a nearby church. She gets whipped, goes sailing, is raped, screws a few people. Wes Craven was in the movie. I wasn't expecting that.
61) Come with Me My Love (1976) - Laconic porn flick directed by Doris Wishman. Ghost rapes a woman and kills anyone she has sex with. Viewers fall asleep.


62) Psychos in Love (1987) - Occasionally amusing comedy about two serial killers who meet and fall in love.
63) The Love Statue (1965) - Artist takes LSD, thinks a statue is alive, then later finds his girlfriend dead in his apartment.
64) Monsturd (2003) - A little girl tells her dad a bedtime story about a killer who escapes prison, hides in the same sewer where a mad scientist had just dumped his latest experiment, and turns into a shit monster. Really stupid horror comedy.
65) Retardead (2008) - Sequel to the last piece of crap. The girl tells her dad another story. This time the mad scientist performs experiments on some "mentally challenged" students. This started out okay, with some fake snack bar ads and trailers, but quickly turned into another Monsturd.
66) Pot Parents Police (The Cat Ate the Parakeet) (1972) - Young boy having problems at home meets a couple of hippies who turn him on to pot and wine. Not bad, sort of an After School Special type movie.


67) The Big Score (A Ton of Grass Goes to Pot) (1972) - A group of friends go to Mexico to get a ton of pot which they plan on smuggling back across the border using a hot air balloon. I started watching this yesterday, but shut it off and didn't get back to it until today. Turns out it fits both 4/20 themes, because out of nowhere, there's a weird nazi fantasy/dream sequence.
68) Sadomania (El infierno de la pasion) (1981) - Man and his wife on their honeymoon drive near a prison and are grabbed. The warden sends the man away and keeps the woman. Leave it to Jess Franco to make near-constant nudity, catfights, lesbianism, etc. boring.


69) The Dirt Gang (1972) - Dirt bike gang stumbles across a film crew shooting a western in the desert and proceeds to terrorize them. A bunch of familiar faces in this one. I think this was the fourth or fifth movie I've seen Uschi Digard in this month.
70) Drive-In Delirium: Volume 1 (2010) - Disc 3: "Nature Gone Wild / Stalk 'n Slash" - Tons of horror movie trailers in this one.
71) LSD-25 (1967), Your Amazing Mind (19??), Crime in the Streets (1972), The Prowler (1957) - A few educational shorts that were extras on a couple of DVDs I've recently watched. Chuck Norris is in Crime in the Streets for a few seconds.


72) The Black Godfather (1974) - Guy who runs criminal organization in black neighborhood tries to stop white criminals from selling heroin there.


73) Black Hooker (Street Sisters) (1974) - Oddball little film was really about the black hooker's white son who she left behind to be raised by her parents.
74) Girl on the Run (1953) - Reporter wanted for a murder he didn't commit, and his girlfriend (the girl in the title), hide out from the cops in a carnival.
75) The Naked Road (1959) - Model is kidnapped by Ronald Long (sort of a poor man's Sydney Greenstreet) who wants her to work as a whore.


76) Velvet Smooth (1976) - After a few attacks on his gang, a crime boss hires a female detective to investigate.
77) Super Soul Brother (The Six Thousand Dollar ******) (1978) - Two criminals, working with a scientist who has invented a serum that gives super strength but kills within a week, grab a wino to use as their guinea pig. Mostly just an excuse for Wildman Steve to tell a bunch of jokes, but I enjoyed it.


78) The Seventh Commandment (1961) - After a car accident, a guy gets amnesia and meets a traveling preacher. Seven years later, he's a successful fire & brimstone spouting faith healer when his sleazy girlfriend catches up to him and blackmails him.
79) Fear No More (1961) - Woman traveling by train is falsely accused of a murder and takes off to try to prove her innocence. Pretty good movie with a rather silly ending.
80) Fallguy (1962) - Teenager who witnesses a syndicate hit is arrested for the murder, then escapes and is chased by the hitman and a crooked cop.
81) Stark Fear (1962) - Woman married to an abusive, jealous asshole, can't decide if she wants to be rid of him after he says he wants a divorce and leaves, so she goes looking for him.


82) Jive Turkey (Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes) (1974) - Another black crimelord vs. white crimelord movie. I think I've seen it before, but it wasn't all that memorable.


83) Thunder and Lightning (1977) (YouTube) - Moonshine runner (David Carradine) and his girlfriend (Kate Jackson) take off after a load of bad liquor belonging to her dad (Roger C. Carmel). The two stars seemed a little old for their roles, but I liked it.
84) Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (2015) - Ian Ziering fights more tornado riding sharks. This one's pretty much an ad for Universal theme parks, with lots of product placement for various other stuff (even Archie comics!) thrown in. I think I liked this one better than the second one (which isn't saying much).


85) The Candy Tangerine Man (1975) - Pimp battles criminals and cops on his way to a big score. I figured I was probably in a for a good time when I saw C.D. La Fleuer in the opening credits. Luckily he had a substantial supporting role as one of the vice detectives who was after the main character.
86) Drive-In Delirium: Volume 1 (2010) - Disc 4: "An Eye For an Eye / Shaken Not Stirred / Pop the Clutch / Tune In. Turn On. Drop Out!" - Last disc in this huge set of trailers. A really fun collection. If you're a fan of drive-in flicks, you owe it to yourself to get a projector and a big screen and a big ol' set of trailers like this and just sit back and enjoy the ride.
87) Children of the Night (1985) - TV Movie allegedly based on actual events. Woman working on her dissertation about teenage prostitutes ends up turning her home into a halfway house.
88) Black Shampoo (1976) - Blaxploitation, sexploitation, crime drama, romantic comedy about a black hairstylist who runs into trouble with some gangsters.
89) Black Heat (1976) - A black cop and his white partner are after criminal mastermind Russ Tamblyn.
90) Stigma (1972) - A VD movie with a racism subplot (or vice versa). Philip Michael Thomas plays a doctor, just released from jail, who is called to a small island to help his mentor fight an epidemic.


91) Terminal Island (1973) - After the death penalty is abolished, convicted murderers are sent to live out their lives on an isolated island where two groups of convicts battle over the few female prisoners.
92) Nudes of the World (Nudes of All Nations) (1962) - Starts out with a beauty contest where Miss England wins thanks to of "her wonderful suntan." She tells the other girls that she's a nudist and they all decide to join her. Eventually they open their own camp, and later on they hold a nudist carnival, featuring among other activities, nude Bingo! Apparently volleyball "is a popular game in nudist camps." Who knew?
93) Take Off Your Clothes and Live (1963) - Frightfully boring travelogue following a bunch of women traveling to a nudist island in the south of France.
94) Swinging Barmaids (1975) - (CrypticTV) Detective William Smith investigates the killings of a few waitresses. Easily the worst video presentation I've seen this month. This often pixelated, wobbly, oddly pulsating copy of a third or fourth generation VHS copy with burnt-in Dutch subtitles was barely watchable.
95) Hillbilly Blitzkrieg (1942) - Private Snuffy Smith is among the soldiers guarding an experimental radio-controlled rocket from spies.
96) Kyonyû doragon: Onsen zonbi vs sutorippâ 5 (The Big Tits Dragon) (2010) - A group of dancers finds The Book of the Dead in a basement under the theater where they are performing. One of them reads out of it and revives the dead. Then we get Japanese porn stars killing zombies for an hour or so.


97) Le déclic (The Click / The Turn-On) (1985) - Guy's mad at his boss for whatever reason and takes it out on the boss's wife using a box that makes the wife horny whenever he turns the dial on the box. There's Milo Manara art in the end credits.
98) Sex in the Comics (1972) - Live action recreations of "Tijuana Bibles." Ric Lutze as "Dogwood" had me Includes several shots of panels from "Tijuana Bibles" and comic strips from the '30s and '40s.

First time views: 88

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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

In for two or three

01- Ernest Goes to Africa *
02- Ernest Goes to Jail *
03- The Dead Matter *
04- The Dead Matter w/ commentary *
05- The Brain That Wouldn't Die
06- again w/ commentary *
07- Mighty Jack MST3K
08- The Brute Man MST3K
09- Time of the Apes MST3K
10- The Violent Years MST3K
11- Man-Thing *
12- Army of Frankensteins *
13- Boggy Creek II MST3K
14- Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonder MST3K
15- The Touch of Satan MST3K *
16- Werewolf MST3K
17- The Mysterians *
18- Matango: Attack of the Mushroom People *
19- Varan The Unbelievable *
20- Attack of the Crab Monsters
21- War of the Satellites *
22- Not of This Earth *
23- Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend
24- Ernest in the Army *
25- Ernest Goes to Camp

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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

Formats: 3D Blu-Ray (5) | Blu-Ray (4) | HDDVD (0) | DVD (7) | Theater (5) | TV (0) | Netflix (0) | Crackle (0) | YouTube (1) | Other (i.e. iTunes, Digital Download, Roku, etc.) (7)

- Additional event for the 2016 Calgary Underground Film Festival (April 11-17)
CUFF films seen:
20 films seen
3 challenge qualifiers

- First Time Viewing (feature length) (21)
- First Time Viewing (non-feature length) (0)
* - First Home Viewing (0)
* - First Time Using Owned Media (1)

- wildcard title (1)

- watched in 3D (5)

  L - Library 1
  $ - bought for this challenge 2
  O - from my collection 13
- AppleTV 0
Roku 7
  S - Other Streamed 1

All titles American unless otherwise indicated...
- Canada (2)
- Spain (1)
- Italy (3)
- UK (3)
- New Zealand (0)
- Iran (0)
- Denmark (1)
- France (1)
- Turkey (0)
- Poland (0)

Watched With: μ - M (1) | τ - N (0) | δ - D (2) (~ indicates only a partial viewing by other viewers)

Bold titles are feature length

Underlined titles indicate coming off the unwatched pile must have been purchased more than 1 month prior to challenge (12)

<hr size="1" style="color:#D1D1E1; background-color:#D1D1E1" />
Total Eligible Titles: 29 First Time Views: 21
3D Blu-ray: 5 Blu-ray: 4 DVD: 7 4K UltraHD: 0 Public Screening: 5 TV: 0 Streamed: 7
<hr size="1" style="color:#D1D1E1; background-color:#D1D1E1" />

March 21:
00. Glen or Glenda (1953) Watched this one too early, but I thought I'd put it on the list anyway.

March 31:
01. The Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie: Strange Brew (1983) δ Public Screening in a brewery warehouse... an early CUFF event!

April 02:
02. Argento's Dracula 3-D (2012) O First 3D viewing
03. Seddok, l'erede di Satana (aka: Atom Age Vampire) (1960) Roku B&W Not even a vampire in it. But, it DID have a gratuitous belly dancer! My Retro Flix channel

April 03:
04. The Last Woman On Earth (1960) Roku B&W Roger Corman directed.My Retro Flix channel

April 05:
05. Chernobyl Diaries (2012) $ 18% on Rotten Tomatoes. They were generous.

April 06:
06. Tremors II: Aftershocks (1995) O Direct to video sequel

April 07:
07. Barracuda (1978) Roku Trying to cash in on the Jaws phenomenon. Pretty brutal acting! "I learned in medical school that when you hear hoof beats you look for horses, not zebras." What? Shout Factory channel
08. Cover Girl Models (1975) Roku Shout Factory channel

April 08:
09. Night Killer (aka Non aprite quella porta 3) (1990) Roku μ An almost unwatchable Italian rip off of a maniac killer with evil mask and blade finger gloves. Brutally stupid twist ending. Good thing there were a few boobies! Live streaming on Hart D. Fisher's American Horrors channel
10. Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954) B&W O First 3D viewing
11. Piranha 3D (2010) O Wow! Amazingly gruesome attacks, and ! First 3D viewing

April 09:
12. Stag Night of the Dead (2010) Roku I hate when you can barely make out the dialog. Fortunately, I don't think it was the highlight of the movie. And a whopping 3.2 on IMDB. Sci-Fi Station
13. Cruel Jaws (aka Jaws 5: Cruel Jaws) (1995) A BLATANT Jaws ripoff, even stealing lines of dialog, and stealing Star Wars theme music even. OMG. A big 3.0 on IMDB.
14. Piranha 3DD (2011) O Sucked compared to the first, but ! First 3D viewing

April 10:
15. The Devil's Hand (1961) B&W O This one sets up the story so good in the first few minutes, it really hooks you. From the Drive-In Cult Cinema Collection Disk 2
16. The Madmen of Mandoras (1963) B&W O Hitler's head in a jar, Futurama style. From the Drive-In Cult Cinema Collection Disk 2
17. Nurse 3D (2013) O First 3D viewing
18. Stanley (1972) O Stanley's a snake, if you're wondering. Clearly before PETA started approving films. From the Drive-In Cult Cinema Collection Disk 2

<hr size="1" style="color:#D1D1E1; background-color:#D1D1E1" />
The 2016 Calgary Underground Film Festival begins!

April 11:
--. Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) Canadian premiere - Opening gala screening

April 12:
--. Buddymoon (aka Honey Buddies) (2016) changing my name to Flula now!
--. Under The Shadow (2016) Iranian horror! This scared the crap out of me! Wanted to take a cab to my car after!

April 13:
19. Men & Chicken (MÆND & HØNS) (2015) Danish comedy. Pretty messed up! So much so, I'm counting it as exploitation.
Preceded by the short film ManOMan 11 min. - UK ***
--. The Hexecutioners (2015)

April 14:
--. Director's Cut (2016) Written by and starring Penn, of Penn & Teller. (Skype session by director preceding screening)
Preceded by the short film Anxiety #5 5 min. - Canada *** (Creators in attendance)
--. Shorts: Dark & Delicious (2014/5/6) A collection of 9 short horror films.
  - Do You See What I See? 14 min. - Canada *** (Co-directors in attendance)
  - The Babysitter Murders 22 min. *****
  - Never Tear Us Apart 6 min. - Canada *****
  - El Gigante 14 min. - Canada ** (Producer in attendance)
  - Check Surroundings For Safety 5 min. *** (Creator and star in attendance)
  - Luxure (Lust) 6 min. - Canada **** (Creator in attendance)
  - The Black Bear 15 min. - France *****
  - Empty Bed 7 min. ***
  - The Puppet Man 9 min. ****

April 15:
--. High-Rise (2015)
20. Meathead Goes Hogwild (2015) Super low budget (made for $5000)
--. Baskin (2015)

April 16:
--. Saturday Morning All-You-Can-Eat-Cereal Cartoon Party! (1960/70/80)
3 hours of various old Saturday morning cartoons from the 60's, 70's and 80's on the big screen, with all you can eat sugary cereal
--. Slacker (1991)
--. Dazed & Confused (1993)
--. Zoom (2015)
--. Lace Crater (2015)
21. Patchwork (2015) Kind of a cross between Mary and Frankenhooker

April 17:
--. First Girl I Loved (2016)
--. Man Vs. Snake: The Long and Twisted Tale of Nibbler (2015)
--. Janis: Little Girl Blue (2015)
--. The Lure (2016)

The 2016 Calgary Underground Film Festival ends
<hr size="1" style="color:#D1D1E1; background-color:#D1D1E1" />

April 20:
22. Ginger Snaps (2000) δ Screened in theatre for National Canadian Film Day. Attended by director John Fawcett and actor Emily Perkins! Great Q/A! Now I have to watch 3 seasons of Orphan Black!

April 23:
23. Private Duty Nurses (1971) O
24. The Young Nurses (1973) O

April 24:
25. The Girl From Nowhere (2012) Roku wildcard

April 30:
26. Terror (1978) O From the Drive-In Cult Cinema Collection Disk 2
27. The Final Terror (1983) $ Darryl Hannah in an early role after Blade Runner and Summer Lovers but before Splash.

May 01:
28. Splitting Heirs (1993) O 8% on Rotten Tomatoes. crossover with MYOC
29. The Big Year (2011) L Starred Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson and had John Cleese as narrator but only made back $7M of its $41M budget. crossover with MYOC

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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

List Complete
33 First Time viewings out of 92 total films.

- First time viewing
▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲ - Rating on a 1 to 10 scale

April 1st
1. Lost City of the Jungle (1946) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 2nd
2. Jungle Jim (1937) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
3. Think Fast, Mr. Moto (1937) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
4. Thank You, Mr. Moto (1937) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
5. Mr. Moto Takes a Chance (1938) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
6. Have Rocket -- Will Travel (1959) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
7. The Outlaws Is Coming (1965) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 3rd
8. Rockin' in the Rockies (1945) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
9. The Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze (1963) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
10. Time Out for Rhythm (1941) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
11. The Three Stooges Meet Hercules (1962) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 4th
12. Secret Agent X-9 (1937) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 5th
13. Gulliver's Travels (2010) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
14. Duel of Champions (1961) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
15. The Terror (1963) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
16. Day of Wrath (2006) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
17. Duel of Champions (1961) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 6th
18. The Last of the Vikings (1961) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
19. Hero of Rome (1964) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
20. The Two Gladiators (1964) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
21. Ercole e la regina di Lidia (Hercules Unchained) (1959) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
22. Hercules against the Mongols (1963) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 7th
23. Mysterious Mr. Moto (1938) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
24. Saving Grace (2000) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
25. The Villain (1979) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
26. Hercules and the Captive Women (1961) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
27. Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise (1940) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 8th
28. Charlie Chan in Panama (1940) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
29. Hercules and the Masked Rider (1963) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
30. A Southern Yankee (1948) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
31. Hercules and the Princess of Troy (1965) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
32. Murder Over New York (1940) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 9th
33. Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum (1940) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
34. Tarzan and the Green Goddess (1938) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
35. Tarzan and the Trappers (1958) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
36. Tarzan the Fearless (1933) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
37. The New Adventures of Tarzan (1935/I) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
38. Tarzan's Revenge (1938) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 10th
39. Esther and the King (1960) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
40. Caesar the Conqueror (1962) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
41. Samson and the 7 Miracles of the World (1961) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
42. The Conqueror of the Orient (1960) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
43. Herod the Great (1959) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 11th
44. Dead Men Tell (1941) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
45. Charlie Chan in Rio (1941) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
46. The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 12th
47. Brenda Starr, Reporter (1945) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 13th
48. Castle in the Desert (1942) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 14th
49. Terry and the Pirates (1940) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 15th
50. The Bat People (1974) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 16th
51. The Beast Within (1982) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 17th
52. Carlton-Browne of the F.O. (1952) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 18th
53. I'm All Right Jack (1959) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
54. Two Way Stretch (1960) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
55. Yor, the Hunter from the Future (1983) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 19th
56. News Hounds (1947) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
67. Fighting Fools (1949) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
68. Hold That Baby! (1949) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 20th
69. Master Minds (1949) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
70. Blonde Dynamite (1950) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
71. Lucky Losers (1950) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 21st
72. Heavens Above! (1963) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
73. Spook Busters (1946) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
74. Hard Boiled Mahoney (1947) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 22nd
75. Bowery Buckaroos (1947) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
76. Smugglers' Cove (1948) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
77. Ghost Chasers (1951) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
78. Let's Go Navy! (1951) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 23rd
79. Hold That Line (1952) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
80. Loose in London (1953) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
81. Clipped Wings (1953) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
82. Private Eyes (1953) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 24th
83. The Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters (1954) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 25th
84. High Society (1955) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 26th
85. Blues Busters (1950) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
86. Crazy Over Horses (1951) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 27th
87. No Holds Barred (1952) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 28th
88. Queen of Blood (1966) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
89. Yor, the Hunter from the Future (1983) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 29th
90. Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier (1955) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
91. Davy Crockett and the River Pirates (1956) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 30th
92. One More Time (1970) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

55 Movies, 45 First Time Viewings

Follow CELLULOID TERROR (and on Youtube!) for full thoughts on each day's viewing!

* = First time viewing

April 1
1. Holocaust Cannibal* (Bill Zebub, 2014, DVD) - 6/10
2. Alley Cat* (Edward Victor, 1984, DVD) 7/10
3. Bloody Brothers* (Frederick R. Friedel, ?, Blu-ray) 5/10

April 2
4. Pigs* (Marc Lawrence, 1973, Blu-ray) 8/10
5. Bone* (Larry Cohen, 1972, DVD) 7/10

April 3
6. Wheels Of Fire* (Cirio H. Santiago, 1984, Blu-ray) 8/10

April 4
7. The Strange Vice Of Mrs. Wardh (Sergio Martino, 1970, DVD) - 10/10

April 5
8. Multiple Maniacs* (John Waters, 1970, DVD) 8/10
9. Mondo Trasho* (John Waters, 1969, DVD) 6/10
10. Equalizer 2000* (Cirio H. Santiago, 1986, Blu-ray) 7.5/10

April 6
11. The Sisterhood* (Cirio H. Santiago, 1988, Blu-ray) 6.5/10
12. Psychomania* (Don Sharp, 1973, DVD) 6/10
13. Congo (Frank Marshall, 1995, Blu-ray) 9/10

April 7
14. Driven To Succeed* (Mark Colegrove, 2015, DVD) 5/10
15. Long Ride From Hell* (Camillo Bazzoni, 1968, DVD) 6/10
16. The Legend Of Bigfoot* (Harry Winer, 1976, DVD) 3/10

April 8
17. The Sinful Nuns Of St. Valentine* (Sergio Grieco, 1974, Blu-ray) 5/10
18. Wild Beasts* (Franco Prosperi, 1984, DVD) 9/10

April 9
19. Knife For The Ladies* (Larry G. Spangler, 1974, Blu-ray) 3/10
20. Bigfoot vs. Zombies* (Mark Polonia, 2016, DVD) 5/10

April 10
21. Divine Waters* (Vito Zagarrio, 1981, Stream) 6/10
22. Bare Behind Bars* (Oswaldo de Oliveira, 1980, DVD) 8/10
23. Amazon Jail* (Oswaldo de Oliveira, 1982, DVD) 7/10

April 11
24. Mad Max (George Miller, 1979, Blu-ray) 6/10

April 12
25. Bunni* (Daniel Benedict, 2013, DVD) 4/10
26. 99 Women* (Jess Franco 1969, DVD) 5/10
27. Women Behind Bars* (Jess Franco, 1975, DVD) 6/10

April 13
28. Over The Edge* (Jonathan Kaplan, 1979, DVD) 8/10
29. Sadomania* (Jess Franco, 1981, DVD) 7/10

April 14
30. Blue Ice* (Phillip Marshak, 1985, Blu-ray) 8/10

April 15
31. Shadows In An Empty Room* (Alberto De Martino, 1977, Blu-ray) 7.5/10
32. The Million Eyes Of Sumuru* (Lindsay Shonteff, 1967, Blu-ray) 6/10

April 16
33. The Girl From Rio* (Jess Franco, 1969, Blu-ray) 7/10

April 17
34. Atragon* (Ishiro Honda, 1963, DVD) 7/10

April 18
35. Infrasexum* (Carlos Tobalina, 1969, DVD) 6/10

April 19
36. Antfarm Dickhole* (Bill Zebub, 2011, DVD) 6/10
37. Secrets Of A Call Girl* (Guiliano Carnimeo, 1973, DVD) 5/10

April 20
38. Elsa Fraulein SS* (Patrice Rhomm, 1977, DVD) 6/10
39. Dune Warriors* (Cirio H. Santiago, 1990, Blu-ray) 7/10

April 21
No Viewings Today

April 22
40. Schramm (Jorg Buttgereit, 1993, Blu-ray) 8.5/10
41. Francesca* (Luciano Onetti, 2015, Blu-ray) 7/10
42. Nukie* (Sias Odendaal, 1987, VHS) 3.5/10

April 23
43. All Hell Breaks Loose* (Jeremy Garner, 2014, DVD) 6/10
44. The Curse* (David Keith, 1987, Blu-ray) 7.5/10

April 24
45. The Curse 2: The Bite* (Frederico Prosperi, 1989, Blu-ray) 6.5

April 25
46. King Kong Escapes* (Ishiro Honda, 1967, Blu-ray) 6.5/10

April 26
47. Island Of Death* (Nico Mastorakis, 1976, Blu-ray) 6/10
48. Extraordinary Tales* (Raul Garcia, 2014, Blu-ray) 6/10

April 27
49. The Annihilators* (Charles E. Sellier Jr., 1985, VHS) 6/10

April 28
No Viewings

April 29
50. Night Of The Living Dead (Tom Savini, 1990, Drive-In) 9/10
51. Night Of The Creeps (Fred Dekker, 1986, Drive-In) 8/10
52. Night Of The Comet (Thom Eberhardt, 1984, Drive-In) 7.5/10
Flesh Eater was the final feature of the night but that movie sucks so I called it a night and got an extra 2 hours of sleep that I otherwise wouldn't have had.

April 30
53. The Monster Squad (Fred Dekker, 1987, Drive-In) 9/10
54. The Lost Boys (Joel Schumacher, 1987, Drive-In) 8/10
55. Fright Night (Tom Holland, 1985, Drive-In) 8/10
Near Dark was the final feature of the night at the Drive-In but I had passed out without really seeing any of it.

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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

- First time viewing
▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲ - Rating on a 1 to 10 scale

April 1
1. The Hateful Eight (2015)▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 2
2. Contracted (2013)▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 3

April 4
3. Contracted: Phase 2 (2015)▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 5
4. Sharknado (2013)▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 6
5. Little Dead Rotting Hood (2016)▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 7
6. Vanish (2015) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
7. Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman (2012)▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 8
8. Zombeavers (2014)▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 9
9. Stuck! (2009)▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
10. Stripped (2013) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 10

April 11

April 12

April 13

April 14

April 15

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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

April 1

1. Roboshark (2015). I streamed this one. Cheesy as hell with pg rated CGI violence and a guy who looks like Bill Gates getting eaten by the roboshark who goes by the name Bill Glates. Give it 4/10 just because Nigel Barber shows up as the admiral in charge of destroying the roboshark. Spoiler alert. Peter Weller does not play the roboshark. First time viewing.

2. Moonlight Sword And Jade Lion (1977). Watched it on DVD. Average old school kung fu flick. Nothing too special. Takes 45 minutes for action to happen. 5/10. First time viewing.

3. Sexy Sisters (1977). I streamed this one. This is a Jess Franco sex fest. Not one of his best but he does manage to have his cast naked all the time. Franco always did save on wardrobe costs. If you're looking for a story forget this one but then again who watches Jess Franco films for plot lines. 4/10. First time viewing.

4. Runaway Nightmare (1982). Seen this one on Blu-ray. Vinegar Syndrome does a good job restoring this one. An odd one for sure. 5/10. First time viewing.

April 2

5. Get Mean (1975). Watched it on DVD. A western that has the nameless hero blasting away with a 4 barrel sawed off shotgun. Somehow I thought it might do a little more damage but then again I never seen him ever have to load it. Entertaining though. 5/10. First time viewing.

6. The New Big Boss (1997). Seen it on DVD from Tokyo Shock. Early Donnie Yen kicking supreme ass. Could have used more action but they let a love story get in the way. When they were fighting though the blood did fly. 5/10. First time viewing.

7. Equalizer 2000 (1987). Streamed. A lame post apocalyptic actioner. Lots of guns and explosions but nothing else. Avoid this one. Only thing of interest is seeing Robert Patrick in one of his first roles. 4/10. First time viewing.

8. Jurassic Prey (2015). Watched it on DVD from Wild Eye Releasing. I haven't watched one this bad in a long time. The dinosaur is a small rubber suit shown for a few minutes. This feature is from the Polonia brothers which probably explains it. 3/10. First time viewing.

9. Samurai Cop (1991). Watched it on DVD. Campy for sure but enjoyable. A well balanced diet of violence and nudity. 5/10. First time viewing.

10. Master Of The Flying Guillotine (1976). On DVD. This one is the cream of the crop when it comes to martial arts or should I say heads above the rest. 6/10. First time viewing.

11. Bangin' Vengeance (2011). Streamed this one. A low budget faux grindhouse where an actress has a breast enlargement resulting in them talking to her. Her breasts convince her to start killing everyone who takes advantage. I think they injected sillycone . You do have a few laughs like when they use hotdogs for entrails and penises. The print has fake scratches and jumps to give it the grindhouse feel. Not bad. 5/10. First time viewing.

April 3

12. Mega Shark Vs Kolossus (2015). On DVD. Turns out the Russians had a giant laser shooting robot hidden for years only to come out and go toe to fin with Mega Shark. This one is pretty bad but you do see what Illena Douglas has been up to. 3/10. First time viewing.

13. Scienceless Fiction (2014). Streamed. Bill Zebub shares his thoughts and naked women with us for almost two hours. Not for everyone. 4/10. Looking forward to his new one Dickshark (2016). First time viewing.

14. Half A Loaf Of Kung Fu (1978). Seen on DVD. Early kung fu fare for the Chan man. Not one of his better ones or in other words my yeast favourite. I guess you have to start somewhere. 4/10. First time viewing.

15. Color Me Blood Red (1965). Streamed this one. Some good campy Herschell Gordon Lewis fun where an artist discovers that blood really livens up his paintings. This artery art starts taking its toll. I wondered how good this film would look on a plasma TV. 5/10. First time viewing.

16. American Muscle (2014). Watched on DVD. Not too bad of a revenge/grindhouse flick. Lots of violence and nudity. A mans head gets severed and then tossed into a microwave. Hopefully he doesn't have any metal fillings. 5/10. First time viewing.

17. Mutilations (1986). I had to crack out the VCR for this one. A sci fi /horror film that is so bad its good kind of thing that would make Ed Wood Jr. proud. 4/10. First time viewing.

April 4

18. Rat Scratch Fever (2011). Streamed this one. Some rats are brought back to Earth from a mysterious planet which has very bad results. A very low budget creature feature that utilizes green screens, toy trucks and live rats but funny as hell. I guess you can't do a rat movie without having a little cheese. The only thing missing was nudity. 5/10. First time viewing.

19. Rubber's Lover (1996). Watched on DVD. Some crazy Japanese cyberpunk along the same lines as Pinocchio 964 and Tetsuo. Test subjects are having ether injected into their veins in order to obtain psychic powers while we watch them go totally insane and have a few WTF moments. Not for all tastes. You have to read subtitles on this one and it's in black & white. 5/10. First time viewing.

20. Trader Hornee (1970). Seen on DVR. Not very good jungle jaunt from Something Weird Video. Mostly boring. 3/10. First time viewing.

21. Harpies (2007). Cringed through this one on DVD. No this film is not about STD's in fact Harpies are vampire/demon type women with wings and lots of eye shadow. This movie is all around bad. Stephen Baldwin gives his all but I think they tossed the script and decided to wing it. 3/10. First time viewing.

April 5

22. Stung (2015). Streamed it. This one is pretty good as it uses good old special effects and keeps CGI at a minimum. Another bonus is Lance Henrikson. A well done creature feature that doesn't make itself too silly. Watch Dragon Wasps afterwards and you'll see what I mean. 5/10. First time viewing.

23. The Lost Empire (1984). Watched it on VHS. A group of top heavy ladies join together to fight an evil doctor played by Angus Scrimm (RIP). I thought it was mediocre but could have been more trashy. 4/10. First time viewing.

24. Desert Phantom (1936). Seen on DVD. Johnny Mack Brown throws a couple of bullets at Blackie King. A boring oater. 4/10. First time viewing.

April 6

25. Centipede Horror (1982). Streamed this one. An Asian voodoo master exercises vengeance on a family who pissed him off. He does this by using thousands of real centipedes (the Asian ones that are the size of cats) and he even deploys a team of chicken ghosts ( I'd say poultrygeists but troma owns the term). This one is pretty good but the only downside is that the subtitles used were white and most scenes were in white so reading can be a challenge. In fact I thought the film was called Cent Horr which would've been a totally different feature. 5/10. First time viewing.

26. Nightmare On Elmo's Street (2015). Seen this on DVD. This one is not a very good Bill Zebub film at all. It's more of a showcase for heavy metal music. I've seen over 40 of his films and this one seems like he has run out of ideas and steam. I'll see him at Shock Stock in May to give him hell. He still uses Erin Brown (Misty Mundae) who never gets naked. Kind of like Steven Seagal doing stage plays as Hamlet. 3/10. First time viewing.

27. The Muthers (1976). Watched on DVD. Vinegar Syndrome polished this Filipino actioner up nice. Some gun toting ladies go up against sex slave traders. More on action less on sleaze. 4/10. First time viewing.

28. Blastfighter (1984). Streamed it. This wasn't that bad of a rape/revenge film set in the woods against rednecks. It's sort of what would happen if the girl from I Spit On Your Grave had a father named Rambo. The spruced up gun doesn't come out until the last ten minutes. George Eastman makes an appearance. Good cinematography as well. 5/10. First time viewing.

April 7

29. Bad Channels (1992). Watched on DVD. An alien takes over a radio station using it to shrink women and keep them in bottles. Full Moon doesn't do too bad with this one. It is one you could watch with the whole family. 5/10. First time viewing.

30. Little Miss Innocence (1973). Watched on DVD. Vinegar Syndrome brings us this awesome sexploitation where two young ladies take advantage of an older rich guy and try to "sex" him to death. These girls even pull out a strap-on. Along the same lines as Death Game (1977).
5/10. First time viewing.

31. I Was A Teenage Frankenstein (1957). Watched it on VHS. This is the common Frankenstein story except that Dr. Frankenstein uses teenage body parts and he has a pet crocodile. A mediocre drive-in flick from way back. 4/10. First time viewing.

32. Secret Of The Water Technique (1984). Seen on DVD. This version of Water Margin doesn't really make a splash. It does have a zombie and an alien but not until the end. It also has Jason Pai Piao (a Shaw Bros. staple) in it. The version I seen had been sourced from a third generation vhs tape which ended up having the bottom of the subtitles cropped off. That was good times. 4/10. First time viewing.

April 8

33. Mondo Topless (1966). Watched this on DVR. This is a breastumentary from Russ Meyer. The top heavy ladies dance topless(pre-silicone) in various settings while they talk about themselves and go-go dancing. Not the most exciting. 4/10. First time viewing.

34. Killing Car (1993). Watched on DVD from Redemption Films. There is no car that's doing any killing. A woman is going around visiting people and then shoots them for reasons not revealed until the end. She does however leave a toy car at the scene of each crime and drives a much bigger replica. A weak Jean Rollin film but is a fresh change from his vampire films. 4/10. First time viewing.

35. Norwegian Ninja (2010). Seen on DVD. This Norwegian nod to the 80's ninja flicks is actually boring. A secret ninja group protects people from other secret groups. It does say several political statements but we just want to see ninjas. You do see the master ninja channel his energy to become a human defibrillator. 4/10. First time viewing.

April 9

36. The Mad Monster (1942). Streamed this one. This old school horror B flick has all the ingredients to a good schlock fest. A doctor injects his caretaker with wolf DNA making him turn very hairy. He does seem to be a tame werewolf though. 4/10. First time viewing.

37. Cobra (1982). Seen on DVD by Kung Fu Theater. This one stars Bruce Le (Bruce Lee impersonator) who joins a brutal gang in search of money to help support his family. Things change badly when he wants out. This is a good one. Imagine if Fernando Di Leo directed a Shaw Brothers film this would be it. 5/10. First time viewing.

38. Hercules (1958). Streamed this one. This sword & sandal had Steve Reeves flexing as Hercules. This is the one that kicked off all those Hercules films. Sometimes too draggy between the action but overall good flick. 5/10. First time viewing.

39. Teenage Seductress (1975). Watched on DVD. Another Vinegar Syndrome where a young lady seeks out her father who she hasn't seen since she was two. To get revenge on her abandonment she proceeds to have sex with him. This wasn't a very good sexploitation and nudity is almost non existent. 4/10. First time viewing.

40. Cemetery Without Crosses (1969). Seen on DVD. This spaghetti western is top notch. The cinematography is killer and even the soundtrack rocks. Not fast paced action but more of a slow burner. Dario Argento wrote the screenplay. 6/10. First time viewing.

April 10

41. Spasmo (1974) Watched on DVD. This is an average giallo that you kind of guess what's going to happen. Not a sleazy one and a little twist at the end. This one is by Umberto Lenzi which is shot well but not a lot happens. 5/10. First time viewing.

42. Nezulla The Rat Monster (2002). Seen on Tokyo Shock DVD. This is a Japanese creature feature where a mutant man sized rat (dude in a suit) is running amok spreading disease that is wiping out everybody. This is a bunch of crap that you should avoid. 3/10. First time viewing.

43. Savage Dawn (1985). Seen this one on VHS. This is an mild biker flick with an Expendables type cast of the B boys like Richard Lynch, Lance Henrikson, George Kennedy (RIP) and Karen Black to name a few. It does have the Savages (the bikers) rob the military of their tanks and hardware to blow up the town. The only thing you'll remember about this one is when Karen Black proclaims " I can suck start a Harley". 4/10. First time viewing.

44. Riders Of The Whistling Skull (1937). Watched on DVD. The Mesquiteers (minus John Wayne) play Indiana Jones in this action packed flick. 5/10. First time viewing.

45. Black Samurai (1977). I watched this on a DVR. Jim Kelly plays the Black Samurai who works undercover for the government. He's only called in when things get out of hand. This one is mostly silly. Jim Kelly does suck though (RIP). Sometimes it seems like he's just looking around for someone to kick. You have to see him do his snake stance when he comes up against several snakes only to hit them with a torch. 4/10. First time viewing.

April 11

46. Wheels Of Fire (1985). Streamed this one. Another Cirio H. Santiago in which he rips off 20 films but still manages to entertain us. They should of had Cirio, Jess Franco, Godfrey Ho and Bruno Mattei all work together to see who would be the creative force. This one is watchable and they even throw in a playboy model Lynda Wiesmeier for some eye candy. This director likes to blow things up. 4/10. First time viewing.

47. Shark Attack (1999). Watched on DVD. Sharks are being lured to a small beach port for malicious reasons resulting in people being munched on. Casper Van Dien takes a break from fighting aliens and tries his luck with sharks. This isn't cheesy or campy just plain sucky. There were two sequels for some reason and for the record they both sucked as well. 3/10. First time viewing.

April 12

48. High Test Girls (1980). Watched a DVR of this one. Six ladies run a gas station where the customers are taken care of in all aspects. This sex com is brought to us from Erwin C. Dietrich a great man. If you can handle six hot Swedish ladies constantly getting naked then you might be able to withstand this one because plot there is not. 4/10. First time viewing.

49. Stunt Rock (1980). Watched on DVD. This one is pretty cool. The film is a docu/action/musical centered around real life stunt man Grant Page and his friends the real band Sorcery who you see perform between the stunts. Killer camera angles show all his crazy stunts and this guy is crazy. He still does stunts to this day and he's in his late seventies. 5/10. First time viewing.

April 13

50. Sin In The Suburbs (1964). Streamed this one. Joe Sarno helms this Something Weird Video that shows how everyone living in the suburbs has a dirty secret. Most of them like to cheat on their spouses and do so meeting at a sex club wearing masks a sort of Eyes Wide Shut thing. Not much nudity but it is still a kink fest. You'll enjoy this one. 5/10. First time viewing.

51. Shaolin Drunkard (1983). Watched it on DVD. This is a wild old school kung fu flick. I mean where else are you going to see a fire breathing puppet and a fighting toad. This one entertains. 5/10. First time viewing.

52. Call Girl Of Cthulhu (2014). Seen on Blu-ray. This is an H.P. Lovecraft adaptation that seems like a Bad Biology, Basket Case done by Troma. There was lots of head explosions and other gore but seemed to lack everything else. 4/10. First time viewing.

53. Ironmaster (1983). Watched a DVR of this one. A tribe discovers the way to forge swords from melting iron and decide to conquer other tribes with this new found technology. Umberto Lenzi directs this one but uses an alias if that tells you anything. It's not awful but does drag and the special effects guy only needs red paint to do his job. George Eastman stars and you even see William Berger although he doesn't seem enthused to be there. 4/10. First time viewing.

54. Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre (2015). This was a streamer. Man made explosions open up a tunnel from an ancient ocean bringing sharkasauruses to the surface. These things travel by water and land. A prison van loaded with attractive white T-shirt wearing women prisoners get caught with these prehistoric sharks. There is no nudity believe it or not. There is however Traci Lords playing a detective. Overall just slow and not funny/campy either. 4/10. First time viewing.

April 14

55. Strike Commando (1987). Watched this one on VHS. If you took the DVDs of First Blood Part 2, Missing In Action and Deadly Prey then melt them down pressing a new DVD this would be the result. Bruno Mattei gives us his one man army flick which takes no prisoners. This one will keep you laughing. 5/10. First time viewing.

April 15

56. School For Sex (1969). Watched on a DVR that was sourced from VHS. This is a British comedy where women are trained to soak rich guys for everything they got. This is one of Pete Walker's first films. A few breasts but generally a tame sex comedy. 4/10. First time viewing.

57. Mantis Combat (1978). Watched on DVD. An uneventful kung fu flick where you find yourself wondering if its going to end anytime soon. 4/10. First time viewing.

April 16

58. Barbarian Queen 2: The Empress Strikes Back (1990). Streamed this one. Very bad sequel which gets annoying after a bit. Some gratuitous breasts but that still doesn't save this one. 3/10. First time viewing.

59. Sharktopus Vs. Pteracuda (2014). Watched a DVD of this one. Roger Corman produces this sequel which blends a CGI with props. They seem to do a much better job then The Aslyum with their creature features. This one has Robert Carradine trying to control his creation the pteracuda. Conan O'Brien has a cameo where his head gets bitten off then ends up somehow going over a volleyball net a few times. 4/10. First time viewing.

60. The Bod Squad (1974). Seen on a DVR. This one was produced by Shaw Brothers (Runme Shaw) and used German actors as well as Shaw Brother actors like Hua Yuah. This was a sexploitation where a pirate ship takes the ladies and sell them to sex slavery. Pretty good actioner with breasts and butts galore. A good little blending of genres. 5/10. First time viewing.

61. Ragin' Cajun Redneck Gators (2013). Watched this on DVD. Some bad barrels of moonshine get dumped in the swamp creating mutant giant sized alligators. They have a red ring around the base of their heads hence the term redneck gators. A little twist to this one where if you get bit you become a redneck gator. Had some laughs. The end was even funnier. 4/10. First time viewing.

62. The Obscene Mirror (1973). Seen this on a DVR. This is another Jess Franco where he displays his love of jazz music. Howard Vernon has a small role at the start and Alice Arno pops up a few times. For a Franco this one is pretty good. 5/10. First time viewing.

April 17

63. The Shaolin Drunk Monkey (1985). Watched on DVD. This one was directed by the man himself Godfrey Ho. You won't find any ninjas in this one or the drunk monkey style. Still it was a good old school kung fu flick. 5/10. First time viewing.

64. House On Bare Mountain (1962). Watched on DVD. This is a Something Weird Video nudie cutie. Dated but still not too bad. 4/10. First time viewing.

65. Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance (2015). Streamed this one. This doesn't have the same feel or campiness as the first one although most of the original cast return. Mathew Karedas looks like a walking corpse as do the others. Some new cast members are Bai Ling and Joe Estevez. 4/10. First time viewing.

66. White Lotus Trio (1989). Seen on DVD. This one was more gun fu then kung fu. It stars Gordon Liu as a cop. Different role for him but he pulls it off. 4/10. First time viewing.

April 18

67. Viva (2007). Watched on DVD. This was a throwback to the sexploitation films of the seventies. Set in the seventies the vibrant colours and psychedelic music make for an awesome trip back in time. I recommend this one. 5/10. First time viewing.

68. Country Cuzzins (1970). Seen on DVD. This Something Weird Video is a good old down on the farm hillbilly T&A fest galore. Rene Bond stars in this one. 5/10. First time viewing.

April 19

69. Death Walks On High Heels (1971). Watched on DVD. This is a slick giallo with a couple of twists. Not as good as a Dario Argento one but entertaining. 6/10. First time viewing.

70. Bermuda Tentacles (2014). Watched on DVD. John Savage and Linda Hamilton show us how old they are while they fight alien tentacles and find missing ships in the Bermuda Triangle. All in a days work. 4/10. First time viewing.

April 20

71. America 3000 (1986). Watched on VHS. This is a post apocalyptic PG outing. It has its moments but more for the younger audience. 4/10. First time viewing.

72. Mantis In Lace (1968). Watched on DVD. Something Weird Video where a stripper takes LSD then chops up whoever is with her at the time. Some people can't hack those one night stands. 5/10. First time viewing.

April 21

73. Devil Fish (1984). Watched on a DVR. This one was directed by Lamberto Bava using a fake name and a fake looking octopus with a huge mouth full of fake looking teeth. Nothing happens in this one because we spend most of the time watching them watch a 1980's fish finder screen. I felt like hooking up the Commodore 64 afterwards but then the feeling went away. William Berger must have done this one as a favour to Mario Bava. 3.5/10. First time viewing.

74. Monkey With 72 Magic (1979). Watched this on DVD. This is one weird kung fu/fantasy flick. A ape man is hatched out of a rock with immortality and the ability to change form 72 times. Good luck keeping up with this one. It had a hint of Hausu (1977). Watching this one on acid would probably put it into a better perspective. 4/10. First time viewing.

April 22

75. American Tigers (1996). Streamed this one. Death row prisoners are recruited to be soldiers to go up against terrorists on a boat. Nothing much new here but you see Cynthia Rothrock play herself. She comes in to teach the prisoners some moves. Joe Estevez pops up a few times. Ogre (Donald Gibb) from Revenge Of The Nerds even lends a hand. Keeps you entertained. 5/10. First time viewing.

76. Paprika (1991). Streamed this one. This is from the king of kink Tinto Brass. The adventures and exploits of a young woman who joins different brothels are showcased in this one. Tinto always seemed to have deeper pockets so you get glossy high class smut. 5/10. First time viewing.

April 23

77. Monkey Fist (1974). Watched on DVD. Regular run of the mill kung fu. The dubbing was horrible and sometimes reverted back to the original language with no subtitles. Good thing there was lots of fighting. People don't tend to talk much when they're getting kicked in the head. 4/10. First time viewing.

78. Rise Of The Zombies (2012). Watched on Blu-ray. Danny Trejo shoots a bunch of zombies until he gets bit himself. Seemed like a long Walking Dead episode although you see a cruel cesarean section and the baby turns out to be a zombie anyways. 4/10. First time viewing.

79. Amazons (1986). Watched this on DVD. A mediocre sword and sorcery where breasts fall out every once in a while. The trees eat people as well. Not too corny but not very good either. 4/10. First time viewing.

April 24

80. 7 Grandmasters (1977). Watched on DVD. Based on Cheung Lai Chun who travels China to fight all seven provincial champions even though he is in his sixties. Kung fu doesn't get any better than this. The Pak Mei style is explored by legendary director Joseph Kou. Awesome all the way. 6/10. First time viewing.

81. The Fan (1982). Watched this on Blu-ray. Mondo Macabro does a good restoration on this one. An off the grid German thriller where a girl has a total obsession with a German Morrissey type to the point where all she does is send him letters and then waits for a response. She then decides to take off and find him in person. This one rocks. Just when you think you know how crazy she is she surprises you further. Recommend this one. 6/10. First time viewing.

82. Electra (1996). Watched on DVD. A virus that gives you superhuman strength can only be spread sexually in this very bad sci fi that can't even be saved with Shannon Tweed. Actually she makes it worse. 3/10. First time viewing.

83. Amsterdamned (1988). Watched on a DVR. This is a Dutch Giallo where the killer uses scuba gear to get around in the waters all through Amsterdam stalking his prey with a large Rambo knife. Some cool shots and a couple of twists make for a good trip to be Amsterdamned. 5/10. First time viewing.

84. Shark Killer (2015). Watched on DVD. A very bad film where a shark ends up with a large diamond inside of it. A shark hunter is hired to find the shark and get the diamond. Personally I think the diamond would have ended up in the middle of a bowel movement which would make finding it that much harder. 4/10. First time viewing.

85. Alien Seed (1989). Streamed this one. Aliens try and breed the ultimate alien inside of a human. Erik Estrada runs around with a syringe in this awful sci fi. The only aliens you see are in a couple of flashbacks. 3/10. First time viewing.

April 25

86. Curse Of The Pink Panties (2007). Streamed this one. A low budget comedy where some gangsters die in a shootout resulting in their spirits possessing ladies panties. It could happen. Budget constraints have the spirit being a mini bubble of their head with them talking on the outside of the panties. If you had to talk to the spirits you have to crouch down and talk into the bikini crotch. I'm sure the actors didn't mind. This one is absurd and major funny. You find yourself laughing out loud. Believe it or not there is no nudity in this one but the ladies always seem to be in bikinis. 5.5/10. First time viewing.

87. The Jade Hairpin Alliance (1980). Watched this on DVD. This one had a look and feel like a Shaw Brothers film. More drama then fights but not too bad. 5/10. First time viewing.

88. Zombie Shark (2015). I streamed this one. You knew they had to do a Zombie Shark eventually well here it is. Of course the military testing a tissue regenerator on sharks turns them into zombie sharks and one happens to escape. Whatever the shark bites it as well turns into a zombie even humans. The CGI is ridiculously bad in this one. Nothing really merits giving this one a watch unless you're doing a film challenge. 3/10. First time viewing.

89. Snake In The Eagle's Shadow (1978). Watched this on DVD. This was another pairing of Jackie Chan And Simon Yuen (Drunken Master). Pretty well the same formula they used in all their films but still good kung fu comedy. 6/10. First time viewing.

April 26

90. Zeder (1983). Watched on DVR. This one was marketed as a zombie film under the title Revenge Of The Dead when it was more like a mystery kind of like Pet Sematary. I wonder if Stephen King ripped this plot? Pupi Avati does an awesome job with this one relying on story instead of gore. 5.5/10. First time viewing.

91. Water Wars (2014). Streamed this one. This is a post apocalyptic where water is worth more than gold and Michael Madsen controls the water supply. This was Cirio H. Santiago's last film as he died before being completed. Roger Corman produced so the show had to go on. It gets a little funny after the 35 minute mark. They put inserts from his other films to plug up the holes. There is a five minute scene from Wheels Of Fire just added in because we will never notice. The music chosen for the score just makes the film that much worse. Avoid this one. 3/10. First time viewing.

April 27

92. Killer Fish (1979). Watched on DVD. Some diamonds are lifted and then tossed into piranha infested waters. The fun begins once they go to retrieve them. This was shot by Antonio Margheriti so its in Italian even though Lee Majors and Karen Black star. No gore in this one as he leaves most of it to your imagination. There is some cool underwater shots with the fish swimming by or nibbling on some flesh. 4/10. First time viewing.

93. Against Rascals With Kung Fu (1979). Watched on DVD. This was a pretty bad kung fu flick. Boring mostly even with Simon Yuen in it. 4/10. First time viewing.

April 28

94. Death Ship (1980). Watched on DVR. A handful of survivors from a sunken cruise ship end up on an empty boat. This happens to be a German ship that has been on the same course for forty years controlled by unseen forces. George Kennedy plays the captain of the cruise ship. 5/10. First time viewing.

95. Violent Shit: The Movie (2015). Streamed this one. A remake with a much bigger budget and Goblin doing the soundtrack. All the action happens in ten minutes leaving the rest all filler. Not too bad gore but it seemed to lack everything else. 3/10. First time viewing.

96. Curse Of The Swamp Creature (1966). Streamed this one. This is by far one of the worst films I've seen in a long time. The creature looks like a cheap Dagon type that graces the screen for three minutes. Seems like a Something Weird Video with no nudity. 2/10. First time viewing.

97. Death Run (1987). I streamed this one. This is a British post apocalyptic where a couple are frozen just before the nuclear war and then wake up 25 years later to a very different world. Its not bad but a lot of things weren't thought about. Why would the ladies dress and look like the 80's when its around 2012 maybe even later and they weren't frozen. I also like the canned Coke they were enjoying that was there for them when they woke up. I never had 25 year old Coke but they didn't complain. I did like the pulsating tumours on the mutants. Watchable. 5/10. First time viewing.

April 29

98. Private Obsession (1995). I streamed it. An obsessed man kidnaps a famous model and slaps her into a specially made room in his basement. Shannon Whirry plays the model and an aged Bo Svenson struggles to be the private detective hired to find her. You've seen this plot a million times but Shannon keeps you occupied while you're watching the film. 5/10. First time viewing.

99. Horse Boxing Killer (1979). Watched on DVD. This one looks like it stars Simon Yuen but he is only in it for a little bit doing his drunken master thing. It still has tons of fights and lots of training. 5/10. First time viewing.

100. Vampire Chicks With Chainsaws (2006). I streamed this one. When aliens came to earth they bred with humans which in turn resulted in vampire offspring. With a title like this you think it would be campy but it takes a more serious approach. Not bad for a low budget. 5/10. First time viewing.

April 30

101. Ghetto Freaks (1970). Watched this on DVD. We follow the trials and tribulations of a group of hippies in this grindhouse/musical from Something Weird Video. Not bad with several dancing on LSD numbers. 5/10. First time viewing.

102. Return Of The Leg Fighter (1976). Watched this on DVD. This average martial art flick is only worth watching to see Lo Lieh. The guy they chose to do the English dub for Lo Lieh had a German accent. 4/10. First time viewing.

103. Beat Girl (1960). Watched on DVR. This one had Christopher Lee running a strip club where an underage beatnik girl wants to strip there. Seemed like a big budget Something Weird Video. 5/10. First time viewing.

104. The Deadliest Prey (2013). Streamed this one. This is a sequel to Deadly Prey which has Ted Prior reprising his role. Doesn't have the camp feel of the original but does have a cool death scene at the end. 4/10. First time viewing.

105. Lust Of The Dead (2012). Watched this on DVD. This is a Japanese film where a virus turns all men into rape zombies when they become horny. Their lower brains are the only way you can kill these zombies. 4/10. First time viewing.


Thanks everyone I had lots of fun and got exposed to some other crazy titles. Hope to jump in again next year.

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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016


Goals for the Challenge
1) 30 films
2) to have fun
3) watch in multiple formats

Last year's stats: 43 total films
Movies are graded on a scale of 1 to 10. Grades are more applied to entertainment value than for artistic merit.
T&A denotes tits and ass. The film features nudity to some degree.
I will indicate whether it's MILD (standard T&A; boobs & butt shots), HOT (softcore sex, copious T&A, full frontal), or X-TRA SPICY (hardcore and lots of sexy stuff)
I'll indicate if something is a REPEAT VIEWING and I'll review COMMENTARY tracks if I listen to any.

March 31

01. The Seductress (Bob Chinn, 1981) X-TRA SPICY T&A Exploitation.tv
The film exploits a real life tragedy in a little twist during the finale as we get news footage from the Las Vegas Hilton arson fire of 1981. Who says you can't learn a little history from a porn flick? Actually, I find them a great resource, especially in terms of showcasing bygone locations of a cooler era. This one is kind of dark and dreary, but that contributes to its porn noir aspirations. There are some great boobs on display and some sexy lingerie, too. Lisa De Leeuw was the star of the first adult film I saw in a cinema and she's got all my fetishes wrapped up including freckles, pale skin, mammoth mams, and fiery red hair down there. 5.2/10

April 1

02. Tasty (Bud Lee, 1985) X-TRA SPICY T&A Exploitation.tv
MTV and WKRP are the influences for this smutty radio station sex comedy. Sexy ladies of the eighties get totally raunchy, but somehow it still feels like innocent fun. There's even a pretty good video parody of Pat Benatar's "Hit Me with Your Best Shot". But screwing on stacks of 8-Tracks seems crazy dated for 1985. 5.6/10

03. Hurricane Smith (Colin Budds, 1992) MILD T&A Pass the Popcorn
It's Blaxploitation meets Ozploitation in this overlooked action sleeper that sees Carl Weathers battling underworld pimps and drug smugglers in the land down under. 6.5/10

April 2

04. The Bees (Alfredo Zacharias, 1978) NO T&A Blu-ray
You want B-movie, this is bee movie! Ridiculous killer bees that try to communicate with the evil humans who are threatening the environment. This would make a great double-bill with M. Night's The Happening. 5.4/10

April 3

05. Body Slam (Hal Needham, 1986) NO T&A Pass the Popcorn
I was excited to see this because I'm a big fan of Hal Needham and Dirk Benedict and decided that a wrestling film was in order before I watched Wrestlemania 32. Sadly, the coolest thing was a reference to Captain Chaos from The Cannonball Run. Tanya Roberts is hot, but no fun with her clothes one. 2.2/10

April 4

06. Pretty Peaches 2 (Alex DeRenzy, 1987) X-TRA SPICY T&A Exploitation.tv
Tracey Adams is a porn goddess. She's a MILF before that was a thing. Her best scene is the hostile seduction of her daughter's suitor, a young Peter North, who she finds standing blue-balled behind a curtain peeping at her. She forces him to strip at knifepoint while she verbally degrades him in a scene probably influenced by a similar moment in David Lynch's Blue Velvet, which came out a year earlier. The sex scenes are all pretty short and inspired in the beginning, but they get outright silly when Ron Jeremy gets involved. DeRenzy has great taste in sex scenarios and this is a decent sex romp from the popular porn artist. 6.9/10

April 9

07. I Am Bruce Lee (Pete McCormack, 2012) NO T&A Hollywood Suite
A dry and disingenuous posthumous puff-piece which is what you'll get when it's a family estate production. The talking heads are ceaselessly in awe of Lee while the filmmakers gloss over critical questioning and just promote the simple legend. 3.4/10

08. Tokyo Strangler (Yutaka Ikejima, 2006) HOT T&A Exploitation.tv
Think Pink. This new wave of Japanese exploitation is heavy on sex crimes and the psychology behind them, which makes for exciting exploitative fare. This strangulation sequences are inspired by Hitchcock's necktie murderer in Frenzy. 6.7/10

April 10

09. God's Not Dead 2 (Harold Cronk, 2016) NO T&A Cineplex Charlottetown
So there was no post-credit sequence in Batman v Superman, but we get one in God's Not Dead 2? While it's hip to persecute the wave of Christian propaganda films that have been infiltrating the multiplexes, I've had fun with the ones I've seen. Ray Wise didn't get much chance to demonstrate Leland Palmer's legal prowess on Twin Peaks, so it's a hoot to see him practice his snaky charms in a courtroom setting. The Goldberg's Hayley Orrantia is the student who might have been wrongly swayed to the Christian faith by her teacher. I got to say, this girl's got a sexy, generous caboose that made me want to text "God's Not Dead" to every other ass man on the planet. 6.3/10

April 16

10. Party Line (William Webb, 1988) MILD T&A YouTube
Brilliant eighties exploitation has it all in terms of sleazy scenarios, including a murdering brother and sister team. It's an American flick, but giallo fans will appreciate the film's straight razor kills, clumsy police procedural tropes, and overall sleaze. The fad of sex hotlines always made for juicy stuff in the VHS era. Dial this one up and have yourself a good time. 8.2/10

11. The Hyena (Joe D'Amato, 1997) HOT T&A YouTube
A drop dead gorgeous European supermodel named Emy is held hostage and raped, and she quickly learns to like it. Before the home invasion, Emy amuses herself by dressing up in lingerie, grabbing a cocktail and watching Anthropophagus on the couch by herself. She is a true CG fantasy as played by hottie Cinzia Roccaforte, a graduate of the Tinto Brass school of talent; she pouts and bitches whenever she's not getting naked and fucked. It's a softcore Joe D'Amato joint from the nineties, so there's lots to love. 8.6/10

April 17

12. Blowback (Mark L. Lester, 2000) MILD T&A Cinemageddon
James Remar is devilishly fun as a born again death row victim. Crazy good time for the whole family with nail gun crucifixions, mulitple throat slashings, and hot women posed naked on crosses. All this from the director of Arnie's Commando. Mario van Peebles is a detective who dresses like Seal and has conveniently memorized the Bible. It's basically an exploitation version of Se7en that amps up the action and passes on the redemption. 8.4/10

April 18

13. Sweet 16 (Jim Sotos, 1983) MILD T&A The Horror Charnel
This is an overlooked gem with a smoky southern flavoring. The rural Texas setting is utilized well and there are some racially charged scenes when local Indians become slasher suspects. Dana Kimmel plays Bo Hopkins suspicious daughter, and was the final girl from Friday the 13th Part III which this reminded me of; especially the scenes around a lake where the desirable young nymph Mellissa (comely Aleisha Shirley who is definitely not sixteen) goes for a naked night swim, despite the threat of a killer on the loose. It's always nice to see another early eighties slasher that I've been putting off. 7.8/10

April 19

14. Lust for Freedom (Eric Louzil, 1987) HOT T&A Exploitation.tv
A tawdry Troma trashfest that doesn't get too out there, and wisely sticks to the best tropes of the women-in-prison flick. These sexy inmates might not brush their teeth, but they keep their bushes nicely trimmed. 8.5/10

April 21

15. Highway to Hell (Ate de Jong, 1992) NO T&A Kickass Torrents
From the director of Drop Dead Fred and the writer of L.A. Confidential comes an odd mix of horror and comedy. If you're to buy into this flick's conception of hell, it should be a long time before there's no room down there and the dead will walk the Earth. Hell is basically a mostly barren post-apocalyptic Nevada desert with some really badass road stops along the way. High energy goofball entertainment with some decent action and multiple bad puns about the Devil's playground. 7.3/10

April 22

16. Destroyer (Robert Kirk, 1988) MILD T&A Blu-ray
I'm amazed that this came before Wes Craven's Shocker. There must have been a real fear that the death penalty wasn't going to be foolproof. A fun genre mash-up with Anthony Perkins hamming it up as an abusive film director that might have been inspired by Michael Winner. The movie-within-the-movie is a classless WIP sleazefest, and Perkins gets final cut of his shower scene. 7.9/10

17. Miracle Beach (Skott Snider, 1992) HOT T&A Blu-ray
A dumb eighties sex comedy that has decent T&A on its side. Oscar nominee Pat Morita really phones in his small role. Dean Cameron has the most prominent fucking eyebrows I've ever seen and the guy is truly a product of his time. Ami Dolenz and Monique Gabrielle are bloody teases, and they leave the copious nudity to the stunt tits. This director has a real eye for the male voyeur; he ended up shooting some vids for Playboy. 5.7/10

18. Hexed (Alan Spencer, 1993) MILD T&A DVD
And I go from Dean Cameron to Arye Gross. I don't even know if that's up or down, and I don't care. Part of a small wave of thriller parodies from the nineties that I've kind of ignored before now. This one clearly inspired by both Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct. I enjoyed it enough to put the others on my to-watch list. 6.2/10

April 30

19. Dangerous Men (John S. Rad, 2005) MILD T&A Pass the Popcorn
And to close off this year's challenge, here is my first time viewing of nother recent midnight cult sensation to rival The Room and Birdemic. I found it more entertaining than both. John Rad puts on a one-man show as the creator of this exploitation oddity, that is basically a rape/murder revenge flick at its core. Rad's is the only name to appear in the main titles, and it's there several times. He even does the flick's bizarrely hypnotic score. Get ready for bikers, babes, and ball-breaking. The turd that took 26 years to polish is finally in HD. 5.4/10


If a category is listed as "Optional", it does not need to be
filled to "complete" the checklist. There are 10 free spots you may apply to non-Optional categories.
As with other checklists, titles can count for multiple categories.

Some of these categories are so obscure we're giving 10 free spots of your choosing to fill in the list.

Watch one film from every decade of film history.
* 1890 - (insert film title here)(Optional)
* 1900 -(optional)
* 1910 -(optional)
* 1920 -(optional)
* 1930 -
* 1940 -
* 1950 -
* 1960 -
* 1970 -
* 1980 - Tasty
* 1990 - Hurricane Smith
* 2000 -
* 2010 -
Watch a film for each rating:
* G - (optional)
* PG -
* PG-13 - (optional)
* R -
* X (or NC-17) - Tasty
* Unrated (post-MPAA 1968) -

Watch films in at least three formats (DVD, BD, HD DVD, Laserdisc, TV, online, Streaming Netflix type, UMD, theater, iPod, VHS-sourced{VHS transferred to DVD-+R is fine}).
* First format, (streaming), (Tasty).
* Second format, (blu-ray), (The Bees).
* Third format, (insert format), (insert title).

Watch a film in an actual Drive-in. (optional) (insert title)

Watch a film in the following genres:
A Token Science Fiction B-Movie: The Bees
A Token Horror B-Movie:
Italian (or European) films of the following Genres:
* Eurospy (James Bond ripoffs)
* Giallo
* Sword & Sandal
* Spaghetti Western
* Cannibal Film
* Mafia/Gangster Film
Martial Arts film:
* Bruce Lee-sploitation (Starring any variation on Bruce Li, Le, etc.)
* Hong Kong (or other Asian) film
* American film
* Any "Ninja" film
* Bonus* Actual Bruce Lee film
Asian Action Film
Biker Film
Stoner Film
Carsploitation Film
* Any type
* Nudie Cutie
* Roughie
* 70s Porn
* Emmanuelle Film
* Teen Sex Comedy
Rape/Revenge Film
Vigilante Film
Women in Prison
Eschploitation (religious end times, or general religious exploitation)
Roadshow Exploitation/30s-40s "Cautionary" films
"Hood" Film ("Gangsta")
Hollywood Gangster film (Film Noir era)
Juvenile Delinquent Film
60s Beach Movie
Film starring Musical Group or Music Star (that did not become a legit actor)
* *Bonus* Elvis film
Mexican Wrestling Film
Foreign "Ripoff" film (such as Turkish cinema)
Bollywood Film (actual, not a Hollywood pastiche)
Eco-Terror Film
Pre-90s Post-Apocalyptic film
"Mondo" Film
Documentary ABOUT B-Movies/Exploitation/Drive-ins or those involved in their production
Video Nasty
* Lifetime Channel Movie
Bad Sequel to a "Well regarded film"
Critical Bomb (Less than 20% Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic or IMDB Bottom 100 {Bottom 100 archive})
Financial Bomb
Razzie Winner or Nominee
MST3K/RiffTrax (or Cinematic Titanic) version of a film

Watch 10 films starring anyone from the actors safe list.
* 1 John Saxon, The Bees
* 2
* 3
* 4
* 5
* 6
* 7
* 8
* 9
* 10

Watch 10 films Directed/Produced by anyone from the directors/producers safe list.
* 1
* 2
* 3
* 4
* 5
* 6
* 7
* 8
* 9
* 10
Watch 5 films from those in the Studio/Distributor safe list.
* 1
* 2
* 3
* 4
* 5


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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

First-Time Viewing: 45 | Blu-Ray: 1 | DVD: 4 | TV: 17 | Streaming: 7

April 1
1. 12 to the Moon. (1959)-DVD. Fairly dull sci-fi film.
2. Staying Alive (1983)-TV. One of the worst reviewed movies ever that became a box office success. Staying Alive has an amazing 0% at Rotten Tomatoes.

April 2
3. The Skull (1965)-Streaming. The skull of the Marquis de Sade exerts evil from beyond the grave.

April 3
4. House of Horrors (1946)-TV. Poor Rondo Hatton.
5. Abar (1977)-TV. Black Lives Matter in the 70s.

April 5
6. Gravy (2015)-TV. Not scary enough to be horror, not funny enough to be a comedy.

April 7
7. Walking Tall (1973)-TV. Joe Don Baker's career high.
8. Willie Dynamite (1974)-Streaming. A relatively unknown blaxploitation flick whose writing and acting are cut above the norm.

April 8
9. Gog (1954)-TV. Evil enemy airplane infiltrates a secret US base and creates cybernetic havoc. Cool idea, pedestrian execution. Richard Egan in a form-fitting flightsuit, yowza.

April 9
10. Motel Hell (1980)-TV. Not as funny or subversive as it appeared 36 years ago, but the chainsaw fight is awesome.

April 11
11. Voodoo Island (1957)-TV. Cheesy Karloff programmer. Hotel developers investigate a mysterious island.

April 13
12. Queen of Blood (1965)-TV. John Saxon can make any movie watchable.

April 15
13. Cobra (1986)-TV. Pure 80s action.
14. Village of the Giants (1965)-TV. Best part of the film is the giant teens having a toga party
15. The Secret of Dr. Kildare (1939)-TV. Lew Ayres is an amiable actor, but not exactly a B-picture leading man.
16. Shock (1946)-DVD. OK noir programmer featuring Vincent Price as a psychiatrist with murder on his mind.
17. Cotton Comes to Harlem (1970)-DVD. IMO one of the best blaxploitation films of the early 70s--great cast including Redd Foxx and the title number is hilarious.

April 16
18. What's Up, Tiger Lily? (1966)-Streaming. Woody Allen's script over a Japanese spy film is pure gold.

April 22
19. Purple Rain (1984)-Blu-Ray. The movie is mediocre but Prince is incandescent. 2016 has taken so many greats.Losing Bowie and Prince in the same year is just wrong.

April 24
20. Murders in the Zoo (1933)-TV. A lurid little pre-Code shocker about an evil big game hunter who uses zoo animals to kill his enemies.
21. Project X (1967)-TV. It's the 22nd century, yet there is still a Cold War between the East and the West (AKA future America) Scientists probe the mind of a spy to discover a secret that could wipe out their side
22. Predator 2 (1990)-DVD. A less successful sequel, but still well worth watching.

April 25
23. Convict's Code(1939)-Streaming A former college football star who was wrongfully convicted of bank robbery gets paroled and unknown to him is put to work for the men who framed him for the crime. Pretty good for a Poverty Row B-movie.
24. Police Rookie (1940)-Streaming A young man joins the police force to continue an investigation into corruption that got his father killed. Too talky, not enough action.

April 26
25. Cannonball Run II(1984)-Streaming
More fun than it should be with an all-star list of C-list actors.
26. Rock, Rock, Rock! (1956)-TV. Despite the name, the acts here are mostly doo-wop and R&B, tied together by a thin story about a girl trying to buy a prom dress.
27. Cyborg Cop II (1994)-TV. The title is misleading, the cop is fighting an evil cyborg, not one himself.

April 27
28. Meet the Spartans(2008)-TV. God, this movie is wretched. Despite the hot guys in leather briefs, this is just a miscellany of badly dated and inane pop references.
29. Sex Kittens Go to College(1960)-TV. The title promises more than the movie delivers. It's a harmless farce about a stripper being mistaken for a professor at a small college. Hilarity (somewhat) ensues.

April 28
30. Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum(1940)-Streaming. A complex plot helps Chan figure out an old crime and uncover a disguised murderer.
31. Charlie Chan in Egypt(1935)-Streaming. Oh, lord, Stepin Fetchit!

April 30
32. Hellbound(1993)-TV. Chuck Norris fights a demon who is trying to end the world. Chuck is showing his age because he barely fights in this one, just getting in a few roundhouse kicks at the very end.
33. The Car(1977)-TV. The Car is mildly interesting, but there just aren't many scares from a Satanic Lincoln Mark V.
34. God Told Me To(1976)-TV. Like most Larry Cohen scripts, the film contains an interesting idea but the execution is lacking. How does a glowing alien-human hybrid hide for 40 years? Why is he making his victims kill?
35. It Lives Again(1978)-TV. This movie was so tedious it was a real struggle to stay up til the end.

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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Movie Challenge

*= first time viewing
blue= personal BluRay
black= personal DVD
green= streaming
orange= theatrical presentation
purple= borrowed or rented BD/DVD

April 1st
1. If Footmen Tire You What Will Horses Do? (Ron Ormond, 1971 / United States / YouTube)*
--- "I'm a lover, not a Christian." Rev. Estus W. Pirkle doesn't pull any punches when recounting the evils of murderous Communists who are poised to take over the United States and massacre good capitalistic Christians. Now I'm scared of Communists. They smear the people of Mississippi with ketchup and decapitate children in wigs. They also kill the President, Secretary of State, Speaker of the House, and selected governors. (I'm guessing the governors of New York and California were spared.)
2. Invasion U.S.A. (Alfred E. Green, 1952 / United States / YouTube)
--- "Extra! Paper! U.S.A. invaded! Read all about it!" Those wily Communists are at it again! They invade the United States and oppress the population. And the labor unions were in on it! Five people in a bar are apathetic about doing their part for the war effort, and this leads to their spectacular deaths. (No word yet on Mississippian Christians.) I watched this for the last sci-fi challenge and loved it. I'm a sucker for these types of "what-if" scenarios.

April 2nd
3. The 27th Day (William Asher, 1957 / United States)
--- "You gave up your rights when you threw your capsule into the ocean!" Five people are abducted by aliens and given the ultimate weapons. The aliens believe humanity will kill itself, leaving Earth for the aliens to inhabit. I watched this years ago on TCM, and it stayed with me for a long time. It's a nice piece of moralizing 50s sci-fi. Unlike the last two films, this one makes sure to say that some Communists are actually nice people.
4. The Night the World Exploded (Fred F. Sears, 1957 / United States)*
--- "I may be a scientist, but I'm also a woman." A group of scientists devise a system to predict earthquakes just in time to find out the world is about to end. (Lucky!) This was a fairly standard humanity vs. nature flick, with the protagonists slowly learning the problem and the solution then jetting from set piece to set piece. It was also the second film I've seen for the challenge to use stock footage of floods.
5. Sergeant Dead Head (Norman Taurog, 1965 / United States / AmazonPrime)*
--- It's the FUNNIEST Collection of NUTS Ever Assembled on a LAUNCHING PAD! O. K. Deadhead is a goofy sergeant who accidentally gets launched into space and changes personality. The film transplants many of the Beach movie regulars to a military base without much success. There are some fun moments (mostly due to Fred Clark and Eve Arden), but mostly it's boring and slight.

April 3rd
6. The H-Man (Bijo to ekitai ningen) (Ishirô Honda, 1958 / Japan / Columbia English dub)*
--- ALL H- BREAKS LOOSE! A mucus creature stumbling into a gangster vs. cops movie and starts melting people. At first, the police believe people are just disappearing, and all hope hinges on a young scientist setting everyone straight. Honda directed and I noticed that some of the buildup mirrored Godzilla. The monster first attacks boats and later retreats into the water. Moral: Don't use h-bombs!

April 5th
7. Premature Burial (Roger Corman, 1962 / United States / AmazonPrime)*
--- Within the Coffin Lies a Man...Yet ALIVE! Ray Milland plays a man who is afraid of being buried alive, and his fear is driving me to the brink of sanity. Hazel Court plays his new bride puzzled and horrified by her husband's obsession. Corman delivers a Poe adaptation that is both campy and macabre.
8. The Five Deadly Venoms (Wŭ Dú) (Cheh Chang, 1978 / Hong Kong / Netflix Instant)*
--- Pick Your Poison! A dying master sends his young pupil to checkup on his five former pupils, the five venoms of the Poison Clan. Some of them may have turned to evil. Since two of them massacre an entire family, he's probably onto something. The martial arts action is amazing, and I developed a crush on Pai Wei (The Snake).

April 6th
9. Marihuana (Dwain Esper, 1936 / United States / AmazonPrime)*
--- Weird orgies! Wild parties! Unleashed passions! Gaggles of teenagers are hooked on booze and breaking curfew. Then some Europeans get them hooked on reefer. Being so busy with my Bible, I've never had a puff or a drink. Gee willikers, I dodged a life of illegitimate kids, bitterness, and dying young!
10. 12 to the Moon (David Bradley, 1960 / United States)*
--- Ride the Excitement Orbit to the Moon with the First Space Explorers! A group of scientists go to the moon and find quicksand and pissy aliens. Like the Internet, the aliens are intrigued by cats, shun face-to-face communication, and are huge dickheads. It's the silliest of schlock.
11. Valley of the Dragons (Edward Bernds, 1961 / United States)*
--- They go a million years back in time ... and land a million miles out in space! A dueling duo are transported via space/time anomaly to the moon. Once there, they have to set aside their differences to survive a host of puppets, cosplaying animals, and horrifying neanderthals. Will they find love with among two dueling tribes? Yes, yes they will.

April 7th
12. Battle in Outer Space (Uchû daisensô) (Ishirô Honda, 1959 / Japan / U.S. 90 minute cut / Columbia English dub)*
--- SPACE DECLARES WAR ON EARTH - OUTLAW PLANET CAPTURES THE MOON! After aggressive aliens blow up a manned space station and establish a base on the moon, Earth sends a team of intrepid scientists and soldiers to negotiate/attack. The aliens also attack Earth city miniatures. There is some impressive miniature destruction on display.

April 8th
13. Voodoo Island (Reginald Le Borg, 1957 / United States / YouTube)*
--- SEE! Men Turned Into Zombies! SEE! Woman-Eating Cobra Plants! SEE! Strange Voodoo Rituals! SEE! The Bridge Of Death! Boris Karloff leads an expedition to investigate a mysterious island. They find a litany of supernatural elements. There is a coded-lesbian character that I quite enjoyed. It's only worth watching for that and Karloff.

April 9th
14. The Red House (Delmer Daves, 1947 / United States)*
--- You Dare Not Even Guess The Strange Love Story of 'The Red House' This was utter insanity! Edward G. Robinson plays a one-legged man who lives with his sister and a teenaged girl they adopted. When a guy the girl has a crush on starts working evenings, he starts poking around the forest. There's just too much going on here to summarize. It's kinda amazing!
15. Taxi zum Klo (Frank Ripploh, 1980 / Germany / Netflix Instant)*
--- The film follows a school teacher as he experiences a lot of sexual encounters in the underground gay scene. The film was a bit of an art house sensation and includes many explicit scenes. It may be the only non-porn, non-medical film to feature a closeup of a rectal exam. There are also some sweet mustaches.
16. The Swarm (Irwin Allen, 1978 / United States)*
--- Monsters by the millions - and they're all for real! The bees! The bees! Michael Caine plays a scientist who is certain insects will at some point rise up and kill humanity. Spoiler: he's right! He'll have to contend with the murderous bees as well as the radically skeptical military men and a host of stereotypes ripe for bee-death.

April 10th
17. Batman: The Movie (Leslie H. Martinson, 1966 / United States / AmazonPrime)*
--- MEN DIE! WOMEN SIGH! Beneath that Batcape - he's all man! What kitschy fun! Batman and Robin must foil a rogue's gallery team-up as they attempt to kidnap members of the United Nations. Lee Meriwether's Catwoman is the standout for me as she hams it up in every scene. The film is so much different than the gritty, self-serious fare of today's superhero scene.

April 12th
18. Dick Tracy Returns (1938 / United States)*
--- 6. "Stolen Secrets" / 7. "Tower of Death" / 8. "Cargo of Destruction" / 9. "The Clock of Doom"
--- Dick Tracy must foil the Stark gang as they attempt to smuggle stolen government planes to a foreign power. During a recap episode, he must survive and assassination attempt. Favorite cliffhanger: a truck supposedly carrying Tracy and Junior explodes, destroying a dam.
19. Night Vision (Gil Bettman, 1997 / United States / AmazonPrime)*
--- "Don't mess with a hard-on, Mike." An recovering-alcoholic, demoted-to-beat-cop former detective crosses paths with a mob-funded serial killer and pairs up with a slightly-disgraced woman-cop to take him down. There are lots and lots of tropes on display here, and the movie doesn't make much logical sense.

April 13th
20. Superman III (Richard Lester, 1983 / United States)
--- Superman vs. the king of computerized crime! Supes goes up against a bumbling computer programmer and a power-hungry businessman who are using computers to control the weather and all boats. It's not very good. It's a mess of a film with weird tonal shifts and plot holes galore.
21. The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (Don Weis, 1966 / United States / AmazonPrime)*
--- When a pretty ghoul trades in her bed sheet for a bikini! Assisted by the ghost of a circus performer, a dead Boris Karloff tries to foil an evil lawyer so his heirs can get their inheritance. The Beach movies were ramping down, and everyone included here seems unduly groggy.

April 17th
22. The Legend of Hell House (John Hough, 1973 / United Kingdom / AmazonPrime)*
--- For the sake of your sanity, pray it isn't true!

April 21st
23. Wildcard #1: Mad Max: Fury Road (George Miller, 2015 / Australia)
--- The future belongs to the mad.

April 25th
24. Dick Tracy Returns (1938 / United States)*
--- 10. "High Voltage" / 11. "The Kidnapped Witness" / 12. "The Runaway Torpedo"
--- 13. "Passengers to Doom" / 14. "In the Hands of the Enemy" / 15. "G-Men Drag-Net"

April 27th
25. Homicidal (William Castle, 1961 / United States)*
--- A WORD OF WARNING! Please don't reveal the ending of this picture or your friends will kill you - IF THEY DON'T, I WILL! - William Castle
26. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (Sidney J. Furie, 1987 / United States)*
--- Nuclear Power. In the best hands, it is dangerous. In the hands of Lex Luthor, it is pure evil. This is Superman's greatest battle. And it is for all of us. Even the tagline is clunky and terrible.

April 30th
27. The Old Dark House (James Whale, 1932 / United States)
--- Beware the night!

Watch one film from every decade of film history
--- 1890 - (optional)
--- 1900 - (optional)
--- 1910 - (optional)
--- 1920 - (optional)
-X- 1930: The Old Dark House (1932)
-X- 1940: The Red House (1947)
-X- 1950: The 27th Day (1957)
-X- 1960: Valley of the Dragons (1961)
--- 1970
--- 1980
--- 1990
--- 2000
-X- 2010: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Watch a film for each rating
--- G
--- PG
--- PG-13 - (optional)
--- R
--- X (or NC-17)
--- Unrated (post-MPAA 1968)

Watch films in at least three formats
--- 1
--- 2
--- 3

Watch a film in an actual Drive-in - (optional)

Watch a film in the following genres
-X- Token Science Fiction B-Movie: 12 to the Moon (1960)
--- Token Horror B-Movie
--- Asian Action film
--- Biker film
--- Stoner film
--- Carsploitation film
--- Blaxploitation film
--- Nunsploitation film
--- Shocksploitation film
--- Rape/Revenge film
--- Vigilante film
--- Women in Prison
--- Nazisploitation film
-X- Eschploitation film: If Footmen Tire You What Will Horses Do? (1971)
--- Hixploitation/Moonshiners film
-X- Roadshow exploitation/30s-40s "Cautionary" film: Marihuana (1936)
--- "Hood" Film
--- Hollywood Gangster film
--- Juvenile Delinquent film
-X- 60s Beach movie: The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (1966)
--- Film starring Musical Group or Music Star (that did not become a legit actor)
--- Elvis film
--- Ozploitation film
--- Mexican Wrestling film
--- Foreign "Ripoff" film
--- Bollywood film
-X- Eco-Terror film: The Swarm (1978)
--- Pre-90s Post-Apocalyptic film
--- "Mondo" film
--- Documentary
--- Video Nasty
--- TV-Movie
--- Lifetime Channel Movie
-X- Bad Sequel to a Well-regarded film: Superman III (1983)
-X- Critical Bomb: Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)
--- Financial Bomb
--- Razzie Winner or Nominee
--- MST3K/RiffTrax/Cinematic Titanic

Italian (or European) films
--- Eurospy (James Bond ripoffs)
--- Giallo
--- Sword & Sandal
--- Spaghetti Western
--- Cannibal film
--- Mafia/Gangster film

Martial Arts film
--- Bruce Lee-sploitation (Starring any variation on Bruce Li, Le, etc.)
--- Hong Kong (or other Asian) film
--- American film
--- "Ninja" film
--- Actual Bruce Lee film

-X- Any type: Taxi zum Klo (1980)
--- Nudie Cutie
--- Roughie
--- 70s Porn
--- Emmanuelle film
--- Teen Sex Comedy

Watch 10 films starring anyone from the safe list
-X- Harvey Lembeck: Sergeant Dead Head (1965)
-X- Boris Karloff: Voodoo Island (1957)
-X- Adam West: Batman: The Movie (1966)
-X- Cynthia Rothrock: Night Vision (1997)
-X- Roddy McDowall: The Legend of Hell House (1973)
--- 6
--- 7
--- 8
--- 9
--- 10

Watch 10 films Directed/Produced by anyone from the safe list
-X- Fred F. Sears (director): The Night the World Exploded (1957)
-X- Ishirô Honda (director): The H-Man (1958)
-X- Roger Corman (director/producer): Premature Burial (1962)
-X- Shaw Brothers (producers): The Five Deadly Venoms (1978)
-X- William Castle (director/producer): Homicidal (1961)
--- 6
--- 7
--- 8
--- 9
--- 10

Watch 5 films from those in the Studio/Distributor safe list
-X- Synapse (distributor): Invasion U.S.A. (1952)
-X- Mill Creek Entertainment (distributor): Battle in Outer Space (1959)
-X- VCI (distributor): Dick Tracy Returns (1938) - 10 episodes
--- 4
--- 5

List Finalized
--- FTVs: 22
--- Total: 27

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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

The 7th Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge
Goal One: Watch 100 Films
Goal Two: Watch ten films from the 1001 List (1/10)
Goal Three: Watch all Curly/Shemp Three Stooges shorts (108/174)
**COMPLETED** Goal Four: Watch the complete Oland/Toler Charlie Chan filmography **COMPLETED**
Movies marked with a * are first time viewings (10)
Time Viewed: 6042 minutes


*1 Glen or Glenda (1953) A psychiatrist tells two stories: one of a transvestite (Glen or Glenda), the other of a pseudohermaphrodite (Alan or Anne). 65 minutes.
2 Charlie Chan in the Secret Service (1944) Charlie Chan is an agent of the U.S. government assigned to investigate the mysterious death of an inventor. 63 minutes.
3 Dangerous Money (1946) Charlie Chan takes on a counterfeiting ring in the South Pacific after a treasury agent is murdered. 66 minutes.
4 Charlie Chan on Broadway (1937) Returning from European exile where she avoided testifying against her criminal associates, a former singer with a tell-all diary is murdered to ensure her silence. 68 minutes.
5 Dark Alibi (1946) A public defender enlists Charlie Chan to exonerate one of his clients, an ex-con falsely accused of bank robbery and murder, scheduled for execution in nine days. 61 minutes.
6 Soup to Nuts (1930) Salesman Ted and his fireman buddies Moe, Larry and Shemp try to save the Schmidt Costume Shop from bankruptcy by throwing a huge party and renting out costumes. 70 minutes.
7 Rockin' in the Rockies (1945) While filling in as ranch foreman at his cousin's struggling Nevada spread, prospector Moe hooks up with vagrants Larry and Curly after they win big at roulette. 63 minutes.
8 Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise (1940) Charlie tries to discover the identity of a strangler who strikes multiple times on a cruise ship bound from Honolulu to California. 76 minutes.
9 Three Hams on Rye (1950) The Stooges are stage hands who also have small parts in a big play.
Studio Stoops (1950) The Stooges are hired by a movie studio as publicity men.
Slaphappy Sleuths (1950) The Stooges are investigators for the Onion Oil company.
A Snitch in Time (1950) The Stooges are carpenters who are re-staining some furniture they've delivered to a boarding house. 60 minutes.


*10 Xanadu (1980) Struggling artist Sonny meets a mysterious beauty who encourages him to team up with old-fashioned Danny McGuire to build a roller-skating disco. 96 minutes.
11 Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo (1937) Charlie and Number One Son Lee become caught up in a murderous feud between rival financiers. 72 minutes.
12 Three Arabian Nuts (1951) The Stooges are delivering some Arabian antiques, which include a magic lamp complete with genie.
Baby Sitters Jitters (1951) The Stooges are facing eviction and decide to raise some money by becoming babysitters.
Don't Throw That Knife (1951) The Stooges become census takers and wind up in the apartment of a lady whose husband is both jealous and a knife thrower.
Scrambled Brains (1951) Shemp is a sick man, suffering from hallucinations. 60 minutes.
13 Merry Mavericks (1951) The Stooges are guarding some money in an old house reputed to be haunted by the ghost of an Indian Chief.
The Tooth Will Out (1951) The Stooges graduate from dental school and go out west to open a practice.
Hula-La-La (1951) The Stooges are dance instructors sent by a movie company to a tropical island to teach the natives how to dance so they can appear in a movie.
Pest Man Wins (1951) The Stooges are pest exterminators who drum up business by planting vermin in a ritzy mansion where a party is going on. 60 minutes.
14 Charlie Chan in Rio (1941) On the trail of a singer who killed the man she loved in Honolulu, Charlie finds her stabbed to death when he ultimately catches up to her in Rio. 60 minutes.
15 Charlie Chan at the Olympics (1937) When a strategically important new aerial guidance system is stolen, Charlie traces it to the Berlin Olympics, where he has to battle spies and enemy agents to retrieve it. 71 minutes.
16 The Chinese Cat (1944) Charlie Chan investigates the locked-room murder of a chess expert. 66 minutes.
17 The Shanghai Cobra (1945) When a prominent New York City banker is apparently murdered by the bite of a cobra, Charlie Chan is brought in to investigate. 64 minutes.
18 A Missed Fortune (1952) Shemp wins $50,000 in a radio contest and the stooges move into the Hotel Costa Plente where they live it up and wreck their fancy suite.
Listen, Judge (1952) The Stooges are fix-it men who are brought before a judge on a charge of chicken stealing.
Corny Casanovas (1952) The stooges don't know it, but they are all engaged to the same girl, a gold-digger who plans to get an engagement ring from each of them and then abandon them.
He Cooked His Goose (1952) Larry is a pet dealer who's seeing Moe's wife while at the same time trying to steal Shemp's fiancée. 60 minutes.
19 Gents in a Jam (1952) Shemp's rich Uncle Phineas comes to visit the Stooges who are broke and about to evicted.
Three Dark Horses (1952) A campaign boss is looking for three delegates to the presidential convention, delegates that are too stupid to discover that his candidate, Hammond Egger, is a crook.
Cuckoo on a Choo Choo (1952) Larry and Shemp are living in a stolen railroad car.
Up in Daisy's Penthouse (1953) The Stooges try and stop their father from marrying a gold digger. 60 minutes.
20 Booty and the Beast (1953) The Stooges do a good turn and help a stranger open a safe in what they think is the man's house.
Loose Loot (1953) The Stooges are willed a lot of dough from a rich uncle, but the executor of the estate, Icabob Slipp, is a crook who absconds with the money.
Tricky Dicks (1953) The Stooges are policemen on the trail of a murderer.
Spooks! (1953) The Stooges are private detectives hired to find a missing girl. 60 minutes.
21 The Trap (1946) When a troupe of showgirls vacation at a Malibu Beach resort and two of them are garroted, Charlie takes on the case. 68 minutes.
22 King of the Zombies (1941) On a spooky island, three stranded travelers find an evil doctor working with foreign spies and in control of zombies. 67 minutes.
23 Pardon My Backfire (1953) Moe, Larry and Shemp encounter a gang of crooks while working as mechanics in a garage.
Rip, Sew and Stitch (1953) The Stooges run a tailor shop and need money to pay their creditors.
Bubble Trouble (1953) The Stooges run a local drug store and are about to have their least taken away by Amos Flint, the mean old man who owns the place.
Goof on the Roof (1953) The Stooges take care of a house while their friend is getting married. 60 minutes.
24 Charlie Chan in Shanghai (1935) When a prominent official is murdered at a banquet honoring Charle Chan, the detective and son Lee team up to expose an opium-smuggling ring. 71 minutes.
25 Charlie Chan at the Racetrack (1936) When a friend of Charlie's is found kicked to death by his own race horse on board a Honolulu-bound liner, the detective discovers foul play and uncovers an international gambling ring. 70 minutes.
26 Charlie Chan in Honolulu (1938) While Charlie is distracted with the birth of his first grandchild, son Jimmy impersonates his him in order to investigate a murder aboard a freighter in the harbor. 67 minutes.
27 Black Magic (1944) Charlie Chan searches for a murderer amidst numerous ghosts conjured up by a strange variety of spiritualists and occultists. 67 minutes.
28 Charlie Chan in Paris (1935) Hired to investigate forged bonds, Charlie is thwarted by the murder of his undercover agent, but the arrival of son Lee helps him uncover the true culprits. 72 minutes.
29 The Creeping Terror (1964) A newlywed sheriff tries to stop a shambling monster that has emerged from a spaceship to eat the citizens of an American town. 75 minutes.
30 Income Tax Sappy (1954) Tax cheats Moe, Larry and Shemp decide they're so good at cheating the government, that they start a business as crooked tax advisors.
Musty Musketeers (1954) Set in the middle ages, the stooges wish to marry their sweethearts, but the King won't give his consent until Princess Alicia gets married.
Pals and Gals (1954) The Stooges go out west for Shemp's health. The boys soon run afoul of a local villain who is forcing pretty Nell to marry him.
Knutzy Knights (1954) Set in Elizabethan times, the Stooges help their friend Cedric the Blacksmith win the hand of the fair princess Elaine. 60 minutes.
31 Charlie Chan in Reno (1939) Mary Whitman, an old friend of Charlie's in Reno for a divorce, finds herself accused of murdering the woman her husband planned to marry after the decree became final. 71 minutes.
32 City in Darkness (1939) While in Paris for a reunion on the eve of World War II, Charlie finds that the murder of an hated businessman leads him to a conspiracy to smuggle arms to Germany. 75 minutes.
33 Charlie Chan in Panama (1940) Inspector Chan investigates a group of travelers, one of whom is a saboteur. 67 minutes.
34 Castle in the Desert (1942) Charlie Chan investigates apparent poisonings at a mystery mansion in the Mojave Desert. 62 minutes.
35 The Jade Mask (1945) Charlie Chan looks into the apparent murder of a scientist in a spooky mansion. 66 minutes.
36 Shot in the Frontier (1954) Set in the old west, the Stooges must defend their honor against the Noonan brothers, three desperadoes who want to marry the same girls the Stooges are courting.
Scotched in Scotland (1954) Would be detectives, the Stooges get a job guarding a Scotch castle while the owner is away.
Fling in the Ring (1955) The Stooges are the boxing trainers of Chopper, and they bet their bankroll on him to win his next fight.
Of Cash and Hash (1955) The Stooges witness an armed robbery and are brought in by the cops as suspects. 60 minutes.
37 Gypped in the Penthouse (1955) Larry and Shemp reminisce about their experiences with a diamond crazy gold digger each of them was gypped by.
Bedlam in Paradise (1955) Shemp dies but cannot get into heaven until he reforms Moe and Larry.
Stone Age Romeos (1955) The Stooges hope to collect a reward by proving to a museum that cavemen still exist.
Wham-Bam-Slam! (1955) Shemp is a sick man with a bad case of nerves. 60 minutes.
38 Charlie Chan at Treasure Island (1939) Charlie's investigation of a phony psychic during the 1939 World Exposition on San Francisco's Treasure Island leads him to expose a suicide as murder. 74 minutes.
39 Charlie Chan's Secret (1936) The heir to a huge fortune is presumed drowned, then shows up, is then murdered. 72 minutes.
40 Dead Men Tell (1941) A treasure map in four pieces, the ghost of a hanged pirate, a talking parrot, and a ship full of red herrings complicate Charlie's search for a murderer on board a docked ship. 61 minutes.
41 Murder Over New York (1940) When Charlie's old friend from Scotland Yard is murdered when they attend a police convention in New York, Chan picks up the case he was working on. 65 minutes.
42 Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum (1940) An escaped convicted murderer hides out at a New York wax museum where he hopes to get plastic surgery, which will help him revenge himself on Charlie Chan. 63 minutes.
43 The Black Camel (1931) The unsolved murder of a Hollywood actor several years earlier and an enigmatic psychic are the keys to help Charlie solve the Honolulu stabbing death of a beautiful actress. 71 minutes.
44 Charlie Chan in Egypt (1935) While investigating the theft of antiquities from an ancient tomb excavation , Charlie discovers that the body of the expedition's leader concealed inside the mummy's wrappings. 73 minutes.
45 The Scarlet Clue (1945) Charlie discovers a scheme for the theft of government radar plans while investigating several murders. 65 minutes.
46 Charlie Chan in London (1934) Charlie visits a wealthy country home in England. Suspects in the murder range from a housekeeper to a stableman to a lawyer. 79 minutes.


47 Charlie Chan at the Opera (1936) A dangerous amnesiac escapes from an asylum, hides in the opera house, and is suspected of getting revenge on those who tried to murder him 13 years ago. 68 minutes.
48 Think Fast, Mr. Moto (1937) On a freighter going from San Francisco to Shanghai Mr. Moto solves mysteries caused by a gang of smugglers. 70 minutes.
49 Bride of the Monster (1955) A mad doctor attempts to create atomic supermen. 69 minutes.
55 From Hell It Came (1957) A wrongfully accused South Seas prince is executed, and returns as a walking tree stump. 71 minutes.
56 Mr. Moto in Danger Island (1939) The U.S. government asks Mr. Moto to go to Puerto Rico to investigate diamond smuggling after an earlier investigator is murdered. 64 minutes.
57 The Devil's Daughter (1939) Sylvia Walton returns from Harlem to take over a Jamaican plantation from her vindictive half-sister, amid the growing sound of drums. 52 minutes.
58 Mr. Moto's Gamble (1938) When the #1 heavyweight contender is mysteriously poisoned during a bout, Moto knows that identifying the gambler who placed large bets against him is the key to solving the murder. 72 minutes.
59 Mysterious Mr. Moto (1938) Mr. Moto has himself imprisoned on Devil's Island so he can help his cellmate escape and thereby get the goods on a gang of international killers. 62 minutes.
*60 Hercules Against the Moon Men (1964) Hercules is summoned to oppose the evil Queen Samara, who has allied herself with aliens and is sacrificing her own people in a bid to awaken a moon goddess. 92 minutes.
61 Invisible Ghost (1941) The town's leading citizen becomes a homicidal maniac after his wife deserts him. 64 minutes.
62 The Wild World of Batwoman (1966) The pointlessly named Batwoman and her bevy of Batmaidens fight evil and dance. 70 minutes.
63 Hot Ice (1955) The Stooges apply for job as 'Yard Men' at Scotland Yard, thinking they'll become detectives.
Blunder Boys (1955) The Stooges go to criminology school and graduate with the lowest possible honors.
Husbands Beware (1956) To inherit a fortune, voice teacher Shemp must marry before six o'clock, but no girl will accept his proposal.
Creeps (1956) The Stooges are movers for an express company and on a rainy night are sent to move some junk, from a spooky old house. 60 minutes.
*64 Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation (1939) Disguised as a German archaeologist, Moto helps unearth the priceless crown of the legendary Queen of Sheba and sans disguise defends it from a variety of thugs and criminals. 65 minutes.
65 Mr. Moto's Last Warning (1939) Moto thwarts a ruthless band of international agents who try to foment an international incident by mining the entrance to the Suez Canal and blaming the British. 71 minutes.
66 Woman Haters (1934) The Stooges join the "Women Haters" club and vow to have nothing to do with the fair sex.
Punch Drunks (1934) Moe discovers Curly's unknown boxing talent when Larry plays "Pop Goes the Weasel" on the violin.
Men in Black (1934) The Stooges become doctors at a large hospital where they disrupt patients and staff alike.
Three Little Pigskins (1934) The Stooges are mistaken by a gangster for the "Three Horsemen of Boulder Dam", famous football players. 60 minutes.
67 Charlie Chan at the Circus (1936) While visiting the circus with his family, Charlie is recruited by the big top's co-owner to investigate threatening letters that he's received. 72 minutes.
*68 Bruce Lee Fights Back From the Grave (1976) A lightning bolt strikes the grave of Bruce Lee! Then a kung fu instructor starts a quest to avenge a friend's death and has a romance with a girl and fights a few times. 95 minutes.
*69 Clones of Bruce Lee (1980) Bruce Lee has just died, so Professor Lucas grows three more of him and sends them after bad guys. 91 minutes.
70 Horses' Collars (1935) The Stooges are private detectives in the old west trying to help a girl recover an IOU from a bad guy.
Restless Knights (1935) Set in Medieval times, the Stooges learn they are of royal blood and vow to save the kingdom.
Pop Goes the Easel (1935) The Stooges, with a cop chasing them, flee into an artists studio where they are mistaken for students.
Uncivil Warriors (1935) Set in the Civil War, the Stooges are spies for the north. 60 minutes.
71 Pardon My Scotch (1935) The Stooges are running the local drugstore and mix up a potion that a desperate businessman decides to sell as scotch.
Hoi Polloi (1935) A professor plays Pygmalion to three bumbling garbagemen and tries to turn them into gentlemen.
Three Little Beers (1935) The Stooges are inept deliverymen at a brewery.
Ants in the Pantry (1936) The Stooges are pest exterminators who drum up business by planting vermin in a ritzy mansion where a party is going on. 60 minutes.
72 The Red Dragon (1945) Charlie Chan is faced with suspects in a stolen atomic bomb formula case that are being killed with bullets not fired from a gun. 64 minutes.
73 Mr. Moto Takes a Chance (1938) In the jungle near Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Mr. Moto poses as an archaeologist and a venerable holy man with mystic powers to help foil two insurgencies against the government. 63 minutes.
74 Thank You, Mr. Moto (1937) Seven maps, when found and put together, reveal the location of the treasures of Genghis Khan. 67 minutes.
75 Gold Raiders (1951) On his way to Red Mesa to insure mine owners against loss from raids on their ore shipments, George O'Brien is ambushed by the raiders, and is accidentally saved by the Three Stooges. 56 minutes.
76 Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla (1952) Two goofy entertainers meet a mad scientist on a jungle island. 74 minutes.
*77 Chesty Anderson, U.S. Navy (1976) When one of her friends goes missing, Chesty and several fellow WAVEs go looking for her and end up in a world of senatorial corruption and Mafia intimidation. 88 minutes.
78 A Chinese Ghost Story (1987) Ning Tsai-Shen ends up spending the night in the haunted Lan Ro temple where he meets a hot ghost. 98 minutes.
79 Movie Maniacs (1936) The Stooges arrive in Hollywood hoping to make it in the movie business.
Half Shot Shooters (1936) The Stooges are discharged from the army after WW I, and promptly administer some revenge to their mean sergeant.
Disorder in the Court (1936) The Stooges are witnesses at a trial where their friend, a dancer at a nightclub where they are musicians, is accused of murder.
A Pain in the Pullman (1936) The Stooges are small time actors traveling by train to an engagement. 60 minutes.
80 False Alarms (1936) Three inept firemen try to avoid being fired by their increasingly exasperated chief.
Whoops, I'm an Indian! (1936) Set in the old west, the Stooges are crooked gamblers gypping the resident of a frontier town.
Slippery Silks (1936) The Stooges are carpenters who inherit a fancy dress boutique.
Grips, Grunts and Groans (1937) Although circumstances force an over-matched Curly into a wrestling ring against a superior opponent, a spectator's perfume proves to be his secret weapon. 60 minutes.
*81 How to Undress in Front of Your Husband (1937) A peeping tom likes to look through windows at women undressing. 20 minutes.


82 The Devil Bat (1940) A mad scientist develops an aftershave lotion that causes his gigantic bats to kill anyone who wears it. 68 minutes.
*83 Double Agent 73 (1974) Underworld drug king Toplar is flooding the market with low-grade heroin and only Chesty Morgan can stop him, I suppose. 73 minutes.
84 Dizzy Doctors (1937) The Stooges get a job selling "Brighto", what they think is cleaning fluid.
3 Dumb Clucks (1937) The Stooges escape from jail in order to save their father from gangsters and a beautiful gold-digger.
Back to the Woods (1937) A 17th Century English judge orders three miscreants to defend the new British colonies in New England against the Indians.
Goofs and Saddles (1937) Set in the old west, the Stooges are spies for US Cavalry. 60 minutes.
85 Cash and Carry (1937) The Stooges find a crippled boy and his sister living in their dumpyard shack.
Playing the Ponies (1937) The Stooges are cheated into trading their restaurant for Thunderbolt, a washed up race horse.
The Sitter Downers (1937) The Atooges are suitors who go on a sit down strike when their prospective father-in-law refuses to consent the marriages.
Termites of 1938 (1938) The Stooges are pest exterminators, mistakenly hired by a rich lady looking for an escort to a fancy society party. 60 minutes.
86 Wee Wee Monsieur (1938) The Stooges are artists living in Paris. When the landlord comes after the overdue rent, the boys skip out and wind up joining the French Foreign Legion.
Tassels in the Air (1938) The Stooges are janitors in an office building. They stencil the wrong names on all the offices, causing a rich lady to mistakes Moe for "Omay", a famous decorator.
Healthy, Wealthy and Dumb (1938) Curly wins $50,000 in a radio contest and the Stooges move into the Hotel Costa Plente.
Violent Is the Word for Curly (1938) Three bumbling gas station attendants are mistaken for college professors arriving from Germany to teach at a prestigious women's college. 60 minutes.
87 Three Missing Links (1938) The Stooges are janitors working in a movie studio. After wrecking the bosses office, they get jobs as actors in an African movie.
Mutts to You (1938) The Stooges, professional dog washers, find a baby on a doorstep and, thinking it to be abandoned, take it home.
Flat Foot Stooges (1938) The Stooges are firemen at a station that still uses horses to pull the engines.
Three Little Sew and Sews (1939) The Stooges are sailors working in a ships' tailor shop. 60 minutes.
88 We Want Our Mummy (1939) The Stooges go to Egypt in search of the mummy of king Rootin-Tootin for which a museum will pay a $5000 prize.
A Ducking They Did Go (1939) Con men hire the Stooges to sell memberships to a phony duck hunting club.
Yes, We Have No Bonanza (1939) Set in a western town, the Stooges are working as waiters in a saloon with the three girls they hope to marry.
Saved by the Belle (1939) The Stooges are traveling salesmen stranded in Valeska, a tropical country prone to earthquakes. 60 minutes.
89 Calling All Curs (1939) The Stooges run a pet hospital and get an important patient, Garcon, a rich ladies poodle.
Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise (1939) The Stooges are tramps looking for handouts.
Three Sappy People (1939) The Stooges are phone repairmen who are mistaken for the psychiatrists in whose office they are working.
You Nazty Spy! (1940) The Stooges are paperhangers in the country of Moronica. 60 minutes.
*90 Necromania: A Tale of Weird Love! (1971) A couple having marital problems (the husband can't seem to rise to the occasion) visits Madame Heles, a necromancer, in hopes of ameliorating their boudoir blunders. 54 minutes.
91 Rockin' thru the Rockies (1940)
A Plumbing We Will Go (1940)
Nutty but Nice (1940)
How High Is Up?(1940) 60 minutes.
92 From Nurse to Worse (1940)
No Census, No Feeling (1940)
Cookoo Cavaliers (1940)
Boobs in Arms (1940) 60 minutes.


93 So Long Mr. Chumps (1941)
Dutiful But Dumb (1941)
All the World's a Stooge (1941)
I'll Never Heil Again (1941) 60 minutes.
94 An Ache in Every Stake (1941)
In the Sweet Pie and Pie (1941)
Some More of Samoa (1941)
Loco Boy Makes Good (1942) 60 minutes.
95 Cactus Makes Perfect (1942)
What's the Matador? (1942)
Matri-Phony (1942)
Three Smart Saps (1942) 60 minutes.
96 Meet the Baron (1933) 66 minutes.


Watch one film from every decade of film history
*1890 (Optional)
*1900 (optional)
*1910 (optional)
*1920 (optional)
1930 Soup to Nuts (1930)
1940 Dangerous Money (1946)
1950 Glen or Glenda (1953)
1960 Hercules Against the Moon Men (1964)
1970 Bruce Lee Fights Back From the Grave (1976)
1980 Xanadu (1980)

Watch a film for each rating
G (optional)
PG Xanadu
*PG-13 (optional)
R Bruce Lee Fights Back From the Grave
X Necromania: A Tale of Weird Love!
*Unrated (post-MPAA 1968)

Watch films in at least three formats
DVD, Charlie Chan in the Secret Service
Streaming, Glen or Glenda
*Third format, (insert format), (insert title)

Watch a film in the following genres
Science Fiction B-Movie
Horror B-Movie From Hell It Came
Italian/European films
Sword & Sandal Hercules Against the Moon Men
***Spaghetti Western
***Cannibal Film
***Mafia/Gangster Film
Martial Arts film
Bruce Lee-sploitation Bruce Lee Fights Back From the Grave
Hong Kong/Asian film A Chinese Ghost Story
***American film
***Any "Ninja" film
***Actual Bruce Lee film
Asian Action Film
Biker Film
Stoner Film
Carsploitation Film
Any type Chesty Anderson, U.S. Navy
Nudie Cutie Double Agent 73
70s Porn Necromania: A Tale of Weird Love!
*Emmanuelle Film
***Teen Sex Comedy
Rape/Revenge Film
Vigilante Film
Women in Prison
Roadshow Exploitation How to Undress in Front of Your Husband
"Hood" Film
Hollywood Gangster film (Film Noir era)
Juvenile Delinquent Film
60s Beach Movie
Film starring Musical Group or Music Star Xanadu [Olivia Newton-John]
***Elvis film
Mexican Wrestling Film
Foreign "Ripoff" film
Bollywood Film
"Race" films The Devil's Daughter
Films Dealing with "race" (pre-1965)
"Condemned" by the Catholic National Legion of Decency
Eco-Terror Film
Pre-90s Post-Apocalyptic film
"Mondo" Film
Documentary ABOUT B-Movies/Exploitation/Drive-ins or those involved in their production
Video Nasty
TV-Movie The Creeping Terror
***Lifetime Channel Movie
Bad Sequel to a "Well regarded film"
Critical Bomb (Less than 20% Rotten Tomatoes/Metacritic/IMDB)
Financial Bomb
Razzie Winner/Nominee
MST3K/RiffTrax/Cinematic Titanic version of a film Hercules Against the Moon Men

Watch 10 films starring anyone from the actors safe list
1 Glen or Glenda [Dolores Fuller]
2 King of the Zombies [Mantan Moreland]
3 The Black Camel [Bela Lugosi]
4 Bride of the Monster [Tor Johnson]

Watch 10 films by anyone from the directors/producers safe list
1 Glen or Glenda [Edward D. Wood]
2 Invisible Ghost [Sam Katzman]
3 How to Undress in Front of Your Husband [Dwain Esper]
4 Double Agent 73 [Doris Wishman]

Watch 5 films from those in the Studio/Distributor safe list
1 Dangerous Money [Monogram]
2 Hercules Against the Moon Men [Something Weird Video]
3 The Creeping Terror [Crown International Pictures]

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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

The Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge

March 31
1. Color of Night*

April 1
2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

April 5
3. Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II*

April 9
4. The Magic Blade*

April 16
5. Half Baked Netflix Instant*
6. Prince of Darkness
7. Document of the Dead 1979
8. Dawn of the Dead 1978

April 17
9. Day of the Dead
10. Pieces

April 23
11. The Crazies 1973

April 24
12. Bloodsucking Freaks

April 30
13. Mystery Science Theater 3000 - "Mad Monster"*
14. The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

* = First-Time Viewing

Total - 14
First-Time Viewings - 5

Watch one film from every decade of film history.
* 1890 - (insert film title here)(Optional)
* 1900 -(optional)
* 1910 -(optional)
* 1920 -(optional)
* 1930 -
* 1940 -
* 1950 -
* 1960 -
XXX 1970 - The Magic Blade 1976
XXX 1980 - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 1986
XXX 1990 - Color of Night 1994
* 2000 -
* 2010 -

Watch a film for each rating:
* G - (optional)
XXX PG - Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II
* PG-13 - (optional)
XXX R - Color of Night
XXX X (or NC-17) - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 X
XXX Unrated (post-MPAA 1968) - Dawn of the Dead

Watch films in at least three formats (DVD, BD, HD DVD, Laserdisc, TV, online, Streaming Netflix type, UMD, theater, iPod, VHS-sourced{VHS transferred to DVD-+R is fine}).
XXX Color of Night streaming
XXX The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Blu-Ray
XXX The Magic Blade DVD

Watch a film in an actual Drive-in. (optional) (insert title)

Watch a film in the following genres:
XXX A Token Science Fiction B-Movie: Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II
XXX A Token Horror B-Movie: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
Italian (or European) films of the following Genres:
* Eurospy (James Bond ripoffs)
XXX Giallo Pieces
* Sword & Sandal
* Spaghetti Western
* Cannibal Film
* Mafia/Gangster Film
Martial Arts film:
* Bruce Lee-sploitation (Starring any variation on Bruce Li, Le, etc.)
XXX Hong Kong (or other Asian) film - The Magic Blade
* American film
* Any "Ninja" film
* Bonus* Actual Bruce Lee film
XXX Asian Action Film The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
Biker Film
XXX Stoner Film Half Baked
Carsploitation Film
* Any type
* Nudie Cutie
* Roughie
* 70s Porn
* Emmanuelle Film
* Teen Sex Comedy
XXX Shocksploitation Bloodsucking Freaks
Rape/Revenge Film
Vigilante Film
Women in Prison
Eschploitation (religious end times, or general religious exploitation)
Roadshow Exploitation/30s-40s "Cautionary" films
"Hood" Film ("Gangsta")
Hollywood Gangster film (Film Noir era)
Juvenile Delinquent Film
60s Beach Movie
Film starring Musical Group or Music Star (that did not become a legit actor)
* *Bonus* Elvis film
Mexican Wrestling Film
Foreign "Ripoff" film (such as Turkish cinema)
Bollywood Film (actual, not a Hollywood pastiche)
Eco-Terror Film
XXX Pre-90s Post-Apocalyptic film Day of the Dead
"Mondo" Film
XXX Documentary ABOUT B-Movies/Exploitation/Drive-ins or those involved in their production Document of the Dead
XXX Video Nasty Dawn of the Dead
* Lifetime Channel Movie
Bad Sequel to a "Well regarded film"
Critical Bomb (Less than 20% Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic or IMDB Bottom 100 {Bottom 100 archive})
Financial Bomb
XXX Razzie Winner or Nominee - Color of Night
XXX MST3K/RiffTrax (or Cinematic Titanic) version of a film - Mystery Science Theater 3000 - "Mad Monster"

Watch 10 films starring anyone from the actors safe list.
XXX 1 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Dennis Hopper
XXX 2 Prince of Darkness Donald Pleasence
XXX 3 Pieces Bruce Le
* 4
* 5
* 6
* 7
* 8
* 9
* 10

Watch 10 films Directed/Produced by anyone from the directors/producers safe list.
XXX 1 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Tobe Hooper
XXX 2 The Magic Blade Shaw Brothers
XXX 3 Prince of Darkness John Carpenter
XXX 4 Dawn of the Dead George A. Romero
XXX 5 Pieces Juan Piquer Simón
* 6
* 7
* 8
* 9
* 10

Watch 5 films from those in the Studio/Distributor safe list.
XXX 1 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Cannon Films
XXX 2 Prince of Darkness Shout! Factory
XXX 3 Document of the Dead Synapse
XXX 4 Dawn of the Dead UFDC
XXX 5 Pieces Film Ventures International

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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

30 Movies


* = FTV

Wife's Thoughts In Blue
- April 1st -

Commentary For Robot Jox (1989) (Blu-Ray)*
My Thoughts: Interesting track with director Stuart Gordan and a moderator. They talk about how it is really just a remake of the Iliad and how the director watched The Right Stuff everyday just so he would have a good procedural feel for the guys maintaining and readying the robot. And while the Iliad remake is a somewhat dubious comment you can really feel the inspiration of the latter, everything just feels so real, in fact we could make these things right now! Maybe not with the hop to space ability but the ground fighting stuff is all very doable. A fun but not earth shattering track, that is until Gordan starts talking about the actual play need sequel to Robot Jox. It would have been both sides teaming up to fight off an alien invasion, thats right Pacific Rim done in the 90s! Man that would have been awesome. There is also several interesting asides about Empire going bankrupt during post production. An informative and long awaited track to one of my childhood classics.
(4 out of 5)
- April 2nd -

Caliber 9 (1972) (Blu-Ray)*
My Thoughts: A beautifully shot Italian crime drama. The characters get a bit over the top passionate, not sure if that is due to this one's b-movie status or just an Italian thing... The film revolves around a man, just released from prison, that everyone thinks ripped off the mob for a large some of money. This is my first delve into the Italian crime here and I quite enjoyed it. There were a few parts that came off a bit goofy when compared to their gritty American counterparts of the same period but still a solid movie. Can't wait to watch the rest of this Italian Crime Collection from Raro Video.
(4 out of 5)
- April 3rd -

Exterminators Of The Year 3000 (1983) (Blu-Ray)
My Thoughts: One of the more shameless Road Warrior ripoffs. I have a bit of history with this title, I picked it up from a closing rental store as a kid. But it was so dark, Darker than AVPR dark, that I just really couldn't tell what was going on. The audio stuck with me though, the quest for water and the wasteland gang who is always calling people "mother grabbers". Now being able to finally see everything this movie doesn't quite live up to it's epic title and cover art. Not an awful entry in the Italian post apocalyptic catalog but not the standout that I remember it being. But hey, now I can get rid of that unwatchable VHS tape!
(3.5 out of 5)
- April 4th -

Commentary For Exterminators Of The Year 3000 (1983) (Blu-Ray)*
My Thoughts: Someone at worked asked me what I was watching today and when I told them I was watching a commentary and they just couldn't relate. Why would you rematch the same movie? I told them, "Well, if I hadn't watched this commentary, how would I have known that the actor who played the main bad guy stank or the vulture was really going after the main actor in that one scene...". I don't think I made a commentary convert of them. A very superficial track with a lot of 'oh she was hot' type info and the moderator was pretty crass. Was he a moderator? I don't know but he felt like a Brooklyn slime ball. But not every track needs to be a critical analysis of the subject matter. The main actor who is the real draw of this track is fun to listen to. And he is very skeptical about not only if anyone will buy this bluray, let alone listening to the commentary.
(3.5 out of 5)
- April 5th -

Seven Dollars On Red (1966) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Bandits kill a mans family and take his son so naturally he becomes a wondering vigilante out for revenge against neerdowell and on the lookout for his boy. This movie bookends well but I found the middle to drag quite a bit. Being pre-TGTB&TU it feels a little bland compared to where the genre would go. Not bad also that Italian woman playing an Native American, ha. Does have one odd bar fight though...
(3 out of 5)
- April 6th -

Italian Connection (1972) (Blu-Ray)*
My Thoughts: Made the same year as Caliber 9 but oh so much better. There is a few bits of unevenness here and there but this movie was quite frequently epic. Time to wishlist Vol 2.
(x out of 5)
- April 7th -

For Your Height Only (1981) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: What would otherwise be a crappy Bond spoof is made an event picture by it's 2'9" star Weng Weng. In true bond style secret agent double 0 has to recuse a kidnapped scientist and of course the girl. There are several kissing scenes which are really weird considering the size of everyones heads. Also there are several points when out pint size kungfu expert slides across the floor and I couldn't help but think that it must have been someone's job to throw this guy, what an awesome credit. Anyway, it is a bad movie but you can't not like the main actor. He is, for lack of a better word, adorable. Also there are sequels which I am now going to have to hunt down.
(4 out of 5)
- April 8th -

Challenge Of The Tiger (1980) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Quite possibly the best Bruce Lee-sploitation that I have ever seen. Being the free movie that came with For Your Height Only I didn't really expect much out this but wow was I in for a treat. Take a Bruce Lee movie, make it a buddy action flick add a liberal amount of sexploitation, a travelog aspect and than a few over the top scenes (like kung fu vs bull and topless tennis) and you have yourself a winner.
(4.5 out of 5)
- April 9th -

Apocalypse Joe (1970) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Not bad, a struggling old west Shakespearean actor/gunslinger goes to investigate why his late uncle's gold mine claim has been taken. And then he proceeds to kill an entire town worth of people. Decent spaghettiage, nice music, horrible dubbing (“I know I haven’t been a good sherif, but I am going to try a lot harder from now on”) & some decent gun play. But man has this got me in the mood to watch The Good The Bad And The Ugly. Thats it, it's tomorrows movie!
(3.5 out of 5)
- April 10th -

The Good The Bad And The Ugly (1966) (DVD)
My Thoughts: I know I have talked about this before, if any of you were hanging on my every word, but as a kid I really despised the western genre. It was boring, something for old people. And I might never have even seen this movie... but for awhile there I was a release date junkie. Every week I would go to Best Buy and buy something and one week this came out, in it's neat oversized case and not having lived under a rock I had heard much praise about it. So I buy it, it's amazing and then I go to the web looking for more more, only to find out that I had just watched the shining jewel of the genre. It was a slightly disappointing reveal. So a few more years go by and this challenge comes a long and I decide to give spaghetti westerns another go. Realize they are not my grandfathers westerns and all of the sudden I am hooked. But I still always come back to the TGTB&TU every few years. It's captivating, beautiful, horrible, epic, dirty and one of the best movies ever made. And hey bonus, I didn't even know that mission I choose for my banner was from the movie!
(5 out of 5)
- April 11th -

Blazing Magnum (1976) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: A cops sister gets murdered and he gets to the bottom of it the only way he knows how... by... breaking the law? Like repeatedly. There are multiple scenes of him beating someone up and then flashing his badge. And he has this crazy car chase across the city just to ask this guy some questions, not even a suspect! But to be fair it was a fairly awesome car chase. Aside from the few bits of flair throughout this Dirty Harry knockoff struck me as exceptionally average.
(3 out of 5)
- April 12th -

Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016) (Theater) (Wild Card #1)*
My Thoughts: Not nearly as bad as you have heard. In fact I was leaning in the 4.5-5 star rating their for the first 3/4 or so of the movie but it takes a bit of a predictable and somewhat tired approach to it’s final act. Seems every super hero movie lately has to have a city destroying finale. Definitely something that needs to get a little more creative. But I have to say I am looking forward to the extended version of this, especially if it is mostly plot. Even as long as this movie this still left me wanting more, maybe not of the doomsday fight but the origin of hate was very satisfying.
(4 out of 5)
- April 13th -

10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) (Theater) (Wild Card #2)*
My Thoughts: Scott Pilgrim's girlfriend wakes up in an underground bunker and can't decide what's worse, what's on the outside or what's on the inside. I generally liked this movie even though it didn't really cover any new ground. Decent effects and an excellent claustrophobic atmosphere. Is it as good as it's namesake? Probably not quite but it is at least much easier on the stomach.
(3.5 out of 5)
- April 14th -

Mad Max: Fury Road 3D (2015) (Blu-Ray)*
My Thoughts: Not what I was expecting. Kind of like they took the last 11 minutes of The Road Warrior and stretched it out over the entire feature. Not bad but with near constant action no particular action scene really seemed all that amazing.
(x out of 5)
- April 15th -

The Boss (1973) (Blu-Ray)*
My Thoughts: x
(x out of 5)
- April 16th -

Three Men To Kill (1980) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: x
(x out of 5)
- April 17th -

They Call Him Graveyard (1971) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: If you are looking for the mostly annoyingly whistle based soundtrack, look no further.
(x out of 5)
- April 18th -

Trancers (1984) (DVD)
My Thoughts: Ah a bit of nostalgia from my childhood. I loved this movie, I even had my mom buy it for me when the video store we rented it from went out of business. And while it's universe feels somewhat cheap now to more discerning eyes I still love it.
(4.5 out of 5)
- April 19th -

Trancers II: The Return Of Jack Death (1991) (DVD)
My Thoughts: While not as good as the original this sequel is oddly satisfying. You get all the actors back from the first (even the little girl who turned into a fox in the last 6 years), and you get even more b-movie superstars added to the mix. The whole movie kind of feels like a made for TV affair but you just can't not like these characters and the whole late 80's cheesiness to it. This was Full Moon on their A-game before their mid 90's slide into trash cinema.
(4 out of 5)
- April 20th -

Trancers III: Deth Lives (1992) (DVD)
My Thoughts: When I think about Trancers I usually think that there is no reason to go past Trancers 3. And upon revisiting Trancers 3 I might need to update that mental note to be no reason to go past Trancers 2. There were a few things I liked here, Jack having marital issues, some good time jumping queues but the most disappointing aspect of this movie was the tracers. Take Jack and have him do something else! Now it's the military experimenting with tracers and it's just meh. I am now wondering how parts 4 and 5 hold up. Maybe they are better than I remember... although I doubt that.
(3 out of 5)
- April 21th -

Trancers IV: Jack Of Swords (1994) (DVD)
My Thoughts: x
(x out of 5)
- April 22th -

Trancers V: Sudden Deth (1994) (DVD)
My Thoughts: A 72 minute movie that spends the first 8 minutes on credits and flashbacks.
(x out of 5)
- April 23rd -

Raw Force (1982) (Blu-Ray)*
My Thoughts: x
(x out of 5)
- April 24th -

The Price Of Power (1969) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: x
(x out of 5)
- April 25th -

Conan: The Barbarian 3D (2011) (Blu-Ray)*
My Thoughts: x
(x out of 5)
- April 26th -

Mr. Deathman (1977) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: x
(x out of 5)
- April 27th -

The Exotic Time Machine (1998) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Oddly relaxing
(x out of 5)
- April 28th -

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) (Blu-Ray) (Wild Card #3)*
My Thoughts: Because it, you know... exploited our childhood... Don't be all judging my wildcards.
(x out of 5)
- April 29th -

Rulers Of The City (1976) (Blu-Ray)*
My Thoughts: x
(x out of 5)
- April 30th -

Speed Zone (1989) (Internet)
My Thoughts: x
(x out of 5)

Each Participant Has 10 Free Spots.

Watch one film from every decade of film history.
--- 1890 - (insert film title here)(Optional)
--- 1900 -(optional)
--- 1910 -(optional)
--- 1920 -(optional)
--- 1930 -
--- 1940 -
--- 1950 -
--- 1960 -
--- 1970 -
-x- 1980 - Robot Jox (1989)
--- 1990 -
--- 2000 -
--- 2010 -

Watch a film for each rating:
--- G - (optional)
-x- PG - Robot Jox
--- PG-13 - (optional)
--- R -
--- X (or NC-17) -
--- Unrated (post-MPAA 1968) -

Watch films in at least three formats (DVD, BD, HD DVD, Laserdisc, TV, online, Streaming Netflix type, UMD, theater, iPod, VHS-sourced{VHS transferred to DVD-+R is fine}).
-x- First format, (Blu-Ray), (Robot Jox).
--- Second format, (insert format), (insert title).
--- Third format, (insert format), (insert title).

Watch a film in an actual Drive-in. (optional) (insert title)

Watch a film in the following genres:
-x- A Token Science Fiction B-Movie - Robot Jox
--- A Token Horror B-Movie -

Italian (or European) films of the following Genres:
--- Eurospy (James Bond ripoffs)
--- Giallo
--- Sword & Sandal
--- Spaghetti Western
--- Cannibal Film
--- Mafia/Gangster Film

Martial Arts film:
--- Bruce Lee-sploitation (Starring any variation on Bruce Li, Le, etc.)
--- Hong Kong (or other Asian) film
--- American film
--- Any "Ninja" film
--- Bonus* Actual Bruce Lee film

--- Asian Action Film
--- Biker Film
--- Stoner Film
--- Carsploitation Film
--- Blaxploitation

--- Any type
--- Nudie Cutie
--- Roughie
--- 70s Porn
--- Emmanuelle Film
--- Teen Sex Comedy

--- Nunsploitation
--- Shocksploitation
--- Rape/Revenge Film
--- Vigilante Film
--- Women in Prison
--- Nazisploitation
--- Eschploitation (religious end times, or general religious exploitation)
--- Hixploitation/Moonshiners
--- Roadshow Exploitation/30s-40s "Cautionary" films
--- "Hood" Film ("Gangsta")
--- Hollywood Gangster film (Film Noir era)
--- Juvenile Delinquent Film
--- 60s Beach Movie

--- Film starring Musical Group or Music Star (that did not become a legit actor)
---*Bonus* Elvis film

--- Ozploitation
--- Mexican Wrestling Film
--- Foreign "Ripoff" film (such as Turkish cinema)
--- Bollywood Film (actual, not a Hollywood pastiche)
--- Eco-Terror Film
--- Pre-90s Post-Apocalyptic film
--- "Mondo" Film
--- Documentary ABOUT B-Movies/Exploitation/Drive-ins or those involved in their production
--- Video Nasty

--- TV-Movie
--- Lifetime Channel Movie

--- Bad Sequel to a "Well regarded film"
--- Critical Bomb (Less than 20% Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic or IMDB Bottom 100 {Bottom 100 archive})
--- Financial Bomb
--- Razzie Winner or Nominee
--- MST3K/RiffTrax (or Cinematic Titanic) version of a film

Watch 10 films starring anyone from the actors safe list.
--- 1
--- 2
--- 3
--- 4
--- 5
--- 6
--- 7
--- 8
--- 9
--- 10

Watch 10 films Directed/Produced by anyone from the directors/producers safe list.
--- 1
--- 2
--- 3
--- 4
--- 5
--- 6
--- 7
--- 8
--- 9
--- 10

Watch 5 films from those in the Studio/Distributor safe list.
--- 1
--- 2
--- 3
--- 4
--- 5

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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

= First Time View

Airport 1975 (1974)
Airport '77 (1977)
Big Ass Spider (2013)
The Boys in Company C (1978)
Car Wash (1976)
The Concorde: Airport '79 (1979)
Critters (1986)
The Curse of Frankenstein (1957)
The Day of the Triffids (1962)
The Dinosaur Project (2012)
Django (1966)
Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (1968)
The Game of Death (1978)
The Happening (2008)
Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (2015)
The House of Seven Corpses (1974)
House of Traps (1981)
Icetastrophe (2014)
Invincible Shaolin (1978)
Island at the Top of the World (1974)
Land of the Lost (2009)
Meteor (1979)
Point Break (2015)
The Shaolin Temple (1982)
The Stuff (1985)
Sugar Hill (1974)
Up the Creek (1984)
The Wicker Man (2006)
xXx: State of the Union (2005)
Zapped! (1982)


Watch one film from every decade of film history.

1930 -
1940 -
1950 - The Curse of Frankenstein (1957)
1960 - Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (1968)
1970 - Sugar Hill (1974)
1980 - House of Traps (1981)
1990 -
2000 - The Happening (2008)
2010 - Icetastrophe (2014)

Watch a film for each rating:
G - Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (1968)
PG - Sugar Hill (1974)
PG-13 - Point Break (2015)
R - The Game of Death (1978)
X (or NC-17) -
Unrated (post-MPAA 1968) -

Watch films in at least three formats (DVD, BD, HD DVD, Laserdisc, TV, online, Streaming Netflix type, UMD, theater, iPod, VHS-sourced{VHS transferred to DVD-+R is fine}).
First format - Streaming, Airport '77 (1977)
Second format - Cable TV, Island at the Top of the World (1974)
Third format -

Watch a film in the following genres:
A Token Science Fiction B-Movie:
A Token Horror B-Movie:

Italian (or European) films of the following Genres:
Eurospy (James Bond ripoffs)
Sword & Sandal
Spaghetti Western
Cannibal Film
Mafia/Gangster Film

Martial Arts film:
Bruce Lee-sploitation (Starring any variation on Bruce Li, Le, etc.)
Hong Kong film - House of Traps (1981)
American film
Any "Ninja" film
Actual Bruce Lee film - The Game of Death (1978)

Asian Action Film
Biker Film
Stoner Film
Carsploitation Film
Blaxploitation - Sugar Hill (1974)

Any type
Nudie Cutie
70s Porn
Emmanuelle Film
Teen Sex Comedy

Rape/Revenge Film
Vigilante Film
Women in Prison
Eschploitation (religious end times, or general religious exploitation)
Roadshow Exploitation/30s-40s "Cautionary" films
"Hood" Film ("Gangsta")
Hollywood Gangster film (Film Noir era)
Juvenile Delinquent Film
60s Beach Movie
Film starring Musical Group or Music Star - Airport 1975 (1974)
*Bonus* Elvis film
Mexican Wrestling Film
Foreign "Ripoff" film (such as Turkish cinema)
Bollywood Film (actual, not a Hollywood pastiche)
Eco-Terror Film - The Happening (2008)
Pre-90s Post-Apocalyptic film - The Day of the Triffids (1962)
"Mondo" Film
Documentary ABOUT B-Movies/Exploitation/Drive-ins or those involved in their production
Video Nasty
TV Movie - Icetastrophe (2014)
Lifetime Channel Movie
Bad Sequel to a "Well regarded film" - Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (2015)
Critical Bomb - Point Break (2015)
Financial Bomb - xXx: State of the Union (2005)
Razzie Winner or Nominee - Land of the Lost (2009)
MST3K/RiffTrax version of a film

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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016


GOAL: 100 (REALISTIC GOAL: 50 - 75)

Friday, April 1st
1. Gone with the Pope (2010) BD
2. Massacre: Mafia Style (aka "Like Father, Like Son") (1974) STREAM/VOD
3. Ozploitation Trailer Explosion (2014) STREAM/VOD

Saturday, April 2nd
4. Vixens of Kung Fu (1975) STREAM/VOD
5. Deadly Prey (1987) BD
6. Stray Cat Rock: Delinquent Girl Boss (Nora-neko rokku: Onna banchô) (1970) BD
7. Sexy Timetrip Ninjas (1984) STREAM/VOD

Sunday, April 3rd
8. Applecart (2015) STREAM/VOD
9. Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack
(Gojira, Mosura, Kingu Gidorâ: Daikaijû sôkôgeki) (2001)
10. The Invisible Monster: Chapters 1 - 4 (1950) BD

Monday, April 4th
11. The Invisible Monster: Chapters 5 - 8 (1950) BD
12. Lake Placid 2: Unrated (2007) BD

Tuesday, April 5th
13. The Invisible Monster: Chapters 9 - 12 (1950) BD

14. Pit Stop (1969) BD
15. Split Second (1992) BD

Wednesday, April 6th
16. Run Coyote Run (1987) STREAM/VOD
17. The Unholy Rollers (1972) STREAM/VOD

Thursday, April 7th
18. The Doll Squad (1973) STREAM/VOD
19. Ninja Apocalypse (2014) BD (I guess.)

Friday, April 8th
20. Abar: The First Black Superman (1977) TCMU
21. The Cut-Throats (1969) STREAM/VOD
22. Vigilante (1983) BD

Saturday, April 9th
23. The Kid with the Golden Arm (Jin bei tong) (1979) STREAM/VOD
24. Stray Cat Rock: Wild Jumbo (Nora-neko rokku: Wairudo janbo) (1970) BD
25. Spring Break (1983) BD
26. Tasty (1985) STREAM/VOD

Sunday, April 10th
27. Cemetery Without Crosses (Cimitero senza croci) (1969) BD
28. 42nd Street Memories: The Rise and Fall of America's Most Notorious Street (2015) BD
29. Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla (Gojira X Mekagojira) (2002) BD
30. Fast Cars Fast Women (1981) STREAM/VOD

Monday, April 11th
31. Lost Faith (1992) STREAM/VOD
32. I Love Maria (Tie jia wu di Ma Li Ya) (1988)

Tuesday, April 12th
33. The Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze (1963) BD
34. The Dallas Connection (1994)

Wednesday, April 13th
35. I Dismember Mama (aka "Poor Albert and Little Annie") (1972) STREAM/VOD
36. The Dragon Lives Again (aka "Deadly Hands of Kung Fu") (Li san jiao wei zhen di yu men) (1977) STREAM/VOD

Thursday, April 14th
37. Sweet Trash (1970) STREAM/VOD
38. White Lightning (1973) BD

Friday, April 15th
39. Fast Company (1979) BD
40. Shorts Bonanza (????) STREAM/VOD
41. Ninja Assassin (2009) BD

Saturday, April 16th
42. Terminal Island (1973) STREAM/VOD
43. Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter (Nora-neko rokku: Sekkusu hantaa) (1970) BD

Sunday, April 17th
44. The Masked Avengers (Cha shou) (1981) STREAM/VOD
45. Midnight Stalker (2002) STREAM/VOD

Monday, April 18th
46. Cannonball! (1976) STREAM/VOD
47. Supersoul Brother (1978) STREAM/VOD

Tuesday, April 19th
48. Nomad Riders (1984) STREAM/VOD
49. Hardbodies 2 (1986)

Wednesday, April 20th
50. Ban the Sadist Videos! (2006) STREAM/VOD
51. An American Hippie in Israel (Ha-Trempist) (1972) STREAM/VOD

Thursday, April 21st
52. Graffiti Bridge (1990) STREAM/VOD R.I.P Prince
53. Roar w/ commentary (1981) BD R.I.P. Toothpick

Friday, April 22nd
54. Ride the Hot Wind (1971) STREAM/VOD
55. Shoot First, Die Later (Il poliziotto è marcio) (1974) BD
56. Polyester (1981) STREAM/VOD

Saturday, April 23rd
57. The Angel and the Beasts (aka "Triangle of Lust") (1978) STREAM/VOD
58. Raw Force (1982) BD
59. Candy Goes to Hollywood (1979) STREAM/VOD THUMBS UP (Image limit reached. Ugh.)

Sunday, April 24th
60. Colour Correct My Cock: A Canadian Take on the Trailer Compilation (2012) STREAM/VOD THUMBS UP
61. Stray Cat Rock: Machine Animal (Nora-neko rokku: Mashin animaru) (1970) BD THUMBS UP
62. Punk Vacation (1990) STREAM/VOD THUMBS UP

Monday, April 25th
63. Swamp Women (1956) STREAM/VOD THUMBS DOWN
64. Django, Prepare a Coffin (aka "Viva Django") (Preparati la bara!) (1968) BD THUMBS UP
65. Starship Eros (1980) STREAM/VOD THUMBS UP

Tuesday, April 26th
66. Love Camp 7 (1969) STREAM/VOD THUMBS UP
67. Pieces (Mil gritos tiene la noche) (1982) BD THUMBS UP

Wednesday, April 27th
68. Fight for Your Life (1977) STREAM/VOD THUMBS UP
69. The Million Eyes of SuMuru (1967) BD THUMBS UP
70. Day of the Warrior (1996) THUMBS UP

Thursday, April 28th
71. Lady Snowblood (Shurayukihime) (1973) BD THUMBS UP
72. Vampire Settle on the Police Camp (Yi mei dao gu) (1990) THUMBS UP

Friday, April 29th
73. Bloody Wednesday (1987) BD THUMBS UP
74. That's Sexploitation! (2013) BD THUMBS UP

Saturday, April 30th
75. Lady Snowblood 2: Love Song of Vengeance (Urami koiuta) (1974) BD THUMBS UP
76. A Bullet for the General (Quién sabe?) (1966) BD THUMBS UP
77. Return to Savage Beach (1998) THUMBS UP


First Time Viewings Total: 72/77

Box Sets & Streaming Services Used:
Stray Cat Rock: The Collection
Rebirth of Mothra I II III Triple Feature
The Three Stooges Triple Feature Volume 2 Blu-ray
Girls, Guns and G-Strings
Full Moon Streaming


= First Time Viewing
BD = Blu-ray
STREAM/VOD = Streaming, VOD
TCMU = TCM Underground
No Symbol = DVD


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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

I'll do it as long as I still have internet & cable.

1. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "The Mole People" (1956/1997) DVD
2. Bloodsucking Bastards (2015) Showtime Beyond
3. Gravy (2015) Showtime Beyond
4. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "The Deadly Mantis" (1957/1997) DVD
5. Cube (1997) Epix On Demand
6. Cube2 Hypercube (2002) Epix On Demand

Cable & Internet Turned Off!

7. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "The Thing That Couldn't Die" (1958/1997) DVD
8. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "The Giant Spider Invasion" (1975/1997) DVD
9. Sphinx (1981) VHS
10. Nothing Personal (1980) VHS
11. Oh Heavenly Dog (1980) VHS
12. Blackenstein (1973) VHS
13. Delusion (1980) VHS
14. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "Parts: The Clonus Horror" (1979/1997) DVD
15. Alice Sweet Alice (1977) DVD
16. The Beast Of The Yellow Night (1971) DVD
17. Beyond Atlantis (1973) DVD
18. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies" (1964/1997) DVD
19. The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies (1964) DVD
20. Slumber Party "57" (1976) VHS
21. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "Jack Frost" (1966/1997) DVD
22. You Light Up My Life (1977) VHS
23. Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday The 13th (2000) DVD
24. Never Too Late (1937) DVD
25. Bowery At Midnight (1942) DVD
26. Number Seventeen (1932) DVD
27. The Face At The Window (1939) DVD
28. The Shadow Of Silk Lennox (1935) DVD
29. End Of The World (1977) DVD
30. The Fury Of The Wolf Man (1972) DVD
31. The Ticket Of Leave Man (1937) DVD
32. Shadow Of Chinatown (1936) DVD
33. Hands Of The Ripper (1971) DVD
34. Twins Of Evil (1971) DVD
35. The Flesh And The Fury: X-Posing Twins Of Evil (2012) DVD
36. Frankenhooker (1990) DVD
37. Appointment With Death (1988) VHS
38. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "Prince Of Space" (1956/1997) DVD
39. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "Devil Doll" (1963/1997) DVD
40. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "Time Chasers" (1990/1997) DVD
41. Down Among The Z Men (1952) DVD
42. The Smallest Show On Earth (1957) DVD
43. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "The Projected Man" (1966/1998) DVD
44. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "The Phantom Planet" (1961/1998) DVD
45. She (1985) VHS
46. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "The Pumaman" (1980/1998) DVD
47. Yellow Hair And The Fortress Of Gold (1984) DVD
48. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "Werewolf" (1996/1998) DVD
49. Hollywood Boulevard (1976) VHS
50. Soldier (1999) VHS
51. Arnold (1970) VHS
52. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "Hobgoblins" (1987/1998) DVD
53. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "The Touch Of Satan" (1971/1998) DVD
54. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "Gorgo" (1960/1998) DVD
55. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "The Final Sacrifice" (1990/1998) DVD
56. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "Devil Fish" (1984/1998) DVD
57. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "The Screaming Skull" (1958/1998) DVD
58. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "Soultaker" (1990/1999) DVD
59. Angel Of Vengeance (1993) DVD
60. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "Girl In Gold Boots" (1968/1999) DVD
61. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "Merlin's Shop Of Mystical Wonders" (1995/1999) DVD
62. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "Future War" (1994/1999) DVD
63. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "Blood Waters Of Dr. Z" (1972/1999) DVD
64. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "Boggy Creek II: And The Legend Continues" (1983/1999) DVD
65. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "Track Of The Moon Beast" (1976/1999) DVD-R
66. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "Final Justice" (1984/1999) DVD
67. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "Hamlet" (1961/1999) DVD
68. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "It Lives By Night" (1974/1999) DVD
69. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "Horrors Of Spider Island" (1960/1999) DVD
70. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "Squirm" (1976/1999) DVD
71. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "Diabolik" (1968/1999) DVD-R
72. Cheerleader Camp (1988) DVD
73. The Day The Earth Caught Fire (1961) DVD
74. Mystery Science Theater 3000 "Mr. B's Lost Shorts" (2000) DVD
75. Rifftrax "Ghosthouse" (1988/2013) DVD
76. Spiritism (19) DVD
77. Rifftrax "Shorts To Astonish!" (2012) DVD
78. Rifftrax "The Little Shop Of Horrors" (1960/2009) DVD
79. Rifftrax "Night Of The Living Dead" (1968/2009) DVD
80. Rifftrax "Reefer Madness" (1936/2009) DVD
81. Rifftrax "Carnival Of Souls" (1962/2009) DVD
82. Rifftrax "House On Haunted Hill" (19592009) DVD
83. Crimes At The Dark House (1940) DVD
84. The Incredible Petrified World (1957) DVD
85. The Ghost (1963) DVD
86. Rifftrax "Missile To The Moon" (1958/2009) DVD
87. Rifftrax "Plan 9 From Outer Space" (1959/2009) DVD

May 7 - Cable & Internet BACK!!!

Past B-Movie Totals:
1st (2010) = 137 (77 FTVs)
2nd (2011) = 83 (64 FTVs)
3rd (2012) = 151 (151 FTVs)
4th (2013) = 116 (116 FTVs)
5th (2014) = 39 (24 FTVs)
6th (2015) = 77 (37 FTVs)

My 2010 Lists - (B-Movie/Make-Your-Own/Historical/Sci-Fi/Animation/Criterion/Horror/Holiday)
My 2011 Lists - (TV On DVD/Academy Award/B-Movie/Make-Your-Own/Historical/Sci-Fi/Animation/Horror/Comedy/Holiday)
My 2012 Lists - (TV On DVD/Leap Day/Action/B-Movie/Make-Your-Own/Historical/Sci-Fi/Animation/Criterion/Horror/Comedy/Holiday)
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My 2015 Lists - (TV On DVD/Academy Award/Action/B-Movie/Make-Your-Own/Historical/Sci-Fi/Animation/Horror/Comedy/Holiday)
My 2016 Lists - (TV On DVD/Academy Award/Leap Day/Action/B-Movie)

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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

April already?

APR01 (F)
Martial Law S1E4 "Funny Money"
Martial Law S1E5 "Cop Out"
Martial Law S1E6 "Extreme Measures"
Martial Law S1E7 "Trackdown"

APR02 (Sa)
Martial Law S1E8 "Take Out"
Martial Law S1E9 "How Sammo Got His Groove Back"
Martial Law S1E10 "Bad Seed"

APR03 (Su)
Martial Law S1E11 "Lock-Up"
Martial Law S1E12 "Painted Faces"

APR04 (M)
Martial Law S1E13 "Substitutes"
The Van

APR05 (Tu)
Martial Law S1E14 "Wildlife"
The Lone Wolf Keeps a Date

Tarzan, the Ape Man
Man With a Million
A Pete Smith Specialty: Just Suppose (1948)
Abar, the first Black Superman

APR07 (Th)
Surf Nazis Must Die
Shaft in Africa
All Hell Breaks Loose

8 Heads in a Duffel Bag

APR09 (Sa)

APR10 (Su)

The Symbol of the Unconquered
Into the Woods
Ingluorious Basterds

The Lone Ranger
Tron: Legacy

They Drive By Night


Batman v Superman
The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance

Juke Girl

Honky Tonk
The Extra Girl

A Million Ways to Die in the West



The Day the Earth Stood Still
Movie 43
Massacre Time

If you see Sartana, Pray for your Death
I am Sartana... Your Angel of Death
Je T'aime John Wayne
I sm Sartana... Trade your guns for a coffin

Have a good funeral, amigo... Sartana will pay

Light the Fuse... Sartana is Coming

Bedlam (1946)

Blond Cheat
Torchy Blane: The Adventurous Blonde (1937)
Torchy Blane: Smart Blonde


Arsene Lupin

Arsene Lupin Returns

The Train Robbers (1973)
Wagon Master

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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge

Personal goal 30
⌚️ = rewatch

1. March 31: Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, True Story of Cannon Films 2014, R, NETFLIX

2. April 1: Hanzo The Razor: The Snare1973, NR, HULU
Hideaway weapons above the bathtub, Hanzo has thought of everything.

3. April 3: Vixen! 1968, NR, VIMEO
"Is she women...or animal?"

4. April 4: Drive Angry 2011, R, DVD
"One hell of a ride."
I would have liked to have seen more actual angry driving.

5. April 5: Supervixens 1975, NR, YOUTUBE
"Too much...for one movie!"

6. April 6: Jackie Brown 1997, R, DVD, ⌚️
"Six players on the trail of a half a million in cash."

7. April 8: Savage Beach 1989, R, YOUTUBE
"Someone won't get out of this alive!"

8. April 8: Attack The Block 2011, R, DVD, ⌚️
"Inner city vs. outer space"
This is too much madness to explain on one text! This was a lot of fun. I like the dynamic of the victim of a crime forced to help her attackers because of outside forces. Great Nick Frost cameo plus the energetic soundtrack is right on.

9. April 8: The House of the Devil 2009, R, HULU, ⌚️
"Talk on the phone. Finish your homework. Watch TV. Die."

10. April 9: Army of Darkness 1992, R, BLURAY
"1 man, 1 million dead, The odds are just about even."

11. April 11: Godzilla, Mothra, King Gidorah: Giant Monsters All-out Attack 2001, NR, DVD

12. April 13: Only God Forgives 2013, R, PRIME, WILDCARD
"Time to Meet The Devil"

13. April 20: Rolling Thunder 1977, R, DVD
"Major Charles Rane is coming home to war!"

14. April 21: Above The Law 1989, R, TV
"This cop believes no one is above the law!"

15. April 22: Elysium 2013, R, TV, WILDCARD

16. April 25: Turbo Kid 2015, NR, NETFLIX
"Coming soon to a wasteland near you!"
This was way more fun than I was expecting. Great gore and loved the BMX vehicles.

17. April 26: The Wicker Man 2006, PG-13, HBOGO
"Not the bees!"

18. April 29: Escape From New York 1981, R, HULU
"1997. New York City is now a maximum security prison. Breaking out is impossible. Breaking in is insane."

19. April 29: Escape From L.A. 1996, R, NETFLIX
"Snake is Back."


Watch one film from every decade of film history.
* 1890 - (insert film title here)(Optional)
* 1900 -(optional)
* 1910 -(optional)
* 1920 -(optional)
* 1930 -
* 1940 -
* 1950 -
* 1960 - Vixen!
* 1970 - Hanzo The Razor: The Snare
* 1980 - Savage Beach
* 1990 -Jackie Brown
* 2000 -The House of the Devil
* 2010 - Drive Angry
Watch a film for each rating:
* G - (optional)
* PG -
* PG-13 -
* R - Attack The Block
* X (or NC-17) -
* Unrated (post-MPAA 1968) -

Watch films in at least three formats (DVD, BD, HD DVD, Laserdisc, TV, online, Streaming Netflix type, UMD, theater, iPod, VHS-sourced{VHS transferred to DVD-+R is fine}).
* First format, (PRIME), Only God Forgives Wildcard
* Second format, (BLURAY), Army of Darkness
* Third format, (TV), Elysium

Watch a film in an actual Drive-in. (optional) (insert title)

Watch a film in the following genres:
A Token Science Fiction B-Movie: Turbo Kid
A Token Horror B-Movie:
Italian (or European) films of the following Genres:
* Eurospy (James Bond ripoffs)
* Giallo
* Sword & Sandal
* Spaghetti Western
* Cannibal Film
* Mafia/Gangster Film
Martial Arts film:
* Bruce Lee-sploitation (Starring any variation on Bruce Li, Le, etc.)
* Hong Kong (or other Asian) film
* American film
* Any "Ninja" film
* Bonus* Actual Bruce Lee film
Biker Film
Stoner Film
Carsploitation Film
* Any type Super Vixens!
* Nudie Cutie
* Roughie
* 70s Porn
* Emmanuelle Film
* Teen Sex Comedy
Rape/Revenge Film
Vigilante Film Rolling Thunder
Women in Prison
Eschploitation (religious end times, or general religious exploitation)
Roadshow Exploitation/30s-40s "Cautionary" films
"Hood" Film ("Gangsta")
Hollywood Gangster film (Film Noir era)
Juvenile Delinquent Film
60s Beach Movie
Film starring Musical Group or Music Star (that did not become a legit actor)
* *Bonus* Elvis film
Mexican Wrestling Film
Foreign "Ripoff" film (such as Turkish cinema)
Bollywood Film (actual, not a Hollywood pastiche)
Eco-Terror Film GMK: Giant Monsters All-out Attack
"Mondo" Film
Documentary ABOUT B-Movies/Exploitation/Drive-ins or those involved in their production Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, True Story of Cannon Films
Video Nasty
* Lifetime Channel Movie
Bad Sequel to a "Well regarded film"
Critical Bomb (Less than 20% Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic or IMDB Bottom 100 {Bottom 100 archive})
Financial Bomb The Wicker Man
MST3K/RiffTrax (or Cinematic Titanic) version of a film

Watch 10 films starring anyone from the actors safe list.
* 1 Above The Law PAM GRIER
* 2 Escape From L.A. BRUCE CAMPBELL
* 3
* 4
* 5
* 6
* 7
* 8
* 9
* 10

Watch 10 films Directed/Produced by anyone from the directors/producers safe list.
* 1 Escape From New York JOHN CARPENTER
* 2
* 3
* 4
* 5
* 6
* 7
* 8
* 9
* 10

Watch 5 films from those in the Studio/Distributor safe list.
* 1
* 2
* 3
* 4
* 5


Total watched: 19
⌚️Rewatches: 3


DVDTalk Annual Drive-In/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge
2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010

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