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Re: Disney Blu-ray Club!

Update just to bump the newest thread to the top and a couple new things

DMC now offers 4KUHD disc (around 35 current or preorders and likely another 20 to be added in the next 8-12 weeks).
Like other premium formats like 3D of TV Sets these aren't allowed in your initial enrollment package of 5-7 items.

New US Promo Codes with the same general information:
5 for $1 plus Free Shipping and 3 Full Priced Commitments. Commitment now only have to be $19.95+ over 24 months whether DVD or BD club is chosen
Bonus #1 $11.95 and counts as Commitment #1 so only 2 more to buy over 24 months
Bonus #2 $8.95 does not count as a commitment

Best current Spreadsheet of the DMC Bluray Catalog broken down by enrollment eligibility, Exclusives, etc
DMC Blu-ray Catalog Summary
It appears DMC is now having to collect sales tax in around 30-35 states. I suspect the other 10 will follow soon enough

Current best Promotional Sign-up Codes
61749 -- Adds a COCO Blanket to enrollment package and free shipping on all purchases apparently forever
55218 and 55219 -- Incredible 2/Jack-Jack Blanket and appears to have the same permanent Free Shipping (these are brand new and not enough folks have signed up with it to be absolutely sure of the long term FS)
66106 - same deal, but adds a Woody Blanket from Toy Story and permanent Free shipping
55055 -- same general deal -- no blanket

I think there may be a similar code with no blanket, but I'm not sure of the permanent Free Shipping perk
It appears a lot of the other blanket codes for Finding Dory, Cars 3, and Moana are now dead though none of them had the new Free Shipping perk

The last DMC exclusives to be added have been very nice
June 18 -- should be enrollment eligible by 8/19 or 8/20
20000 Leagues Under the Sea
In Search of the Castaways

Aug 13
The Black Hole
George of the Jungle

The current spreadsheet of DMC Catalog -- enrollment eligibility, digital copies, exclusives, prices
DMC Blu-ray Catalog Summary

For folks that haven't signed up in a while, the biggest confusing thing with their updated Enrollment Page is the Bonus Item selection. You don't get that option until after you pick
your 5 items, enter your account info, Billing/Shipping/CC and hit submit. Then you are given 10 minutes to choose the Optional titles (though I don't consider Bonus 1 option since it's a $12 commitment)
and they give you a list of approx 50 titles to choose from instead of all the eligible titles. IF you don't want any of those, so far it's been easy to call or chat with them within a few hours of signing up and getting
your online account, have them either exchange an item you really didn't want for something you'd rather have from the full enrollment list (or add 1 or 2 if you skipped it entirely).

The other somewhat confusing thing is whether you're picking a BD or DVD since they aren't separated up front. Pick your 5 items, click Continue and then you will be given an option of BD or DVD. If an item you picked isn't
available in one format it will give you a prompt to remove/choose another or accept the DVD instead of BD. If you use the catalog number from teh spreadsheet in the search box the you'll know exactly what edition/format you're adding.

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