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(DEAD) 80% Borders.com code

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(DEAD) 80% Borders.com code

Old 09-06-08, 12:43 AM
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This thread is getting out of hand.
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Old 09-06-08, 12:51 AM
Needs to contact an admin about multiple accounts
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Why so serious.
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Old 09-06-08, 01:02 AM
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So much for amazing...

"her" post first.

Second, I don't give a flying flip about the ethics. When they lower their prices then I might give a shit.

Maybe someday i'll actually worry about what you or anyone else has to say...Probably not.

Spare me the rules, everyone here is guilty. I don't care if anyone patted me on the back or not, I don't need high fives. I was just letting people know I got a GC. Spirit of the forums? Please. This whole thread was abusing a glitch. Get over yourself; I doubt you're hardly a saint.

And have a nice day. <---see not so serious. Actually really light hearted. Lots of laughing here.

....Personally, I think they should give everyone a GC just for trying to do business with them. But thats just me.

Last edited by bmoore; 09-06-08 at 01:11 AM. Reason: I forgot one more thing. Last time I promise.
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Old 09-06-08, 01:07 AM
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While people did abuse the coupon/deal, there's no reason anyone should get compensated. Especially when you lie.
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Old 09-06-08, 01:37 AM
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I don't want this to become trolling, and I do apologize if its borderline there; but I do want to get this one point across.

I'll Kwame Kilpatrick it up for you. I lied and I honestly have no bad feelings about it.
I didn't expect all of this "you're a bad person crap" blah blah and stuff considering all the shit thats been going on the past week. I didn't expect to get anything but a screaming match from CS and I didn't. I got lucky. That's all. You've got a problem and I have a solution: deal with it.

Also, forgot to mention this earlier but I am happy to those who received orders, and I hope nothing comes up to change that. They try to charge you full price, make sure to get a pre-paid return sticker...or raise hell. Whichever comes first.

Was wondering if the orders received were cheap or more expensive- i've still got two friends who haven't received cancelation notices. One ordered HP Blu-ray and the other a mess load of books totaling $200. One made it to the last page to hit submit, and the other got through to the order number page.

We'll see how it goes....and I'll post what happens with all of our pending dilemmas.
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Old 09-06-08, 01:42 AM
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I made out with one of the CSRs over the phone and then I ate her pinky toe while I played Wii Fit.

Next time, maybe they'll honor their coupons. Am I right guys, AM I?!?
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Old 09-06-08, 02:16 AM
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@FangsFirst, post #600

Corrected: students and professionals are not *necessarily* willing to pay the full MSRP prices. But generally they have to.
Good comment on the overhead costs. But let's remember, we're talking here about an online deal, with little relevance to the B&M component of the Borders venture.
I still have my doubts about Best Buy selling items at a loss. But let's not discuss about Best Buy here. Their DVD collection is unappealing to me; still, I sometimes buy cheap $5 ones online from them. They go into the "popular" or "comedy" section of my collection anyway. So I assume they restrict themselves to the mass-production DVDs, where the costs per unit are lower anyway. This is not going to cause them too much of a loss anyway.
I would believe you 100% if I saw Best Buy (or Borders, for that matter) deeply-discounted Criterions, for instance. It might not be too far in the future, this year we've seen already a few good ones (DVD's last call, here comes the Blu). Heck, if they only offered them online, because they lower overhead costs (or, in the case of the ship-to-store option, you might buy something else from there and hence help their bottom line) !
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Old 09-06-08, 03:04 AM
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I asked the CSR if the 80% coupon could still be used for their HD DVD section. She still said, "No."

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Old 09-06-08, 04:12 AM
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Old 09-06-08, 07:11 AM
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I think this thread has run it's course. If someone wishes to continue this discussion create a new thread in the store forum.
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