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Podcast Master Thread

Old 11-11-21, 09:22 AM
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Re: Podcast Master Thread

My current podcast playlist

The Rewatchables
The Tony Kornheiser Show
The Bill Simmons podcast
The Ringer NFL show
The Big Picture (movie discussion)
Awards Chatter
Wait Wait Donít Tell Me.
Old 12-04-21, 11:42 PM
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Re: Podcast Master Thread

Old 12-05-21, 12:04 AM
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Re: Podcast Master Thread

Trash Tuesday
Whisky Ginger
WTF with Marc Maron
My Favorite Murder

The first 3 are comedy/interview podcasts
The last is a true crime podcast
Old 01-24-22, 08:22 PM
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Re: Podcast Master Thread


A podcast about when Bruce Willis decided he wanted somewhere to live so he bought a town.
Looks like 8 eps and eprecemtly wrapped up.

What Were They Thinking?
A couple of guys talk about truly awful movies but full disclosure they may love these movies.

You Must Remember This

You Must Remember This is a storytelling podcast exploring the secret and/or
forgotten histories of Hollywood's first century.
It's the brainchild and passion project of Karina Longworth
(founder of, former film critic for
LA Weekly), who writes, narrates, records and edits each episode.
It is a heavily-researched work of creative nonfiction: navigating through conflicting
reports, mythology, and institutionalized spin, Karina tries to sort out what
really happened behind the films, stars and scandals of the 20th century.

This is a one woman operation that is a very deep dive into Hollywood lore.
Its another podcast I have a hard time listening to because of the voice, the cadence of the host.
Very stilted. Very stiff.
Ive heard this woman on other shows and she speaks normally there so I don’t know why she speaks so robotic on her podcast.

Also Galaxy Brains with MST3K’s Jonah Ray has stopped producing new shows.

Old 01-25-22, 05:56 AM
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Re: Podcast Master Thread

Fairly recently discovered No Such Thing As A Fish, and am now listening from the start.

It’s a weekly podcast of four British comedians/researchers for a quiz show, where they each bring their most interesting fact of the week and then riff off of it. They keep to a set format, about 10 minutes per fact, nice and tight. And each episode I both learn new things and laugh out loud.
Old 01-31-22, 02:34 PM
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Re: Podcast Master Thread

Originally Posted by Cellar Door View Post
I've just started listening to a great podcast about movies, called "The Movies That Made Me." (No connection to the Netflix show with a similar title) It's hosted by screenwriter Josh Olson (A History of Violence) and director Joe Dante. They have a guest each episode who is in the business--actors, directors, writers, critics--and their guest comes prepared with a list of movies to talk about. They don't talk about the guest's own movies/work, but about the movies that were influential to them. Olson and especially Dante are very knowledgeable about a wide variety of different types of films and are not film snobs at all. They are just as happy--if not happier--talking about B-movies as they are more high-brow stuff (Dante, of course, is best known for genre films like The Howling and Gremlins). Olson takes on the bulk of the back-and-forth discussion with the guest, while Dante just chimes in from time to time with interesting behind-the-scenes information about certain movies or people.

The conversations are lively and fun, but blissfully not overly 'jokey' like some other movie podcasts. You really get a sense of Olson's and Dante's love of the history of Hollywood and their appreciation of the people who pour their hearts into making movies.

I've listened to 10 episodes so far and I've got a growing list of movies to watch based on their discussions.
I've caught up with all the back episodes of this podcast now and just wanted to point out that these guys (they also run the Trailers from Hell website) have lists of all of the movies discussed in each episode of their podcast up on the Letterboxd site:
Old 01-31-22, 02:45 PM
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Re: Podcast Master Thread

Another podcast I've just discovered this past week is "Smartless." It's hosted by Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes. Each week they have a different guest--often a big-name actor or director, sometimes famous musicians, athletes, politicians. And they just chat with them about whatever, it's pretty informal. The hosts are all good friends with each other and they are pretty funny together. They started the podcast about a year and a half ago. It's fairly light, but interesting and entertaining.

Old 03-17-22, 02:23 PM
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Re: Podcast Master Thread

I listen to:

Completely Unnecessary Podcast (aka CU Podcast)
The Jim Cornette Experience
Jim Cornetteís Drive Thru
Steve-Oís Wild Ride (recently discovered this one)

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