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Futurama 4/21

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Originally posted by Eric F
I was just curious, I've never been to a convention even though I am a fan. I guess I'll have to go to one now.

I did just borrow the Trekkies DVD from the library. There was a scene with James Doohan talking about how he helped some girl who was reaching out to him through a serious depression. It was touching, probably the best moment of the film. It was nice to see some of the cast members genuinely greatfull for having the opportunity to reach so many people through the show.
While Trekkies is a very interesting documentary, it misses a very large percentage of the fan-going audience: the average Joes, of whom there are many. While there are a few people who are a little "out there," the majority of the convention audience is your average, middle-class, working family. Some dress up, some don't, but for the most part, it's a staggeringly "normal" group of people.

I took a friend of mine to a huge convention about a year ago, and get this ... not only did he think Star Trek fans were losers ... but he hated Star Trek. But I dragged him to it anyway, and by the end he told me that if I ever went to another convention without inviting him, he'd kill me. He still doesn't particularly like the show, but like so many others, he's now seen what an incredible group of people the Star Trek crowd really is. Unfortunately, I've been to numerous conventions for other shows, and none of them compare. Star Wars conventions are the worst, IMO. Star Trek fans gather to celebrate their uniqueness and diversity and enjoy each other's company. It's a very accepting and loving atmosphere. Star Wars fans gather to argue and fight over action figures. While it's possible to have a good time at either, the latter is nowhere near as rewarding as the former.

Anyway, sorry for the major hijack. Just know that if you are going to attend your first convention, chances are you'll have a very good time. Try, if you can, to go to one that's more fan-run. Some of the more corporate "autograph cons" are just out to get your money and not as rewarding as the others. The smaller cons with one or two guests often prove to be the best.

As for Futurama, I've always found it to be hit or miss, but it's really stupid the way FOX has treated it.

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Originally posted by Venusian
it was funny, did you catch waht the guy's tshirt said as he was jumping into the volcano?
I had to rewind and freeze-frame my Tivo to catch that as was the classic "Beam Me Up Scotty, There's No Intelligent Life Here". Also, that guy looked suspiciously like the Comic Book Store Guy from The Simpsons.

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