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Need some help w/ Mission: Grand Theft Auto 3

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Need some help w/ Mission: Grand Theft Auto 3

Old 04-29-02, 11:28 PM
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Regarding the Chunky Lee mission, his getaway cars are parked at either end of the blocked off area. They are two station wagons parked on the sidewalk. You can get to them without triggering Chunky to run. You can blow them up before you go after him, and then he tries to escape on foot and is easier to kill. Also, you can take his getaway car to 8-Ball, rig it with a bomb, and when he gets in, mission complete.
Old 04-30-02, 11:15 AM
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Originally posted by LX98Civic

I am now on the 2nd city and having trouble with the mission with the payphone booths. I forget what it's called but you have to go to like (at least) 4 telephones with a time limit. I got to the third with a few seconds left thinking I beat it (finally) and what the hell happens??? .....a 4th phone must be reached. Man, it seems impossible How do I beat this mission?

You really need to read the FAQs. You need a very fast car like a Cheetah, Banshee, or Infernus. Personally, I prefer the Banshee because of it's good handling and acceleration, though it's not as fast top end as the other two.

From the FAQ I used.


REWARD - $11,000, and a new boss

There's a turncoat cop working for Asuka's group, and it's time for you to
deliver his pay for his services. But it's not that simple.
NOOOOOOOOoooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo.....the cop wants to play a "game"
first, with payphones, and a strict time limit. Sound familiar?

Make sure you have a fast car like the Banshee close at hand for this
mission. First, get to the payphone at Torrington, near the waterfront.
The cop will direct you on the phone to get to another payphone in the West
Belleville Park. Actually, its not in the park, but instead its at the
emergency markers blocking the circular highway ramp.

After you get there, he will direct you to go to the third phone in Liberty
Campus. When you get to this phone, he will order you back to the
Belleville Park area, this time the southern part. This phone is still not
inside the park itself, but on a block just south of it. After you answer
this final phone, he will tell you to meet him in the toilets, and the time
limit will be canceled. Go to the toilets to meet the cop.

This guy's name is Ray, and he cares nothing about his betrayal to the
badge. He says he could also use you for some work he has. Seems like just
about everyone in this city needs our help... Still, I suggest you finish
up Asuka's missions before you try to help out anyone else.

(NOTE: I have encountered a bug on this mission. Sometimes after answering
a phone, the arrow does not go to the next phone but instead stays on the
phone you just answered, making it impossible to finish the mission. Try
not to get frustrated if this happens, the only thing you really can do is
redo the mission until the bug doesn't mess you up. It WILL go away,
eventually. It did on my game.)
Old 04-30-02, 11:18 AM
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I also found this "top ten" FAQ very, very useful while playing the game:

V. Top Ten Vehicles
Highest Top Speed
[1] Infernus - 240kph
[2] Cheetah - 230kph
[3t] Banshee - 200kph
[3t] Mafia Sentinel - 200kph
[3t] Police - 200kph
[3t] Stinger - 200kph
[3t] Yakuza Stinger - 200kph
[8t] Ambulance - 190kph
[8t] Borgnine - 190kph
[8t] FBI Car - 190kph

Fastest Acceleration
[1t] BF Injection - 35
[1t] RC Bandit - 35
[3] Banshee - 33
[4t] Cheetah - 30
[4t] Diablo Stallion - 30
[4t] Stinger - 30
[4t] Yakuza Stinger - 30
[8] Police - 28
[9] Borgnine - 27
[10] Infernus - 25

Sturdiest Cars (Lowest Collision Damage Multiplier)
[1] Rhino - 0.01
[2] Barracks OL - 0.05
[3t] Enforcer - 0.08
[3t] Firetruck - 0.08
[5t] Coach - 0.1
[5t] Flatbed - 0.1
[5t] Securicar - 0.1
[5t] Trashmaster - 0.1
[9] Linerunner - 0.13
[10t] Borgnine - 0.15
[10t] Cartel Cruiser - 0.15

Lowest Top Speed
[1] RC Bandit - 75kph
[2] Rhino - 80kph
[3] Trashmaster - 110kph
[4] Linerunner - 120kph
[5] Bus - 130kph
[6] Mule - 140kph
[7] Mr. Whoopee - 145kph
[8t] Coach - 150kph
[8t] Flatbed - 150kph
[8t] Hoods Rumpo XL - 150kph
[8t] Moonbeam - 150kph
[8t] Perennial - 150kph

Slowest Acceleration
[1] Trashmaster - 7
[2t] Rhino - 8
[2t] Securicar - 8
[4] Bus - 9
[5t] Flatbed - 10
[5t] Stretch - 10
[7t] Barracks OL - 12
[7t] Mr. Whoopee - 12
[7t] Mule - 12
[10t] Coach - 13
[10t] Perennial - 13

Most Fragile Cars (Highest Collision Damage Multiplier)
[1t] BF Injection - 1.0
[1t] Manana - 1.0
[1t] Perennial - 1.0
[1t] Stinger - 1.0
[5t] Cheetah - 0.9
[5t] Infernus - 0.9
[5t] Mr. Whoopee - 0.9
[8t] Blista - 0.8
[8t] Karuma - 0.8
[8t] Sentinel - 0.8
[8t] Stallion - 0.8
Old 04-30-02, 11:22 AM
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Originally posted by einTier

You really need to read the FAQs.
What FAQ are you speaking of? the link on the first page is not working now. thanks!
Old 04-30-02, 11:24 AM
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Old 04-30-02, 01:22 PM
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Right. I used the 345k one by Minesweeper.

If you're going to do everything there is to do, I recommend getting the Hidden Packages FAQ and Rampage FAQ along with the FAQ above.

The vehicle stats FAQ is useful (where I got my top ten list from), as is the bulletproof car FAQ (the destruction proof limo is way cool). There are a few others that are well done, but most of their information is contained in one or more of the above faqs.

The Dodo FAQ is a must if you plan on flying this brick of a plane around for more than a few seconds.

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