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GBA worth a purchase?

Old 02-04-02, 04:29 PM
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GBA worth a purchase?

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Old 02-04-02, 04:36 PM
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Yes. It's has a diverse library of great games and there's no better place for old-school RPGs and 2D platformers.
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Old 02-04-02, 10:00 PM
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Definitly, I love mine and their's a ton of great games being released for it.
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Old 02-04-02, 10:13 PM
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Hell yes. It's basically a portable SNES (actually a little more powerful) and the SNES was the best system ever IMO. There's a ton of great SNES ports, as well as tons of totally new games that have that same kind of great game play (I.E. Mario Kart Super Circuit, Sonic Advance, Castlevania, etc.). On top of this it plays every Gameboy and Gameboy Color game giving it a huge library. With the price drop there's no reason not to have one of these if you're a gamer that cares more about gameplay then playing the most technically advanced games to droll over the graphics.
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Old 02-04-02, 10:17 PM
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Absolutely. Even the GBC games are much better since you can expand the screen. I can't imagine playing the Zelda Seasons and Ages games on my GBC. The new games are great too, now that I'm done with Zelda I can start on Advance Wars.
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Old 02-04-02, 11:07 PM
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I bought my GBA back in December, and I like it a lot, especially I commute from NJ to NYC everyday. It is fun playing GBA on the bus for an hour everyday before going to work & after work!

However, I think the lighting of the GBA screen is a problem. It does hurt my eyes after playing for 30 minutes to an hour. I am not sure if this happens to the others, or if it is only me.

Anyway, GBA does have a very good collection of games, and the price is pretty cheap. You can easily find some excellent games for $19.99.

Also, the battery life is way beyond my expectation.

After all, $70 is really cheap for an excellent system like this!!!
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Old 02-05-02, 10:02 PM
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After a while it does begin to distort my vision. The system is awesome except for it is not backlit. I contemplated returning mine but final just decided to keep it.
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Old 02-06-02, 12:46 PM
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If you spend a lot of time waiting around for commuter trains, flights, doctor's appointments, girlfriends, etc... then, the GBA is a great way to kill time.

...and you only need one game: Advancce Wars... It's one of the most addicting games I've ever played on any platform..

I agree about the screen though, it requires really good lighting... and even when you get that you'll probably have to find the perfect angle.. and it may give you hand cramps too if you play for a long time

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Old 02-06-02, 04:41 PM
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Yes its worth it. This system seems to be getting overlooked since the next gen systems came out but it has some really awesome games like Castlevania(excellent!!), Super Mario Advance 1 & 2, Golden Sun, Advance Wars, Mario Kart, and more on the way.

At the new price they set its even more worth it! If you ever wished they still made cool old school games with better graphics this is the system to get.
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Old 02-07-02, 02:48 AM
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I couldn't pass on the GBA once the price was reduced. I had always wanted one, especially after I got a Gamecube for Christmas. I am really looking forward to playing Super Mario Adavance, Castlevania, and the GBC Zelda games. And after all of the rave reviews and posts, I am thinking about picking up Advance Wars.
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Old 02-07-02, 03:39 PM
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There are some great games on the GBA, for sure.

But I can't bring myself to play it for longer than 10 minutes because the screen drives me nuts.

It is dark enough where you can't see certain objects in the game clearly at all (especially in Castlevania - Sonic's pretty bad also).

And then when you get a lot of light on it, there's a horrible glare that's just as bad as playing in the dark - the screen is almost as reflective as a mirror.

So in summary:
poor lighting + reflective screen = pain in the ass.
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Old 02-07-02, 07:29 PM
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well worth it to pick up the GBA, since the price now is only $69.99. it's about time nintendo drop the price on the GBA.
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Old 02-07-02, 08:43 PM
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I got mine in the mail today and I have to say, how can something so small look so good? The graphics are great. It is like a little, portable SNES. I just can't believe how small it is.
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