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Best Find

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Best Find

What are you guys' best dvd finds ? It could a be a dvd that was out of print but you found it for a good price. Or maybe a dvd that you searched all over for and finally found it. Or a favourite show or movie that is your favourite movie or show of all time and you didn't even know it was out.
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Re: Best Find

Eh, I think the only one that comes to mind is the bonus disc for Fox in a Box (Pam Grier collection) I didn't want to buy the whole set, but I luckily found the bonus disc all by itself at a local buy/trade store.
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Re: Best Find

Years ago when the Tati Criterions were out of print and fetching high prices, I was at a Wherehouse Records. Lo and behold, they had "M. Hulot's Holiday" and "Mon Oncle" sitting in the rack at normal price. I snatched 'em up with the distant thought of flipping on eBay. I never did, though... just kept 'em for myself.
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Re: Best Find

Howard's End for $1 in mint condition when it was for a few years.

Scarface (1932) for $5 when it was only purchasable via the overpriced Scarface (1983) gift set.
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Re: Best Find

The first one I can think of off the top of my head was back in 2005 when Target had West Side Story mismarked at $7.50 and when I price matched it at Circuit City, it rang up as $5.95.

Wonder if any old schoolers will post about the whole The Insider for $4 debacle...
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Re: Best Find

I can't think of any specific titles off the top of my head but I know I have a handful of DVDs I didn't pay much money for that go for good money online these days. Those are what I consider good finds, even if I don't plan on selling them off anytime soon, it's good go know I got them before they went out of print.
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Re: Best Find

My best find was The Odyssey back in June. I had it in my cart, saved for later at Amazon ($12.99 I believe), hoping I could get it for less, when one day it just went out of stock and Amazon never got it back in. I started looking elsewhere for it but everywhere I looked it was out of stock. Finally went to Ebay and Amazon Marketplace where I found it all right, but people were scalping it for anywhere from $50 up to $250 (bastards) and I started losing hope I would ever get that DVD. Then one day my wife & I went out of town, and I had a chance to visit FYE elsewhere, went browsing and The Odyssey just jumped out of the rack into my hand. It was used but cleaned up pretty well, ended up paying $4.40 for it. I was pretty pleased with myself for that find... -kd5-
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Re: Best Find

The Garage Sale where I picked up a (Bootleg) Copy of Song of the South for ONE BUCK!
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Re: Best Find

My best - hands down - I picked up an odd lot of DVDs on ebay that had 2 out of 3 discs of Criterion's Orphic Trilogy (Blood of a Poet and Testament of Orpheus) but was missing the middle disc of Orpheus. Set is out of print and there was no way I was going to pay OOP price to get 1 missing disc. Eventually, I got it for a credit through SwapaDVD! I was thrilled and greatly thanked the sender... who seemed, and probably was, frustrated by their inability to sell the middle OOP disc by itself.
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Re: Best Find

First one that comes to mind is a sealed copy of Barrel Entertainment's release of Last House On Dead End Street for $13.95 at a local DVD shop.

I already had the R2/UK release but finding that a couple months ago made me beyond excited
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Re: Best Find

I found MST3k Volume 10 for $9.99 a few months ago at a small used dvd store that usually has nothing of interest. That was a good day.
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Re: Best Find

(wondering when someone will bring up the Warner-Big Lots controversy)
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Re: Best Find

My best find or deal has to be getting The West Wing CS for $60.00 a few years ago @ Amazon brand new-
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Re: Best Find

First one to come to mind is Arrested Development for $5 per season at BB. I will look at my spending tabs in a bit and see what else strikes me.
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Re: Best Find

Defunct FreeDVD4Me.com scores, CH enrollments, Gifts, Contest Wins, Pepsi Points & Disney Rewards omitted.


Borders (Jan 13, 2007)
Throne Of Blood Criterion Collection - ($35.99)
(20% off coupon)
(10% off Personal Shopping Day)
($15.61 off Holiday Savings Rewards)
(+State Sales Tax)
Total: $11.18

CH (Mar 1, 2007)
Viva Pedro: The Almodovar Collection - ($20.97)
(+ $7.99 Shipping)
Total: $28.96

ConsumerDepot.com (Apr 28, 2007)
Wolf Creek UR WS - ($0.99)
(+ $1.00 Shipping)
Total: $1.99

Best Buy (w/ Fox $10 off Coupons) (Jul 16, 2007)
Arrested Development: The Complete First Season - ($4.99)
Arrested Development: The Complete Second Season - ($4.99)
Arrested Development: The Complete Third Season - ($4.99)
The Simpsons: Season 7 - ($9.99)
The Simpsons: Season 8 - ($9.99)
(+State Sales Tax)
Total: $37.91

Big Lots (Oct 28, 2008)
The Net - ($3.00)
The Devil's Backbone - ($3.00)
Capote - ($3.00)*
The Hitchhiker (10 Tales of Terror) - ($3.00)*
Mom And Dad Save The World - ($3.00)*
Up And Down - ($3.00)*
Capturing The Friedmans - ($3.00)*
(+ State Sales Tax)
Total: $22.79

Some weird mistake:
CH (Nov 14, 2008)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - ($0.00)*
The Happening - ($0.00)*
Charlie Wilson's War - ($0.00)*
Total: $0.00

Some Meh Titles but a decent BF deal (mostly stocking stuffers)
Big Lots (Nov 28, 2008)
The Fog: Special Edition 1979 - ($2.00)
The Fog: Unrated 2005 - ($2.00)*
The Legend of Suriyothai - ($2.00)*
The Hallelujah Trail - ($2.00)*
The Hallelujah Trail - ($2.00)**
Life Stinks - ($2.00)
Hollow Man 2 - ($2.00)*
Fatal Instinct - ($2.00)*
Cliffhanger: Superbit - ($2.00)*
Wild At Heart - ($2.00)*
The Brother From Another Planet - ($2.00)*
Johnny Mnemonic - ($2.00)*
Johnny Mnemonic - ($2.00)*
Shalako - ($2.00)**
The Howling II: Your Sister Is A Werewolf - ($2.00)*
The Net 2.0 - ($2.00)**
Mountain Patrol - ($2.00)**
The Cheap Detective - ($2.00)*
(+ State Sales Tax)
Total: $39.07

Big Lots (Jan 3, 2009)
Action: The Complete Series - ($3.00)
American Splendor - ($3.00)*
The Life & Death of Peter Sellers - ($3.00)*
An Evening With Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder - ($3.00)*
The Pentagon Wars - ($3.00)
The Hitchhiker (10 Tales of Terror) Vol 2 - ($3.00)*
The Hitchhiker (10 Tales of Terror) Vol 3 - ($3.00)*
(+ State Sales Tax)
Total: $22.79

1 Sale A Day (Jul 3, 2010)
Essential Ernest DVD Collection Including 6 Classic Earnest Hits - ($0.99)
Total: $0.99

Best Buy (Aug 2, 2010)
Wanted - ($10.00)*
Flash Gordan - ($10.00)
(+ Free $15 Gift Card)
(+ State Sales Tax)
Total: $21.34

Ross Dress For Less (Aug 21, 2010)
Casablanca (Warner Bros Ultimate Collection) - ($6.99)*
(+ State Sales Tax)
Total: $7.58

Big Lots (Sep 27, 2010)
House of Wax (1953) - ($2.50)*
Jim Henson's The Story Teller (The Complete Collection) - ($6.00)*
Boogeyman Double Feature - ($6.00)
..........The Boogeyman
..........Return Of The Boogeyman*
Lip Service - ($2.50)*
(+ State Sales Tax)
Total: $18.45

Cashier Missed Princess Bride
Wal-Mart (Nov 26, 2010)
The Outlaw Josey Wales - ($5.00)*
Fools Gold - ($1.96)
Observe And Report - ($1.96)
Pineapple Express (Unrated Special Edition) - ($5.00)
Slumdog Millionaire - ($5.00)
Live Free Or Die Hard - ($5.00)*
Jumper (Special Edition) - ($5.00)*
The Princess Bride - ($0.00)
(+ State Sales Tax)
Total: $30.94

Big Lots (Nov 26, 2010)
The Thing Called Love (Director's Cut) - ($3.00)*
Stephen King Gift Set - ($6.00)
..........The Langoliers
..........The Stand
..........Golden Years*
(+ State Sales Tax)
Total: $9.63

Big Lots (Nov 26, 2010)
Police Squad! (The Complete Series) - ($6.00) *
Stella (Season One) - ($6.00) *
(+ State Sales Tax)
Total: $12.84

Target (Nov 26, 2010)
(500) Days Of Summer - ($3.99) *
(+ State Sales Tax)
Total: $4.27

Big Lots (Nov 27, 2010)
Friday The 13th (Season 2) - ($6.00) *
Hero At Large - ($3.00) *
"A Fine Madness" - ($3.00) *
"Alfie" - ($3.00) *
(+ State Sales Tax)
Total: $15.90

Wal-Mart (Nov 28, 2010)
Heat - ($5.00)*
(+ State Sales Tax)
Total: $5.35

Big Lots (Dec 12, 2010)
Jerico (Season 1) - ($10.00) *
Here's Looking At You, Warner Bros. - ($3.00) *
(+ State Sales Tax)
Total: $13.91

Amazon (Dec 16, 2010)
Watchmen (Director's Cut) (Amazon Exclusive Nite Owl Ship) - ($14.99)
WWII in HD - ($13.99) *
Total: $28.98

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Re: Best Find


Amazon (Dec 16, 2010)
Watchmen (Director's Cut) (Amazon Exclusive Nite Owl Ship) - ($14.99)
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Re: Best Find

"Best find" is something of a challenge to define. Here are the standouts:

Early Bird Gets the Recalled Release Award: Star Trek Generations Special Collector's Edition, 7 September 2004
At the time, we had an apartment right next to a Walmart so I popped in that morning on my way to class to pick up the latest Star Trek movie. Little did I realize that Paramount was scrambling to recall the DVD because it erroneously lists the theatrical trailer among the included bonus content. My victory was small, though; not only isn't it worth anything, but the insert was put in above the clear outer cover and the top was torn by the security sticker, which had affixed itself to the insert.

Most Savvy Comparison Shopping: Tropic Thunder Director's Cut, 1 December 2008
Circuit City's website had this listed for $6.99. From what we could discern they meant to advertise only the 1-disc edition, but there it was. Many placed orders only to have them canceled. I drove to the store, armed with a printout of their ad since this was after their policy went into effect that their stores would honor their online prices. Unfortunately, they didn't even stock the 2-disc edition in the stores! Disappointed, I tried my luck price-matching at Walmart that night and, because of Circuit City's new store/online price policy the department manager agreed with me that the online printout was sufficient grounds for the price adjustment and I walked out the door paying a scant $6.99.

Most Favorable Cashier Screw-Up: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End 2-Disc Limited Edition, 18 January 2008
This was supposed to have been $14.99 (used, but in pristine condition; even the Disney Movie Rewards code had gone unclaimed), which wasn't bad at the time. It was part of a larger purchase, and it wasn't until we reviewed the receipt later that we discovered the cashier had punched it in at $1.49 instead.

Not a Great Deal, but a Gem in My Library: The Lion King Special Edition Collector's Gift Set, Date unknown
Disney gave this the deluxe treatment, and it's my favorite film in their canon so I was willing to splurge on the box set, which includes a hardbound book and reproductions of concept art. I haven't cracked it open in quite a while, but I often find myself glancing at its place on the shelf and smiling just knowing I have it. Even when Disney eventually releases this on Blu-ray, I can't imagine letting go of this gorgeous box set release.

[I'd pick the three-disc Wizard of Oz box set over this, but for the fact that my copy was mispackaged. There are supposed to be two envelopes, each containing assorted replica photo goodies. I got two of one packet instead of one of each.]
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Re: Best Find

I really enjoyed FLCL when it was on Adult Swim, but didn't really get into DVD collecting until after the individual volumes when OOP. A year or two ago, before the upcoming re-release was officially announced, I found Volumes 1 & 3, brand new, at FYE during an anime clearance sale for $2.49, when online they were selling for around $25 or more. That's the best recent deal I can think of at the moment that was just dumb luck and not actual scouring and planning of purchases.
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Re: Best Find

Scored a copy of Joey Season 1 at Big Lots for a measly $6.
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Re: Best Find

Quadrophenia for $3 @ second spin. Also Strings, The Bronx is Burning and Incubus (shatner)for $1 each in the Big Lots 3pk.
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Re: Best Find

Found two large stacks of Dr. Who serials over the last couple of years. The first one was 30 DVDs in a pawn shop I bought for $50 along with a bunch of other DVDs. The second was over 50 DVDs in a clearance center/pawn shop I bought for $75 last year.

I think have most of the DVDs, except for the most recent ones (maybe 10) that were released.

Bought Lion King Collector's Edition and the complete set of Kimagure Orange Road from a collector friend of mine for what he paid for it from Rightstuf (ie: far cheaper than Ebay).
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Re: Best Find

The two best finds I had are finding Traffic: Criterion Collection for $9.99:

And Death Proof for 98 cents:

I think Death Proof just came out on DVD two weeks before I bought it. I shoud have kept the receipt.
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Re: Best Find

I just got the final volume of the Lion Force Voltron, the black lion tin, off of an amazon seller for 4 bucks ! It normally goes for almost 40 dollars. There was only one dent in the tin...which you can only really see if you hold the case right up close to your face.
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Re: Best Find

I bought the entire Shogun Assassin series used for about $5 each DVD.
Sonny Chiba's Mas Oyama trilogy box set new in its shrink wrap for about $10.
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Re: Best Find

Picked up Mr. Deeds Goes to Town - Columbia Classics (OOP) in mint condition via eBay for $4 shipped awhile back.

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