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Wii....One year later

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Wii....One year later

Not sure if this was discussed, if so close it please :P....Just wanted to hear your thoughts on the year that has gone by since the Wii was released. I remember getting mine on launch day at the midnight release along with Red Steel, Call of Duty 3, and Zelda....I was happy with the last purchase...didn't really get into the others and sold them shortly afterwards.....sad thing I haven't even gotten into playing Zelda yet......but I will shortly! I got into Super Paper Mario a it....Can't wait for Super Mario Galaxy....but just wanted to get your thoughts of the past year and what you look forward to in the next year?
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I nabbed Zelda, Rayman and Monkeyball at launch. Loved Rayman, hated Monkeyball and still haven't finished Zelda. I've played a handful of other titles like Wario, Madden, Sonic & Tiger Woods... nothing earth shattering. Haven't played mine much since Paper Mario back in the spring. WiiSports on occasion.

I have RE4 & Metroid sitting unplayed and plan on getting Zack & Wiki this week.

As for the VC I've probably gotten more fun out of that. Loved Castlevania IV, Kid Icarus and a few others. I've enjoyed going back to these games that I haven't played in a decade. I just wish they were cheaper.
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I bought one for my kids at launch, with Zelda & Monkeyball. I wasn't a fan of the system then, and it's the same for me now. We have about 10 games for the system, and unfortunately, Wii Sports still gets the most play (which isn't alot). Some of the titles we have are Paper Mario, WarioWare, Cars, Carnival, Mario Party 8, a couple others. Even my boys, ages 5 & 7, play Halo 3, Bioshock, GH2, Crackdown, Halo 2, and XBLA, more per individual game, than the entire Wii system. We are getting Mario Galaxy, and I'm hoping the boys like it enough to leave my 360 alone so I can get some more gameplay in

In the same respect, my PS3, which I bought at launch, is still an exclusive BR player, but that's fine with me because that's what I was getting it for anyhow.
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I got mine last November...waited in line twice for it.

I got Zelda and Excite Truck at launch and LOVED Zelda. I had a lot of fun with Excite Truck as well. Kept them both. Wii Sports gets fairly frequent multiplayer play, as does Wii Play. I had Rayman Raving Rabbids for a bit at $29 and sold it for about the same. It was fun, but felt like a $15-20 game to me. Same with Madden 07. Super Paper Mario was a lot of fun. RE4 Wii Edition was better than I could have ever an old game became a whole new genre. Metroid Prime Corruption was amazing as well. I've barely scratched the surface of Strikers, but I loved the GC version, so I suspect I'll enjoy it.

Overall, I'd say it was a very solid first year with a lot of really good games in a variety of genres. In the near future, I'm looking forward to Mario Galaxy, Smash Bros., We Love Golf, Zak and Wiki, Okami and potentially a few others. I haven't heard much, but a new Mario Kart is always welcome as well. I will likely get Umbrella Chronicles somewhere down the road at a lower price point.

The long term future looks bright. Hopefully the console's life will work sort of like the DS did...catching many developers off guard and it taking them a year or so to get comfortable with the new paradigm.

Things I'd like to see: A more immersive Golf/Baseball experience...a 2D castlevania with whip controls...more RE4 style shooters...more (can't believe I'm saying this) first person shooters...and maybe more lightgun style shooters.
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Looking foward to wiifit, superbrawl, mario galaxy, mariowiikart and mariowii baseball. Also guitar hero III and Monster Hunter. There might be a few other titles out there I am missing.

The nephews and relatives just love our wii , i play it on occasion.
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Well.. 2007 was a rough year for me and there's been a ton of changes in my life (father-in-law died, changed jobs, moved, and had a baby). I haven't had much chance to play the Wii. The baby (now 5 months) takes up most of our time. I've rented a few games, but I'm thinking of canceling Gamefly because I just don't enough time to play games.

With that said, I still have a bunch of games on my wish list and hope that I can get some more play time in soon. Want to have some people over to get some multi player in.

Still haven't finished Zelda, SPM, or pretty much any other game I own.
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After scoring a system not too long after launch I bought a few games for it. I still have most of them but games like SSX Blur didn't impress me. Not every game is made better with the Wii controls.

There are a number of games I have rented that I loved, Scarface being the example, that I will buy later on when they are cheap. I have purchased a few VC games but never liked going back to play older games that much.

I have 4 Wiimotes but still only 2 Nunchucks. It's been fun having so many people over this past year to play the system. It was also fun to get my family playing games with me for once. The last time my Dad and I played was when I had NES and we would take turns playing Duck Hunt.

There are a number of games coming out soon that I want to try but nothing that is on my must buy list. That could change at any moment. Animal Crossing is probably the game I want the most at the I wish they would toss some info out there to let me know they are working hard at getting it out.
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Does the Wii play Gamecube games? Also does the virtual console offer N64 and SNES games?
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Got mine on launch day played a little Wii Sports and Zelda, collected dust a while then lent it to a friend a few months ago, still don't want it back....... Maybe Mario Galaxy might tip my hat.
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Originally Posted by Mopower
Does the Wii play Gamecube games? Also does the virtual console offer N64 and SNES games?
Yes on both counts.
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Originally Posted by Mopower
Does the Wii play Gamecube games? Also does the virtual console offer N64 and SNES games?
Yes the Wii plays Gamecube games. You will need GC controllers to play and GC memory card for saves.

The virtual console offers games from the NES, SNES, N64, Sega Genesis, TurboGraphx16 and NeoGeo systems. Here is a list of all the games that have been released:


Here's a more organised listing:

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Always been a Nintendo fan, but I've been getting a lot more use outta my PS3. Just busy these days, growing up sucks...
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Got mine from Amazon 2 days after launch.

Wii Sports and Rayman were easily our most played titles.

For some reason I never found myself craving Zelda - not sure if it's the controls or what. I still am only between the first and second temples.

I am looking forward to the new Star Wars Lego, as it sounds like there could be some Wiimote lightsaber action - that would be very cool. Also Super Mario Galaxy is a definite purchase for me. I almost finished Super Paper Mario, but all the chit-chat dialogue was getting on my nerves so I cooled it for a while.

Still haven't cracked open Carnival Games or RE4. I did get MLB Power Plays which is a lot of fun.

I'd really love to see someone do a miniature golf-type game for the Wii.
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Here's my basic "What my Wii has been up to the last year":

- Bought at launch through Amazon.

Got Wii Sports (obviously), Zelda, and Trauma Center.
- Wii Sports was and still is fun to play, especially with friends and to show of the system.
- Zelda is great, but gets a bit tedious. I haven't finished it completely, but I am almost done. Just haven't been able to get into it lately.
- TC is ridiculously difficult. I haven't played it since New Years I think.

I bought several games this year:
- Super Paper Mario - At Launch - Ok, I got bored with it pretty easily. I liked the GC Paper Mario better.
- WarioWare: Smooth Moves - Amazon DOTD for $20. It was ok, I wish multiplayer was done better. It's funny, but really a rental.
- MLB Power Pros - At Launch - One of my favorite new games this fall.

Other than that I've bough a handful of VC games: (* means I bought it despite owning it back in the day)

- Zelda: LTTP - Brilliant. Love it, one of my favorite games of all time.
- Zelda: OoT* - Probably the best game of all-time, I haven't played through it on teh Wii yet, but I'm sure I will at some point.
- Mario 64 - One of the best 3D Platformers ever. Really solid and fun. Got this one right at the system launch as it was one of the first VC games.
- Mario Kart 64* - Still great fun multiplayer. The singleplayer is ridiculously sucky though with the elastic banding that I never remembered.
- Starfox 64 - I never had owned this, but love the Starfox series, so it's a lot of fun.
- Super Mario World* - Between SM3 and SMW these two are the best 2d platformers ever. I need 3 to come out now.
- Gunstar Heroes - I heard rave reviews, but its just not my game.
- Sonic - Because I never owned a Genesis and don't have a PS2 for the Sega collection, I made the mistake of buying this on the Wii. I'll get 2 and 3 on the XBLA.
- Gradius 3* - One of my favorite SNES games of all time. My Dad used to play it while I watched and did commentary when I was young and couldn't get through the first level. Brings back some great memories, and still is a superb and my favorite shump.

I am planning on picking up Super Metroid too when I get some more points.

I have to say, between about April and October, I didn't even turn on my Wii more than a handful of times. I have no doubt it'll come back to life when Mario and SSB come out, which are the two Wii games I'm dying to get. For now, MLB Power Pros is getting my Wii back into action though, and I highly recommend that.
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Got mines around jan 2007, avoided the whole camping and getting up craps. Got into some heated arguments in the "Wii sightings rumors" thread and got my first suspension since i joined dvdtalk...

I got my Wii from CC around noon (no lines, in and out in 10 minutes), applied the infamous $40 off $200 coupon at the time. With various savings here and there, i got my Wii "bundle" for $11, which include Wii, Raving Rabbit (new and first Wii game other than WiiSports) and 2 gb SD card.

Second game is Zelda TP, for $33 shipped (used, but damn new). Third game is SPM ($40 new from TRU after coupon and savings), beat it in few weeks and trade it to GS for $35-ish credit. I fucking hate SPM, they ran out of ideas at the end or something, i hate retarded repetitions... Then got myself a 2nd Wiimote for $25 shipped (used from Overstock). My next two games are MP3C and MP8 (from the B2G1 free TRU deal in September) and finally two more WiiPlay from the recent B2G1 TRU deal (now got four Wiimotes). Didn't buy any VC games, $5 for a retro game is too rich for my blood... For old school games, i go for PS2's Classic Collections if i'm really nostalgic.

Overall, it's a good Wii year for me, kids love it and good conversational piece (it seems that most people have it and it's really an ice breaker).
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My wife still has more Wii games than me (Trauma Center, Paper Mario, and a few more). We share custody I think of Rayman RR. I still have only Zelda for myself. Wii sports gets tons of play especially when friends or family are over.

Somehow I haven't had time for single player games. Too much raising children and going to school and working. I find myself not wanting to play single player lately. So my year since Febuary has consisted of a lot of hours of Gears of War multiplayer and Catan because I can pick it up and drop it whenever and don't have to remember what the hell I was doing.

But the Wii VC has gotten lots of play. And I'm waiting for pricedrops on a lot of games I really want to play - RE4 Wii edition, Metroid Prime 3, etc.
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I have a love and hate relationship with the Wii and PS3. Honestly the backwards compatibility is the only reason I have affection for either console. Even at the worst I have a big library of games from last gen.

Speaking purely of the Wii I think it has one of the worst first year lineups in memory. Tons and tons of shovelware and garbage. This is usually balanced by the top tier titles, but the Wii only had a few. There were also too many examples of Wii controls either not working properly or at best being inferior to a standard controller. I did enjoy Wii Sports, Wii Play and Carnival Games, but worry about too many mini-game collections. Zelda and Metroid did prove the Wii will have AAA titles and some ports like Resident Evil 4 were vastly superior to the others and also give hope.

So far I have bought:
Wii Play (worth it for what it is)
Super Paper Mario (Very good game, but not quite to the level of the pure RPGs)
Trauma Center (fun, but controls are abysmal compared to DS)
Pokemon Battle Revolution (Complete Garbage. I love the franchise, but this was a slap dash money grab with no care put into it)
Carnival Games (Though it has sloppy budget title written all over it the game is still a lot of fun and works for the most part)
RE4: Wii Edition (outstanding port)

That said I still have an overall good feeling and I'm really planning on buying more games this fall as the lineup is finally coming together. The Virtual Console has delivered especially as they expand it to awesome imports like Sin and Punishment.

This fall I plan to buy Zack and Wiki, Guitar Hero III, Mario Galaxy, Mercury Meltdown, the Zapper and Geometry Wars Galaxies. I plan to buy zero PS3 games.

I still have concerns. Nintendo has to open up that 512MB of memory. I have a feeling they won't and Wii owners will suffer for it. Guitar Hero III had to drop the downloadable songs for the Wii simply because Nintendo would not work with them on storage. I also have a bad feeling the move to casual gaming will go too far, but hopefully they will keep the balance and keep making games for hardcore Nintendo fans.

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Wii one year later....I'm extremely satisfied. My current Wii library has provided me and my family/friends many hours of enjoyment:

Zelda Twilight Princess
SSX Blur
Super Monkey Ball
WarioWare Smooth Moves
Resident Evil 4
Super Paper Mario
Trauma Center
Wii Play
Wii Sports

The same can be said for my current Virtual Console library:

Super Mario Bros.
Sin & Punishment
Galaga '90
Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Streets of Rage 2
Gunstar Heroes
Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts
R-type III
Donkey Kong Country 2
Kid Icarus

I still need to pick up Metroid Prime 3 and the mighty Super Mario Galaxy is just around the corner!

The internet channel gets tons of use in my home as well. The family loves surfing and checking emails on the big screen. Plus it comes in handy when the laptop and PC are being used.

The future looks amazing as well. The Wii's first-half lineup of 2008 is going to rock. I can't wait to pick up Wii Fit, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart! Also Wii Ware launches with some cool looking games.

Plus I can't wait to see what Nintendo announces for the rest of '08. I'm hoping Animal Crossing Wii will be the big holiday game.

So far the Wii has surpassed all my expectations.
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Creature, you should really add Bomberman '93 to your VC library for when friends come over.

I forgot about Excite Truck. That is probably my most played game on the system. Super fun.

As for the future? If I can find Zack & Wiki this week, it will be mine. Mario is going on the Christmas list. It isn't a must buy after the dreck that was Sunshine. I'm being cautiously optimistic, and I'm sure my wallet thanks me. I'm still on the fence over 360 or Wii for Tomb Raider: Anniversary. The controls and new play mechanics sound sharp, but the 360 achievements will provide more replay value for my buck.

For next year? For some reason I can't get Endless Ocean off the brain. I'm dying to try that one out. Then of course Mario Kart. Rygar might be cool. Okami will be a must buy. Hopefully the Big N has a new Pikmin on deck, along with the long sought after Kid Icarus sequel.
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The wife and I still want one, but like DodgingCars, we've had a rough year financially. Since both of us are casual gamers, Animal Croissing Wii would probably push us into buying one.
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I have so far this year played with the Wii for, literally, under 6 hours. I've spent more time on Everybody Votes than everything else on the system combined, and I check that 2x month. Since January 2007. Wii Sports was great but I got tired of it by Xmas of last year. I don't like paying $60 for software and for me the Wii is a budget system and therefore I'm not paying even $40 for any games, especially after I was underwhelmed by Zelda and Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam.

To be perfectly honest, I should've not bought into the system so much (as far as buying accessories, extra controllers, etc.) and re-sold it (at profit) prior to Xmas.
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Got mine preordered from Toys 'R Us. They were doing PS3 preorders at the same time. Since the Wii was suppose to be in huge supply I was told I didn't really need to camp out. I got out there at 6:00 am for a 10:00 opening. All of the preorders were given away. I go back to my car when a guy shows up and hands me a preorder slip. Apparently someone thought it was for games and not the system and handed the preorder slip back. Since I was next in line I got the preorder.

It hasn't won me over software wise, but it is getting there. I can't wait for No More Heroes and Rygar. Will probably pass on Wii Fit and really could care less about Mario Kart.

I currently have:
Elebits (better than it has any right to be)

Excite Truck (still play this once in a while)

The Godfather (Didn't think I would, but I like it)

Zelda (still need to finish)

Mario Strikers (Once I figured out what I was doing, I enjoyed it)

Metal Slug (Very tough and awesome)

Rayman (haven't played it in a year)

Red Steel (ugh)

Resident Evil 4 (Mostly bought because it was anamorphic. Story was good, but will be getting RE5 on the 360)

Super Paper Mario (really enjoyed the story once it started to pick up, best Wii game I have currently)

Super Swing Golf (it's alright)

Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam (also alright)

Trauma Center (hate it on the Wii, but I love the DS version)

Wii Sports (Still play bowling and thats it)
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One word: Amazing! No one gave the Wii much of a chance but I think it has more than proven it's not a flop. 2008 will tell the tale for the Wii. Was it just a passing fad or is it here to stay?
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It was a bust to me and I just craigslisted it 2 weeks ago. Not a bad system, but hard to play it when the 360 is next to it with an amazing library.

When I had the Wii, I played the VC titles more than anything else.

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