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Re: The 12th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Threa

Back for another year of frightening films! Last year I didn't get a chance to finish up my list after sticking with it for a number of years.

This year I'll wrap this puppy up!

Goal - 75-80 movies.

Starting Saturday night with an in-theater viewing of The Tingler at the Historic Hollywood Theater in Portland, OR. They were supposed to have rumbler seat motors distributed around the room. But it looks like that didn't work out -- oh well. Will still be great to see this one in the dark in an actual theater.

9/30 (after Dusk)
001. The Shallows New This current creature feature with a killer shark has a good first and even second act. Then, in the third act, goes bonkers. What started out as 90% good took a sharp turn to half-bad in the final reel. The Shark CGI here is the real culprit. It's crude and cartoonish. Used sparingly in the majority of the film and it works fine. But as the shark is used for more and more effect in the third act, well that's when the weakness of the CGI comes out.

002. The Tingler @ The Hollywood Theater, Portland, OR - This William Castle gimmick horror is fun and twisty. The audience at the Hollywood added some nice color during the screaming audience participation section. I think we may have disturbed viewers in the other theaters. This may be a highlight of the horror challenge this year -- and it's only October 1st.
003. Exorcist S1E1 & Exorcist S1E2 New

004. The Boy New - This current rental was a serviceable stuck in a creepy old house jumper. I am easily scared by a movie and this did a reasonable job keeping me tense. Ultimately, though, a forgettable horror that I'm unlikely to revisit.
005. Bad Milo New - This is a fun surprise. This horror movie feels like the brainstorm child of a 13-year old boy and a Jungian Therapist. Very enjoyable and I will be sure to revisit it in future years.

006. Walking Dead S5E1 & S5E2 New
007. Walking Dead S5E3 & S5E4 New
008. Walking Dead S5E5 & S5E6 New
009. Krampus - Caught this in the theaters and it actually holds up well on a second viewing. Nice Christmas/Holiday horror movie that is well acted and has good effects. I feel as if the movie played out perfectly. For me this will be a perennial Holiday and Horror movie and I think it would pair well with Home for the Holidays on Thanksgiving.

010. The Darkness New
011. Walking Dead S5E7 & S5E8 New

012. The Forest New
013. Walking Dead S5E9 & S5E10 New

014. Cell New
015. Shaun of the Dead

016. Bride of Frankenstein
017. The Other Side of the Door New
018. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension New

019. The Gallows New
020. Final Destination 3
020.5 The Exorcist S1E3 New

021. Walking Dead S5E11 New

022. Walking Dead S5E12 & S5E13 New
023. Walking Dead S5E14 & S5E15 New

024. The Conjuring 2 New This one is super creepy. There is something about movies that put kids in danger. They can be all that much more harrowing, I think.
025. Walking Dead S5E16 & S6E1 New
026. Walking Dead S6E2 & S6E3 New

027. Train to Busan @ The Hollywood Theater in Portland, OR New This is a great new foreign horror movie. While it follows a standard Zombie Apocalypse arc, the movie remains unrelenting. It establishes it owns reasonable rules for zombies, too. Very enjoyable, one I will revisit in future years.

028. Perfect Getaway
029. Trick r Treat

030. Gremlins
031. Wallace and Grommit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit
033. Fun Size

034. Shin Godzilla New @ The Hollywood Theater in Portland, OR
035. Lost Boys
036. Lost Boys: The Tribe
037. The Grey

038. Walking Dead S6E4 & S6E5 New

039. Walking Dead S6E6 & S6E7 New
040. Walking Dead S6E8 & S6E9 New
041. Walking Dead S6E10 & S6E11 New
042. Walking Dead S6E12 & S6E13 New

043. What We Become New

044. Walking Dead S6E14 & S6E15
045. The Wolf-Man -- The classic. This one is my absolute favorite of the Universal horror films.
046. The World's End -- Damn fine movie. I have to get this one and listen to the commentary tracks next year. Too bad I can't possibly include Hot Fuzz in this challenge because binge watching this 'trilogy' would be a fun.
047. X-Files: I Want To Believe -- This second X-Files film I think gets weighted down just a little with the interplay between Scully and Mulder. But otherwise is the perfect non-conspiracy storyline turned into a full-length feature. Unfortunately, it feels like a TV movie of the week rather than a hollywood production. The first movie did a better job of being a Hollywood X-files movie.

048. Bloodsucking Bastards New
049. Godzilla - The new Godzilla is still a good spectacle creature feature. I really like how the monsters in this one are the stars.

050. Ghostbusters [2016] - This new Ghostbusters is quite entertaining on the second watch through. While it isn't the classic the original is, I find the characters and charm of this movie rewarding enough to see it again next year.

051. Maniac @ The Hollywood Theater in Portland, OR - Hollywood did a great job with this one. 35MM. Perfect looking print. Great introduction. Including a trailer for Don't Go Into the House beforehand.

052. Tremors - Perfect, light hearted campy creature feature. I wish there were more moves with this sorta acting and this sorta script and production. Alas, it doesn't happen anymore. Luckily I get to watch this one every year.

053: Final Destination - I really enjoy this series. It's pure popcorn horror. I actually like the third movie in this series as much as this original one.
054: American Psycho - This is really a classic. It feels like a movie from it's time and yet mocks the period at the same time. You don't see movies like this doing a good job of satire. Perhaps that's a testament to how good a film version of this material this is. I am drawn now to comparison between this movie and Fight Club. How many similar themes run through them. I imagine if Adrian Lyne has directed Fight Club in the period this film was made that it might have looked a lot like American Psycho.

055: The Green Inferno New - I've been meaning to watch this gruesome one. I think I've become inured to the blood and gore, but not frightening horror. In truth the plane crash was more gripping to me than the horrific later scenes. I was really impressed with the actors who played the natives in this. They were incredibly believable. Meanwhile, the screaming blubbering students were less convincing but no completely unbelievable.

056: The Pit New @ The Hollywood Theater
057: The Walking Dead S6E16 and S7E1
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