Indy Trilogy Officially announced!!

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Indy Trilogy Officially announced!!

Posted by James L. White and John Simon over at HTF (cut and pasted):

from DVDfile

Late-breaking news in the never-ending Indiana Jones DVD saga. At long last, tomorrow will see the first official wird regarding Lucasfilm and Paramount Home Entertainment's highly-anticipated DVD plans for the Indiana Jones flicks. After much speculation around the web, fans can expect a four-disc box set, with each film digitally remastered and restored plus a fourth disc full of extras. The release will hit stores in November (watch for an exact street date soon) and no retail price has been set. There will be a write-up on the Indy box in USA Today with further official comment from Paramount, available tomorrow at a newsstand near you. Best of all, there will be no CGI enhancements or changes made to the films, a la Star Wars or E.T. Watch this space for more, and thanks to 'Short Round' for the news.


'Indy' Trilogy Ready to Conquer DVD

Indiana Jones' latest crusade? Raiding the holiday home video campaign. Among the most requested movies to get DVD treatment, the Harrison Ford adventure series may spell doom for other holiday releases.

The Adventures of Indiana Jones The Complete DVD Movie Collection, out Nov. 4, is a four-disc set (about $50) that contains Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) and an bonus disc loaded with extras. Among the material: new interviews with Ford, producer George Lucas and director Steven Spielberg. Each film was remastered in surround sound and restored digitally. "We're not just putting out a vanilla version (of the film on DVD)," Lucasfilm's Jim Ward says.

When Spielberg edited ET the Extra-Terrestrial last year for the long-awaited DVD release, he digitally removed some guns because of the film's young audience. But no changes were made to the Indy series.

What took so long? "Both (Lucas and Spielberg) found a pocket of time," Ward says.

Fans will have to be patient before Lucas' first three Star Wars episodes reach DVD. "We're not sure when exactly, but it will be coming out someday."

It's finally official, people. Indy is coming to DVD!!!

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Re: Indy Trilogy Officially announced!!

Originally posted by Mountain Biker
Try instead.
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Well now, that'll work.
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Sweet. $50 sounds cheap for being able to get the whole trilogy. I was expecting a $60 - $70 price range.

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I feel that day will be a day-off.
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weee I just read this at thedigitalbits, cannot wait to get my pre-order set up. Hopefully we will get cover art along with the press release, as the digital bits indicated.
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Sweet. $50 sounds cheap for being able to the whole trilogy. I was expecting a $60 - $70 price range.
$50 sounds about right to me. I mean, the Back to the Future Trilogy could be had for about $26 from
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I'm glad they decided to release all of them at once.
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Indiana Jones is finally making his way to DVD.
After much wrangling over logistics and control, a four-disc set will be released by Paramount Home Entertainment on Nov. 4.

George Lucas, director Steven Spielberg and star Harrison Ford participate extensively in the collection, which includes "Raiders of the Lost Ark," "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" and "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade." The fourth disc contains approximately four hours of supplemental features produced especially for the collection.

Like Paramount's three-film "Godfather Collection" on DVD, "The Adventures of Indiana Jones: The Complete DVD Movie Collection" will be available only as a set. It's anticipated to be available for approximately $50 in the U.S., though Par won't release a set price for retailers.

Collection could become the biggest-selling DVD movie series until Lucas decides to release the original "Star Wars" trilogy.

Package will be released simultaneously in 20 of the world's largest markets Nov. 4 and in Japan Nov. 7. Paramount, Lucas, Spielberg and Ford are all expected to return to their respective roles for a fourth Indiana Jones movie now being written.

The THX digitally remastered films, each restored by noted preservationists Lowry Digital Images, will be available in both widescreen and fullscreen versions with new Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtracks.

"If you ever (visit) Indiana Jones fan sites and see what their expectations are, I think we will fully meet those expectations and go beyond that," Lucasfilm veep of marketing Jim Ward said.

Supplemental features

The supplemental features will contain new interviews with Spielberg, Lucas and Ford, along with other members of the cast and crew. Rumored to be on the disc are a group of deleted scenes from the three films, including one from the original "Raiders" featuring an extended fight with the Cairo swordsman, whom Indiana famously shoots in the theatrical version.

"During the development of this terrific DVD collection, we discovered that the appeal of the Indiana Jones property has never been stronger around the world and that the Indiana Jones boxed set is the most anticipated DVD release of the year," said Thomas Lesinski, world president of Paramount Home Entertainment.
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Posts: 24 of the movies I've wanted on DVD since I've owned a player.


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$50!!!!! That surprises me, since the Godfather set retailed for over $100.
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Thank you lord!!!!!!!
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Originally posted by D-Ball
I'm glad they decided to release all of them at once. they can rip you off again when part 4 finally comes out in 2015
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Wow.....this is so good to hear.
and the price tag sounds amazing as well. I too will be taking this day off.

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I'm glad they didn't stick Indiana Jones in the Raiders title.

I did want the documentaries made while filming the features. Oh well, maybe they will be included in the next box set of the four films.

I hope they include the original sound. Godfather didn't.
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I absolutely could not be any more excited!

Maybe I'll pop some Pizza Rolls in the oven, open up a bottle of ice cold Coca-Cola, and throw a little party to celebrate.
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This is great news for the world at large...although

It seems Spielberg over rode Lucas there are NO commentaries on either movie is this correct??

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Very glad to hear that there won't be any digital revisionism to look forward to on these releases (although I wouldn't have minded if they removed Kate Capshaw's constant shrieking in TOD).
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I've been looking forward to this trilogy for a long time. This is my most favorite trilogy ever made.

*marks Nov. 4 on my calendar*
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Awesome! I've been waiting fpr this announcement for a long time. I'm suprised no one has complained yet that they won't be available seperatley. I for one am very glad that it will be a boxset only.
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yay no digital enhancements
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Official Press Release:
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It's nice to wake up to sweet news like this! And with a price of $50, this is unbelievable.

Excellent news! I haven't watched an Indy movie in years. Nice and short article for USA Today.
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I'm glad they didn't stick Indiana Jones in the Raiders title.
They did.

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