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Old 02-26-01, 04:09 AM   #1
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Just wonderin who is looking forward to this, i bet they sell almost as many copies of this as they did Diablo 2, some of the things i am looking forward to...

Will hirelings be improved in the expansion?
Yes -- we have some great new ideas to make the Hirelings much more useful. These changes are getting some of the best feedback from our teams here at Blizzard in the current build. For example, you can drop a potion on hirelings to heal them.

How big is the new Stash?
The new Stash is currently twice the size of the Diablo II Stash. We have also increased the amount of Gold you can carry in your Stash.

Will there be Exceptional Unique and Set Items?
Yes. Also, we are altering the set-piece rules to make them more fun. For example you may get a bonus for only having 2 items in a particular set of 4 items.

What will the Orbs of the Sorceress actually do?
Orbs will enhance her ability to cast spells. They will have a variety of attributes that may raise damage, grant resistances, enhance a particular skill or even enhance an entire Tab of skills!

Can you describe how Orbs will be used in more detail?
Orbs are one-handed, weapon-classed items, so a Sorceress can wield one and still use a shield. Although they can be wielded along with a shield, an Orb does only a minimal amount of physical damage to an enemy. Orbs do offer increases to specific spells or entire classes of spells, and they may have other magical properties associated with them as well

Over all looks Real interesting --
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Old 02-26-01, 04:24 AM   #2
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...oh no, i just got off diablo II, can't get addicted...must resist... but can't! it should be illegal to sell this game. it's drugs gone electronic.
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Old 02-26-01, 01:31 PM   #3
~~ PAL ~~
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I'm definitely looking forward to the expansion set. However, I really hope that there would be some character balancing with the addition of orbs to help the Sorceress - my favorite class. There is something wrong, when a level 60 Barbarian with a good weapon can kill things 40-50% faster than a level 80 Sorceress with double fastest cast (static field), lvl 26 frozen orbs and lvl 25 blizzard. [This is my personal observation from playing solo in a 8-player game; in games with 1-2 players, there's no difference.] But to me, that means the game is heavily biased toward Barbarians. It is no wonder then that 70% of people on are all playing Barbarians.

Just my 2 cents.

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Old 02-27-01, 06:50 AM   #4
DVD Talk Ultimate Edition
Join Date: Feb 2000
Posts: 4,400
ANd also why barbs top the ladder.... IMHO barbs are To easy, Sorcs are Fun to play I was looking at Lurker Lounge the other day and There was an article on their about a trip to Blizzard to Play an Early Version of the Expansion, it Looks to BE really interesting (sorry dude your gonna get hooked again )
Im 'Cited This be fun, Hope they get it out soon (supposedly before e3, When ever that is)
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