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Fave Sci-Fi Show As A Child (Not Trek or Bab5)

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What an epic resurrection. Someone should have called Geraldo to televise it.

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Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea
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Lost in Space, Space 1999, Batman and Land of the Giants.
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Definitely Space 1999 for me.
I absolutely loved and love that show (season 1 especially).

I was a big fan of Lost in Space as well and still enjoy it though, in a growning sort of way.

I did also enjoy battlestar galactic.

Oh and how can I forget Ark 2.

Here is a list of shows I can remember wathing...

3 I think no one has mentioned yet.....
Space Academy
Ark 2
Salvage 1

And others I can recall actively watching.
Space 1999
Lost in Space
Incredible Hulk
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Six million Dollar man
Bionic Woman
Man from Atlantis
Land of the Giants
Twilight Zone (original)
Outer Limits
Kolchak: The Night Stalker
Night Gallery

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The Prisoner
The Invaders
(The Man From) Atlantis - with Patrick Duffy before Dallas
Fantastic Journey - Jared Martin time travelling sci-fi similar to Sliders
The Immortal - Chris George as a man with a rare "healing" blood type

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buck rogers and battlestar galactica.
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As a kid I absolutely loved Buck Rogers. I think Wilma was my first ever crush!

It was very sad to revisit it as an adult and find it near unwatchable.
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Originally Posted by das Monkey
What an epic resurrection. Someone should have called Geraldo to televise it.

No doubt! Resurrectus Maximus!
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i used to like "v" and Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.
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Since this was recently released on DVD, I had to pick up a copy of Ark II. And I have to say I was stunned at some of the production values that still hold up with this show. That RV they adapted for the Ark still kicks some serious butt. The jet pack scenes actually show a person in what appears to be in an actual functioning jet pack!! Sure they reuse the same shots over and over in different episodes, but it a REAL JETPACK! How coolis that?

Sure some of the writing is a little weak and the acting a little stiff, but overall not a bad show at all. I was expecting it to be abysmal.
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child of the 60's so it was :
Outer Limits
The Invaders
Lost In Space
Time Tunnel
Land Of The Giants
The Prisoner
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Star Trek TOS
Star Lost
Space 1999
Battlestar Galactica
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I have watched most of the ones listed and will add one more to the list. Voyagers and it was recently released on DVD. Wish I would have had a chance to watch The Starlost. Looks like an interesting concept.

By the way, just my opinion, but the real BS Galactica was a far better show than this current POS that is a Galactica wannabe. And it is unfortunate that a whole generation will grow up thinking that this new POS is the real Galatica. Same thing happened when they F'ed up Lost in Space with that movie. Although on the whole, the movie wasn't too bad. It just didn't belong in the Lost in Space universe.
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I really loved that Max Headroom show with Amanda Pays and Jeffrey Tambor...we need a DVD of that.
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Six Million Dollar Man
The Prisoner
Space 1999
Star Blazers

I saw Star Blazes when I was 18, which barely qualifies as a kid. But it blew my mind. It was totally different from anything that had been shown on American television before.
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Knight Rider!
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Lost In Space
Time Tunnel
Land Of The Giants
8th Man
Six Million Dollar Man
Space 1999
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Lost In Space used to be on every morning before I went to school, so it and Land of the Lost (Saturdays at noon) were my two favorite "kiddie" Sci-Fi shows.

I didn't get "into" Star Trek until I was 12. I never cared for it before then.
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I always liked Voyagers, the Jon-Erik Hexum/Meeno Peluce series about time travel.

And to go really off the beaten path, David Rappaport (Randall from Time Bandits) had a short-lived series called the Wizard, in which he played a genius globe-trotting inventor, that I really enjoyed.

At this point, I vaguely remember QED starring Sam Waterston, but I don't remember if I liked it.

And, of course, all the usual suspects from the 70s and 80s ... Knight Rider, Airwolf, Automan, Misfits of Science, Land of the Lost, etc., etc.
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I don't know if Knight Rider was sci-fi. It's more of an action show with sci-fi elements. I really only watched three live-action TV shows as a child that I can remember: A-Team, Airwolf, and Knight Rider.

If we're not limiting ourself to live-action, then my answer would definitely be Future Boy Conan. I was so young I barely remember any of the episode contents, but I remember really liking it. I was 5 or younger at the time.
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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century by far.

I absolutely loved this show back in the day.
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anyone remember Otherworld?

or Fantastic Journey?

my favorite was and is always Doctor Who. 26 original seasons, over 700 episodes! I was thrilled when they brought it back a few years ago and it wasn't a remake, or a redo or a reimagination, but a continuation of where they left off 15 years ago with the new 9th Doctor and now 10th Doctor.

my other favorite was Battlestar Galactica (the original where Starbuck is a boy)
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Wow, Star Blazers, I forgot all about that one. Used to watch that too.
There are a couple of shows here I've never heard of. I'll have to check them out.

Kudos for Doctor Who as well. I think the new series is billiant.

I understood this thread to be about shows when we were kids, but if we wanted to through a few more recent shows in....


I think Invasion had the making of a classic scifi/horror cross over.
Its a shame it was canceled.

What is this new horrible trend in shows (Heroes, Surface) with the lame voice over in the opening "last week on" segment?

On Battlestar Galactica...
Totally disagree with POS reference. Season 1 was the best season of any scifi show I can think of. Its a shame they sort of lost their way with the rest of the series though I still think its quite intelegent writing and well done.
And wonder of wonders, I still love the original. Its like having two kids ya know. Best thing about the new series.... Dropping Boxy. :-)
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Concerning Otherworld / Fantatic Journey

Originally Posted by turborobb
anyone remember Otherworld?
I didnt remember this show until I checked it on internet movie database.
I remember the opening of it but don't think I watched it.
It says there are 5 unaired episodes... Any word on a possible release of the series.

It really seems the television gets the whole DVD thing. Some of the stuff coming out I'd never thought i'd see.

Also, Fantastic Journey sounded interesting enough. Can anyone comment on the show, in terms of writing, acting, etc?

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