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The Xbox 360 Compendium

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The Xbox 360 Compendium

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The Xbox 360 Compendium

Xbox 360 FAQ – Release Dates – Game Previews – Links

Last Update: Updated Release List– 11/14/05

All that is Xbox 360 can be found in this thread. Links are at the top of the page for quick access, unless you just love to scroll.

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Xbox 360 F.A.Q.

General Questions

When is the system launching?

November 22nd, 2005 in the United States. European launch December 2nd and Japanese launch December 11th.

How much will Xbox 360 cost?


Xbox 360 Console
Wired Controller


Xbox 360 Console
Wireless Controller
Ethernet Cable
Wireless TV Remote Control

Most stores may only sell bundles (the console, 2-3 games, and a 2nd controller) which could run you $500+.

Do I need a High Definition Television for the 360?

No, but you will really want one. All Xbox 360 games will all run in at least 720p with a 16:9 aspect ratio. But when playing on a 4:3 display, games will run in widescreen by default, though gamers will have the option to switch to 4:3 should they so choose. Designers are very much encouraged to design their games so that they're playable in a 4:3 ratio, with dialog text, HUDs and those sorts of things appearing properly at 4:3.

Will Xbox 360 be backwards compatible?

Yes! 214 titles at launch with many more to be added in the future. Check out the list here: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/back...ygameslist.htm

How many games will be available at launch?

According to Microsoft, 25 to 30 games will be available within the first 45 days of launch.

What are the basic specs for the Xbox 360?

3 IBM 3.2 Ghz CPU’s
500 MHz ATI GPU with 10 MB embedded DRAM
512 MB RAM
20 GB hard drive
Support for up to 4 wireless game controllers
3 USB 2.0 ports.
1 Ethernet port
Wi-fi Ready (Adaptor sold separately)
Video Camera Ready (Camera sold separately)
Dimensions: 309 mm wide x 83 mm high x 258 mm deep or 12.15 in wide x 3.27 in high x 10.15 in deep Picture
Weight: 7.7 pounds (3.5 kg)


What peripherals can I buy for the 360?

$99.99 Hard Drive: 20 Gig

$19.99 Interchangeable faceplates: Some faceplates will draw power from the USB port allowing it parts of it to glow, while others could have an integrated memory card that would have themes such as dashboard skins and related sound effects.

$39.99 64 mb Memory Cards:Comes with portable carry case that fits on your keychain. Picture

$29.99 Universal Media Remote: Keypad is backlit. Picture

Xbox Live Camera: VGA 640x480 video at 30 frames per second and takes 1.3-megapixel (1280x1024 resolution) still photos. Stills can be taken for your use in the UI, game, or in the moment of glory. Picture

$19.99 Xbox 360 Headset: Included with console. New adjustable boom microphone. Picture

$99.99 Wireless Network Adapter: supports 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11a. Picture

$19.99 Play & Charge Kit: 9 foot long AC charger that will recharge the controller while you play and allow you to use the controller when the power is low. Includes NiMH rechargable battery that recharges in 6-8 hours and has a battery guage to indicate power level. Picture

$49.99 Xbox 360 Wireless Controller: Included with console; 30 foot range. AA batteries last 40 hours with force feedback enabled and the rechargeable batteries last 25-30 hours on a charge.

$39.99 Xbox 360 Controller: Nine foot long cord.

Cables:Component HD AV Cable ($39.99), VGA Video Cable($39.99), S-Video/Composite AV Cable($29.99).

Xbox Live

Can I register a gamertag now?

Yes. Go to http://www.xbox.com/en-US/myxbox/myprofile.htm and sign up.

What’s the difference between Xbox Live Silver and Xbox Live Gold?

Xbox Live Silver completely free. You get access to Xbox Live Marketplace and Xbox Live Arcade, Community and Communication Features, and Limited Online Multiplayer Gaming (an occasional free weekend of Gold membership).

Xbox Live Gold is everything mentioned above along with online multiplayer gaming all the time. The first month is free. After that, the price will probably be the same as it is now, around $50 a year.

What are the new features of Xbox Live?

Xbox Live Marketplace allows you to download demos, trailers, episodic content, levels, weapons, vehicles, and more. Eventually, players will be able to open their own “Ebay-inspired” storefront’s and sell player created content. You will be able to design game content on your PC using tools that could be available on the game DVD and then stream them over to the XBox360.

Marketplace Picture

Xbox Live Arcade gives you access to old school arcade games and lots of card games. This will also be integrated with video chat which will allow you to talk and play at the same time.

Live Arcade Picture

Your new friends list keeps track of your friends and what games they are currently playing. If you are watching a movie or don't wish to be disturbed, you can list yourself as Busy. Each player's reputation is also listed in the Friend's view. Microsoft describes a player's reputation as their equivalent of an Ebay reliability rating, though it is more sensitive to time.

Invite Screen & List with Reputations

There is also a new feedback option that passes data into the matchmaking system. Rating someone positively tells the system that you would enjoy being matched with them in the future. Rate someone negatively and you will most likely never see them again.

Media Capabilities

Will custom soundtracks still be available?

Yes, all games will support custom soundtracks.

Can I use my Ipod or PsP with the Xbox 360?

Yes. From the two USB ports on the front of the system (one in the back), you can attach any portable MP3 player and stream music through the console. Songs that you've downloaded from iTunes (with their DRM entact) will not be playable through the Xbox 360 dashboard, but any other MP3 files that you've stored on your iPod will work just fine.

Also, the console is fully compatible with the latest version of Windows Media Center, so gamers with a home network can use 360 to stream music and HD movies from their PC.

Media Center Picture, Music Playlist Picture, Play screen with Visualizer, High Def Visualizer

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None of these titles have true release dates yet. This list is a combination of IGN, Gamespot, TeamXbox, Ebgames, and Gamestop lists along with judgement of the most likely games to be released at launch. Dates will be updated when provided.

Xbox 360 Release List


Kameo: Elements of Power


Amped 3
Call of Duty 2
Condemned: Criminal Origins
FIFA Soccer 2006
Madden NFL 2006
NBA Live 2006
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Perfect Dark Zero
Project Gotham Racing 3
Quake 4
Ridge Racer 6
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006
Tony Hawk: America Wasteland


King Kong

Dead Or Alive 4


Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


College Hoops 2K6
Top Spin 2


Gears of War
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
Test Drive Unlimited


Frame City Killer


Full Auto


Burnout Revenge
Godfather, The
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 4


Halo 3

Q3 2006


TBA 2006

2 Days to Vegas
Alan Wake
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
Blue Dragon
The Darkness
Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball 2
Dead Rising
Dirty Harry
Dog Tag
Final Fantasy XI
Lost Oddyssey
Ninety-Nine Nights
The Outfit
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Project Delta
Saint's Row
Scarface: The World is Yours
Tomb Raider Legend
Too Human: Part 1
True Crimes 2
Ultimate Spider-Man
Unreal Tournament 2007

Spring 2007



Dark Sector
Resident Evil 5

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Xbox 360 Game Previews


Alan Wake IGN – Gamespot
Battle Angel Gamespot
Chrome Hounds Gamespot
The Darkness Gamespot
Dead Rising IGN – Gamespot – TeamXbox
Demonik IGN – Gamespot
Dirty Harry Gamespot
Frame City Killer Gamespot - TeamXbox
The Outfit IGN – Gamespot – TeamXbox
Saint's Row IGN – Gamespot – TeamXbox
Scarface: The World is Yours IGN – Gamespot
Stranglehold Gamespot


2 Days to Vegas Gamespot
The Godfather IGN – Gamespot – TeamXbox
Kameo: Elements of Power IGN - Gamespot - TeamXbox
King Kong IGN – Gamespot
Ninety-Nine Nights IGN – Gamespot
Secret Service Gamespot
Shadowclan Gamespot
Splinter Cell 4 Gamespot
Tomb Raider: Legend IGN - Gamespot


Dead or Alive 4 IGN - Gamespot


Full Auto IGN – Gamespot – TeamXbox
L.A. Rush IGN
Need for Speed: Most Wanted IGN - Gamespot – TeamXbox
Project Gotham Racing 3 Gamespot
Test Drive Unlimited IGN – Gamespot – TeamXbox


Blue Dragon IGN – Gamespot
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion IGN - Gamespot
Fable 2 Gamespot
Final Fantasy XI Gamespot
Lost Odyssey IGN - Gamespot


Battlefield 2: Modern Combat IGN - Gamespot
Call of Duty 2 IGN - Gamespot - TeamXbox
Condemned: Criminal Origins IGN – Gamespot - TeamXbox
Dark Sector Gamespot
Dog Tag Gamespot
Gears of War IGN - Gamespot – TeamXbox
Halo 3 Gamespot
Huxley Gamespot - TeamXbox
Perfect Dark Zero IGN - Gamespot – TeamXbox
Prey Gamespot
Project Delta Gamespot
Quake 4 Gamespot
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon 3 IGN - Gamespot – TeamXbox
Unreal Tournament 2007 IGN


Amped 3 Gamespot – TeamXbox
College Hoops 2K6 Gamespot
Fifa Soccer 2006 IGN – Gamespot – TeamXbox
Madden NFL 2006 Gamespot – TeamXbox
NBA 2K6 IGN - Gamespot – TeamXbox
NBA Live 06 IGN - Gamespot – TeamXbox
NHL 2K6 IGN - Gamespot – TeamXbox
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 IGN - Gamespot
Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland IGN – Gamespot
Top Spin 2 IGN - Gamespot – TeamXbox


Possession IGN – Gamespot

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Xbox 360 Links

Just a growing collection of useful links about the 360.

Xbox.com – Xbox360.com

J Allard Video Interview


Taking a Spin with the Xbox 360
Xbox 360 Dissected
The Xbox 360 System Specifications
Xbox 360 Software and Services Features
Xbox 360 Peripherals


More In depth F.A.Q.

Movies and Screenshots:

Xbox 360 Movies
Excellent site for screenshots and game trailer torrents

Technical breakdown of the 360's hardware:


Backwards Compatibility:

The Guy in Charge of the project

The Xbox 360 Interactive Kiosk:

The Xbox 360 Retail Experience

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Wow... you sure did alot of work here. Nice job.
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All I can say is excellent work man. You look at that list then realize how far away the 360 is set to be out and then start thinking what's it going to be like this time next year...it's down right scarry.

Also it took almost three years to start seeing games getting the most out of the XBox. Just think of what's down the pike in two or three years for the 360 compared to just the bit we're seeing now. Now that "IS" really scarry!

Great job Flay!

Kenny J. - Buzz Starhopper
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Originally Posted by Trigger
Wow... you sure did alot of work here. Nice job.
I second that! Great Job.
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Great job Flay.
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Nice work and thanks.

$20 bucks says there is no way 2 Rare games ship on the same date.
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Originally Posted by jeffdsmith
$20 bucks says there is no way 2 Rare games ship in the same year.

And thanks Flay, for all the hard work.
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Very nice!
I remember when you did this for the Xbox and kept a thread of the games to be released week-by-week. It was a thread I visited frequently.

Thanks [again] for doing the same for the 360.
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This thread has answered more of my questions in one quick straight forward read than all the other threads on 360 combined.

Thanks flay.
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Nice Job Flay. I hadn't seen the headset or network adapter anywhere else. Please keep updating this. This is put together in a better package than I've seen on any of the big gaming sites.
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So the remote is a separate purchase? For some reason I thought it was included
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I'm positive that'll come with the remote.
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Thanks for the kudos and the stickiness! I'm out of town atm, but I will resume updating tomorrow night.

I'll probably be mostly adding to the FAQ and the links until new release dates become available. Any additional info or sites that you guys find can certainly be added.

I figured this thread will be a good place for answers to all the 360 questions that would have been posted on the forum for the next 6 months.
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Don't know if you want to note it, but neither MS or Sony revealed that the power adapters for their systems are going to be quite large. For the 360, the adapter is currently (for the beta version of the hardware, which is now fitting inside the box - as opposed to the alpha kit which was inside a G5 tower) nearly the size of a PS2. Huge. The adapter for the PS3 is likely to be as big or bigger. It'll sit behind furniture and whatever - out of the way, but MS is worried about the size of the adapter causing Japanese consumers to shy away. They are trying to reduce the size, but with the amount of power required by the components inside the console, it doesn't look like there's much choice.

Also - the prices may end up being higher than what you listed... unless something changes.
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Engadget says that there is a possibility of a $300 360 release price.

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This thread is the bomb. Nice and tight. Great work Flay.
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who needs ign for news I've got dvd talk! awesome work buddy!
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Wow, great work with this thread.
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www.thestreet.com is reporting that pricing for the X-Box 360 is going to be in the $300 range. Sounds about right, but a little low. I think Microsoft is taking a loss on this just to hurt Sony. Most of Sony's profits are from the Playstation.
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Here's another blurb about pricing (backs up Flay's range and the post above this one) from www.1up.com.

For as much as we do know about the Xbox 360, there are plenty of specifics - such as a launch date and pricing - that Microsoft is still keeping under wraps.
However, J Allard, corporate vice president and chief XNA architect, says Microsoft is aiming for something "in the neighborhood" of the original Xbox's launch price of $300, according to an interview with TheStreet.com.

Xbox 360 isn't that far off from its fall launch, though, which means Microsoft will have to pin down the exact figures soon. "It's probably about two months away before we make the decision on that," says Allard.
Great work on this thread Flay!
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