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  1. FS: 65+ DVDs (Criterions, Box Sets, etc.)
  2. FT Friend (chingu)
  3. FT/FS: All Transformers sets, Punk'd Sets
  5. Looking for a good copy Little Mermaid Dvd
  6. Everything from bargain titles to OOP Superbits for trade!
  7. FT:Spongebob S1 S2, Taken, Aqua Teen, Playmakers, Vampires SB
  8. **New** Music Collection F/T 4 DVDs
  9. James Bond DVD Box Set Collection (20 DVD's)
  10. 24 Seasons 2 & 3 Plus Others for Trade or Sale
  11. Unloading a couple things, low prices as always!
  12. WTB: Various DVDS. LOOK HERE!!
  13. WTB: Lots of DVDs, Any, Give me what ya got!
  14. FS-All Five seasons of Ally McBeal, incredible deal and bonus dvds!
  15. Anyone interested in Six Feet Under S1, just the discs?
  16. Anyone selling Curb your Enthusiam Season 4 yet.....?
  17. Many OOP, a couple sealed, a Criterion, and many others - take a look
  18. Horror DVDs for Trade!
  19. Need paypal, DVD FS inside
  20. 2046 LE for sale (sealed)
  21. Anime, Asian Cinema & other DVDs for sale or trade
  22. Monster-in-Law, Alfie FT
  23. Selling my entire collection, DVD BLOWOUT!! (100+ DVDs)(Buy 6 get 1 FREE)
  24. 24 season 1 for trade
  25. OOP WWE DVDs/Reno 911 S2/Hellboy DC/Robocop CC etc
  26. FT: Boogie Nights SE, Terminal LE, Home Movies, Criterions, Magnolia SE, Memento
  27. Wanted!: LOTR EE Box & more - will trade or pay $$$
  28. 7th Heaven Season One and Two
  29. FT:Jaws:30th,B:TAS box set
  30. FS/FT Criterion, box sets, empty cases and more
  31. WANTED: Sleeping Beauty(2disc) and Mothman Prophecies SE
  32. WANTED: Curb Your Enthusiasm S3
  33. if you look, you must buy.
  34. Felicity Season 1 (6 discs)
  35. F/S HVE, Merchant Ivory and World Films
  36. WTB/WTTF: UMD Games and Movies for the PSP
  37. Looking for some Elite Hammer LD's
  38. Toy Story and Tarzan For Trade
  39. DVD's FT
  40. For trade: 2001: A Space Odyssey: SE
  41. Looking for DVD boxes....
  42. For Sale/For Trade List! (Concert DVDs, sealed box set, etc.!)
  43. Looking for 'A Bittersweet Life' 2 Disc DVD
  44. Toy Story 10th Anniversary; Sin City; Curb Yr Enthusiasm S4; Empire Falls; More!...
  45. FT: A Lot Like Love, Alfie
  46. My FS/FT & WTB/T Lists; Some OOP, TV Boxsets, Mainstream, and Lots of Wants!
  47. ISO One Tree Hill and ???
  48. FT: Doctor Who, Criterions, and much more
  49. FT: Infernal Affairs Trilogy, CSI, Dawn of the Dead, Immortel, Thriller + Much More!
  50. FT: One 5:1 deal.
  51. WTB: Ultimate Toy Story Boxset
  52. Ft Disney and Criterion All must go Fast!!
  53. FS/FT: Planet of the Apes Movie/TV Set, Orgazmo...MORE
  54. FS: 175+ Titles
  55. Ultimate Toy Box 4 Sale!!!
  56. R1, R2, R3 etc dvds for sale
  57. FS/FT The O.C. S2, Kung Fu Hustle, Steam Boy, etc
  58. dvds for sale: cheap, cheap, cheap... kung fu hustle, guess who, coach carter, & more
  59. FS/ST Star trek original crew movie collecion,Lonney Tunes Gc 1,2 and more
  60. DVDs For Sale! Come See!
  61. FT: Friends 1-8
  62. FT: TV Sets Gilmore Girls, Looney Tunes, Buffy, Batman
  63. have matchstick men and hero looking for road warrior and risky business
  64. FT: NEW Freaks & Geeks || ISO: Matrix set
  65. Friends Sets/Nightmare on Elm Street Set, more FS
  66. FT: Medium - for your emmy consideration disk
  67. DVDs For Sale - Everything's Over 50% Off!!!
  68. The Good Trader List CXXV
  69. Wanted: TV on DVD and UMDs...
  70. for sale or trade, Cowboy Bebop complete 1-6, want some oop or boxset.
  71. FS: A Gaggle of DVD's
  72. Stuff you won't trade for
  73. FT/FS Trimming down my dvd collection...
  74. FT: Tartan, Disney, TV, HKs, OOPs, a Criterion & More!
  75. FT:Ringu Anthology
  76. crying fist r3k-eng subs--sealed
  77. FS: Adult DVDs
  78. FT: Batman Animated Series 3
  79. FT: Superbits, Sex And The City S1, The Crow 1-4, Rounders SE, The Grudge, Rocky 4
  80. Disney Treasures for sale
  81. Underworld Ext. Cut,Akira, Spaghetti Westerns
  82. DVDs FT
  83. FS: Star Trek TOS Season 1 & 2
  84. New titles Added-Legend's Big Trade/Sale list....
  85. Breaking the Waves (OOP), Ran 2-disc R2, Vertigo R2-16x9, Scorsese, Hitch, Fulci, etc
  86. WTB: Woody Allen Films
  87. FT: Over 130 DVDs, 50 OOP titles,Horror, Criterions, TV, More Wants Added!
  88. Updated - Brown Bunny, TJ Hooker, Off the Map, Guess Who, more...
  89. Japanese Limited Edition Finding Nemo. Anyone?
  90. dvds for trade or sale
  91. DVDS i dont need and dvds i want
  92. FS: Toy Story Ultimate Toy Box R1 3-disc
  93. WTB:BBC History Of WW2 Box Set
  94. F/T: Shawshank, East of Eden, Rebel w/o Cause, Bringing up Baby.....
  95. Have: Criterions, Want: Criterions
  96. BOB to trade for TV on DVD
  97. Anyone looking for the Looney Tunes collections?
  98. FS/FT Flash Gordon, Big Trouble In Little China 2 disc, Shrek (2-disc), Manhunter LE
  99. FS: Hard Boiled Criterion, Godfather Box, Trigun Limited Chrome Set
  100. FT/FS: Spiderman 2, Ladder 49, Out of Time, more...
  101. Looking to trade or buy these titles
  102. R2 & R3 DVDS - Riddick DTS, Enemy of the State (16:9) & More DTS
  103. FT: Criterions, No Shame DVDs, and more
  104. Hollow Man Superbit Deluxe Region 3-Please read though
  105. WTTF Tera Patrick DVDs
  106. Bunch of DVDs For Sale
  107. FT: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  108. Criterion DVDs for sale or trade (a few Disney titles too)
  109. Seinfeld Season 3 wanted......
  110. FS: DVD's come see
  111. Despretly Seeking OTH, DC, JOA, Felicity, and others!
  112. FT/FS Babylon 5 Season One Sealed
  113. Pretender S1, Rescue Me S1 FT
  114. FS: Nearly 50 titles! All in great condition! Good titles, even better values!
  115. Want Buffy s3, The OC F/T Joan of Arcadia, Dawson s5, Batman TAS and more
  116. Undeclared DVD set for Trade
  117. F/T Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Criterions, and more disney
  118. Looking For Sin City, Chappelle S1, Reno 911 S1, Muppets S1, Firefly, Lots To Trade
  119. For Trade/For Sale 8/19- Take a Look!
  120. Wanted: Nausicaa (w/ slipcover)
  121. Upright Citizen's Brigade Season 1 FT
  122. F/t Miami Vice S1, Joan Of Arcadia S1, Moonlighting S1/2, Charm S1, macgyver s2
  123. Hitchcock Criterion Box Set Wrong Men & Notorious Women FS
  124. FT or FS traffic, toy story, chappelle, foreign
  125. 5 for 1 trade
  126. FS:Scrubs, Boomtown, Appleseed LE, Around the World(Original), Gladiator 2D, Grudge
  127. Smallville Complete first season
  128. WTB - Walt Disney Treasures: The Complete Goofy
  129. Band Of Brothers to trade!
  130. FS: Unleashed & The Interpreter (R3)
  131. newer dvds for extremely cheapo prices...i'm droppin' 'em like it's hot!
  132. Canadian Looking For Trade with other Canadians
  133. Buffy (R1 & R2 anamorphic), Angel, Rushmore CC, Element of Crime CC, Brideshead
  134. FS: John Cena "Word Life" WWE DVD
  135. F/T Best Buy Bonus Discs,OOPs,TV/Box Sets,+100 others
  136. Anybody wanna trade dvds for Madden 2006 (XB)?
  137. FS: DVDs - Great Names
  138. F/T TVSHOW Boxsets
  139. F/S:Sin City Slip Covers!!!
  140. DVD Want List: Will Trade or Buy (Have Paypal)
  141. FT: Gate of Flesh: CC and much more
  142. FT karate kid box set,macgvyer s2,miami vice s1,magnum pi s2,pride and prejudice bbc
  143. FS: Used TV Box Sets & Movies
  144. XXX adult DVDs for sale... some good, some junk!!! WOOO!!!
  145. DVDs for $3.50 each!!!!!! GREAT DEAL
  146. Looking for WWE Vengeance 2002 DVD....
  147. FT: Sealed TV Boxsets
  148. Wtb: Dvds & Tvshows
  149. Help Me Get These DVDs (Big Trade List Inside)
  150. Hitchcock, Ghostbusters Superbit, and MORE for Trade!
  151. I Need These Dvds !!!!!
  152. Want to buy (or perhaps trade for) Slipcovers...
  153. Criterions/Disney/Miyazaki for trade
  154. F/T F/S Flash Gordon, Manhunter LE, Shaun Of The Dead, Darkness UR, Shrek, etc
  155. FT: Clerks X, never played
  156. F/T Many Boxsets
  157. WTB NOW, some DVD's
  158. WTB Some DVD's
  159. FT/FS Band of Brothers
  160. F/t/ sale macgyver s2, newsradio s1,murder she wrote s1, pride & prejudice bbc box
  161. FS: Alpha Cases w/ Custom STTNG CoverArt & Unique 10-Disc Case w/ Alien Quad CoverArt
  162. I Need These Dvds !!
  163. Criterions FS: Robocop and Silence of the Lambs OOP
  164. Ren and Stimpy Season 1 and 2 FT
  165. Sealed Spongebob Season 1 for trade
  166. FT/S: Jaws 30th, plus various TV BOX SETS
  167. Lots to unload
  168. End 'O The Summer Blowout! Nice Deals Inside!
  169. Porn fire sale all DVDs 6.00 Quality stuff Private, Vivid etc
  170. Bittersweet Life and Crying Fist r3k FS/FT
  171. FS: Criterion Lot (Brazil, SOTL, Time Bandits, more)....Cheap!!!!!
  172. Few DVDs for trade... ISO TV on DVD
  173. A Few DVD's for trade!!!!!!
  174. Tons of wants, have Paypal.
  175. Ft/sale Murder She Wrote S1, Newsradio S1, Macgyver S2, Magnum Pi S2, Miami Vice S1
  176. FT Toy Story, failan, foreign dvds and tv shows
  177. Babylon 5 seasons 1-3,move collection
  178. Really looking to get rid of these titles....Help me out?
  179. FT: Criterions, No Shame DVDs, and more
  180. WTB/WTTF: UMD movies for PSP playstation portable
  181. Looking to buy Criterions! Anyone have any of these?
  182. CSI Season 2
  183. DVDs for $3.50 each!!!!!!
  184. Denver/Norther Colorado Target Swap Meet
  185. 10 for $40 shipped
  186. FT: Criterions, Horror, Midnite Movies, TV, Jaws, Boxsets, Hitchcock, Huge List!
  187. FT: Mainstream dvds for Porn
  188. FT/Sale Macgyver S1, S2, Magnum PI S2, Moonlighting S1/2, Miami Vice S1
  189. New/sealed DISNEY TREASURES for trade
  190. Reno 911 S2, Scrubs, Snow White, SpongeBob, and Lots More!
  191. FS - Tru Calling S1,Along Came Polly,Spider-man 2,+ 6 more
  192. FS/FT: Remington Steele, 3rd Rock from the Sun & Jaws
  193. FS: Disney Tins, Lion King PE, Ultimate Toy Box
  194. SWAT S.W.A.T. Superbit for trade
  196. The Big Target Exchange Thread
  197. For Trade Last chance before they go to the store!
  198. FT: Remington Steele Season 1 (Sealed)
  199. Wanted: Gilmore Girls Season 3, Sex and the City Pts. Season 6 1 & 2 from Target!
  200. Wanted: Band of Brothers
  201. WTTF: Undeclared: Complete Series
  202. For Sale: Raging Bull - Special Edition *sealed for $15 shipped
  203. A few dvds I'm selling
  204. FS: "Saw" DVD Widescreen New/Factory Sealed
  205. Mint Dvds For Sale 5.50 Cleaning Out Collection
  206. FS: Deep Space Nine Seasons 1 and 2
  207. FS: Lawrence of Arabia LE & Superbit, Malcolm X, Legend UE
  208. WANTED: Six Feet Under season 3 (tradelist inside)
  209. Entourage Season 1 FS/FT!
  210. Lot of 14 Disney DVD's for sale on ebay....
  211. FS/FT: Undertow, Mean Streets SE
  212. FS: SDF-1 Macross Original Box Set COMPLETE (OOP)
  213. SNL:Best of Eddie Murphy
  214. FS - BBV $50 GC for $40
  215. The Job, Mystic River DE, King Arthur: DC, etc. FT/FS
  216. FS/FT: Anime: Paranoia Agent, ROD TV, Please Teacher, Galaxy Angel
  217. DVDs for Sale or Trade Ready to Go
  218. Wanted: LotR Theatrical and Kill Bill 1+2 slipcases
  219. FS/FT: Terminal LE, Trouble in Paradise CC, Home Movies, Partridge Family, etc.
  220. Wanted Good Eats DVD's
  221. FT: Gate of Flesh, Story of a Prostitute, and more
  222. FT/FS Ong Bak, Failan, Azumi etc..
  223. Adult Dvd Wanted:
  224. Some good DVDs for sale
  225. WTB: The Return (Andrei Zvyagintsev)
  226. Looking for Alias S2, 3, 4 (& others); many to trade
  227. Death Wish Box Uncut, Duna Extended Box ...Take a look
  228. My DVD List for Trade
  229. Looking for lots of DVDs, have Paypal.
  230. FT - TV Box sets, Star Trek, Kids flicks, more...
  231. Indy, Bambi, Snow White, Rocky Giftset, Gilmore s1, Signed Norah Jones DVD
  232. FS: Alice in Wonderland, Boogie Nights, Dogma, Chasing Amy, and Son of the Beach
  233. FS - Millennium: 1st Season (SEALED), Good price
  234. Rarest of Rare Criterion BoxSets Foreign Horror
  235. FT: lots of great titles, including some non-R1 stuff
  236. FS/T: $8 shipped, 2:1 deals : Let's make a deal!
  237. DVDs FS, mostly of the animated & foriegn kind
  238. FT: Some Adult Titles for Trade
  239. Snow White Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty and Scarlett DVDS FOR SALE
  240. 36 DVD's For Sale!!!! VOLUME DISCOUNT!!!!
  241. Looking for Digital-Playground Porn
  242. NEW IN WRAP Babylon 5 First Season 1 FS/FT Other Shows too
  243. FS: 29 Asian dvds and 7 US dvds
  244. FS/T: Rubber Johnny (Chris Cunningham) and Directors Label Box Set
  245. Wanted: Sopranos Season 5
  246. The Jerk SE for trade
  247. FS: Seinfeld Gift Set, Newsradio S1+2, Hotel Rwanda, Elf, SOAP S1, Spider-Man & more
  248. FS: Walt Disney Treasures (nearly all waves 1-3)
  249. DVDs For Sale (Simpsons Seasons 1 and 3, Indiana Jones)
  250. F/T: Criterions, Disney, and some boxsets.