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Video Game Talk - The Site (The Beginning)

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Video Game Talk - The Site (The Beginning)

There was a great thread that got started here in the Video Game Talk Forum about people getting together to work on a Video Game Site:

This has revived plans for

I've been thinking a lot about how we could move forward with this and make it happen and I wanted to start the process off with my core feelings/thoughts about the site:

1) would not be out there to compete against Gamespot, IGN or any of the well established and well respected sites. I don't want to create a site that duplicates what's already out there

2) would be a place where a group on people could contribute on a wide variety of platforms including (but not limited to): PS2, XBox, GC, GBA, PC, DC, Classic Games.... The focus of all articles, reviews, etc would be on the players experience of the game. I am less interested in running a site that rehashes the plot of games or talks about all the twist and turns. As a sometime gamer I always want to know if something is worth playing, renting or buying and why not about the backstory or plot.

3) Videogametalk would be oriented towards all level of video gamers, starting with people who DO NOT consider themselves 'gamers' but like to play games.

4) The forum part of Video Game Talk should be a part of DVD Talk. I don't want people having to sign up for another forum nor manage 2 sets of userbases

5) Before we launch anything I want to develop a clear action plan that includes built in advertiser support so that we can fund the new site and have it be able to at a bare min pay for itself

6) Finally, I'm the head hancho at VideoGameTalk, I'm the editor and I'm going to be the one to have the final word on what goes on the site and what doesnt. Who writes for the site and who doesn't. For all of you who know me, you know that I never swing the powerstick around, but I want it clear that ultimately it'll be my responsability to make things suceede and so I need to be the one to make the final calls.

There have been a number of suggestions on how to meet and disucss what the site is going to be about and who is going to be involved. At this point rather than set up a chat, or a time to get together online to talk I'd like to use the forum to refine the core concept of the site. Map things out and be clear on what it's all going to be about.

See the above as Capter 1 The Beginning.... I'd love to hear your ideas and thoughts.
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Geoff, I'd like to sign up to review games. How should I do that?
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I'd like to contribute too! Reviews or articles etc. (PC/Xbox)
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As I mentioned early on in the first thread, I'd be down with some Gamecube Reviews/editorials/rants/meaningless thoughts about "gaming" in general...(Such as "How a geek who likes gaming deals with his wife who has no interest in the pastime"), as that's about all I have.... But I will do my best... and I agree, a Chat is not the best way, due to conflicting schedules, the forum would be best.

Let's make this bad boy happen!

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I'm not sure in what capacity I'd be able to help (maybe some PC reviews or something), but it sounds great to me!
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I'm on for the chat tonite. L0X1AS is my AIM name

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Ok, I am happy that you finally stepped forward as I think that others were moving quite a bit out of their realm. With that said, there also seems to be a ton of people willing to support. The other thread raised some great points about the pros and cons, and I do not feel like rehashing it.

Obviously there are going to be a lot of people who want to review games, there needs to be some process for reviewing what these people review. Perhaps a group to read over and "grade" samples. Primarily, there needs to be an established group of writers that the readers of the site can associate with the site. I like knowing what "John Doe #23" thinks of a game, but if I know that my tastes associate with what his do, I respect his review quite a bit more. There needs to be a rapport between the writer and the reader, and too many will ruin this.

Second, there needs to be a large scale of industry contacts, whether it is for review material, or for technical questions. This will be part of the main reason that people will go to this site over the others. The availability of having their questions answered by "experts," even if it be a VGTalk appointed one, will make those people want to stay at the site over others, and most importantly support the site.

At this point, I would like to pitch an idea. Sure it's public forum, but it is not all that groundbreaking of an idea either. See, everyone here wants to do reviews, and while I like doing them too, they get a little boring for me, especially when you're reviewing bad things (I've done things for other sites, I know these things). I like editorials, but on the other hand I am brash and play the heel when writing them. I doubt that is what the site needs. If I am wanted to do either of these things, I would be willing to, but I like the following idea better.

One of the things that isn't done too much is a FAQ on the consoles/games. Why is this? I see the same questions asked repeatedly, but more importantly, I see many misconceptions go flying around. It ties back to my thinking on industry contacts and why they are necessary. The wrongs need to be righted, which is something that the major game sites do not tend to do. I would like to do a "letters to" type format where these issues are address, both via quick answers, and by giving the industry a chance to kill rumors and such. Obviously, I could extrapolate on the ideas more, but jeez, I wrote enough for a thread.
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^^ do you mean something like

Anyway, I would also like to write reviews.
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Old 11-28-01, 06:49 PM
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I also would be interested to contribute.
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I agree with mmeadows thoughts... Reviews do not a good website make. It'll need some variety, editorials, humor, reviews, and a knowledge of the games... and contacts are great, and I am sure that out of this contacts can be made... So like I said, I can do reviews, but am more than willing to do other things... a bi-monthly column, or weekly, or bi-weekly if time permits.... and make it different than the regular sites out there.
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I'm looking forward to the chat tonight so we can work on some details.
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Might as well chime in here as well... I am willing to help out, work with html, asp, coldfusion to name a few

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As I said in the other threads, I'm a senior Journalism major and work for my local paper, so I know what I'm doing when it comes to writing and reporting. I'm not an expert by any means, but I have the fundamentals down. I also love video games and would love to use what I've learned to help this site get off the ground and be successful. I'm more than willing to write reviews, previews, editorials, answer a "mailbag" section, and report and write gaming news. But I'm am fairly busy so I probably couldn't contribute more than 5-10 hours a week to the site.

At any rate, I'll be on for the chat in a few minutes and we can throw out more ideas there.
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Some feelings on what game reviews should include:

I feel game reviews should include whether or not the developer took full advantage of the platform the game was developed for.

Although I don't like "console wars" I feel it's important to show which platform/port, a developer did the "best" job on for a specific title. This will help people make decisions on what systems/consoles to buy based on the games they love to play.
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I'm a junior year journalism major at UK. I'll help in anyway needed. I check DVDtalk about 20 times a day, so i might as well be doing something uselful in an area i'm interested in while i'm here. Feel free to email me Geoff. I'd actually welcome an outlet, never hurts to throw something different in the portfolio.
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I'd be happy to help moderate some of the new areas. I hope that the areas will be clearly defined as to help prevent console pissing matches. Everyone can admit this is a great time to be a gamer. So many platforms, games, etc.
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Although I really want to, I don't have the time to help you guys setup and manage the site but I've been following the threads and I have an idea about the problem with too many people writing reviews.

You could make it so the site has 2 kinds of reviews, the first being Staff reviews. These are written by people who manage the site and are copiously indepth in every aspect of the game. Then you could have a link next to the staff review for Reader Reviews, which are reviews that regulars to the site can submit. This is what the Unnoficial N64 HQ did back when it was in its pinnacle and it was an awesome idea and really helped by having more than one opinion. We could count on the Staff review looking at the game very indepth and critically, but on the other hand the reader reviews will have opinions the casual gamer might have, or review a game the staff couldn't get a chance to play like a rare import game. Just wanted to try and help since I couldn't make it to the chat.
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Geoff I would be happy to offer any assistance. Reviews, cheats, tips, anything. I am an old school gamer at heart
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I would like to suggest taking on an EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) style format when reviewing a game. Each game is assigned 3 or 4 reviewers. The advantage to this format is that the reader can get different points of view from different gamers with different tastes. For example, if Reviewer 1 gives Game A a score of 8/10 and Reviewer 2 gives it a score of 4/10, the reader can make comparisons between the reviews and relate to the reviewer that has the most similar taste in games as the reader. Make sense?
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I would be down with helping also. Although I am not a jounalism major, and don't know a great deal of HTML, I would still like to help out in any way possible. Busy work would be fine as well....(I'm a student, I could contribute 5-10 hrs per week).
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Old 11-29-01, 12:02 AM
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I would be interested in helping out as needed - i could do reviews (although you have probably enough volunteers already)

I would also be happy doing any copyediting, aiding in moderating a forum, chat, or assisting in any sort of responding to users letters.

If anyone has any questions or wants to know my gaming interests feel free to email me.

(ironically enough had to correct a spelling mistake in a post saying i could do copyediting )
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Maybe this was covered in the other thread. I agree with the more than one reviewer idea. Getting different perspectives is very important. Anyway, Plantegamecube has a trivia contest every Friday night. It's great fun. A few weeks back, they handed out a prize to the winner of the contest. I think videogametalk should utilize something like this. Having the site users come together to play contests and win prizes is very appealing, to me at least. Peace.
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Geoff i'll write reviews, articles, editorials, etc etc... Like i said it my last post, it would probably make for some variety in my portfolio... and I would like to Mod the PS2 forum if there is going to be such a thing. Email me when you get a chance.
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Damn...sorry I wasn't home earlier to catch this...I'm in for whatever I'm needed for. I write, I'm good with graphics, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I've managed game stores and have a ton of experience...

My AIM ID is rvp311, and yahoo is lordzeppelin. I'm up to chat about this.
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I'd like to help out too.
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