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Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

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Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

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Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

The Manchurian Candidate (1964)
Once (2006) Waterloo Bridge (1931)
Radioland Murders (1994) Bad Taste (1987)
Imagine: John Lennon (1988)WELCOMEMarty (1955)
Madame Bovary (1949) Mars Attacks! (1996)
The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) Women in Love (1969)
The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976)

. . . to the ongoing screenshot game at DVDTalk.


Players take turns posting screenshots from movies. The other players try to guess which movie the screenshot is from.


Frenzy's original rules from Part 1 are still in force, with only a few minor changes:

1) Only ONE person posts a screenshot at a time. Multiple screenshots and clues are possible to make it easier. If no one guesses after a number of posts, consider making your clues and screenshots more obvious to give the other players a chance.

2) Only the person who has guessed the movie correctly is allowed to post a new picture. If that person is not able to post a new picture, they instead post the word "WILDCARD", meaning that anyone can post a new picture.

3a) If the person who guessed correctly doesn't post a new picture within 6 hours => wildcard.

3b) If there are no new screenshots or clues from the original poster within 24 hours => wildcard

4) Each user has two guesses and one question per movie posted.

5) If you post a screenshot and are then going to be away from the forum for a while, consider using the IMDB confirmation system devised by The Bus and explained fully here.

(Top left) Pontiac Moon (1994)(Bottom left) Black Snake Moan (2006)(Center) Tea for Two (1950)(Top right) The Color Purple (1985)(Bottom right) I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (1988)


1) For people new to the game:

You can get a sense of the format for this game by browsing the old threads:


Don't be intimidated by the volume of posts, or that some of the screenshots or movies may look difficult. The players make their shots and clues easier if no one guesses. Any movies are fair game to post, from blockbusters to art house, foreign, independent, cult, silent, Hungarian movies from the 60s, Merchant/Ivory or the like, you name it.

1) For all players, newcomers and veterans alike ...

… a request: please be cordial. If any player makes a mistake, please point it out politely and go on with the game.

2) To take a screenshot:

The two most common methods are to play a disc on your DVD-ROM drive and use software such as PowerDVD to take a shot (it's the small camera icon in the control panel). Alternatively, you can download the free (and excellent) VLC Player which takes screenshots.

Please don't post BMP or PNG format files if at all possible, as these files are much larger than corresponding JPG or GIF files, and this still matters to some users with slower internet connections. Please note that if you use PowerDVD to take shots, they will come out as BMP files; before posting, please convert them into JPG or GIF files. VLC Player can save screenshots as JPG, but you may have to change the settings or they may be saved as PNG files. Click on settings, then preferences, then video and you should see the "video snapshot" settings that you can change (thanks to Dimension X for this tip). There is plenty of free software that will convert your images for you; three of them are:

Fast Stone
Microsoft Paint

3) You can upload your pictures for free at:

Image Hosting

... as well as other sites.

Blow (2001)Only Angels Have Wings (1939)King of Hearts (1966)Teacher's Pet (1958)Big Top Pee-wee (1988)

Thanks to GreenVulture who came up with the original format for this thread intro page.

Here's the list of films shown in the last thread, ordered by decade:

1931 – 1940 (4)
Mad Love1935
Only Angels Have Wings1939
The Philadelphia Story1940
Waterloo Bridge1931
1941 - 1950 (6)
The Amazing Mr. X1948
Henry V1944
Madame Bovary1949
Since You Went Away1944
Tea for Two1950
Ziegfeld Follies1945
1951 – 1960 (6)
The Apartment1960
A Kid for Two Farthings1955
Teacher's Pet1958
Teenage Crime Wave1955
1961 – 1970 (8)
Blind Beast1969
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter1968
Hell's Angels '691969
King of Hearts1966
The Manchurian Candidate1964
Women in Love1969
Wonderful Life1964
1971 – 1980 (14)
Blood Freak1972
Breaking Away1979
The Desert of the Tartars1976
Emperor of the North1973
The Gravy Train1974
The Killing of a Chinese Bookie1976
The Man Who Fell to Earth1976
Monty Python and the Holy Grail1975
The Omen1976
The Spy Who Loved Me1977
The Trial of Billy Jack1974
1981 – 1990 (12)
The Accidental Tourist1988
Bad Taste1987
Big Top Pee-wee1988
The Color Purple1985
The Dead Pit1989
Down by Law1986
Game of Death II1981
Howard the Duck1986
I'm Gonna Git You Sucka1988
Imagine: John Lennon1988
School on Fire1988

School on Fire (1988)Since You Went Away (1944)Catch-22 (1970)Wonderful Life (1964)Asylum (1972)

1991 – 2000 (16)
Castle Freak1995
Charlie's Angels2000
Chasing Sleep2000
Donnie Brasco1997
Indian Summer1993
Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy1996
The Last Boy Scout1991
Mars Attacks!1996
My Cousin Vinny1992
New Jack City1991
Pontiac Moon1994
Radioland Murders1994
Star Trek: Generations1994
Stay Tuned1992
U Turn1997
2001 – 2010 (20)
Bad Blood2006
Big Trouble2002
Black Snake Moan2006
The Blue Bird2008
Broken Flowers2005
Danny Deckchair2003
The Day after Tomorrow2004
Dog Bite Dog2006
The Hunted2003
Invitation Only2009
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang2005
Man on the Train2002
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian2009
The Phantom of the Opera2004
Santa's Slay2005
Starter for 102006

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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

(Top left) The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (1968)(Bottom left) Ziegfeld Follies (1945)(Center) The Trial of Billy Jack (1974)(Top right) The Amazing Mr. X (1948)(Bottom right) Bamboozled (2000)

Here's a recap of all the movies posted in Part 11 …

TitleYearDirectorPosted ByGuessed ByWildcard
Given Up
Asylum1972Roy Ward BakerLuther HeggsRockmjd2311
Monty Python and the Holy Grail1975Terry Gilliam
Terry Jones
TrevorNicholas Vargo 1
The Accidental Tourist1988Lawrence KasdanNicholas Vargoobscurelabel  
The Gravy Train1974Jack StarrettobscurelabelRockmjd231 
Matinee1993Joe DanteNicholas VargoMondo Kane 1
The Phantom of the Opera2004Joel SchumacherMondo KaneBlueCC  
Teacher's Pet1958George SeatonBlueCCRockmjd23  
The Dead Pit1989Brett LeonardRockmjd23NoirFan1 
Big Trouble2002Barry SonnenfeldNicholas Vargoriotinmyskull11
Star Trek: Generations1994David CarsonLuther HeggsBlueCC 1
Since You Went Away1944John CromwellBlueCCobscurelabel  
King of Hearts1966Philippe de BrocaobscurelabelNoirFan1 
The Last Boy Scout1991Tony ScottNicholas Vargojtheo11
The Color Purple1985Steven SpielbergMondo KaneRockmjd23 1
Henry V1944Laurence OlivierRockmjd23obscurelabel1 
Invitation Only2009Kevin KoBrian Tnewginafets 1
Serbis2009Brillante MendozanewginafetsRockmjd231 
The Blue Bird2008Kenji NakanishinewginafetsKevin M. Dean11
Dog Bite Dog2006Pou-Soi CheangnewginafetsBlueCC 1
Marty1955Delbert MannBlueCCobscurelabel  
The Manchurian Candidate1964John FrankenheimerobscurelabelDimension X  
Teenage Crime Wave1955Fred F. SearsDimension XMondo Kane  
Black Snake Moan2006Craig BrewerMondo KaneLuther Heggs  
Howard the Duck1986Willard HuyckLuther HeggsMondo Kane1 
Blood Freak1972Brad F. Grinter
Steve Hawkes
obscurelabelDimension X 1
The Philadelphia Story1940George CukorDimension Xobscurelabel1 
Ziegfeld Follies1945Lemuel Ayers
Roy Del Ruth
Robert Lewis
Vincente Minnelli
Merrill Pye
George Sidney
Charles Walters
Luther HeggsWilliam Fuld11
The COOK The THIEF His WIFE & Her LOVER1989Peter GreenawayNicholas VargoBlueCC 1
Tea for Two1950David ButlerBlueCCNoirFan1 
The Spy Who Loved Me1977Lewis GilbertMondo KaneDimension X 1
Santa's Slay2005David SteinmanDimension XMrSmearkase1 
A Kid for Two Farthings1955Carol ReednewginafetsLuther Heggs 1
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang2005Shane BlackLuther HeggsFM1 
The Omen1976Richard DonnerNicholas VargoNorm de Plume11
Bad Blood2006Tiago Guedes
Frederico Serra
newginafetsSlumbering Fist 1
Chasing Sleep2000Michael WalkerSlumbering FistJumpCutz1 
Catch-221970Mike NicholsnewginafetsSlumbering Fist 1
Emperor of the North1973Robert AldrichSlumbering FistLuther Heggs  
Imagine: John Lennon1988Andrew SoltLuther HeggsNorm de Plume1 
Madame Bovary1949Vincente MinnelliobscurelabelFist of Doom 1
Bamboozled2000Spike LeeFist of DoomLuther Heggs  
The Trial of Billy Jack1974Tom LaughlinLuther HeggsRockmjd231 
The Apartment1960Billy WilderobscurelabelBlueCC 1
Pontiac Moon1994Peter MedakBlueCCNorm de Plume1 
Wonderful Life1964Sidney J. FurieLuther HeggsFist of Doom 1
The Killing of a Chinese Bookie1976John CassavetesFist of DoomNorm de Plume1 
Blow2001Ted DemmeMondo Kaneplanetaire11
Popeye1980Robert AltmanNicholas VargoLuther Heggs 1
Bad Taste1987Peter JacksonLuther HeggsNorm de Plume1 
Sunshine2007Danny BoyleFist of DoomMondo Kane 1
Mad Love1935Karl FreundMondo KaneNoirFan  
The Amazing Mr. X1948Bernard VorhausNoirFanNorm de Plume1 
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian2009Shawn LevyLuther HeggsTheMovieman 1
The Hunted2003William FriedkinTheMoviemanobscurelabel  
The Desert of the Tartars1976Valerio ZurliniobscurelabelNorm de Plume1 
Broken Flowers2005Jim JarmuschTheMoviemanFrenzy11
Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy1996Kelly MakinFist of Doomruddiger_71811
Mars Attacks!1996Tim BurtonLuther HeggsNicholas Vargo 1
Radioland Murders1994Mel SmithNicholas VargoBrian T1 
Spartacus1960Stanley KubrickobscurelabelFist of Doom 1
Down by Law1986Jim JarmuschFist of DoomPerkinsun Dzees1 
The Day after Tomorrow2004Roland EmmerichMondo KaneNicholas Vargo 1
Once2006John CarneyNicholas Vargoobscurelabel  
Waterloo Bridge1931James WhaleobscurelabelLuther Heggs  
Bluebeard1972Edward Dmytryk
Luciano Sacripanti
Luther HeggsNorm de Plume1 
Danny Deckchair2003Jeff BalsmeyerNicholas VargoNorm de Plume11
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter1968Robert Ellis MillerBlueCCLuther Heggs 1
Blind Beast1969Yasuzo MasumuraLuther HeggsDaveyJoe1 
School on Fire1988Ringo LamSlumbering FistNorm de Plume11
Big Top Pee-wee1988Randal KleiserLuther Heggsriotinmyskull11
Women in Love1969Ken RussellobscurelabelMondo Kane 1
New Jack City1991Mario Van PeeblesMondo KaneDimension X  
Hell's Angels '691969Lee MaddenDimension XMondo Kane1 
Castle Freak1995Stuart Gordonmatressmandcrw6 1
I'm Gonna Git You Sucka1988Keenen Ivory Wayansdcrw6Mondo Kane  
The Man Who Fell to Earth1976NicolasRoegMondo KaneDr Mabuse  
Only Angels Have Wings1939Howard HawksDr MabuseNorm de Plume1 
Stay Tuned1992Peter HyamsNicholas VargoMrSmearkase 1
My Cousin Vinny1992Jonathan LynnMrSmearkaseLuther Heggs  
Airplane!1980Jim Abrahams
David Zucker
Jerry Zucker
Luther HeggsNicholas Vargo  
Starter for 102006Tom VaughanNicholas VargoRockmjd23  
Game of Death II1981See-Yuen NgRockmjd23Mondo Kane  
U Turn1997Oliver StoneMondo KaneFist of Doom  
Donnie Brasco1997Mike NewellFist of DoomDr Mabuse  
Man on the Train2002Patrice LeconteDr Mabusevasb1 
Indian Summer1993Mike BinderMrSmearkaseNorm de Plume11
Charlie's Angels2000McGLuther Heggsriotinmyskull 1
Breaking Away1979Peter YatesriotinmyskullNicholas Vargo1 

Emperor of the North (1973)The Dead Pit (1989)Blood Freak (1972)Teenage Crime Wave (1955)The Gravy Train (1974)

Summary of results from Part 11
Wildcards Given Up
User NameCount
Norm de Plume12
Mondo Kane2
Brian T1
Kevin M. Dean1
Nicholas Vargo1
Perkinsun Dzees1
William Fuld1
Wildcards Taken
User NameCount
Luther Heggs8
Nicholas Vargo8
Mondo Kane4
Fist of Doom2
Brian T1
Slumbering Fist1
Movies Posted
User NameCount
Luther Heggs16
Nicholas Vargo12
Mondo Kane10
Fist of Doom6
Dimension X4
Slumbering Fist3
Dr Mabuse2
Brian T1
Correct Guesses
User NameCount
Norm de Plume12
Luther Heggs8
Mondo Kane8
Nicholas Vargo5
Dimension X4
Fist of Doom4
Dr Mabuse2
Slumbering Fist2
Brian T1
Kevin M. Dean1
Perkinsun Dzees1
William Fuld1

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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

You can memorize all the threads … or just check here to see if the movie you want to post has already made an appearance …

ThreadTitleYearPosted ByGuessed By
9The 10th Victim (La decima vittima)1965Luther HeggsBrian T
812 Angry Men1957Charlie GooseKillerCannibal
720,000 Leagues Under the Sea1954obscurelabelLuther Heggs
102001: A Space Odyssey1968Mondo Kanesundog
125th Hour2002FinkPishApone
3The 40 Year Old Virgin2005ruddiger_718Luther Heggs
248 Hrs.1982harpo787Kevin M. Dean
84D Man1959Dimension Xobscurelabel
67 Faces of Dr. Lao1964Luther Heggsobscurelabel
88 Mile2002Mondo KaneRockmjd23
19 Souls2003FrenzyMondo Kane
9Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein1948Dimension Xflixtime
8The Abominable Dr. Phibes1971Luther Heggsobscurelabel
1About a Boy2002Space_MonkeyCosmic Bus
9About Schmidt2002chris_sc77Luther Heggs
1Accattone1961MosskeetoBrent L
11The Accidental Tourist1988Nicholas Vargoobscurelabel
2Ace in the Hole1951Brent Lsundog
6Aces Go Places1982Luther HeggsFrenzy
7Across the Universe2007Luther Heggsriotinmyskull
1Adaptation2002Brent LFinkPish
8The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother1975Luther HeggsBlueCC
6Adventures in Babysitting1987BrackT-bone22
3The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai across the Eighth Dimension1984KudamaTrevor
7The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland1999Luther HeggsWilliam Fuld
2The Adventures of Ford Fairlane1990FrenzyMondo Kane
4The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert1994Charlie GooseRockmjd23
1After Hours1985Cosmic BusDarthMarino
9Age of Consent1969obscurelabelNoirFan
11Airplane!1980Luther HeggsNicholas Vargo
3The Alamo2004Mondo KanePillowhead
5Ali G in da House2002Brackruddiger_718
5Alice, Sweet Alice1976obscurelabelRockmjd23
7All About My Mother (Todo Sobre Mi Madre)1999The Busobscurelabel
5All the Real Girls2003riotinmyskullsundog
5Almanac of Fall1985sundogWilliam Fuld
2Altered States1980Luther HeggsMondo Kane
2Altrimenti ci arrabbiamo1974Frenzy(no one)
5Alucarda1974Mondo KaneLuther Heggs
7Alvin and the Chipmunks2007Luther HeggsBlueCC
6Amarcord1973Mondo KaneLuther Heggs
4Amator aka Camera Buff1979BenboCsundog
11The Amazing Mr. X1948NoirFanNorm de Plume
3The American Astronaut2001sundogslavetotherave
4American Beauty1999T-bone22The_Infidel
8American Boy: A Profile of: Steven Prince1978NoirFanDimension X
3American Psycho2000Luther HeggsThe Bus
8An American Werewolf in London1981Luther HeggsKillerCannibal
2Amityville II: The Possesion1982Rockmjd23Luther Heggs
3Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy2004GreenVultureriotinmyskull
6And Now for Something Completely Different1971Luther HeggsFinkPish
9And Soon the Darkness1970Cosmic Busriotinmyskull
9Andrei Rublev 1966Dr Mabuseobscurelabel
10An Angel at My Table1990Fist of DoomMondo Kane
2Angel Heart1987Mondo KaneGreenVulture
9Angel Unchained1970Dimension Xstarman9000
1The Animatrix2003Kudamadroidguy1119
5Any Given Sunday1999chris_sc77GoldenJCJ
11The Apartment1960obscurelabelBlueCC
1Appleseed2004KudamaBrent L
2Arahan1986Kevin M. DeanLuther Heggs
3The Aristocrats2005harpo787Luther Heggs
3Arlington Road1999harpo787GoldemJCJ
3Army of Shadows (Armée des ombres, L')1969Aponesundog
8The Asphyx1973obscurelabelLuther Heggs
11Asylum1972Luther HeggsRockmjd23
9Autopsy1975Luther HeggsRockmjd23
4The Aviator2004MartinBlankT-bone22
7Awake2007BrackWilliam Fuld
4BAADASSSSS!2003Abe.Mondo Kane
1Babe: Pig in the City1998Space_MonkeyPerkinsun Dzees
11Bad Blood2006newginafetsSlumbering Fist
7Bad Boys1995chris_sc77Rockmjd23
4Bad Company2002DoubleDownAgainKudama
1Bad Day at Black Rock1955MechanicalMansundog
3Bad Day at Black Rock1955The BusLuther Heggs
10Bad Lieutenant1992Luther HeggsNoirFan
4The Bad News Bears1976gfootsCreamyGoodness
11Bad Taste1987Luther HeggsNorm de Plume
11Bamboozled2000Fist of DoomLuther Heggs
3Barry Lyndon1975sundogTrevor
4The Bat Whispers1930obscurelabelTrevor
3Batman1966starman9000Luther Heggs
9Batman1966Mondo KaneDimension X
5Batman and Robin1997Luther HeggsTrevor
9Beach Blanket Bingo1965Luther HeggsBlueCC
1The Beach2000DVD JoshFrenzy
1The Bear1988Premiseheadrippa
7Beat the Devil1953obscurelabelWilliam Fuld
9Bedlam1946Luther Heggsplanetaire
7The Beguiled1971obscurelabelDimension X
6Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon2006gfootschris_sc77
7Belly1998Luther HeggsWilliam Fuld
1Betty Blue1995TomOpusLuther Heggs
3The Beyond1981Luther HeggsRockmjd23
7The Big Bird Cage1972Dimension Xchris_sc77
2The Big Bus1976Luther Heggswishbon3
2The Big Picture1989Luther HeggsGreen Vulture
8The Big Sleep1946BlueCCobscurelabel
11Big Top Pee-wee1988Luther Heggsriotinmyskull
11Big Trouble2002Nicholas Vargoriotinmyskull
1Billy Jack1971Luther HeggsGiles
4Billy Jack1971Kudamagfoots
7The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (Uccello dalle piume di cristallo, L')1970Rockmjd23riotinmyskull
3The Birdman of Alcatraz1962Rockmjd23sundog
8Birds, The1963Dimension XRockmjd23
7Black Dog1998das Monkeythedrizzle
5Black Hawk Down2001JTp8ntballchris_sc77
1Black Hawk Down2001AponeMaxflier
3The Black Hole1979The BusKudama
7Black Magic II1976Brian TLuther Heggs
11Black Snake Moan2006Mondo KaneLuther Heggs
7Black Tight Killers1966Cosmic Busvasb
8The Black Windmill1974Luther HeggsDimension X
7The Blackboard Jungle1955Mondo Kanethedrizzle
4Blacula1972Mondo KaneRockmjd23
6Blast of Silence1961Luther Heggsgfoots
11Blind Beast1969Luther HeggsDaveyJoe
5The Blob1988riotinmyskullThe_Infidel
11Blood Freak1972obscurelabelDimension X
9Blood Mania1970BlueCCDimension X
4Blood Simple1984T-bone22starman9000
2Blood: The Last Vampire2000KudamaFrenzy
5Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh1991SterlingBenSterlingBen
11Blow2001Mondo Kaneplanetaire
3Blow Out1981riotinmyskulldroidguy1119
3Blown Away1994Rockmjd23Abe.
4Blown Away1994TrevorThe_Infidel
9The Blue Bird1940obscurelabelBlueCC
11The Blue Bird2008newginafetsKevin M. Dean
1Blue in the Face1995FinkPishMechanicalMan
2Blue Spring2001Mondo Kane(no one)
11Bluebeard1972Luther HeggsNorm de Plume
3The Blues Brothers1980droidguy1119Frenzy
8The Blues Brothers1980achau9598riotinmyskull
8Boat Trip2002BlueCCvasb
1Boogie Nights1997PopcornTreeCtMaxflier
3Boogie Nights1997Luther Heggsjames2025a
6Boogie Nights1997FrenzyBenboC
10Born on the Fourth of July1989Mondo Kaneobscurelabel
10Born to Kill1947obscurelabelDimension X
6The Boston Strangler1968Luther HeggsRockmjd23
6The Boxer's Omen1983riotinmyskullLuther Heggs
10Boxing Helena1993Perkinsun DzeesFist of Doom
2The Boys From Brazil1978Rockmjd23(no one)
4Brain Damage1988SterlingBenThe_Infidel
3Brazil1985Abe.Mondo Kane
9Breakfast of Champions1999obscurelabelLuther Heggs
11Breaking Away1979riotinmyskullNicholas Vargo
10Brick2005Dr Mabuseriotinmyskull
1A Bridge Too Far1977FinkPishtaa455
3Bright Future2003KudamaGiles
6Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia1974Mondo Kaneriotinmyskull
2Bringing Out the Dead1999slavetotheraveBilly Batts
6Britannia Hospital1982Luther Heggschris_sc77
11Broken Flowers2005TheMoviemanFrenzy
7Brother2000Mondo KaneLuther Heggs
5The Brother from Another Planet1984obscurelabelFinkPish
5Brutes and Savages1978SterlingBenRockmjd23
5Bubba Ho Tep2002Abe.Kudama
5Buio Omega aka Beyond the Darkness1979SterlingBenLuther Heggs
3The 'burbs1989T-bone22JumpCutz
2The Butcher Boy1997rkndknPerkinsun Dzees
7Cabin Boy1994obscurelabelLuther Heggs
4The Camaraman1928sundogMondo Kane
10Cannibal Holocaust1980Mondo KaneRockmjd23
2Cannibal: The Musical1996glassdragonBrent L
6Cannonball Run II1984SterlingBenNorm de Plume
10Carnal Knowledge1971Cosmic BusRockmjd23
1Carosaur1993Brent LGiles
7Carry On Nurse1959Luther HeggsWilliam Fuld
7The Cars That Ate Paris1974Rockmjd23Cosmic Bus
3Casino Royale1967sundogKudama
5Casshern2004KudamaMatthew Chmiel
11Castle Freak1995matressmandcrw6
4The Castle of Cagliostro1979KudamaKevin M. Dean
7The Cat and the Canary1979Luther HeggsRockmjd23
4Cat People1942Luther HeggsCharlie Goose
2Catch Me If You Can2002MosskeetoFrenzy
11Catch-221970newginafetsSlumbering Fist
9Caught Up1998Mondo KaneBlueCC
4Céline et Julie vont en bateau1974sundogGiles
8Cemetary Man1994Rockmjd23KillerCannibal
9Le Cercle Rouge1970Dr Mabuseobscurelabel
11Charlie's Angels2000Luther Heggsriotinmyskull
9The Chase1966riotinmyskullRockmjd23
10The Chaser2008Slumbering FistRockmjd23
3Chasing Amy1997Trevorstarman9000
11Chasing Sleep2000Slumbering FistJumpCutz
8Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke1978No Use For A Nameriotinmyskull
4Children of a Lesser God1986The_InfidelTrevor
1Children of Men2006Rockmjd23Kudama
5The Children1980KudamaMondo Kane
1A Chinese Odyssey Part One: Pandora's Box1994Luther HeggsPerkinsun Dzees
7Christ in Concrete1949Cosmic Busobscurelabel
8Christmas with the Kranks2004BlueCCDimension X
9Cindy and Donna1970BlueCCNoirFan
3City of God (Cidade de Deus)2002The Bussundog
4City of Industry1997Pillowheadsauce07
1The City of Lost Children1995Brent Lchris_sc77
5City of Lost Souls1983Mondo KaneSterlingBen
1Class of 19841982Perkinsun DzeesSpace_Monkey
2Closer2004Brent LSPiRAL
10Cloverfield2008Mondo KaneKillerCannibal
1Cobra1986FrenzyDVD Josh
6Cockfighter1974obscurelabelLuther Heggs
10Coldblooded1995Perkinsun DzeesRockmjd23
2The Collector1965Brent LNorm de Plume
2The Color of Money1986GreenVultureKudama
11The Color Purple1985Mondo KaneRockmjd23
3Colour Me Kubrick: A True...ish Story2005NumanoidLuther Heggs
2Come and See1985AponeNorm de Plume
5Come and See1985KudamaApone
7Comic Book Villians2002BlueCCWilliam Fuld
5Comic Book: The Movie2004Mondo Kanechris_sc77
5The Company of Wolves1984Brent LThe_Infidel
3Confessions of a Dangerous Mind2002starman9000GreenVulture
4Confessions of a Serial Killer1985JZ1276Norm de Plume
7The Constant Gardener2005The Bussundog
10Contraband1980Rockmjd23Mondo Kane
2The COOK The THIEF His WIFE & Her LOVER1989MosskeetoFrenzy
11The COOK The THIEF His WIFE & Her LOVER1989Nicholas VargoBlueCC
8Cool Hand Luke1967Dimension XKeith6601
3Cool Runnings1993starman9000Dashed
3Cop Land1997FrenzyGiles
9A Cottage on Dartmoor1929NoirFanRockmjd23
4CQ2001obscurelabelMatthew Chmiel
8CQ2001No Use For A NameKillerCannibal
7Crazy Love (L'amour est un chien d'enfer)1987Luther Heggsvasb
7Creep2004KudamaMondo Kane
10Creepshow 21987Mondo KaneDimension X
4Crimewave1985Luther HeggsThe_Infidel
9Cutter's Way1981Perkinsun DzeesLuther Heggs
6Cyborg 21993SterlingBenBenboC
8Danger: Diabolik1968Luther Heggsobscurelabel
11Danny Deckchair2003Nicholas VargoNorm de Plume
3Dark City1998KudamaMatthew Chmiel
11The Day after Tomorrow2004Mondo KaneNicholas Vargo
8Day of the Dead1985Rockmjd23Dimension X
8The Day the Earth Stood Still1951obscurelabelBlueCC
2Dazed and Confused1993T-bone22Munchos
8Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round1966Dimension XLuther Heggs
6Dead Man's Shoes2004KudamaLuther Heggs
3Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid1982TrevorRockmjd23
2Dead of Night1945MosskeetoRockmjd23
11The Dead Pit1989Rockmjd23NoirFan
6Dead-End Drive In1986SterlingBenRockmjd23
8The Dead1987NoirFanBlueCC
6Deal of the Century1983FrenzyMondo Kane
6Dear Wendy2005KudamaLuther Heggs
6Death in the Red Jaguar (Tod im roten Jaguar, Der)1968Luther Heggsobscurelabel
4Death Proof2007ruddiger_718GreenVulture
4Death Proof2007droidguy1119JayDerek
1Death Race 20001975KudamaFincher Fan
4Death Race 20001975PillowheadBenboC
3Death Wish1974Frenzyrkndkn
10Death Wish1974Mondo Kaneriotinmyskull
9Deathdream1974Norm de PlumePerkinsun Dzees
10Deep Red1975mmyersisgodNorm de Plume
4Defending Your Life1991The_InfidelTomOpus
2Deliver Us from Eva2003Mondo KaneApone
6Delta Delta Die!2003SterlingBenobscurelabel
3The Departed2006rkndknGreenVulture
6The Descent2005Kudamathedrizzle
11The Desert of the Tartars1976obscurelabelNorm de Plume
10Desperado1995Mondo KaneDr Mabuse
5Desperate Living1977Mondo KaneSPiRAL
8Desperately Seeking Susan1985Luther HeggsWilliam Fuld
4Devil Doll1964obscurelabelsundog
10The Devil Rides Out1968sundogDimension X
6The Devil Thumbs a Ride1947gfootsobscurelabel
8The Devil's Nightmare1971Mondo KaneDimension X
1The Devil's Rejects2005StoneSour82Heartagram
8The Devil's Rejects2005Mondo KaneRockmjd23
5Diary of a Chambermaid1964sundogWilliam Fuld
8Die Another Day2002Luther Heggsvasb
2Die Hard1988T-bone22CWhippy03
2Die Hard with a Vengeance1995GreenVulturesundog
8Dirty Harry1971Dimension Xsundog
5Dirty Love2005The_Infideltoxie321
7Dirty Mary Crazy Larry1974Dimension XBrian T
3Dirty Work1998sauce07Rockmjd23
6Django1966GoldenJCJMondo Kane
11Dog Bite Dog2006newginafetsBlueCC
7Dog Eat Dog1964obscurelabelfoggy
2Dog Soldiers2002riotinmyskulliexx
5Dog Soldiers2002Abe.RichC2
6Domino2005BrackLuther Heggs
11Donnie Brasco1997Fist of DoomDr Mabuse
4Donnie Darko2001JohnnyUtah12riotinmyskull
4The Doors1991Mondo KaneGreenVulture
2Double Indemnity1944droidguy1119Jaymole
11Down by Law1986Fist of DoomPerkinsun Dzees
9Down in the Valley2005Dr MabuseRockmjd23
8Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde1931obscurelabelBlueCC
3Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde1941Mondo KaneLuther Heggs
4Dreamers, The2003FrenzyGiles
10Dreamgirls2006Mondo KaneRockmjd23
10Dreams That Money Can Buy1947NoirFanWilliam Fuld
1Driller Killer1979Mondo KaneMechanicalMan
2Duel in the Sun1946sundogApone
1The Duelists1977GrimTangentKudama
2Dune1984GreenVultureLuther Heggs
10Dunwich Horror, The1970Luther HeggsMondo Kane
7Dynamite Warrior2006KudamaCosmic Bus
9Easy Rider1969Dimension Xsundog
6Edge of Sanity1989SterlingBenKudama
8The Edge of the World1937obscurelabelBlueCC
6Eight Legged Freaks2002Mondo KaneBrack
8Electra Glide in Blue1973riotinmyskullWilliam Fuld
6Elektra2005Luther HeggsMatthew Chmiel
3Elling2001starman9000Luther Heggs
6Emanuelle Escapes From Hell aka Women's Prison Massacre1983SterlingBenRockmjd23
11Emperor of the North1973Slumbering FistLuther Heggs
2Encino Man1992sauce07project86
8Enemy at the Gates2001Mondo KaneFiveO
7The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser1974FMLuther Heggs
9Entrails of a Virgin1986Luther HeggsNoirFan
5Ernest Goes to Jail1990SterlingBenvasb
2Eros2004Luther Heggschris_sc77
8Escape to Witch Mountain1975Dimension XLuther Heggs
6Esther Kahn2000sundogFinkPish
3Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind2004Abe.harpo787
5Even Dwarfs Started Small1970chris_sc77FinkPish
9Explorers1985Luther HeggsBlueCC
1Eye of God1997MechanicalManGreenVulture
6Eyes Without a Face1960obscurelabelMondo Kane
10Face in the Crowd, A1957obscurelabelMondo Kane
6The Face of Another1966obscurelabelFinkPish
5Fahrenheit 4511966Kudamaobscurelabel
1Falling Down1993DarthMarino12thmonkey
4Family Business1989The_InfidelLuther Heggs
2Family Plot1976riotinmyskullchris_sc77
1Fanny and Alexander1982AponeCosmic Bus
10Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer2007Mondo KaneBlueCC
3Fast Times at Ridgemont High1982Luther Heggstoxie321
2Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas1998Luther Heggssundog
6Fear City1984JtheoFrenzy
3Fear of a Black Hat1994Abe.Coral
7Fear of a Black Hat1994The BusSparrow
8Fellini Satyricon1969Rockmjd23Mondo Kane
1Female Convict Scorpion Jailhouse 411972Brent LMondo Kane
2Fight Club1999Luther HeggsApone
6Fight Club1999KudamaFinkPish
2The Final Countdown1980wishbon3keyed
4The Final Programme1973obscurelabelLuther Heggs
10The Final Programme1973NoirFanobscurelabel
6A Fish Called Wanda1988Luther HeggsGiggles
5Fishing With Gandhi1998gfootsLuther Heggs
5A Fistful of Dollars (Per un pugno di dollari)1964Mondo KaneLuther Heggs
9Five Dolls for an August Moon (5 bambole per la luna d'agosto)1970Rockmjd23obscurelabel
6Flash Gordon1980Luther Heggssundog
2Flesh for Frankenstein1973Mondo KaneGiles
5Flesh Gordon 2: Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders1989SterlingBenKudama
8Un Flic1972Luther HeggsBlueCC
6The Fog of War2003FinkPishMondo Kane
6Force of Evil1948obscurelabelLuther Heggs
10The Forest1982Rockmjd23Dimension X
6The Formula1980chris_sc77Rockmjd23
1Forrest Gump1994AponeFinkPish
1The Fountain2006Kudamaproject86
7The Fountainhead1949obscurelabelWilliam Fuld
4The Four Feathers1939obscurelabelCosmic Bus
6Four of the Apocalypse1975Mondo KaneLuther Heggs
7Four Rooms1995DonnachaOnechris_sc77
7Foxy Brown1974chris_sc77Mondo Kane
5Frailty2001Abe.Luther Heggs
7Francis1950Luther Heggsobscurelabel
10Frankenstein Conquers the World1965Rockmjd23Luther Heggs
2Freaked1993Luther Heggsdroidguy1119
10Fred Claus2007BlueCCDimension X
1Freddy Got Fingered2001MaxflierStoneSour82
1Freddy Got Fingered2001The BusFinkPish
9Freebie and the Bean1974Slumbering Fistflixtime
8The French Connection1971obscurelabelJumpCutz
9The Freshman1990obscurelabelLuther Heggs
6Friday the 13th Part 41984Mondo Kaneriotinmyskull
5Fright Night1985Brackchris_sc77
8Frogs1972Dimension XLuther Heggs
1From Hell2001FinkPishGiantrobo
5From Hell2001Brackchris_sc77
4Full Metal Yakuza1997Mondo KaneLuther Heggs
4Fulltime Killer2001Mondo KanePillowhead
7Funny Games2007kstublenchris_sc77

ThreadTitleYearPosted ByGuessed By
1G.O.R.A.2004Luther HeggsFinkPish
11Game of Death II1981Rockmjd23Mondo Kane
4Ganja & Hess1973Mondo KaneGreenVulture
5Garden State2004toxie321FinkPish
10Gas! -Or- It Became Necessary to Destroy the World in Order to Save It.1971Dimension XMondo Kane
5Georgy Girl1966obscurelabelsauce07
1Get Carter1971MechanicalManMondo Kane
5Get Carter1971obscurelabelMondo Kane
2Get Shorty1995Brent Lslavetotherave
1Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai 1999FinkPishsundog
6Ghost in the Shell1995KudamaLuther Heggs
5Ghost in the Shell 22004Kudamachris_sc77
8Ghostbusters1984Luther HeggsMondo Kane
4Ghostbusters II1989TrevorFrenzy
8Giants and Toys1958FrenzyLuther Heggs
7Ginger Snaps 22004SterlingBenchris_sc77
5Glitter2001Luther HeggsDrexl
8Goin' South1978Dimension XBlueCC
1Gold Diggers of 19331933MechanicalManLuther Heggs
9Der Golem1920Rockmjd23KillerCannibal
8Gone Baby Gone2007ruddiger_718FiveO
9Gone with the Wind1939Luther Heggsobscurelabel
8Good Guys Wear Black1978Luther HeggsRockmjd23
1Good Morning1959sundogBrent L
5Goodbye Uncle Tom1971Mondo KaneRockmjd23
10Gozu2003Mondo Kaneriotinmyskull
7Grace of My Heart1996chris_sc77sundog
11The Gravy Train1974obscurelabelRockmjd23
4The Great Train Robbery1903sundogobscurelabel
5The Green Slime1968Mondo KaneKudama
6The Grim Reaper aka Antropophagus1980GigglesNorm de Plume
4Grosse Pointe Blank1997The_InfidelDoubleDownAgain
8Groundhog Day1993Luther HeggsMondo Kane
4Guess Who's Coming to Dinner1967Rockmjd23Luther Heggs
3The Gumball Rally1976Kevin M. Deanrkndkn
6The Guns of Navarone1961FinkPishLuther Heggs
7Harakiri1962MaxflierCosmic Bus
4Hard Candy2005The_Infideltacos
3Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets2002starman9000riotinmyskull
6Häxan 1922Luther HeggsMondo Kane
5He Got Game1998chris_sc77Mondo Kane
5Head1968obscurelabelMondo Kane
9The Hearse1980BlueCCLuther Heggs
11The Heart is a Lonely Hunter1968BlueCCLuther Heggs
7Heat1995das MonkeyFinkPish
6Heaven & Earth1993chris_sc77rkndkn
3Heaven Can Wait1943The Bus(no one)
9Heaven's Soldiers2005Brian TLuther Heggs
6Heavenly Creatures1994Kudamariotinmyskull
5Hell House2001gfootsFinkPish
11Hell's Angels '691969Dimension XMondo Kane
7Henry Fool1997chris_sc77FinkPish
11Henry V1944Rockmjd23obscurelabel
2Herbie Rides Again1974DVD Joshstarman9000
9Herman Melville's Moby Dick1956Mondo KaneRockmjd23
3The Hidden1987rkndknTrevor
4High Sierra1941sundogFinkPish
7A High Wind in Jamaica1965obscurelabelWilliam Fuld
4A History of Violence2005FinkPishGreenVulture
7Hitcher in the Dark1989riotinmyskullDimension X
3The Hitcher1986riotinmyskulljames2025a
1The Hole1998sundogNorm de Plume
10The Hollywood Knights1980sundogPerkinsun Dzees
5The Holy Mountain1973riotinmyskullLuther Heggs
8Hondo1953Dimension Xflixtime
1The Host2006Perkinsun DzeesCosmic Bus
2The Host2006KudamaMatthew Chmiel
4Hostel2005Mondo KaneMartinBlank
7Hostel 22007Mondo Kaneriotinmyskull
3Hot Fuzz2007Luther HeggsSpace_Monkey
1Hour of the Wolf1968GreenVultureRockmjd23
6House of Dracula1945Mondo KaneFinkPish
10The House That Dripped Blood1971Luther Heggsplanetaire
11Howard the Duck1986Luther HeggsMondo Kane
9The Howling II1985BlueCCriotinmyskull
2The Hudsucker Proxy1994ToddSm66starman9000
10The Hunger1983Luther HeggsNicholas Vargo
11The Hunted2003TheMoviemanobscurelabel
7Hustle & Flow2005Mondo KaneNo Use For A Name
5I Married a Monster From Outer Space1958obscurelabelRockmjd23
5I Shot Jesse James1949William FuldCosmic Bus
7I Walked with a Zombie1943Rockmjd23obscurelabel
2I Will Walk Like a Crazy Horse1973Luther HeggsCosmic Bus
8I'll Never Forget What's'isname1967obscurelabelBlueCC
11I'm Gonna Git You Sucka1988dcrw6Mondo Kane
5The Ice Harvest2005vasbriotinmyskull
4The Ice Pirates1984Kevin M. DeanThe_Infidel
1The Ice Storm1997KudamaEEz28
3if....1968KudamaLuther Heggs
7Igby Goes Down2002chris_sc77William Fuld
11Imagine: John Lennon1988Luther HeggsNorm de Plume
8In Like Flint1967Dimension XBlueCC
2In The Company of Men1997Perkinsun Dzeesbunkaroo
3In the Mood for Love (Fa yeung nin wa)2000The BusBrent L
7The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant1971Dimension XRockmjd23
10The Incredibles2004obscurelabelLuther Heggs
11Indian Summer1993MrSmearkaseNorm de Plume
10Inland Empire2006Fist of DoomSlumbering Fist
2An Innocent Man1989bunkarooLuther Heggs
2The Interview1998Matthew Chmielsauce07
4Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages1916sundogRockmjd23
1Invasion of the Body Snatchers1978GreenVultureKudama
11Invitation Only2009Brian Tnewginafets
3Irma Vep1996sundogsouvenir
6Island of Death1975SterlingBenRockmjd23
10It Happened One Night1934Dimension XNoirFan
5It's Alive1974Cosmic BusRockmjd23
7It's All About Love2003chris_sc77William Fuld
8It's All True1993obscurelabelDimension X
1Jackie Brown1997KudamaLuther Heggs
10Jailhouse Rock1957Dimension Xobscurelabel
7Jaws1975Luther HeggsFinkPish
1JFK1991Mondo KaneLuther Heggs
3Joe Versus the Volcano1990T-bone22riotinmyskull
4Joe Versus the Volcano1990The_InfidelWilliam Fuld
5The Johnsons1992SterlingBenCosmic Bus
8Joysticks1983BlueCCLuther Heggs
5Judge Dredd1995AponeKudama
3Jurassic Park1993GreenVultureRockmjd23
9Jurassic Park1993Blu ManLuther Heggs
5The Karate Kid1984T-bone22GreenVulture
10Ken Park2002Luther HeggsBlueCC
4The Kentucky Fried Movie1977The_InfidelMondo Kane
5Kes1969GilesNorm de Plume
11A Kid for Two Farthings1955newginafetsLuther Heggs
10Kidnapped Coed1976Dimension XRockmjd23
11Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy1996Fist of Doomruddiger_718
8Kill and Kill Again1981William FuldDimension X
7Kill Baby, Kill1966Rockmjd23riotinmyskull
6Kill Bill Volume 12003Luther HeggsFrenzy
4The Killer Tongue1996SterlingBenstarman9000
11The Killing of a Chinese Bookie1976Fist of DoomNorm de Plume
1The Killing1956sundogLuther Heggs
11King of Hearts1966obscurelabelNoirFan
7King of Kings1961William FuldRockmjd23
1King of New York1990Mondo KaneGiles
11Kiss Kiss Bang Bang2005Luther HeggsFM
8Kiss Me Deadly1955obscurelabelKillerCannibal
10Kiss of Death1947NoirFanChad
7Kull the Conqueror1997MaxflierFinkPish
2Kwaidan1964MosskeetoLuther Heggs
3L. A. Story1991T-bone22starman9000
6Ladies' Phone Club2000SterlingBenFinkPish
4The Lady from Shanghai1947obscurelabelsundog
1Lady in the Lake1947Brent Lsundog
2Lady in White1988rkndknredtornado
1Lady Vengeance2005Luther HeggsMechanicalMan
9Land of the Minotaur1976BlueCCRockmjd23
6Lao Mao1992KudamaBenboC
11The Last Boy Scout1991Nicholas Vargojtheo
6Last Dragon1985BenboCMondo Kane
1Last Life in the Universe2003Perkinsun DzeesGreenVulture
2Last of the Mohicans1992AponeT-bone22
3Last of the Mohicans1992AponeGoofus593
4The Last Picture Show1971TomOpusThe_Infidel
10Last Summer1969Norm de PlumeDimension X
7The Last Supper1995Nomad559riotinmyskull
2Layer Cake2004droidguy1119sauce07
6The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen2003KudamaFinkPish
2The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse2005Luther HeggsRockmjd23
2Leave Her to Heaven1945sundogLuther Heggs
1Léon1994AponeBrent L
9Leonard Part 61987Luther HeggsBlueCC
10Lethal Weapon 31992Mondo Kaneplanetaire
4Letter from Siberia1957GreenVulture(no one)
5The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou2004KudamaFinkPish
6A Life Less Ordinary1997chris_sc77SterlingBen
6Life Stinks1991FrenzyFinkPish
10Liquid Sky1982NoirFanRockmjd23
4The Little Girl Who Lives down the Lane1976obscurelabelKudama
8Little Nicky2000chris_sc77ruddiger_718
2Little Shop of Horrors1986FrenzyTrevor
10Living Hell2000newginafetsDr Mabuse
1Living in Oblivion1995bunkarooWilliam Fuld
5Loaded Weapon 11993FrenzySterlingBen
7Local Hero1983obscurelabelLuther Heggs
2Logan's Run1976Luther HeggsRockmjd23
1Lone Star1996Cosmic BusKhalid
3Lonewolf and Cub aka Shogun Assasin1980KudamaLt Ripley
2The Long Goodbye1973slavetotheraveToddSm66
6The Lookout2007riotinmyskullvasb
10Looney Tunes: Back in Action2003Luther HeggsRockmjd23
6Lord Love a Duck1966obscurelabelWilliam Fuld
1Lord of War2005KudamaApone
4The Lost Boys1987T-bone22tacos
6Lost Highway1997Luther Heggsriotinmyskull
6Lost in Space1998chris_sc77SterlingBen
6The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra2001gfootsLuther Heggs
7The Lost Weekend1945Dimension XMondo Kane
9The Lost Weekend1945riotinmyskullNoirFan
9Love Liza2002Slumbering Fistriotinmyskull
2The Loved One1965Luther HeggsQuatermass
5The Loved One1965SterlingBenobscurelabel
4Lucky Number Slevin2006Abe.bwvanh114
3Lust for Life1956Brent LLuther Heggs
10The Mack1973Mondo Kaneobscurelabel
11Mad Love1935Mondo KaneNoirFan
4Mad Max1979KudamaMondo Kane
11Madame Bovary1949obscurelabelFist of Doom
8Made in U.S.A.1966NoirFanWillam Fuld
2Magic1978Luther HeggsMondo Kane
8The Magic Sword1962obscurelabelDimension X
10Le Magnifique1973obscurelabelNoirFan
6Magnolia1999Luther Heggsvasb
10The Man From Hong Kong1975FrenzyRockmjd23
11Man on the Train2002Dr Mabusevasb
5Man Push Cart2005Cosmic BusGiles
11The Man Who Fell to Earth1976Mondo KaneDr Mabuse
1The Man Who Wasn't ThereThe 2001Brent LPopcornTreeCt
2The Man Who Wasn't There2001sauce07Cosmic Bus
7The Man with One Red Shoe1985Bracksundog
9The Man with the Golden Arm1955BlueCCDimension X
11The Manchurian Candidate1964obscurelabelDimension X
6Maniac1934Mondo KaneRockmjd23
8The Manitou1978riotinmyskullobscurelabel
8Marat/Sade (The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum at Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade)1967obscurelabelRockmjd23
1Marquis1989Luther HeggsGiles
11Mars Attacks!1996Luther HeggsNicholas Vargo
3Martin & Orloff2002vasbsundog
5Mary Shelley's Frankenstein1994KudamaMondo Kane
9The Mask of Fu Manchu1932Mondo Kaneriotinmyskull
3Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World2003slavetotheravestarman9000
10Masters of the Universe1987Dimension XFrenzy
2The Matador2005bunkarooLuther Heggs
10The Match Factory Girl1990obscurelabelNoirFan
1Match Point2005Perkinsun DzeesGreenVulture
11Matinee1993Nicholas VargoMondo Kane
6Maximum Overdrive1986riotinmyskullFinkPish
1Me and You and Everyone We Know2005Brent Lchris_sc77
8Mean Machine2001Matthew ChmielNo Use For A Name
1Meet Me in St. Louis1944Fincher FanMechanicalMan
5Melvin Goes to Dinner2003Luther Heggsgfoots
3Menace II Society1993Rockmjd23JumpCutz
6Merry Christmas (Joyeux Noël)2005chris_sc77Frenzy
1Mi Vida Loca1993Mondo KaneLuther Heggs
4Miami Blues1990obscurelabelLuther Heggs
7Michael aka Chained: The Story of the Third Sex1924Luther Heggsobscurelabel
7Midnight Caller1995Brian TLuther Heggs
4Midnight Run1988FinkPishGreenVulture
5Mighty Joe Young1949Mondo KaneRockmjd23
7The Mighty Peking Man1977obscurelabelriotinmyskull
8Milk Money1994BlueCCriotinmyskull
10The Milky Way1969obscurelabelchris_sc77
4Mill of the Stone Women1960obscurelabelRockmjd23
2Millennium1989Kevin M. Deansundog
1Miller's Crossing1990FinkPishMechanicalMan
1Miller's Crossing1990KudamaFinkPish
5Mimic1997KudamaLuther Heggs
1Minority Report2002Space_MonkeyLuther Heggs
4Minority Report2002Aponestarman9000
9The Minus Man1999Dr Mabusechris_sc77
10Miracle at Santa Anna2008chris_sc77sundog
1Miracle Mile1988Perkinsun DzeesNorm de Plume
1The Mission1986FinkPishPerkinsun Dzees
8Mission: Impossible1996BlueCCvasb
10Mister Lonely2007Abe.Rockmjd23
7Mon Oncle1958obscurelabelNorm de Plume
4Mondo Cane1962Rockmjd23Mondo Kane
9Monopoly2006Brian Tflixtime
10Monster A-Go Go1965Dimension XLuther Heggs
10Monty Python and the Holy Grail1975Luther HeggsMondo Kane
11Monty Python and the Holy Grail1975TrevorNicholas Vargo
1The Mosquito Coast1986slavetotheraveSpace_Monkey
5Motel Hell1980SterlingBenLuther Heggs
4Mother's Day1948William Fuld(no one)
2The Motorcycle Diaries2004Chadgryffinmaster
7Mr. Arkadin1955obscurelabelRockmjd23
4Mr. Hulot's Holiday1953JayDerekobscurelabel
10Mr. Vampire II1986Slumbering Fistplanetaire
1Mullholland Drive2001astrochimpcanaryfarmer
2Munich2005Turd FergusonRandy Miller III
3Munich2005The BusApone
10The Muppet Movie1979Luther HeggsMondo Kane
3Muppets from Space1999starman9000Luther Heggs
4The Muppets Take Manhattan1984William FuldMartinBlank
10Musa the Warrior2001Dr Mabuseasianxcore
6The Mutilator1985SterlingBenRockmjd23
11My Cousin Vinny1992MrSmearkaseLuther Heggs
5My Favorite Year1982Luther HeggsDrexl
10My Left Eye Sees Ghosts2002FrenzyPerkinsun Dzees
1My Life as a Dog1985KhalidRizor
9My Little Chickadee1940Luther HeggsRockmjd23
1My Name is Nobody1973GreenVultureMondo Kane
1My Sassy Girl2001Kevin M. DeanBrent L
8Mystery of the Wax Museum1933obscurelabelLuther Heggs
2Mystery Train1989sundogMechanicalMan
6Naked1993William Fuldchris_sc77
8The Naked City1948Dimension XRockmjd23
6Naked Killer1992Luther Heggsthedrizzle
1Naked Lunch1991Cosmic BusDealMan
2Naked Lunch1991Kudamachris_sc77
1National Lampoon's Vacation1983Luther HeggsMechanicalMan
9National Treasure: Book of Secrets2007scott1598Trevor
1Natural City2003Maxfliernotvandnobeer
1Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion1997AponeMaxflier
7Never Give a Sucker an Even Break1941Luther HeggsFM
1The Neverending Story1984FinkPishslavetotherave
11New Jack City1991Mondo KaneDimension X
1The New World2005FinkPishbunkaroo
9Night and Fog1955Rockmjd23Norm de Plume
11Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian2009Luther HeggsTheMovieman
5Night of the Hunter1955Frenzychris_sc77
5Night of the Living Dorks2004SterlingBenriotinmyskull
5Nightmare Alley1947gfootsobscurelabel
6Nightmares1983SterlingBenLuther Heggs
9Nobody1999Norm de PlumeBrian T
4North by Northwest1959MosskeetoFinkPish
2North Dallas Forty1979sauce07Billy Batts
2Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht1979GreenVultureDr. Mantle
2Not Another Teen Movie2001Mondo Kanesauce07
6Not of This Earth1988SterlingBenLuther Heggs
10Notes on a Scandal2006BlueCCFist of Doom
1Nothing But Trouble1991JZ1276keyed
8Ocean's Eleven1960JoeyOhhhhobscurelabel
1Olvidados, Los1950sundogApone
10The Omega Man1971Dimension XKillerCannibal
11The Omen1976Nicholas VargoNorm de Plume
7On the Beach1959Kudamachris_sc77
11Once2006Nicholas Vargoobscurelabel
10Once a Thief1991Luther Heggsplanetaire
5Once Upon a Time in America1984chris_sc77Mondo Kane
7One Crazy Summer1986Luther HeggsFiveO
10One False Move1992Dr MabuseBlueCC
8Oneechanbara2008FrenzyBrian T
1Onibaba1964MosskeetoCosmic Bus
11Only Angels Have Wings1939Dr MabuseNorm de Plume
5The Osterman Weekend1983Luther HeggsGreenVulture
1Out 1: Spectre1972sundogjames2025a
2Out of Sight1998vasbsundog
9Over the Edge1979riotinmyskullDimension X
1Over The Top1987MechanicalManproject86
6Owning Mahowny2003BenboCJtheo

ThreadTitleYearPosted ByGuessed By
8Panic in Year Zero!1962obscurelabelNorm de Plume
1Paper Moon1973Cosmic BusLuther Heggs
8The Parallax View1974NoirFanDimension X
3Parole Officer, The2001Luther HeggsCosmic Bus
1The Passenger1975Brent LNorm de Plume
7The Passion of the Christ2004Luther HeggsPillowhead
5Patriot Games1992FinkPishDoubleDownAgain
10Payday1973Slumbering FistDr Mabuse
6The Peacemaker1997GoldenJCJchris_sc77
1Pee-Wee's Big Adventure1985starman9000GreenVulture
4Pelle erobreren1987GilesTrevor
7The People vs. Larry Flynt1996Luther HeggsFiveO
2Perdita Durango1997Luther HeggsFrenzy
3A Perfect World1993T-bone22harpo787
5Perfume: The Story of a Murderer2006Kudamachris_sc77
4Phantasm1979Mondo KaneAbe.
11The Phantom of the Opera2004Mondo KaneBlueCC
3Phantom of the Paradise1974KudamaLuther Heggs
11The Philadelphia Story1940Dimension Xobscurelabel
7Pick-Up1975Mondo KaneKudama
3Pickup on South Street1953sundogTrevor
8Pineapple Express2008riotinmyskullLuther Heggs
4The Pirate Movie1982TrevorWilliam Fuld
4Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest2006TrevorFinkPish
5Pitch Black2000KudamaFinkPish
4Plague of the Zombies1966Rockmjd23Mondo Kane
9Plan 9 From Outer Space1959Rockmjd23Dimension X
7Planes, Trains and Automobiles1987kstublenJoeyOhhhh
5Please Don't Eat My Mother1973SterlingBenLuther Heggs
2Point Blank1967Billy BattsLuther Heggs
8Point Blank1967riotinmyskullBlueCC
4The Point1971starman9000Luther Heggs
4Poltergeist1982GreenVultureMondo Kane
11Pontiac Moon1994BlueCCNorm de Plume
10Pootie Tang2001obscurelabelWilliam Fuld
10Popcorn1991obscurelabelDimension X
11Popeye1980Nicholas VargoLuther Heggs
6Possession1981Luther HeggsFrenzy
1Powaqqatsi 1988FInkPishNorm de Plume
2The President's Analyst1967sauce07Luther Heggs
1Prime Cut1972Cosmic BusLuther Heggs
9The Princess and the Warrior2000Luther Heggsvasb
7Private Parts1972obscurelabelRockmjd23
2Le Professionnel1981Frenzy(no one)
6Project: Kill1976KudamaMondo Kane
6Prophecy1979SterlingBenLuther Heggs
5The Proposition2005KudamaMondo Kane
8Psycho III1986BlueCCRockmjd23
8Puff, Puff, Pass2006No Use For A NameDimension X
6Pulp Fiction1994Luther HeggsFrenzy
4Pump Up the Volume1990harpo787gfoots
1Punch-Drunk Love2002Heartagrammaingon
8Puppet Master II1991BlueCCchris_sc77
1Purple Noon1960MosskeetoCosmic Bus
5Q: The Winged Serpent1982SterlingBenriotinmyskull
5Quackser Fortune Has a Cousin in the Bronx1970obscurelabelFinkPish
8Quatermass and the Pit1967obscurelabelLuther Heggs
4Quick Change1990T-bone22Luther Heggs
3Quintet1977Cosmic BusRockmjd23
2Race With the Devil1975Cosmic BusLuther Heggs
11Radioland Murders1994Nicholas VargoBrian T
8Raiders of the Living Dead1986Luther Heggsobscurelabel
8Raiders of the Lost Ark1981Luther HeggsJoeyOhhhh
8Rain1932obscurelabelDimension X
4The Rainmaker1956The_Infidel(no one)
2Rancho Deluxe1975sauce07Cosmic Bus
4Real Genius1985starman9000GreenVulture
2Recon 20202004DVD Josh(no one)
7Red Garters1954William Fuldvasb
8Red River1948Doctor Gonzoobscurelabel
1The Red Spectacles1987KudamaApone
4The Reflecting Skin1990Cosmic BusNorm de Plume
5The Reivers1969obscurelabelKudama
8The Reluctant Astronaut1967Dimension XBlueCC
10Repo Man1984Luther Heggssundog
10Requiem for a Vampire1971Mondo KanePerkinsun Dzees
7Rescue Dawn2006FinkPishriotinmyskull
4Resevoir Dogs1992TrevorDoubleDownAgain
3Resident Evil2002KudamaAbe.
6Return to Horror High1987SterlingBenriotinmyskull
1The Return2003AponeMosskeeto
2Revenge of the Nerds1984T-bone22Mondo Kane
7Revenge of the Red Baron1994KudamaWilliam Fuld
10Revenger's Tragedy2002sundogLuther Heggs
1Richard III1995KudamaAdboy151
6Richard III1995FinkPishKudama
5Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles2005BenboCCosmic Bus
10Ripley's Game2002Rockmjd23Slumbering Fist
7The River1951obscurelabelsundog
6River's Edge1986riotinmyskullFinkPish
7Road Games1981riotinmyskullLuther Heggs
9Roaring Fire1982Slumbering Fistflixtime
8Robocop Prime Directives 2: Meltdown2000SterlingBenRockmjd23
7The Rocketeer1991KudamaCosmic Bus
10Rocky Balboa2006Mondo Kaneobscurelabel
4The Rocky Horror Picture Show1975Luther HeggsTrevor
4Romeo is Bleeding1993PillowheadGreenVulture
9Rônin-gai1990Dr MabusePerkinsun Dzees
5Rosemary's Killer (aka The Prowler)1981Abe.Norm de Plume
10La Roue1923obscurelabelRockmjd23
3The Royal Tennenbaums2001Trevorsouvenir
6The Rules of Attraction2002chris_sc77SPiRAL
9The Rules of the Game (Règle du jeu, La)1939Rockmjd23sundog
5The Ruling Class1972chris_sc77obscurelabel
9Run Lola Run1998Frenzyobscurelabel
2Runaway Train1985sundogPillowhead
1The Running Man1987Randy Miller IIICoral
6Running Scared2006Luther HeggsAbe.
5Russian Ark2002sundogGreenVulture
10S.P.L.: Kill Zone2005Mondo KaneBrian T
9Sabrina1954Dimension Xflixtime
8Safe House1998BlueCCRockmjd23
6Salon Kitty1976Mondo KaneLuther Heggs
7The Salton Sea2002PillowheadBrack
4Le Samouraï1967AponeFrenzy
7Samurai Cop1989Mondo KaneRockmjd23
8Santa Claus1959Dimension XNo Use For A Name
1Santa Sangre1989Brent LMosskeeto
11Santa's Slay2005Dimension XMrSmearkase
10Satan's Cheerleaders1977Dimension XNoirFan
7Scaramouche1952obscurelabelWilliam Fuld
1Scarlet Diva2000FrenzyGrimTangent
1Scarlet Diva2000Perkinsun DzeesMechanicalMan
6Scarlet Diva2000Frenzyriotinmyskull
2The Scarlet Empress1934sundogLuther Heggs
9Scary Movie 32003Mondo KaneLuther Heggs
11School on Fire1988Slumbering FistNorm de Plume
1Schultze Gets the Blues2003Brent Lslavetotherave
4The Secret of My Succe$s1987T-bone22Borst
10The Secret of My Succe$s1987Frenzysundog
6See No Evil1971obscurelabelKudama
1Set It Off1996Mondo KaneCharlie Goose
10Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye (La morte negli occhi del gatto)1973mmyersisgodFrenzy
5Sex is Zero2002SterlingBenMondo Kane
7Sexy Beast2000The BusFM
5Shaft's Big Score1972Luther HeggsMondo Kane
5Shakes the Clown1991Kudamachris_sc77
9Shattered1991BlueCCBrian T
3Shattered Glass2003droidguy1119sundog
6The Shawshank Redemption1994Abe.GoldenJCJ
7She1935obscurelabelWIlliam Fuld
6She Hate Me2004Mondo KaneMatthew Chmiel
8She Mob1968NoirFanDimension X
1Short Cuts1993MechanicalManPerkinsun Dzees
3Sideways2004Luther Heggsruddiger_718
10The Silencers1966Luther HeggsDimension X
10Silent Night, Deadly Night1984Mondo KaneRockmjd23
7The Silent Partner1978obscurelabelNorm de Plume
5Silver Streak1976Luther Heggssundog
9A Simple Wish1997BlueCCNoirFan
11Since You Went Away1944BlueCCobscurelabel
7Singin' in the Rain1952obscurelabelWilliam Fuld
8The Singles Ward2002Matthew ChmielRockmjd23
4Sixty Million Dollar Man1995Luther HeggsRockmjd23
1Slacker1991MechanicalManLuther Heggs
2Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice2002SnowmakerTrevor
5Slaughter Hotel1971Mondo KaneLuther Heggs
6Slim Susie (Smala Sussie)2003Luther HeggsRockmjd23
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8Snow Cake2006BlueCCchris_sc77
1Solaris1972EEz28Cosmic Bus
8Solaris1972FrenzyNorm de Plume
1Solaris2002FinkPishRandy Miller III
10Soldier in the Rain1963obscurelabelDimension X
7Sole Survivor1983Cosmic Buschris_sc77
10Sole Survivor1983Norm de Plumeriotinmyskull
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7Song of the South1946JoeyOhhhhDimension X
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6Space is the Place1974BenboCWilliam Fuld
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11Star Trek: Generations1994Luther HeggsBlueCC
9Star Wars1977Luther HeggsBlueCC
3Star Wars (original version)1977TrevorMondo Kane
9Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi 1983Luther HeggsRockmjd23
10Starchaser: The Legend of Orin1985Luther HeggsBlueCC
11Starter for 102006Nicholas VargoRockmjd23
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6The Station Agent2003Rockmjd23Frenzy
11Stay Tuned1992Nicholas VargoMrSmearkase
8Still Crazy1998obscurelabelRockmjd23
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2Terminator 2: Judgement Day1991MechanicalManRypro 525
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4The Texas Chainsaw Massacre1974GigglesGiles
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2Traffic2000Mondo Kanesauce07
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3Trailer Park Boys: The Movie2006The_InfidelDoubleDownAgain
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3Undead2003Kevin M. DeanBrent L
4Under the Cherry Moon1986The_InfidelRockmjd23
4United 932006FinkPishAbe.
1unknownKudama(no one)
1Until the End of the World (Bis ans Ende der Welt)1991Luther HeggsMechanicalMan
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8Welcome to Mooseport2004BlueCCRockmjd23
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8Wet Hot American Summer2001obscurelabelFrenzy
9Wham Bam Thank You Spaceman1975Mondo KaneRockmjd23
5What a Way to Go!1964obscurelabelBrack
10What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?1962Dimension XRockmjd23
8What Planet Are You From?2000BlueCCDimension X
5What's Eating Gilbert Grape1993ruddiger_718Mondo Kane
9The Whip and the Body (La Frusta e il Corpo)1963Rockmjd23KillerCannibal
7The Whisperers1967Cosmic Bus(no one)
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8Who Can Kill a Child? (¿Quién puede matar a un niño?)1976obscurelabelriotinmyskull
3Who Framed Roger Rabbit?1988Brent Lstarman9000
10Who Framed Roger Rabbit?1988Mondo Kaneplanetaire
8Who's Got the Black Box? (La route de Corinthe)1967obscurelabelNoirFan
5Who's That Knocking at my Door?1967GreenVultureFinkPish
7The Whole Shootin' Match1979sundogLuther Heggs
9Why Do Fools Fall in Love?1998Luther HeggsDimension X
9Why Does Herr R. Run Amok? (Warum läuft Herr R. Amok?)1970Norm de PlumeSlumbering Fist
1The Wicker Man1973project86Mondo Kane
4Wicker Park2004Matthew ChmielGreenVulture
7Wild at Heart1990KudamaGoldenJCJ
1Wild Strawberries (Smultronstället)1957GreenVultureApone
9The Wild Wild World of Jayne Mansfield1968obscurelabelRockmjd23
5Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory1971Luther HeggsWilliam Fuld
9Wings (??????)1966obscurelabelWilliam Fuld
5Winter Kills1979Luther HeggsPerkinsun Dzees
9Winter Light (Nattvardsgästerna)1962Dr MabuseRockmjd23
10Wise Blood1979obscurelabelNorm de Plume
8Witchfinder General1968Rockmjd23chris_sc77
3Wolf Creek2005TrevorSmartisSexy
11Women in Love1969obscurelabelMondo Kane
11Wonderful Life1964Luther HeggsFist of Doom
4The Wonderful Wizard of Oz1910sundogThe_Infidel
8Words and Music1948Luther HeggsBlueCC
3X-Men2000Luther HeggsKudama
6X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes1963obscurelabelWilliam Fuld
3Y tu mamá también2001The Busriotinmyskull
5Yesterday, Today, and Tommorrow (Ieri, oggi, domani)1965obscurelabelSterlingBen
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9The Young One1960obscurelabelRockmjd23
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7Your Friends and Neighbors1998vasbWilliam Fuld
8Z.P.G.1972BlueCCCosmic Bus
2Zebraman2004GilesBrent L
8Zeder1983Rockmjd23Dimension X
4Zero Effect1998gfootsvasb
7Zero Hour!1957Luther HeggsMaxflier
11Ziegfeld Follies1945Luther HeggsWilliam Fuld
10Zoltan, Hound of Dracula1978Dimension XLuther Heggs
1Zoolander2001Brent LThe Bus
4Zulu1964Rockmjd23Matthew Chmiel

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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

WILDCARD is in effect.

If there is a hue and cry to continue to list the wildcard stats, I'll put them back. Does anyone still follow these totals?

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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

New round of knowing nothing!
Good job btw.
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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

as always, great work obscure!
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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

God. Damn. Every time I think you've reached a pinnacle of awesomeness with the intro to these threads, you just top it with the next one. I appreciate all your hard work.
Originally Posted by obscurelabel
If there is a hue and cry to continue to list the wildcard stats, I'll put them back. Does anyone still follow these totals?
I do, but I'm a stat-whore. Whatever you feel like including is fine by me.
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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

Originally Posted by Luther Heggs
God. Damn. Every time I think you've reached a pinnacle of awesomeness with the intro to these threads, you just top it with the next one. I appreciate all your hard work.
This sums my opinion up too.

Awesome work obscurelabel!
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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

Originally Posted by Luther Heggs
God. Damn. Every time I think you've reached a pinnacle of awesomeness with the intro to these threads, you just top it with the next one. I appreciate all your hard work.
I was about to say....I don't know how he does it.

Everyone's too stunned to post a wildcard right now.
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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

Originally Posted by Mondo Kane
I was about to say....I don't know how he does it.

Everyone's too stunned to post a wildcard right now.
I'll just add in emoticon form what everyone else is saying:

Great work, obscurelabel.
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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

As the others have pointed out, simply outstanding tabulation and presentation, obscurelabel!
We're only missing the bonus stat from last time. I thought the all-time leaderboard was a worthy addition to the stat compilation, even though it makes some of us look like laggards.
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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

I guess I'll get it started...

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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

obscurelabel, Arahan in post #3 should be 2004, not 1986.
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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

Shot #2

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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight


Clue: Directed by a controversial WWII figure.

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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

Triumph of the Will?
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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

Olympia (1936)?
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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

Triumph the Insult Dog?
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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

Originally Posted by Norm de Plume
Olympia (1936)?
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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

Great. I have company over, so I'll throw the wildcard bouquet over my head.
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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

(catches bouquet)

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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

Originally Posted by Frenzy

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Re: Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight

The Red Tent?

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