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The UNPOPULAR OPINIONS thread (Get them off your chest here)

The UNPOPULAR OPINIONS thread (Get them off your chest here)

Old 01-22-03, 01:00 PM
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people who buy dvds are ignorant.
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Old 01-22-03, 01:09 PM
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1. Office Space and Clerks were not that funny and were bad movies.

2. Internet and dvdtalk humor (all base, sukeke, pron, noob, etc.) is lame.

3. Simpsons and West Wing are overrated.

4. Most white males posting on internet boards about political issues have no idea what its like to be a minority, living in poverty and are insensitive to racial and gender issues.

5. Class actions are good for the economy.

6. Unions are generally a good thing.

7. Corporations have too much power in our society.

8. Ebay sucks.

9. Internet purchases should be taxed because states are getting screwed.

10. Smoking should be outlawed.

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Old 01-22-03, 01:10 PM
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Braveheart is a good movie. Mel Gibson is hot.
Creed sucks. A lot.
Marijuana should be legalized. But stop comparing it to alcohol.
The death penalty should be abolished.
So should abortion. Next time, don't have sex.
I can eat a hamburger or some salmon and still love dogs.
The Simpsons suck.
Christina Aguilera may be better off doing porn but she does have a pretty voice.
Cold pizza is nasty.
Bring it On was a good movie. Kirsten Dunst sucks though.
Blair Witch was a good movie too, but it scared the crap out of me.
Religion, drug + death penalty threads are fun, but just leave out the personal attacks.
Dipping french fries in salt is way better than dipping them in ketchup.
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Old 01-22-03, 01:19 PM
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-Lakers suck
-the Trailblazers should all be in jail, not on the b-ball court
-I hate all Florida College Football teams!!! Stop taking most of the talent from northern teams!!!!
-Simpsons has sucked big time the past couple years
-Most of the shows on TV today are junk
-Joe Millionare is ugly!!!!
-Radiohead, Oasis, Vines, Stripes, etc. all suck or are way overrated.
-Linkin Park is good!!!!!
-Strippers and porn stars aren't actually people, hence we don't have to treat them as such
-If you are caught passing a school bus or almost getting in an accident with one, any citizen who witnesses it should be allowed to restrain you with "any necessary force" until the authorities arrive
-Killing/raping/abusing kids should be punishable by public hanging
-we should be allowed to beat/harass/punch/choke/etc. sexual predators, even if un-provoked
-all drugs should be legal to do in privacy of one's own home. They should be taxed heavily, and if they overdose or anything else bad happens, medical insurance should not cover this and they should be forced to wait in the waiting room BEHIND people with bruises/broken bones who were there first. If these people die, then there will be less stupid people in this world
-18+ should be drinking age. if you can die for your country, you should be able to enjoy an alcoholic beverage
-There are too many IT people working on H-1B Visas(or whatever there called) here in the US. The economy sucks right now, and companies hire these people for less cause they can, which sucks bigtime.
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Old 01-22-03, 01:20 PM
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Jennifer Conelly, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and are all ugly and can't act for schit.

The same is for Kirsten Dunst and Julia Stiles....yuck.

Islam is not a religion of peace, its a religion of wanting to kill anyone that is not a muslim. (wish they would prove this wrong....but read the newspaper.)

Drug dealers should be executed.

Todays music sucks.

Anime is stupid and sucks and I can't understand why people love it so much??? Its garbage.

The drivers license age should be 18.
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Old 01-22-03, 01:21 PM
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Creed is a good band

As a straight male, I don't see the attraction lesbianism or why seeing 2 girls 'go at it' is supposed to be a turn-on for me
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Old 01-22-03, 01:27 PM
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- I deal with idiots everyday. So does everybody else I talk to. Morons are everywhere. As Jeff Foxworthy once said, these people should be made to wear a sign. I honestly believe that. My stress level would go down 100% if I could avoid talking to somebody if they would simply wear a sign. My job would be so much more enjoyable because, hey, who would hire an idiot? The problem is, I'm afraid the entire world population would have to wear signs.

- Just admit it, we dont' know everything and don't know all the answers. Just because outerspace is unexplored doesn't mean aliens exist (and vice versa). ESP may actually be real. When somebody says to you, "is God real?" you should answer "I don't know," "I don't know, but I believe he does" or "I don't know, but I doubt it." Believing in something--anything--absolutely and without proof is not "faith," it an uninformed decision. Note: it's ok to believe in God, aliens, ESP, etc, as long as you recognize that you're not basing this on fact.

- I hated school; I still do. I hate it with a passion. I always viewed it as a prison: if I'm good and put in my time, I'll eventually get out and be able to move on with my life. I always did my homework as soon as I got home from school just so I could be done with it. As high school graduation came near, I made it known that I wasn't going to college. Why? I hate school. I love learning, though. (Great contrast, eh?) But I want to do it at my own speed, and of subjects of my choice. What puzzles me is that lots of people don't like to learn. I simply don't understand it.

- As much as I love my wife, if we ever get divorced or she dies or anything (and I hope that never happens), I will never get married again. It's simply not worth the effort. In fact, I'll probably never date again, either.
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Old 01-22-03, 01:36 PM
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Originally posted by Mazinger
People trying to find loopholes to get out of paying traffic tickets when they're guilty.

You broke the law, so just pay the stupid ticket and stop wasting other people's time and money.
I hate ridiculously low speed limits that are set simply for the purpose of revenue generation and I will fight them until the day I die(hopefully not in a high-speed traffic accident ). It's not about the MONEY, it's about the PRINCIPLE! 55mph is crap on many highways.

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Old 01-22-03, 01:43 PM
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The knee-jerk dismissal of the mention of Bill Clinton's presidency (i.e., roll eyes smilies, "It's always about Clinton," "Clinton got a hummer") when the example has been used to make a warranted comparison or point is just as much of an obnoxious cop-out as bringing his actions up only to shield criticism of the Republican party.

Punctuation serves an important purpose in making a statement. Periods, question marks, commas, etc. are not "them uppity buttons" on the keyboard.

Okay, I get it. The writing on The Simpsons has taken a nose dive in past years. I don't care. It is still appointment TV.

I am still relatively on the fence regarding the death penalty. However, I certainly believe that it must be used, at the very least, in cases of thread-crapping.

Let's be honest here. There are three Star Wars movies. They are not called Episode IV, V, and VI. They are called "Star Wars", The Empire Strikes Back," and "Return of the Jedi." I have no obligation to justify my belief that without Han Solo and Chewbacca, there is no Star Wars movie. And no, I do not need to read such-and-such book to understand the so called "Expanded Universe." I don't care. Nothing happened with Luke, Han, and Leia after the final film. The credits rolled...it's over.

While I'm at it, Attack of the Clones was crap. It was a terrible movie in and of itself, and it was a terrible faux addition to the line-up. It was not "as good as Empire" or "better than Return of the Jedi." It was marginally better than the POS first prequel. I've tried to force myself to believe otherwise, but I cannot.

I will continue to get my coffee at gas stations instead of coffee houses. I will continue to enjoy it.

The only edible onions are fried or perhaps grilled.

If a bee is near me, I will flail my arms and do the old bob-and-weave. That is not a statement of one's lack of manhood. Their primal defense is to sting. Ours is to not get stung.

The best "oh bfrank" smilie is actually: . And just because the other was chosen as an addition to the board, none are obligated to use it excessively. Those who do must be punished harshly.

Beer doesn't really taste good. If one "aquires the taste," one has actually only learned to withstand the flavor in order to obtain the spoils of drunkeness.

There are all too many prolific posters on this forum who should learn the art of lurking.

Make your point intelligently if possible. As an example, there are those of us who read political threads, and we have a pretty good idea of whether or not you don't like George W. Bush. Therefore, by inserting your "Bush is a warmonger," or "Bush is a moron" statements with no surrounding points to be made immediately drops the intelligence level of the thread approximately three-fold. The same holds true for "liberals," "conservatives," Bill Clinton, etc.

No purpose is served by telling me why I shouldn't like a certain food. Yeah, people spit into food at fast food places. Yeah, certain meals are not made from the highest quality animal parts. If you are concerned with my health, don't be. If I kick off tomorrow, I'm not expecting flowers. If your true purpose is to turn people away from meat-products, then say so. It is intellectually dishonest to disguise your true agenda. And it makes you an a-hole. If you don't want people killing milk cows, say so. Don't tell me that milk causes health problems in order to try to affect the killing of those cows. You don't care if I grow a goiter the size of Topeka, you just want Elsie to die of old-age.

Edit: There is nothing wrong with editing a thread for spelling errors or clarity.

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America's democractic processes have been seriously compromised by abortion . Too many Americans cast their vote based solely on a candidate's stand on this one issue, despite the fact that Roe v. Wade will never be overturned (it would be political suicide for America's reputation in foreign policy).

The quality of a DVD transfer isn't very important. The quality of the film is.

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Old 01-22-03, 01:59 PM
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- Episodes of Star Trek should be released solely on "2-fer" discs and not as over-priced season box sets.

- The Bible is metaphor, not history.

- All things paranormal are a hoax. There's no such thing as the supernatural. There's no such thing as an after-life. And anyone who claims to have spoken to "God" is a bald-faced liar and not to be trusted.

- That being said, condiments are of the devil.

- Being a homosexual is not something one "chooses." Being homophobic, on the other hand, is something a person makes a conscious choice to do.

- Those who claim they got to where they are through "hard work and perseverance" wouldn't know what "hard work and perseverance" was if it came up, bit them on the ass and jostled the silver spoon out of their mouths.

- A "ripped," "six-pack" abdomen is physically repulsive. In fact, men don't become sexually attractive until they reach at least 230 lbs. (but experience a sharp decline on the sexually appealing meter after 320 lbs.).

- Back hair gives me the hot. Body-waxing should be outlawed as a "sin against nature."

- Guns are for killing - plain and simple - not "sport."

- The band Rush isn't "over-rated," they're just unimportant and inconsequential in the grand scheme of all things related to rock music. Plus, Geddy Lee really needs to quit huffing the helium.

- Ditto for Pink Floyd. (Except for the part about the helium. Instead, David Gilmour needs to lay off the muffins.)

- Rap is not music.

- Any sport organized into a "national league" is intrinsically dull.

- Men only drink beer because to not drink beer would be considered somehow "unmanly," even though 90% of commercially produced beers taste like ass.

- Gay men not only have zero fashion sense, but they also have no skills with interior decorating and have no idea how to dance.

- Marijuana will be decriminalized within my lifetime. It's time.

- Steven Soderburgh and Ron Howard couldn't direct their way out of a paper bag.

- Titties. Who needs 'em?

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Old 01-22-03, 02:11 PM
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The space program is outdated and stupid. If we can't get back to the moon in over 30 years and set up a McDonald's there, it's time to hang it up.

The slogan "America, land of the free" should be scrapped as we have rules/laws controlling just about everything right down to what sexual positions people are allowed to use in their own bedrooms.

Today's capitalism doesn't work. It makes inefficient use of resources through it's frequent boom and bust cycles and needs to be modified.
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Downloading copyrighted materials for free is stealing, and all the bitching and moaning about the RIAA in the world doesn't change that.

2. Natalie Portman isn't that hot.
Those are unpopular opinions? How about this one: the Raven and other budget .25 pistols have a legitimate purpose in that they allow those of honest but limited means to exercise their right to personal protection.


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I enjoy Micheal Bay films and think Armageddon is his best work.

There is something inherently wrong with people who don't eat meat.

Lucy Liu is ugly. So much so that every time I see her face I want to punch something.

Basketball sucks.

Religion is far and away the worst thing that has plagued mankind.
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more fun stuff

-osbournes turn my stomach much like chinese food
-farting is funny (even in public)
-smoking is not funny (even in private)
-parents who can't take care of their kids should
lose that opportunity
-I hate checks
-is there a difference btx gov't and religon?
-i hate ergonomic keyboards
-Gateway stinks
-I like Microsoft ALOT
-jewish people whine too much
-christians think they have the only religon on the planet
-the pope is worthless as a figure,
but probably a nice person
-joe liberman(sp) is a tool
-stealing money from big corporations is fine with me
-big home theaters with crap movies or VHS
cancel each other out
-american cars stink along with a lot of other products made here
-i like winter better than summer
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The legal drinking age should be eliminated.

People over the age of 60 should have a driving test every other year.

If you file a frivolous lawsuit, you should be subject to countersuit and be required to pay a hefty fine.

Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran should simply be wiped off of the map.

Marijuana should be legalized.

A college football playoff must happen NOW!

American children should be required to take a foreign language throughout their school years, and fluency in a second language should be a requisite of graduating.

Panhandling should be against the law.

Guns, all guns, should be banned.

I think that's enough for one day.
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There is no significant difference between Chevy and Ford.

There is no significant difference between McDonalds and Burger King.

The Republicans and Democrats agree on almost everything. They scream about the fringe issues to mollify their fringe supporters.

Grading in college is much too lax. The average grade should be a C. You should have to be a superior student to get an A.

Ditto high school. There are too many college students who can't read well.

Porn stars are ugly. The best body money can buy looks like plastic.

People shouldn't shave "down there" unless they're trying to attract pedophiles.

The US may be the best place to live in the world. The large number of immigrants we get suggests that it is. But other places are pretty damn_good too. And a lot of people love their countries even if they're not all that good. Trying to end an argument by saying "the US is the best country in the world" doesn't prove anything.

We're living in the richest society in the history of the world. Blacks in the slums have it better than medieval kings. But it can't last forever.

Living through the war against terrorism is nothing compared to living through the Cold War.

DVDTalk is a waste of time.
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1) I'm for the War with Iraq

2) I'm pro-Guns, but don't think a lot of the Gun Control legislation is a bad thing

3) Just about everything Eddie Van Halen played after Van Halen I is lame.

4) Hair bands should come back.

5) The problem with the Death Penalty is that it isn't used nearly enough.

6) I can't stand cheese.

7) I don't think Alex Rodriguez makes too much money

8) I like the DH Rule

9) Pete Rose should not be allowed in the HOF

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Re: more fun stuff

Originally posted by raKim
-is there a difference btx gov't and religon?

If you don't pay your tithe, you get excommunicated and condemned to an eternity in Hell. Your life is your own.

If you don't pay your taxes, men with guns come and they shoot you dead if you resist. Your afterlife is your own.
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At least some of these are popular, but..

I'd ban all immigration. We should mine the border and shoot to kill anyone trying to enter the country. I'd use U-boats to sink anyone trying enter the country illegally also. I'd fine employers 1000/day/illegal alien that they employed.

Pot should be legal.

I'd kick all those lazy loafers off welfare and disability.

I'd take away the per kid tax deduction/tax credit.

I'd invade ,conquer, and install friendly to the US governments in the following countries (and in no particular order): Iraq, Syria, Lybia, Yemen, Saudia Arabia, and France. I'm sure there is more I just can't think of right now. North Korea would be given to South Korea. Some Arab countries might go back to Turkey of the Turks will take them.

I'd encourage high school students to forget about college and attend a vo-tech school instead. And I'd make college more expensive and we have way too many people going to college.

I'd take away the mortgage tax deduction. I'd also take away the real estate capital gains exclusion amounts.

I'd do away with the automatic cost of living adjustments that the government gives out. And I'd redo the way the governmet calculates inflation to make it more accurate (to stop underreporting).

I'd reduce the power of the FCC to censor (essentially you'd be able to say Geroge Carlins 7 dirty words on primetime TV).

I'd make dentists financially responsible for their mistakes.

I think SUV's should have to meet all the emissions/gas mileage standards that cars have to.
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Old 01-22-03, 03:04 PM
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Originally posted by icondude
I'd use U-boats to sink anyone trying enter the country illegally also.

"U-boats"? Dude, how old are you?
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  • We are animals. The "soul" is a purposely vague idea for stupid people.
  • Life has no meaning. And that's a good thing. Life is exactly what you make of it.
  • The average gay man would make a better parent than the average housewife.
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I'd make abortion mandantory for any fetus with birth defects, for any woman under 25, anyone who isn't discliplining their existing kids properly, or anyone who can not show how they are going to come up with the ~$200,000 it's going to raise the little bastard.
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- The "Other Forum" is not all that.
- Lakers do in fact rule & those who think they dont are jealous.
- JLO is definetly not all that
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Tool sucks

(oh wait, that IS a very popular opinion)
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