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Really bad and therefore great (horror) movies

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Re: Really bad and therefore great (horror) movies

Originally Posted by noonan4224 View Post
Not even close to qualifying as "really bad".
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Re: Really bad and therefore great (horror) movies

I totally agree with Burial Ground and Blood Feast. You could pretty much toss in any of the Herschell Gordon Lewis horror pictures.
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Re: Really bad and therefore great (horror) movies

No question: Silent Night, Deadly Night.

I can't even begin to start listing the examples of silliness in this movie.

"Tanite, when Santy Claws comes down yo' chim-a-nay, YOU BETTAH RUNNNNNNN FOR YA LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFEEEEE!"
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Re: Really bad and therefore great (horror) movies

Twisted Brain
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Re: Really bad and therefore great (horror) movies

Hospital Massacre. My favorite unintentionally hilarious horror film. Come on, the movie's twist revelation revolves around the audience not realizing that
'Harry' is short for 'Harold'.

Stolen from IMDB reviews:
From the moment she enters the hospital, she is approached by weird doctors, old and strange patients, and is forced to undergo one of the most exploitive examinations in movie history (THE DOCTOR TAKES HER BLOOD PRESSURE AFTER PLACING HER HAIR JUST SO YOU HAVE A GOOD LOOK AT BARBI'S NIPPLES).
Now let me say that the film isn't all bad, but what really doesn't work is the hilarious implausibility of the "situation" that Susan finds herself in. As soon as the killer knows she is in the hospital, he plants some bogus test results in her file, and from this point onwards all the other hospital staff treat Susan like a dangerous and/or mentally deranged powderkeg who must be detained at all costs. Thus we see a perfectly normal woman forced into straps and restraints, slammed into locked wards, subjected to humiliating examinations and, of course, in between all that she's being pursued by a masked killer. Now the film makes quite good use of the hospital location for some good murders, but this supposed inescapability I just did not swallow. Anyway, for even more fun, let me list a few of the really outrageous goofs this film thinks it can get away with.
Susan actually leaves her boyfriend in the car waiting while she pops into the hospital for "a few minutes". Amazingly, several hours go by and darkness falls before he even comes to look for her! Next watch out for a side-splitting scene when Susan hides behind a portable screen on wheels just inches away from the killer. Watch as she drops a lighter on the floor and retreives it with her foot while the killer stares right at the screen without out seeing anything. The screen even has about 12" of space below it where Susan's legs can clearly be seen. Oh sorry she also pulls the material aside to peer through the screen at him, and he doesn't see that either. Next watch for the notorious examination scene where Susan is stripped naked and felt up all over by a doctor in a supposedly sinister fashion. NO WAY would this ever be tolerated or handled in such a sleazy manner in a real hospital. Plus, save your breath for the scene in which a fleeing Susan bursts into a room full of patients in traction, who all spring to life and writhe their tethered, bandaged bodies around like it's a scene from some kind of purgatory.
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Re: Really bad and therefore great (horror) movies

Add 'Happy Birthday To Me' to this list.

This thing is hard to get through it's so cheesy. Except for Glenn Ford.
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