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Was it hard to say goodbye to DVD?

Old 10-01-07, 05:28 PM
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I quit buying DVDs when I bought my HD-DVD player and have been very happy with the decision. I got a netflix account at the same time and wish I'd done that sooner - I've seen far more films (and a broader variety) than I would have otherwise.

I've only bought a handful of HD-DVDs during the amazon buy 2 get 1 deal and won't be buying too many more until prices come down to the $10-15 range.
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Old 10-01-07, 05:46 PM
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i still buy just as many dvds as before. Just all the mainstream stuff gets and hd purchase. Plenty of titles not available, and seemingly won't be for a long time. criterion, blue underground, subversive, etc.
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Old 10-01-07, 09:27 PM
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I've slowed way down on my SD purchases. Mainly picking up TV sets and cheap bargain bin titles.

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Still buy DVDs. TV and offbeat stuff. Mainstream stuff is HD though.
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Old 10-01-07, 09:48 PM
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Originally Posted by darkside
Still buy DVDs. TV and offbeat stuff. Mainstream stuff is HD though.
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Old 10-02-07, 09:34 AM
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Originally Posted by RyoHazuki
I still buy dvds quite frequently so I never had to "say goodbye". There are plenty of films that will never make it anywhere near to hd so I continue building the collection.
My thoughts exactly. I'm not waiting 10 years for say, Night on Earth to show up on some form of HDM when I can enjoy it right now at any time.
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Old 10-02-07, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by darkside
Still buy DVDs. TV and offbeat stuff. Mainstream stuff is HD though.
Same here. Although I have a feeling most TV will be Blu-Ray & HD by next fall.
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Old 10-02-07, 11:41 AM
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Well I don't buy new movies on dvd, which is strange now.

However old tv shows may not get to HD, so upscaling old stuff still will keep me going for some dvds. So many tv shows for now won't get the HD treatment, but I'll be happy to buy them and upscale them, because I won't be waiting years for some of them to come out.

However shows like 24 I'm beginning to come out on HD, classics like X files as well, Angel as well, Supernatural etc I had many boxsets of them on dvd, and sold them a while ago, I'll rather revist them later, as I've watched them alot, and can do with a break.

DVDs still are important to me, but for films they are not, for tv shows perhaps, yeah. However some films may not make HD anytime soon, so I'm happy to have dvds of them, and buy them ocassionally.

It will take a while for HD to cover alot of my favorite films. It's like DVD starting all over again!

I haven't brought anything HD yet, this Christmas I likely will.

While I wait to choose my HD things, I rent dvds out still. Renting is replacing buying until I make my HD hardware purchases.

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Old 10-02-07, 11:43 AM
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There's only 3 types of things I buy on DVD. .

TV shows / Anime Series - No reason to expect on HD any time soon

Specialty / Documentary - Same as above

New release blockbusters - This one is obvious. BLURAY!!
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Old 10-02-07, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Gambit
So for everyone who has stopped buying SD DVD's, are you picking up the titles in HD at the higher prices? If not, then it sounds like you would be in a position of preferring not to watch the movie at all rather than buy SD (lower quality) or HD (higher price). For must-have titles, I'm sure you'll probably just pick it up in HD. But I'm sure there are lots of good movies that sit in that range that seems a bit expensive to pick up in HD, yet you don't want to buy the much cheaper version in SD.

Personally, with the HD format crap still going on and the price of HD discs still too high, I still purchase many regular DVD's. I'll pick up something in HD if I really like the movie and think it will really enhance the viewing experience. But I don't beat myself up thinking there is a better version out there when watching SD DVD's.
The solution to the higher prices of HD titles is Netflix.

I find that I already have most of the catalog titles I want and already have more DVDs than I have time to watch. So, the novelty of building a DVD library has worn off and I have become more selective in my high definition disc buying than I was with SD DVDs. From what I read in this forum, I am not alone in this.
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I'm kinda surprised I see a lot of people saying they aren't buying regular DVDs. I would imagine the amount of DVDs each of you have in your personal collection would hinge greatly on future DVD purchases versus HD purchases.

Like another poster said, collecting Steelbooks, grabbing two-disc collector's editions when the price is right, etc., is my focus.

Honestly, some movies I don't NEED on HD. Never. There are many flicks I pick up for maybe $6 or less and I'm not too worried about an HD version coming out. It looks just great like it is.

I don't plan on replacing my entire collection with HD. I'm guessing maybe 30% of my collection will go HD, but this would mean I'd have to get a Blu-ray player as well, and currently, I'd rather spend the $300+ on HD DVD sales to build up that collection.

I feel sorry for both HD DVD and Blu-ray folk. We have movies we just love on the other format. It's a shame how the HD consumer is being treated through all of this.
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Old 10-02-07, 08:30 PM
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not hard for me to stop buying dvds as well (although, if i see something for about $5, i'll still pick them up).

haven't bought any HDdvds or BR either though. my thinking is that by the time the format wars settle, there will be plenty of cheap ones of whichever... but the Blade Runner set coming out is making my credit card itch.
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Old 10-02-07, 09:23 PM
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By the time the format wars are over, the DVD Forum will have introduced another new format.
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Old 10-02-07, 10:48 PM
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Right now I can't afford upgrading everything to HD,and currently don't have a HDTV(Tho that will change in February ),and really don't need everything in HD.

This is how I buy them.
Exclusive Special Features on HD-DVD or Blu-Ray? Buy em
Exclusive specs on DVD? Buy em
TV Shows? DVD
Same special features on DVD & HD-DVD and/or Blu-Ray? DVD

The only movies I am getting in High Def that don't have exclusive specials features on them are gonna be in February when I pick up Shaun of the Dead HD-DVD and the Original 1978 Dawn of the Dead because those 2 are on my top 5 movies of all time. I have to buy Terminator 2 in High Def AGAIN to get that German HD-DVD with the Pop Up factoids on goofs in the movie. Which means I will have boughten 4 Terminator 2 discs as well as a crap load of Tape versions,there was Ultimate & Extreme DVD Edtions and Blu-Ray and now a German HD-DVD. Anyway so I still buy alot of DVDs,I just base HD-DVD and BD on Exclusive specs or favorites.
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Old 10-04-07, 12:25 PM
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I agree. At this point in time, the cost of upgrading to HD is just way too expensive. Not only that, I have to say I purchased practically every movie I'm remotely interested in already on SD, and while I love movies, I'm not enough of a videophile to need to upgrade everything. Maybe 20% of my collection, which means the rest I'm happy just to have on SD.

All new movies, however, I would definitely get on HD from here on out. Not to say I don't appreciate the classics, as I'm very interested in most of the older stuff from Warner but will buy them when they become more affordable.
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Old 10-04-07, 12:30 PM
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question: Was it hard to say goodbye to DVD?

answer: BAHAHAHAHHAH! I still buy standard DVD's with a vengeance. I don't expect the stuff I'm buying to ever port over to HiDef anytime in the near future.
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With classic films selling so poorly on the HD formats, making studios reluctant to release more, I'm not saying goodbye to SDdvds any time soon.
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Old 10-04-07, 02:41 PM
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i am in the process of saying goodbye to dvd's...well, not to watching movies, but my old life of buying new releases, spending 100's of dollars at DDD.....but......i am not saying hello to hd/bluray........i am maturing and have little time to watch my stuff..so my hardcore purchasing and watching is over
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Until the very unlikely day that Criterion and Anchor Bay move all of their stuff over to HD, I'd imagine I'll still be picking up a bunch of standard DVD's. I don't expect to be replacing my MGM Midnite Movies anytime soon, or my Herzog/Kinski boxed set, for that matter. There's just too much stuff available on standard that still looks really great, even on an HD set, and it's dirt cheap.
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I remember when the only day during the week I must have off was Tuesday.

Monday nights I would go over to his house, order a pizza, a 12-pk of Mt. Dew and a 6pk of Blue Moon

We'd sit and watch corresponding films that would be released the following morning and debate which films would look great in the NEW format, and which films would definately make for a great sequel.

At around 8am we'd get up and go grab some breakfast from BK - and head over to Best Buy where we'd be waiting with about 5-8 other people from around the area for the store to open.

Hit up all wanted titles, hit the used DVD/CD shops, shoot some lunch down and head back to his place to watch our booty!

Those were the days.
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I've still been buying TV DVD's regularly, and I will buy DVD's of movies I don't think have a shot of being on HDM in the next year.
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Old 10-05-07, 06:31 PM
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I've held off buying certain TV sets since they've become available on HD. With most sets on SD eventually going down to $19.99 when they're on sale, but with their HD counterpart selling for $60+ and not going down any time soon, I'm wondering how long I will have to wait before prices become reasonable.

I can't wait till the Star Trek Original seasons make it out on HD, but I won't be able to afford it for possibly years.
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Old 10-07-07, 03:18 PM
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I still buy SD DVDs and have little interest in high def. until the format war is over. I need my region free Oppo for my Asian horror collection, and I simply refuse to deal with running 3 DVD players (SD for region-free, DVD-HD, and Blu) until one of the high def. models becomes obsolete. I'd like to go high def. but it just seems silly at this point.
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Old 10-09-07, 12:10 PM
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Full HD is 1920 x 1080 pixels. I have heard that a DVD disc played on a HDTV will look much better than it does on a regular TV.

How high is the resolution (horizontal and vertical pixels) on a good quality DVD disc? I ask because I wonder how much I am missing in detail compared to a HD disc, and how urgent I should feel in replacing my old DVD discs.
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Change is good.

I even like to blue cases better than DVD amaray cases.
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