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MI2 DVD is A O K

Old 11-13-00, 02:57 PM
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Cloud are you serious? Did you ever see the original 1966 TV series?

The single biggest difference between the movies and the series is the simple fact that a TEAM was used to complete the mission. Each person on the TEAM had an area of expertise. Both the MI movies were about an individual - sure they used a little bit of the TEAM concept in the first. But the second movie was simply a James Bond meets Matrix movie.... no story... no logic... just ways to string action scenes together - to hell with story.

The original Mission Impossible series (1966) required the TEAM to get their information without letting the 'bad guy' know that they had been there. They would try to get the 'bad guy' off balance by using trickery or deception, and then have them confide in a member of the team whatever information they were seeking. Not beat the living crap out of them. It was all covert - not in your face action. The first 10 minutes of the Mission Impossible movie were the closest Tom has ever gotten to the original idea - THEN HE KILLED THE TEAM!

Im not trying to flame - just pissed at hollywood for putting this type of garbage out.
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I said the first one was not a representation of the original series and the second one was a better representation, although not by much. I whole heartedly agree with your comments about the "team" aspect. I went into the first one expecting it to be like the original series and was dissapointed. WRT the sequel I ignored the title and just went in to see it as a typical Cruise/Woo action flick. Although as you said it also did not really live up to the OS, I thought it was pretty good as an action flick. On a similar note there have been very few if any TV remakes that have actually lived up to the OS. IMHO "The Avengers" and "The Saint" were even worse then "MI" and "MI2" remakes. I think it's a question of having to much freedom with artistic licence. Instead of staying true to the story and concept, directors and producers are more concerned with what they think will please todays general public. They fail to take into account all those fans who use to watch all these original series' and were looking forward to more of the same, but using todays technology to make it better.



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The best part of the MI: 2 DVD was the mockumentary with Ben Stiller. The movie was very run-of-the-mill type action. I think the action sequences were mildly amusing...if you've seen a lot of Bond films, then a car-chase (or motorcylce chase) seems kind of hackneyed.

Woo worshipers will love the pigeon thing..but I think Woo is overrrated...his last best film was For a Better Tomorrow, IMO.
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Cloud, I must agree with you about hollywood and the creative licenses... Hopefully this will change in the future. Until then, maybe I should re-evaluate the movie as a purely Tom/John movie (but I didn't care for most of the John Woo movies)... oh well
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mi2's first hour stunk bad, the second hour was pretty good. overall the editing was choppy, the plot was nonexistent, too many doves and mask changes. i like woo but this was not his best effort. too much like an american version of james bond only with a name change ethan hunt. depalma's mi was fun ride. quick, smart, and exciting. a spy movie should have a complicated plot and the action scenes were much better done. mi was great. mi2 was not bad.
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I thought the movie was OK. The plot was thin there were way too many masks, and I had trouble believing Tom with some of the kicks aand stuff but I found by turning my brain off I found it emildly enjoyable.

As a plus the Audi TT roadster is my favorite car and it was nice to see one on film even if it had some errr traction issues.
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I can't figure out how Robert Towne still gets work as a screenwriter in Hollywood, he's now a hack.

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