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  1. FS: New Releases and Boxsets -- Priced to Sell In Order To Fund Grad School Education
  2. DVDs FS: OOPs, Criterion, Rare, Cheapies, PS2, AFI 100's, Best Pictures, etc.--5 DAYS
  3. FT: Mainly horror and cult films
  4. FT: CC's, Disney's, OOP, silent films, etc.
  5. FS/FT: Lower Depths CC, M (remastered) CC...
  6. Various wants, have DVDs/Games for trade.
  7. DVD'S FS/FT: X-Files, Star Trek, CC
  8. FT/FS: Predator SE & Man Who Fell To Earth (SE)
  9. New Kid on the block FT
  10. Is cherry vanilla dr pepper available in your area ? Please Read..:)
  11. Lower Prices! Roswell, Buffy, Harry Potter, NYPD BLUE,Back to the Future,Mary Poppins
  12. Looking For Alien vs. Predator Blockbuster Exclusive Edition (plus more)! Come Inside
  13. Trade List
  14. FT: Superbit, Criterion/Box Set
  15. New stuff and old untradeables
  16. Box sets, Criterion, Disney, imports FT
  17. FS/FT SNL Best of Eddie Murphy
  18. looking for 2 quick trades
  19. For Sale/Trade 1/23 TequilaYuen187
  20. WTB: Jackie Chan's stuff
  21. Cheers, superbits, hitchcocks and more FT
  22. For Trade: HK/Japanese/Korean/Anime DVDs - Castle In The Sky, Party 7, Kitano + more
  23. Seinfeld S1-3 with Calendar and Bonus DVD, Fighter In The Wind, Monster Legacy, More!
  24. FS/FT: Friday Night Lights (SEALED/with BOOK), King Arthur, Little Black Book & more!
  25. Looking For Outer Limits Season 1 or 2 Original Series
  26. Finding Nemo, Flirting With Disaster CE, Blow Out
  27. Huge Want List/link To My Collection/make Offers To Trade Or Sell/looking For A Lot!!
  28. OT: Is it just me or does GOld Trade not mean jack anymore
  29. FT Criterions!!!!!!
  30. Hercules: S5 other box sets for trade...
  32. FT (or) FS - Band of Brothers, Blues Brothers, Oz, 24 (S1+2), Dis. Tarzan, Buffy S1,
  33. FS: DVD Titles / Logitech MX500 Optical Mouse
  34. new! TequilaYuen187 trade/sale list 1/17
  35. Boxed sets, OOP, Criterion and other goodies for sale or trade!
  36. Superbits, Disney, Box Sets, TV Shows F/T - F/S
  37. CC, DTS and TV sets for trade!
  38. FT: Several OOP CCs, James Bond,Kika, many more.
  39. The Good Trader List CXVI
  40. WTT - Herzog DVD's For West Side Story SE
  41. WTB: 24 Season 3, MI-5 Season 1..Also have some FS/FT
  42. Lidsville; Ice Station Zebra; Aladdin II & III; Disney Cartoon Classics; More...
  43. LOTS of good dvds FS/FT...
  44. Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume 3
  45. FT: Leon UE/Harold & Kumar UR/Troy/Arrested Dev S1
  46. Fifth Element UE and Many More for Trade
  47. FT Collateral(sealed) the village and others
  48. C.S.I. season DVDs and Router Ft WTD: Ice Station Zebra, DLX Leon & more
  49. Has Anyone Tried Peerflix?
  50. I'M BACK! Over 150 FT: TV sets, Horror, CC, OOP, SEALED, 2discs, etc.
  51. DVD Trading Web Sites?
  52. Anyone want Shawshank 2-disc LE (w/soundtrack + book)
  53. FT/FS: Manchurian Candidate, Riddick, Dodgeball, the O.C., Troy, Cliffhanger SB, etc
  54. For Trade: HK/Japanese/Korean/Anime DVDs
  55. Ice Station Zebra; King Solomon's Mines; Speakeasy (Project Greenlight);More New DVDs
  56. For Sale: Box Sets - Simpsons:S5, 24:S3, Curb:S1, Oz:S2, The Hitchhiker and Lots More
  57. Over 80 DVDs (out of Print, Disney, Criterion and many more)
  58. New/sealed Passion of the Christ WS anybody?
  59. FT: Voyager,Curb,Dawson,Buffy,Tru Calling,Sliders,Muppet Show & More
  60. FT Eurotrip:Unrated,Hellboy:2 Disc,Top Gun:CE,24:S1 +More
  61. Superbits, Star Wars, TV Shows For Trade & Sale
  62. FS: Napolean Dynamite and others
  63. Donnie Darko Tin, Blood Last Vampire Deluxe Box, Buffy S7, and much more FT
  64. WTB: Some DVDs
  65. TV Shows & Movies for Trade / My Have & Want List
  66. S/T: Bourne Supremacy, Manchurian Candidate, Riddick, Dodgeball, Spiderman2, Hero &..
  67. 2005 NEW trade List: Criterion, TV, OOP
  68. FS/FT: 2046, Three... Box Set, Killing Zoe + Pianist 3-disc sets, Hitchcock & more!
  69. Original R1 DVD Covers For Sale or Trade
  70. TV Boxsets, Limited Editions & Much More For Trade
  71. OOP, Arthouse, Trash... something for everyone
  72. Roswell, Wimbledon, The Termainal, Arrested Development, Angel, Speed Racer, Shrek 2
  73. The sale continues many Criterions, great movies, etc.
  74. Short Cuts CC/Carnivale S1/Underworld SB
  75. Lots for Trade w/ Want List
  76. FS - 1800+ used DVDs @ 75-77% off original MSRP
  77. MST 3000 Collection - Vol 6 FT/FS
  78. TV DVDs - Ali G, Twilight Zone, Batman TAS, Samurai Jack, Insomniac, etc.
  79. FT: Many TV releases (Punk'd, Simpsons, Invader Zim etc.) and some movies
  80. FT: Ren & Stimpy w/ Bonus Disc, Hitchcock Presents & More
  81. Family Guy, Mean Streets (SE), Irreversible, etc. FT/FS
  82. New Releases, DTS, OOP's, some cds (keeps updating)
  83. I will trade console boxes for dvds
  84. Trading Simpsons S 1-3 on DVD
  85. DVD Box Sets & Others: Night Gallery, Monk, Dukes Of Hazzard, Showgirls, ET & Others
  86. FT: Japanese/HK/Korean DVDs - Samurai Trilogy Criterion, Dersu Uzala
  87. The Deer Hunter 2-disc (R2) + many more!!
  89. HELP! Gotta Trade: Criterion, Blues Bros, Tarzan, OOP, 24 Season, etc
  90. FT: 100+ titles. Updated list. Some Criterions, TV sets, OOP and much more!
  91. Save The Green Planet, Videodrome & More... Foreign & Domestic!
  92. FT: Yakuza Papers Set; Spies; and more
  93. New and Improved Trade List - TV, Disney & More!
  94. WTB/WTT these dvd's
  95. Everything must go!!! Boxed sets...
  96. End Of The Year Blowout! New Screener Deals!
  97. Updated trade list, all must go!
  98. Willing To Buy Listed Best Buy Bonus Discs
  99. FS/T NEW/SEALED West Side Story:SE and Romeo+Juliet
  100. F/T Cassavetes Criterion, Robocop, Toy Story, etc...
  101. FS- Ilsa (Boxset), The Crow (3dvd boxset)...and more
  102. Buying Dvds...Also my Trade/Sell List
  103. LOTR ROTK EE plus more!
  104. FT: Criterion, Disney, OOP, Foreign+Miike and others,...
  105. Trading dvds for laserdiscs big list
  106. FT: Naked Lunch: Criterion, Dawn of the Dead: Unrated, others
  107. FT - True Romance: SE, 12 Monkeys: CE, more
  108. F/T Robocop and much more
  109. Spiderman 2 Gift set/Carnivale S1/ OC S1 for trade + others
  110. FT: Tru Calling, Sliders & Many More TV on DVD
  111. fs/ft: Chronicles Riddick, Uzumaki, Hero, Before Sunset, Stepford Wives, and more!
  112. Collateral, Memento LE, and more FT
  113. Ren and Stimpy Season One and Two FT
  114. FT: Fifth Element Superbit
  115. The Good Trader List CXV
  116. Super Cheap Hundreds Of Dvds Gigantic List
  117. Billy Madison Happy Gilmore Special Edition DVD Box Set for trade
  118. Wanted to Buy Disney DVD's
  119. FT: Mulan SE, Six Feet Under S2, Doctor Zhivago, Das Boot Uncut
  120. FS/FT: Anime - R1, R2 and R3.
  121. FS/FT: Chronicles of Riddick: Unrated Director's Cut, The Clearing, & Stateside.
  122. Fighter In The Wind LE, Hero Japanese Box Set, Kill Bill Vol 2 Box Set, plus many R1s
  123. FS/FT: Disney boxsets, TV Shows, Movies...
  124. A few more dvds f/s or f/t
  125. South Park, Aqua Teen, Coupling, and Others For Sale.
  126. FT/WTTF Tons here for trade for following titles
  127. Wanted: Another banning for me
  128. FS: Region 2 Japanese discs, limited, oop, DTS
  129. F/S THX-1138, Eerie, Indiana and some more
  130. FT, Angel S4, Everybody Loves Raymond, Buffy S7, Six Feet Under, Smallville, and more
  131. FT: Lots of R2jp and R3 stuff!! OOP
  132. Great Deals on movies for sale (also a confessional), long list
  133. FS-DVDs, Sets, Doubles, SACD, DVD A, OLD PS1 and PORN!!!!
  134. For sale: 10 DVD's for cheap!!!
  135. FT: Criterions, Superbits, Sopranos S1-3
  136. Quantum Leap Season 2 FT
  137. Selling These 4 DVDs for $9/Each. Buy These Before They Go To Ebay. New-ish Releases.
  138. FS/FT: Casshern Ultimate Ed Reg 2, TCM SP Ed 2 disc, I'll Sleep When I'm dead plus
  139. FT: Will & Grace - Season One
  140. 5 Titles for $30 Shipped! Many to choose from, many still sealed
  141. FS/T ~Classic Noir~ Body and Soul/Champion
  142. FT/FS: Saved!, Cure (Kurosawa), Oz:S2, Jess Franco Flicks, Deathdream and More
  143. FT: X2 (X-men 2) and School Of Rock
  144. FT- Seinfield season 1&2 and 3
  145. Christine SE, Spartacus CC, Videodrome CC, Etc.
  146. Harry Potter, Smallville, The Terminal, Sherk 2, Wonderland, Daredevil, Doc Hollywood
  147. WTB: Snow White 2-Disc OOP DVD with Slipcover
  148. November DVDs for trade
  149. Invisible Man, Angel, Buffy, Highlander, Stargate, and Other TV Series FT/S
  151. FT:Fukasaku, Suzuki, and more
  153. FT: TV on DVD, 2-disc SE's, OOP's, Sealed Titles + MORE!!!
  154. FS: OOP Criterions for sale at RETARDED PRICES!!
  155. For Trade: HK, Japanese, Korean DVDs, 2LDK, Sorum, Shark Skin Man, Samurai Fiction
  156. FT: Flesh For Frankenstein and Stroszek
  157. FS: Futurama Vol. 1, Ben Stiller Show, Three Colors Trilogy, etc.
  158. FS: Clearing out some cheap DVDS
  159. DVD's no one will trade for....?
  160. All New (Well, Some New) Holiday Season Sale & Trade Thread!
  161. CSI, Sex & The City, and a ton of others for trade
  162. Gigantic List PT 3 NEW LOWER PRICES CHEAP!
  163. Entire collection for sell
  164. DVDs For Trade - New Titles Added (Criterions, Jess Franco, Peter Greenaway)
  165. F/T: Superbits (Sealed), Criterions (Sealed), Night Gallery (Sealed) + MORE!!
  166. Wildboyz, Da Ali G Show ...
  167. FS/FT Huge List! Check It Out! WWE, etc.
  168. FT: Criterions, Anime, Other Junk
  169. FS/FT : Superbits
  170. Hellraiser:Lament box LE sealed, Criterions
  171. FS/T: 5 Woo/Fat DVDs (Hard Boiled, Killer, etc)
  172. FS: Infernal Affairs I, II, & III, Kill Bill Vol 2 Japan LE Box..more
  173. FT: Gothika (2-disc), OOP's & More!
  174. Jarcat's updated Available/Wanted listings
  175. Dream ON Season 1/2 & Law Order Second Year FT
  176. FS/FT: Sports Night The Complete Series
  177. A few for trade and sale!
  178. WANTED: Insert for J. Carpenter's "The Thing"
  179. F/S: Superbits, BTTF Trilogy, Shrek: 2 Disc and lots more
  180. Some DVD's I Would Like To Trade
  182. TV on DVD and Lots More! New stuff added!
  183. FT/FS: Sopranos Season 1-4, Six Feet Under Season 1, Leon The Professional
  184. FT: History Of Beavis And Butthead AUTHENTIC, NEW
  185. 14 Criterions Away
  187. FS/FT Random DVDs from my collection
  188. Non R1 DVDs For Sale
  189. For Trade List
  190. FS/FT: Day After Tomorrow, Van Helsing, Eternal Sunshine, Ella Enchanted and more!
  191. FS/FT: My Wife Is A Gangster, Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance & More!
  192. FT : Day of the Dead 2 disc, Great Silence, etc...
  193. FS Various Anime DVD's and Asian Horror
  194. lots to trade...looking for boxsets and xbox games
  195. Looking to Trade
  196. New Exchange Forum Policies --> Delivery Confirmation / Shipping!
  197. The Good Trader List CXIV
  198. FT: Evil Dead 2 Tin, Army Of Darkness LE 2Disc, etc.
  199. FS: DVDs and LDs
  200. Legend of Suriyothai, Whale Rider & others FT/FS
  201. Lots of different DVDs F/T: Night Gallery, Criterions, THX-1138, PORN, all sealed!!
  202. FS: Many discs, foreign, TV, Criterion, $5 discs
  203. Long list of trades and wants.
  204. FS/FT TV Box sets - New/Sealed
  205. The Good Trader List CXIII
  206. F/T Many NEW (SEALED) Titles -UPDATED ALOT---Looking for Criterion
  207. Big new trade list - first post on this particular forum
  208. The Good Trader List CXII
  209. Gigantic List,Criterion,Foreign,RAre,OOP EVERYTHING
  210. The Good Trader List CXI
  211. The Good Trader List CX
  212. WTT & B: Criterion Collection films LOOK!
  213. The Good Trader List CIX
  214. For Sale: TV Box sets / Criterions, and a few more
  215. The Good Trader List CVIII
  216. The Good Trader List CVII
  217. DVDs FT or FS (some sealed, none are rentals). Always Updated!!!
  218. The Good Trader List CVI
  219. FS: 24, Buffy, and other Fox box sets
  220. The Good Trader List CV
  221. FT/FS: New Releases/The Office S1/Ed Wood/21 Grams/Dirty Pretty Things/etc...
  222. The Good Trader List CIV
  223. Used DVD Treasure Hunt
  224. Used DVD Treasure Hunt Lounge
  225. The Good Trader List CIII
  226. A few FT and lots of wants...
  227. The Good Trader List CII
  228. Plenty to choose from- rare/oop, dts, Criterion, tins, Disney etc... eBay bound soon!
  229. The Good Trader List CI
  230. Bad Trader Hall Of Shame: Adam / Daniel Bellay
  231. The Good Trader List C
  232. It's Back!!! My Huge List Of DVDs for sale.
  233. The Good Trader List XCIX
  234. Huge DVD FS List
  235. The Good Trader List XCVIII
  236. The Good Trader List XCVII
  237. Mint/Sealed DVD's + more..
  238. The Good Trader List XCVI
  239. The Most Extensive Trade/Sale List You'll See on This Board.....
  240. The Good Trader List XCV
  241. A few Mint/Sealed & Mint/Open DVD's + more for sale..
  242. NOW almost 500 for trade, some for sale....
  243. The Good Trader List XCIV
  244. A few Mint/Sealed & Mint/Open DVD's + more for sale..
  245. The Good Trader List XCIII
  246. The Good Trader List XCII
  247. A Few Mint/Sealed DVD's for sale..
  248. The Good Trader List XCI
  249. The Good Trader List XC
  250. The Good Trader List LXXXIX