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What's your most coveted/beloved OOP DVD?

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The Killer CC! Great, great movie.
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Killer / Hard Boiled Criterion
Freaks & Geeks Yearbook
Ultimate Toy Box
Eraserhead: SE (not OOP, but still expensive)
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Hard Boiled and Robocop (Criterion) - especially since these were some of my first dvds
Swamp Thing - read it was going OOP, picked it up before it did (Barbeau ta-tas.. just had to mention that.)
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Tool - Saliva

Bought 2 when they were out and sold one about a year ago for $125 sealed.
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Flash Gordon
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Tool - Salival.

Last week I visited a Gamestop and found Robocop Criterion AND Sid & Nancy Criterion for 9.99 each. I was like "Holy #@$(%&#$!!!" Best find evar.
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1. Fletch - funniest movie ever!!!
2. Flash Gordon - found a copy for $5.
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Most coveted: Liquid Sky
Most beloved: Hitchcock Box CC
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Repo Man LE Tin
Flash Gordon
Freaks and Geeks LE Yearbook
Classic Monsters Coffin Set
Scarface Boxset
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Originally Posted by DrGerbil
Ahem... "What's your most coveted/beloved OOP DVD?" The significance of the slash is to convey separation, meaning and/or.
You're totally right, the slash does, indeed, convey separation. Thus, we find the translation of the initial question to be "What is " -- because, of course you must also realize, 'What's' means "what is" -- "your most coveted and/or (most) beloved OOP DVD."

The difference being, generally, "coveted" means you don't have it (although it could just mean that you coveted it when you didn't have it) and "beloved" means that you do have it, but "OOP" seems fairly consistent throughout.

To everybody who said it -- good call on the 'Freaks and Geeks' disc. Amazing, amazing set. Oddly, I keep neither that nor the 'Spinal Tap' disc (my initial pick) in the original cases; 'F&G' because it's too awkward, I just put them in two four-disc sets, 'Spinal Tap' because I bought the new disc for a few of the extras, and put them in a double case together.
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Shawshank SE

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Terminator 2/Total Recall 2 tin 5 Disc set
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Originally Posted by drjay
My copy of Mario Bava's Rabid Dogs. Undeniably the gem of my collection, but I keep it on he shelves like a normal DVD so as not to arouse suspicion at its worth. Just check out how much the Amazon Used discs are selling for (mine was only $90, luckily).
this question has been asked many times....and this has always been my response. since it will NEVER be released in this original form again....I'd say it's worth killin' for.

btw....I paid $60 about 3 years ago.
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The Killer: CC and Salo: CC.
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Wow! I didn't even know half of the titles already mentioned were OOP!!

As for me, I really love my Killer/Hard Boiled CC
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Hell, looking through this thread I realized just how many OOP titles I have.

Some of the ones that I would not part with are:

Flash Gordon
This Island Earth
Jean de Florette
Manon of the Spring
Swamp Thing
Toy Story Ultimate Box

I'll probably sell off a few titles that I can replace from other regions - Tiger Bay for example, is out in R2 and has a commentary track.

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Just to stay on track with the original question that asks for "your most coveted/beloved OOP DVD" (notice the singular "DVD" in the question?), and avoid jumping on the band wagon of showboating all my OOP titles, as I too have several out of print titles, my single most coveted and beloved OOP DVD would be... CC of Dead Ringers

BUT! If I must mention follow-ups, they would be: 12 Monkeys, Buffalo 66 and the Unrated version of American Psycho. And Guzzlefish says Rumble Fish is out of print. If this is indeed true, I would add that to the list-- maybe even in first place...

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Ultimate Toybox and original Fight Club 2 Disk SE (I don't ever see this one anymore)
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I would have to go with any of my 7 Disney Treasures, or the 3 Extended Editions of LOTR, and E.T. Ultimate Edition.
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Gamera the Box 1995-1999
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Fight Club 2 Disc
Rambo SE (with tin)
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