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LOTR ROTK EE Gift Set Pics

Old 07-26-04, 12:04 PM
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Forgot to mention, nice keychain Jackskeleton!
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Originally posted by pomodoro
Someone explain to me why we have to wait till december if the thing is done.
The dvds are most likely done.

My guess is manufacturing capacity of sideshow. They are swamped with backorders for line of LOTR polystone statues and busts as well as other licensed collectibles.

The EE gift set has definitely impacted their ability to deliver their other products by their originally estimated delivery dates.

It's a fine balancing act...
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trailer from comic con here
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Yeah that preview looked good. Except for all the screaming girls...

What exactly did the Witch King say at the end? "This is my tower!" is what I thought I heard...
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He says "This is my hour!"
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Interesting to note that in the Return of the King video game from EA the breaking of the gates of Minas Tirith is closer to the book than it is in the movie. In the movie Gandalf marshalls dozens of soldiers to the gate and gives them a pep talk shortly before they all get mowed down by the trolls and hordes of orcs et al flooding into the city and retreat.

In the book, right after the gates fail, the Witch King rides in (on a horse, I believe, but I could be wrong) and Gandalf rides out and faces him down on Shadowfax, alone. It's a scene reminiscient of his confrontation of the Balrog (which is probably part of the reason why PJ didn't want to repeat it). They talk it up for a bit and then a rooster crows and dawn breaks and the Rohirrim show up.

In the video game, you complete the level where you're helping the Gondorian soldiers defend the walls of Minas Tirith, then run down to the gate. There's a cutscene where the gate bursts open and the only one standing there is Gandalf on Shadowfax with his staff lit, surrounding him in a sphere of light. I kind of like that concept better than the, admittedly, more plausible scene that ended up in the movie. It'll be interesting to see how the much talked about confrontation between Gandalf and the WK up on the wall in the EE changes that dynamic.
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Also this morning, this would normally go in The Rumor Mill because it's completely unofficial... but it's Midnight and I'm tired, so here you go. Retail sources are telling us to expect New Line's 4-disc The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - Special Extended DVD Edition on 12/7. We'll post all the official details as soon as they're announced.

Ringer Spy SideshowHerb writes: I work at Best Buy and the in-store date according to our new release schedule is December 7th. This of course would allow the longest possible time for holiday shoppers to pick this one up. So there you have it everyone, the king comes home Dec. 7th!
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December 7th it is. Who cares about the gift set, gimme that EE already.
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-Excellent- 4 days after my Birthday
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Originally posted by PJsig08
Who cares about the gift set...

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Originally posted by pomodoro
Someone explain to me why we have to wait till december if the thing is done.
More fx shots in the extended footage, as well as more added footage period, than the first two EEs. Thus it's taking them a little longer to get it ready.
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Originally posted by Artman
Yeah that preview looked good. Except for all the screaming girls...
Tell me about it...sheesh...I guess now we know why these LOTR films did as well as they did. They had the teen-age girl factor. You know I can understand screaming for Orlando Bloom, but for Billy Boyd?
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sweeeeeeeeeeet , my bday is in dec, so thats on the list for sure
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