Panic Room 3-disc SE: March '04

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Panic Room 3-disc SE: March '04

From DavisDVD:

Patience is indeed a virtue when it comes to DVD collectors. We have finally gotten word that the highly-anticipated Panic Room: Special Edition is due on March 30th from Columbia Tristar. The thriller will arrive as a three-disc extravaganza with a bounty of bonus materials. Among them, a commentary track with director David Fincher, a cast commentary (featuring Jodie Foster, Forest Whitaker and Dwight Yoakam), an in-depth look at pre-production and actual shooting of the film (CGI pre-visualizations, tour of the brownstone, "Shooting Panic Room" documentary, multi-angle featurettes, sequence breakdowns, make-up effects), and an in-depth look at post-production (including visual effects, scoring, sound design, and more). Retail will be $39.95. Expect a more official announcement coming up in January.
Suh-weeet! I've mostly stopped going for double-dips, but I'm always willing to whore out for a Fincher SE.
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About damn time.

I caved in long ago and bought the current release knowing full well this SE would arrive. I just didn't think it would take so long.

It sounds like a great DVD but on a film like this no amount of extras could totally satisfy me. This was a great film and this new DVD can't get here fast enough.
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I held off getting the first release knowing a SE was on the way.... but I never dreamed it would be this massive.
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I wonder if we'll be able to snag it for $16 from, like with the Black Hawk Down set?
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What's it been? Ten years??

Maybe the Game'll be next..?
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Will rebuy that one.
Been waiting for it so long.
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Well, I never purchased the original... but I'm liking the sound of this set..... Hopefully Titanic will come out soon as a rerelease. Make it a 4-disc, Paramount!

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Panic Room is Columbia Tristar, Titanic was Paramount. Where's the connection?

I also held off on buying the original, knowing this was down the pike. All my waiting has paid off.
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Hurrah. I bought the original used in anticipation of this. Great movie, great news.
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I'm there.
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Saving my money for the Gigli 3 DVD Special Edition.

But seriously ... PR is a competent film, but 3 discs?

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Ghostbusters is only one disc.
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March is starting to kill me...

God I love Fincher
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Although this is my least favorite of Fincher's films (not counting the Fox-hijacked Alien Resurrection), I am definitely up for this!

And I agree...bring on The Game: SE!
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Is the Superbit release not that good or something? I'm aware that SBs dont have extras, but how is the audio and visual quality? I enjoyed this movie, but wouldn't be too keen on extras.
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I'll be picking this up even though Ive not yet seen it. I mean come on. 3 discs? It could have been Welcome Home Roxy Charmichael and I still would have bought it.
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Originally posted by TREX1993
(not counting the Fox-hijacked Alien Resurrection),
Maybe you'd like it better if you realized it was Alien 3 that Fincher directed, not Resurrection.
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awesome... now bring on 'the game': se.

enough said.
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*adds another entry to his four-mile long most wanted DVDs list*
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I was just about to pick this up at my local Blockbuster (Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale). I'll gladly hold out for a 3-disc set. Thanks for the info!
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I knew my patience would pay off, just like it did with Black Hawk Down. Can't wait!
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Thank the freakin' lord!
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Tis excellent news indeed
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