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Re: The 12th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Threa


September 30th

1. Clown
There were two noteworthy scenes in the movie: one in, I believe, a hotel/motel with a child that reminds me of the little boy from Trick 'R Treat who kept whining daddy and the Chuck E Cheese scene playhouse scene. While "less is more", I do wish they showed just a tiny bit more. Also, the backstory about clowns was interesting, not sure if it is true, but interesting nonetheless. I do wish they dived into it a bit more, but you only got so much time. Overall a decent film with some decent acting and scares. Kind of makes one wonder why there isn't more recent horror films based on clowns as, outside of Stitches, I can't think of any. The last 20 or so minutes get pretty twisted and that alone is worth the watch.

2. Knock Knock
First, I got to admit, I'm a bit shocked that Eli Roth would let his girlfriend/wife appear nude in this movie. That was a nice added surprise to this movie to see both lead actresses completely nude. I do also admit that listening to Keanu the entire time is kind of annoying (lots of whining). Interesting to see him fight temptation for so long and then, right at the home stretch, game over. I'm also not a big fan of the father raping daughter fetish role play or the dog howling that came out of Ana de Armas (and might I add, she looks a LOT different here than War Dogs and was shocked that it was the same person). It's an interesting premise and the Louis character is a fun minor character, but the consistent pedophilia talks and horrible delivery lines don't make this film too bearable...HOWEVER, Keanu's monologue with like 20 minutes left in the movie is the biggest saving grace in this film and that alone should be watched and given an Oscar.

October 1st

3. Extraordinary Tales
The first story was so-so. Voice acting wasn't amazing, so it didn't catch your attention. The ending had some decent imagery, but that's all one can really say about it. Nothing really stood out besides the end.

The second story is one of my favorite poems/short stories by Poe and while the drawings were nice, the voice acting was pretty weak in this story and falls flat. It just isn't exciting and made the story drag, which is a shame as I know many who know of Poe also know the story of the Tell Tale Heart.

The third story had more spook to it. Some decent voice acting and the animation/drawings were lovely. It didn't make quite much sense and I don't think there really was a resolution but it did draw one in. End of the day, one can't cheat death.

The fourth story, the Pit and the Pendulum was sadly very dull. It had a couple of creepy moment but once again, the voice acting doesn't draw one in.

The fifth and last story had probably the creepiest undertone and the most colorful animation, but without knowing the story (and there really wasn't much voices), it was a bit hard to follow and understand.

Probably the best part about this film was the overall story with death and the raven (guessing it was a raven). That I did enjoy and the different animation throughout the film. Just wish the narrators put more effort and dramatization into their readings.

4. Horns
The movie kind of just jumps right to the plot right away (no idea how long it's been since he last saw her and the town blaming him) nor do I know how they knew she was raped when her remains were burned and all over the place. I also don't understand that a man can love someone so much, be blamed for her murder and then sleep with someone else even if he is drunk. And that's all within 20 minutes of the movie. However, the first time his power is unleashed, it is entertaining to see what happens (and without reading the description of the movie, one would be really puzzled).

I'm also not a fan of the backstory of how the Ig met his girlfriend and how they basically casted it like Lee is the one that will kill her because she picked Ig instead of him (especially since isn't Lee his lawyer)? Or the fact that the girl is supposed to be this devout Christian (as Ig said) but she seems more like a free spirit woman who embraces nature.

Daniel seems to be doing roles to separate himself as Harry Potter as this movie is filled with sex and nudity. He's still not the best actor, though. The confessions do make the film enjoyable and at many times, laughable. And as Ig embraces his powers, it does pick up. But the movie just plays out a bit too long (2 hours) and the ending is heavily romanced. Between the overdrawn love story and the child cut scene, one could easily cut this down to an hour and twenty minutes.

Still, if you want to see Harry Potter in a movie filled with tits and ass as well a few good laughs, it might be worth the watch. Otherwise, make a hard pass on this.

5. The Collector
I remember watching this when it first came out in theaters and after the opening credits with the shot on the exterminator van, I jokingly whispered to my friend, this man will be the killer. You get a Saw like feel to this and it isn't surprising to find out that this could have been a prequel to the movie.

Sadly, it just isn't as good as the first Saw film. It starts out pretty slow and once Arkin gets into the house to do his own personal job, he's basically walking around one of those new school haunted houses where he finds the victims all over the house as well as random traps.

An interesting premise for a serial killer series, but it's just a bit too hardcore, even during the time of "gore porn". Don't get me wrong, the traps are interesting and you have a nice sex scene, but it's just a bit too much without much story, details, or interesting characters.

6. The Collection
This film is pretty much go from the start. About 15 minutes in and you have two pretty epic group death scenes. And then the film drags. As was the problem with the first film is still the same problem (and seems nothing more than a Saw ripoff at this point). For one thing, how does someone have this many traps set up all over the house and not hurt himself? Can one fully remember every single trap inside a big building? I'm also curious how this man can escape death so many times, is he just like Michael Myers? At least it gives a satisfying ending to the first film.

7. The Woman in Black
During the first couple of watches of this film, I hated it and thought it was trash. However, as I grew older and appreciated the slower tempo of horror movies and a good old fashioned ghost story, I decided to give this yet another shot. I enjoy the atmosphere created and the slow reveal. Daniel Radcliffe did a fair job, the supporting actors/actresses were entertaining, as were the children. The Woman could have been a bit scarier and more threatening, but overall it was a very well done production. The tempo was at a good pace and there were some decent jumps and scares. I enjoy an ending like this, but it still puzzles me as to why haunt the person who wanted to bring you and your son together? I understand still haunting because she mentions NEVER forgiving, but at least Daniel's character did help and reunite the two.

8. The Woman in Black 2
This movie had potential but it just creeps around way too slowly without much scares. We already knew about the Women in Black from the first film, so the backstory didn't help too much. It is interesting, after 40 years after the first one, that whole town is empty...guess that is what war does (or the Woman, though, with Daniel Radcliffe's character dying in the first, one would think the town would be even more careful). They also didn't need to go about talking about Eve giving up her child because, even if that is the case, the Woman attacks everyone anyways. Sadly, this film does not live up to the first one.

October 2nd

9. We Are Still Here
One of my biggest issues is that I do not like how the monster/ghost/corpse/whatever it is being able to escape the house to kill a victim. I like rules and regulations in these types of films and it just breaks it when the creature is able to do whatever. Also, Dave randomly shooting the waitress for no reason other than she was the one that opened the door and the bartender/owner doesn't really bat an eye expect say if I know it was you, I wouldn't have sent the new girl to answer the door. Why did he have to shoot her?

I will say, one of the pros to this movie was when Jacob gets possessed. The actor (and voice) did a wonderful job on that and took you into the story. From there, the plot once again gets confusing and doesn't make a lot of sense. If the house has to feed every 30 years and the Dugmars' were satisfied, who was the original people getting the feeding? Why 30 years? What happened to the other families? Why was this family not killed? And I still don't understand why Bobby is still in the house. Way too many questions and loose ends to really enjoy.

10. Contracted
Not for the faint of heart (or really any man that can't stand the sight of a woman bleeding). This movie has a very interesting premise, though I think the infection happens a bit too fast. I'm also curious what happened to the guy (BJ) who gave her the infection and what happened to him (it looked like he used some sort of protection with the corpse). Some interesting characters, though not all the actors are up to par. And you just want to slap the lead actress for always going back to her girlfriend who clearly has no feelings or time for her. Still, it's worth a watch for the story alone.

11. Contracted 2
This film picks up right off from the start of the first film and it seems like Riley went straight from puking to the doctor (though when he is at the police station, you get a bit more backstory of what happened once Samantha left). But boy is he a horrible liar to the cop and you knew the cop is baiting him to get tea to get those fingerprints off the cup.

The most annoying thing is it seems like they took the character of Riley and the premise of the first movie and just made a whole new story. The memorial of Alice, where were these people at her party? And it turned less like a horror movie and more like a bad crime story movie. And of course, they ran with the zombie idea.

Other the drug dealer from the first film invited BJ, the guy that started the infection, to the party though in the first film he just said he sold him a roofie. On top of that, BJ has been planning this and has been threatening the cops for months? Just seemed like a guy who likes sex, so that's another annoying thing about this movie, not to mention the original actor playing BJ is NOT the same guy in this film. This film and its acting just can't compare to the first one.

12. Cropsey
I'm a fan of documentaries and finding out the reason why people do what they do as well as history about the victims. This documentary was a bit strange, though. It had a Blair Witch type feel as they talked up an urban legend, then got to the real history, and at one point, go into the building and got spooked. Sadly, there was no interview with the "killer" as he decided at the end not to do an interview. Nor was there much evidence to prove he did what they got him for. While it was interesting learning about the urban legend and some of the kids, it didn't really add anything to the story or prove, one way or another, if the man was guilty or what was going on. Just a couple of theories that left you feeling empty at the end.

13. They Look Like People
This was pretty interesting and takes a different look at mental illness. I think the actors did a fantastic job building the story and their characters, but it was the direction and the end plot that made one wonder what they just saw. Was it a horror film? A coming of age tale between two lifetime friends who haven't seen each other in years? Did Wyatt always have some sort of mental issue? Who IS Sandy, I mean, Wyatt seemed interested in her for some reason. Does anyone really join the army at Christian's age, even when questioning life? Did they mean to have people think Wyatt killed Mara? And my biggest question is how does one go from hearing voices and thinking their friend has been taken over to shaking their head and untying that person in an instant? Do people with these issues all of a sudden really snap out of their daze? Great acting, just leaves a lot of questions about what REALLY was going on.

October 3rd

14. The Snowtown Murders
I'm a shocker for "true stories" and the story behind serial killers. I have never heard of this story as I'm not from Australia so I was curious what this was about. The movie had wonderful acting and it is surprising that I believe only 2 people in the movie were actors and the rest were locals of the town. They really captured the darkness and relationship between John and Jamie. It was a real slow build of John's character and they don't hold anything back, between the killings and the raping. It's very intense and I would have scored this a higher mark had the movie been better written. As most reviews of the movie would tell you, it is very hard to follow the different players of the film and what exactly all happened. One would need to do some reading before and after the film to understand everything that was going on. Even at two hours, this movie could have been stretched out a bit more to dive a bit deeper and provide more details. That was the only thing lacking, otherwise, a very well done piece of work. It does make one question the relationship between Jamie and John while wondering if Jamie was really evil or more just pushed into this. Sadly, since he has changed his name and in an unknown location due to testifying, one will never know.

15. Fright Night 2: New Blood
From the second it started, it just smelt of Douchebag characters and something the Disney Channel would put on, except with nudity and blood (so maybe a cross between Cinemax and Disney). This did not live up to either of the Fright Night films and they really should have cast Bruce Campbell in the role of Peter Vincent. Had they done that, it would have been passable. Only saving grace is the charm of Jaime Murray. Other than that, make a hard pass on this turd.

16. Come Back to Me
Without knowing anything about the film, it is a bit hard to follow. The acting is so-so (typical B film). There are a couple of scare scenes, but again, without knowing much, you kind of get lost in what is really happening until it is revealed towards the end. The story is interesting and the end does make the film. I actual applaud what they did for the ending (except for the very very end, it's typical Hollywood). Overall, might be worth a watch if you are looking for a semi-unique story.

October 4th

17. Jaws 2
What is important with watching these older films is getting into the mindset of what was scary back then and how to execute it. With today's modern technology, the shark looks awful, but back then, it could have been very scarier and interesting. With that said, Jaws 2 is one of the best sequels to a horror film ever made. It isn't as good as the original, but it plays up on scares and thrills. You have Chief Martin Brody on the lookout for another shark and he knows the dangers of a shark attack. That moment when he starts firing into the ocean at a crowded beach, something like that would never pass in today's time so it adds to the tension and true threat that the shark had on the man. The kids, for the most part, are decent in this film and there's a decent story to this. I easily recommend checking this film out if you never have.

18. Bleed (2016)
After the film ended, I had to check out IMDB and some reviews to see if I missed anything. Clearly I didn't as every review I read, everyone was wondering WTF happened at the end. What started out as an interesting film with decent acting and an interesting story (everyone had a decent backstory and there was even a scene where the best friend of the woman about to give birth talking about seeing people when she was younger) had taken several wrong turns at the end and came to a horrible crash. They used a lot of different plots from various movies with some Texas Chainsaw Massacre feel to it towards the end but there was no substance. No meaning of WHY this was happening, WHAT was going on, or any resolution. It was a complete disappointment to what could have been a decent independent horror film. There was promise, just no delivery.

October 5th

19. Holidays (2016)
It's hard to find a good horror anthology like V/H/S/ or Trick 'r Treat. This had 8 different stories about various holidays with a lot of them being hit or miss. There is something for everyone, but a portion of the stories left you wondering what exactly happened and/or what was going on. Some shorts also seemed to get a bit longer run time (or just dragged on) while the last couple were quick and right to the point. It's worth a watch, but one will probably not enjoy every single one. My favorites were Christmas (VR porn and killings FTW) and Valentine's Day while some had promised but couldn't finish like Father's Day and Easter. And others, like Halloween and Mother's Day, made you wish another person took hold of the holiday.

20. The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia
Overall, I would say the acting isn't bad (Chad Michael Murray is a pretty funny actor in this) and it centered around an interesting story. However, they never really explained the visions that Lisa and Joyce had as children, which was really frustrating as we got along with the story. What did they see as kids? How did they deal with it? Or the other women in the family? What did they do with their powers? They mentioned it and then kind of backed off on giving the inside story behind that. The original is, to my memory, a lot better and had a few more creepy scenes than this one. Had they dived a bit more into the history of the family and not just focused on the ghosts and that history, it might have been a better film.

October 6th

21. Ghost Team One
It's the American Pie of found footage genre (lots of sex jokes and a Stifler character, but the film just doesn't go anywhere. The one bright spot, Tony Cavalero as Chuck as he stole the show with his lines and expressions. It is funnier than most found footage comedies and worth a watch for a couple of scenes, but it's a pretty pointless movie without much direction or point.

22. Joy Ride 3
Man this was awful. This is NOT the same Rusty Nails we grew to love in the original. This man is nothing more than someone who just loves to torture people without a care in the world straight out of Saw or Hostel. There's no development either and you kind of want the main characters to do because they are douchebags. There is no redeeming quality in this film other than a couple of nice kills.

October 7th

23. Twice Told Tales
This was a very well done film for the era and had some really good effects. The first feature is probably my favorite with a good friendship and of course, revolving around a woman. Price and Cabot have a real natural relationship and the effects are great. The second story is a pretty solid love story in which Price plays an overbearing father, though the daughter and her lover just, for some reason, see things the way he sees it and tragedy happens. The last story is pretty boring as it started off well and had a plot that could have went somewhere, but instead loses track and collapses which brings the score of the movie down. Still, totally worth a watch if you enjoy Price and/or older horror films.

24. The Girl in the Photographs
This movie has quite the cast (Kal Penn, Christy Carlson Romano, and Katharine Isabelle) but the movie just does not deliver. There's a few laughs and sudden deaths, but no real story or reason as to why this is all happening. The movie just...happens. It doesn't draw you in, there's not a whole lot of interest into the characters, it's just wasted time and basically photographs of people dead just for kicks.

October 8th

25. Kristy
Boy do I know how to pick them. Yet another film with films/pictures of death. This one was at least interesting...for a bit. You at least knew WHY they were calling someone Kristy (though never explained to the person who they call Kristy). However, things like no one being on campus besides one person (sorry, went to a University and there were usually a handful of people still on campus that were students during Thanksgiving Break)and my biggest problem with this is that it was way too dark in the second half to really see or follow the action. It is interesting to note that the lead actresses, Haley Bennett, has gotten herself some really good roles lately with The Magnificent Seven and The Girl on the Train. She does a decent job in this but because of the horrible second half, it just isn't worth diving into.

26. Tusk
I know Kevin Smith gets a lot of hate these days, but I really enjoyed Tusk. I felt the story was creative, the actors seemed to have a ball (especially Michael Parks) and there were some scares in it. There were a couple of scenes that seemed like filler (especially the Johnny Depp backstory) but overall this is something that needs to be watched at least twice.

27. Tales of Terror
I mainly rated this highly because of "The Black Cat". I found Peter Lorre's performance amazing and I couldn't keep my eyes away. He played a drunk to the perfect T and easily stole the scenes, even with Vincent Price as a comedic wine taster. The other two stories weren't as powerful as The Black Cat, but were entertaining for what they were.

October 9th

28. Dark House
The film had a pretty strong cast (I love Meghan Ory and I've always been a fan of Jeffrey Combs). It is a unique story with a few twists that are easy to follow, thankfully. There's a couple of puzzling moments (like what the caregiver actually did to the children to make them hate and turn against her or the last minute ending back at the house) but there were some good scares and some nice effects. I can see why it won the Best Feature at Shriekfest and it deserves to be watched.

29. It Follows
The second viewing isn't as bad as when I remembered this. I still have a huge complaint about the whole pool scene as they knew the ghost basically couldn't die (Jay shot the ghost and it just got back up) and the ghost was smart. Also the whole I'm your first kiss, you should have sex with me so the ghost leaves was extremely annoying. The characters were pretty bad. I will admit, the first half and story were interesting, but as it got closer to the end, the flaws started coming out and it was just bearable to get to the finish.

30. Most Likely to Die
In a day and age that the slasher film isn't extremely marketable and out in theaters, this movie didn't really bring a lot of creativity or its own spin to the genre. That doesn't mean it didn't bring some goods or a story to the table, it just didn't add anything new. One really couldn't guess who the killer was as there really wasn't any clues to make any conclusions. The reason why the killer did what he did kind of made sense, but the speech about how everyone in the class deserved it really was reaching. And the ending did make one puzzle and wonder if there was a helper. Still, it is nice to see a slasher in this day and age so it is worth a look, especially with a short run time.

31. The Invitation
This was a real slow burn that built up the tension quite nicely. It was, at times, a bit hard to follow at the start to remember all the characters, but once you got it down, it was simple. One had to wonder if the main character was in fact, going crazy, or when the payoff would happen (if you knew, going in, this was a horror/thriller). The actors did an amazing job, but the big build could have been a bit better, especially after the reveal. The ending was pretty open, though it is strange how the cops and police all caught wind of it that quickly. If you are looking for something to keep you on the edge of your seat, this might be the one.

32. Leprechaun
Warwick Davis easily steals this one. I don't get the hype behind Jennifer Aniston in this film. Yes, it might be her first film, but she really wasn't that good in it.The puns are extremely over the top and cheesy, which makes it even better. The side characters didn't really bring a whole lot to the table and one was left wondering where Jennifer's father was for the rest of the film. Still, if you are looking for a horror movie filled with laughs, look no further than the Leprechaun.

October 10th

33. Leprechaun 2
While not as good as the first one, there were still enough funny one-liners from Warwick Davis and Sandy Baron.All of the characters are pretty annoying and you find ways not to fully like them or cheer them, but the one liners do keep one mildly entertained.

34. Deathgasm
This is hit or miss. I really enjoy metal and rock music, but the characters all have weaknesses and things that are way too annoying (like the lead female character going from the prep to the outcast metal guy to the outcast metal guy's "best friend" because the "best friend" lies to her and says the guy does not want her). Music isn't too bad, but the main song sounds like a Black Sabbath ripoff. You will either enjoy this or roll your eyes.

35. Honeymoon
This was a real slow burn that keeps you on the edge of the seat and not knowing truly what was happening. Both Rose Leslie and Harry Treadaway did a fantastic job in this and pulled out all the stops. You could fear the dread of danger, but just didn't really know where it was coming from. They throw out a few hints, but it wasn't until the reveal that you could clearly see the direction and what was truly happening. The tension that was built didn't seem rush or fake. It's worthy of a watch and probably worth seeking out to own as well.

36. The Legend of Hell House
This was a pretty boring film that just could not hold my attention. The acting wasn't amazing and outside of a couple of scenes, there's really nothing that makes this stand out. The ending was ok, but I felt with better characters and a little more tension, it could have been a lot better.

37. Starry Eyes
Alex Essoe plays a character you really want to cheer for, but has despise. She has some friends who clearly are nothing but haters but she just isn't strong enough to stand up for herself. The direction of Astraeus Pictures was pretty puzzling and strange (could have been much powerful). Overall, just seemed like a pretty generic horror film (and maybe it is because I saw Contracted before this) but it could have been a much scarier and mind fuck of a film.

October 11th

38. Theater of Blood
Anytime Vincent Price is on screen, he steals the show. He just has something about him that makes one drawn to watch him. This is nothing different and it is an interesting story to use Shakespeare's work to kill people. Since it has Price, it is worth giving it a watch.

October 13th

39. Almost Mercy
Knowing that there is a real story behind this, makes it interesting. And the lead female actresses, Danielle Guldin, is pretty decent. But it really feels like a C movie where the horror legends are just there for their name and kind of just "phone it in". It takes a good while for the story (and "horror") to really pick up. And then when it does, it is a bit hard to follow.

October 14th

40. Sacrifice
My biggest question in this movie is what kind of obstetrician decides to doing police work when it isn't in her field or moving to another country and just decides to solve a case? She should have just let go it. But noooo, instead she has to dig around and bring to light things that should be hidden. I'm still a bit lost as to why this cult does what it does, but this is just a jumble mess. I enjoyed the premise, but the payoff was lacking as well as the overall story.

41. Sleepaway Camp 2
It is a shame they couldn't use Felissa Rose in this film (no idea why other than they wanted an older looking Angela) plus I don't get the jokes that Angela looks older than the rest (they all look old as it is). But if you enjoy cheap puns and cheap B movie kills as well as lots of T&A, this movie is it.

October 15th

42. Sleepaway Camp 3
This movie just started off bad. I mean, how can someone run over another person in daylight in a huge truck and no one notices? And most of the actors and characters are annoying. If you didn't enjoy the second film, you certainly won't enjoy this one. There just isn't a lot of redeeming factors in this one.

43. A Haunting 01.01-01.02

44. Return to Sleepaway Camp
I enjoyed how they brought back people of the first film, but this movie is hard to watch. Michael Gibney plays what might be one of the worst characters in the history of film. You are just begging him to die, even when others bully him. You just don't feel for this character at all. The original was an amazing cult classic film. This, while trying to live up to the twist and magic, does not even come close.

October 16th

45. Stake Land
This was pretty entertaining and I'm also a fan of Danielle Harris who really shined through in this film. Interesting how they had different types of vampires and enjoyed the characters names like Mister and Sister. A couple of questionable moments or wondering what was happening, but overall, a decent vampire film.

46. Let Us Prey
The ending was...interesting. I'll give it that. The plot was decent, not anything original, but it kept your attention. The motives and death scenes were intriguing. Pretty decent acting. The flow and the flashbacks took you in and out of the film, but overall, it was thrilling.

47. The Ones Below
I truly enjoyed the acting and suspense in this. One already knew what was going to happen, however, there was a moment in the film that did make you question and think the mother of the child was really going crazy and breaking down. A couple of questionable moves happened and you question the judgment on the young couple, but that's more on the writer than the actors who did an amazing job.

48. Beneath
An interesting story without a lot of scares or threats. It was also hard with all the visions Nora Zehetner and even at the end when it was all explained, one cannot add all the pieces together. There was also an Ezra and Aria vibe in this film of Pretty Little Liars. There's just not enough substance and spooks to really take one away in this film.

49. Jaws 3
Man, this is nothing like the original or sequel. This is extremely dry and painful to watch. The menace and wrath of Jaws just does not come alive in this film and drags on and on until the bitter end.

50. Hush
I loved the concept and actors in this film, but there were a lot of questionable moments that just did not connect. It's still a well done movie and had a few jumps and spooks, but one cannot help to wonder if they had polished this off a bit better, how intense it could have been.

October 17th

51. 28 Days Later
It's an interesting story and a good take on the zombie genre. The only bad thing about this film is it drags on a bit too long and the second half is much different than the first half with the male and female lead basically switching spots. Had they shorten and tighten up the script, it might have been one of the best zombie films made.

52. Hunger
This film does not draw you in at all and just continues to drag forever. I honestly could not really follow (does not help it started out really dark) nor did I care for the characters. This was a true dud from start to finish.

October 18th

53. The Haunting in Connecticut
This movie still holds up pretty well. It still has some spooky effects and an interesting story. I do wonder, since it is based on a true story, if the kid did have all those markings randomly appear on his body. Outside of that and a couple of questionable moments, the film holds up with really good acting and scares. Such a shame the sequel fell flat on its face.

54. The Horde
I found this to be really exciting and funny. The female lead is a relentless, heartless stone cold bitch that is out for one thing and one thing only. The old man towards the end is also a hoot and brings a lot of comedy in a tension filled movie. And of course, the ending was a bit shocking but made complete sense.

55. Dollface
Horrible acting, awful sex jokes, and just a pretty bad story all the way around. Outside of a fun kill or two, this movie is a complete and utter waste of time. How this was a sequel to another film, I will never know.

October 19th

56. The Innkeepers
This was a lot better than what I remembered it. It was a slow burn movie with a decent story and so-so ending. What makes this film so good is that Sara Paxton controls it and makes it very enjoyable. She plays such a sweet and innocent character that you are drawn to and want to see what she does next. Her acting alone is what sets this movie apart from other ghost stories and hauntings.

57. Trollhunter
This was extremely well done and brilliantly acted. I also loved the CGI effects of the trolls and it had a lot of comedy, especially the hunter dressed in troll gear to combat the trolls. The last scene is also comical as they got an interview from the Norwegian Prime Minister talking about trolls and with editing, made it easily connected to this film. I really hope they do remake this for the US only so I don't have to watch it with subtitles.

58. Area 51
This was a real sleeper of a movie. Such a shame that the mastermind behind Paranormal Activity does not deliver at all with this film. The film itself is an interesting idea, it's just the actors don't draw you in and the story completely drags. One expects more from Oren and this one isn't even a single in the ballpark. It might be try to leave the found footage genre and try something different.

59. Leprechaun 3
60. Leprechaun 4 In Space
61. Ouija 2
62. Ouija
63. Leprechaun In The Hood
64. The Strangers
65. Grave Encounters
66. Halloween (2007)
67. Halloween (2009)
68. Leprechaun Back 2 Tha Hood
69. Leprechaun Origins
70. 10 Cloverfield Lane
71. Night Stalker
72. Hangman
73. Halloween (1978)
74. Halloween 2 (1981)
75. #Horror
76. The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976)
77. Madhouse
78. World War Z
79. Halloween 3
80. Cabin Fever
81. In Their Skin
82. Goodnight Mommy
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