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Splinter Cell for GameCube - How is it?

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Splinter Cell for GameCube - How is it?

Old 05-07-03, 11:45 AM
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Splinter Cell for GameCube - How is it?

How does it compare to the XBox version? Are the graphics as good?
Old 05-07-03, 01:22 PM
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Its excellent from what I hear if you take advantage of the GBA link. The graphics are very good, but not up to the level of the Xbox.

Using the GBA to track enemies and detonate sticky bombs is a great feature. This may be the game with the best use of GBA connectablity ever made.
Old 05-07-03, 01:37 PM
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do you have to own the GBA version of Splinter Cell in order to use the connectivity between the CUBE and the GBA?
Old 05-07-03, 02:02 PM
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Originally posted by huh?
do you have to own the GBA version of Splinter Cell in order to use the connectivity between the CUBE and the GBA?
IGN review makes it sound like you don't need the GBA game cartridge:

"Another new GameCube feature that never could have seen the light of day on Microsoft's console is the built-in GBA connectivity. Gamers who own Nintendo's handheld system and the GBA link cable can plug directly into a GCN controller socket at any time during gameplay and get instant access to a very cool feature: Sam's OPSAT map. This top-down, 2D, wireframe display gives the real-time location of Sam in the level, in addition to revealing the location of nearby enemies, security cameras, mines, and other threats within a close-range radius. Awesome! By pressing the GBA's B button, the player can briefly extend that radius and scan the map for even more critical intel. When an enemy threat is detected, the GBA emits an audible beep to alert the player -- something that has saved our sorry hides more than once.

Plugging in the GBA will also give players access to a brand-new weapon (on certain levels), the Sticky Bomb, which, after being fired, is detonated remotely at any time using the GBA. Stick it to a wall or guard, wait for others to get within range, and then give them the surprise of their lives. While Splinter Cell fans who've played through the Xbox version might think these features would lessen the difficulty, using the GBA actually adds to the many things that players must juggle in real-time while Sam sneaks around and, despite the extra info and weapon, isn't really so much an advantage as it is simply another damn cool gadget to toy with. Even our resident IGN Xbox cohorts couldn't help but get excited over these simple yet novel features. Playing Splinter Cell in the dark with a brightly lit GBA SP glowing in sync with the television is a brand-new way of enjoying this already highly enjoyable game, and we fully recommend that GBA owners check it out. Our hats go off to Ubi Soft for taking the extra time to include it."

Link: http://cube.ign.com/articles/392/392316p2.html

Regarding the GBA version, IGN says:

"And unique to the GBA version is the ability to link the game up to the GameCube version and download an additional five levels."

Link: http://pocket.ign.com/articles/400/400127p1.html

So sounds like if you want to use extras with the Gamecube version, you just need the GBA, not the cartridge; but if you want to obtain extras with the GBA version, you need a Gamecube AND the Gamecube version of Splinter Cell.
Old 05-07-03, 03:19 PM
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I rented this game last weeked. You don't need the GBA version to use the connectivity, just plug in the GBA-GC cable into the Gamecube and turn the GBA on, it automatically downloads the data, even mid mission. Its pretty cool too, especially if you have a GBA SP. My bro walked in the room and I had the lights off and just my TV and SP were lit up with the map information, he picked it up and was like "whoa thats awesome, I didn't know you could do that?!"

As for the game itself, I'm glad i rented it instead of bought it though, because the game is definitely not my cup of tea, I gave up on the 5th level out of frustration with the camera and the way you have to keep repeating the level if you make just one mistake most times. The graphics are pretty nice though, and a lot of people seem to like it so I would reccomend you at least rent it, it was just too slow and repetitive for my tastes.
Old 05-07-03, 06:12 PM
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The game itself is good and the GBA connectivity is useful. I started using my SP on the CIA level and it was really useful. The GBA shows the position of enemies including which way they are facing and cameras as well. The "sticky bomb" is pretty cool and the effect it shows in game is equivalent to a sonic boom. I've only come across one gun turret so far but you can access it with your GBA and control it too. The GCN version has progressive scan and it looks goood.

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