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Stranger Things (S4E06) -- "Chapter Six: The Dive"

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Stranger Things (S4E06) -- "Chapter Six: The Dive"

Old 05-26-22, 12:12 PM
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Stranger Things (S4E06) -- "Chapter Six: The Dive"

Stranger Things (S4E06) -- "Chapter Six: The Dive"

Runtime: 1hr 13min

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Old 05-28-22, 09:37 PM
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Re: Stranger Things (S4E06) -- "Chapter Six: The Dive"

I thought we were going to get an “evil dies tonight” chant in this episode.
Old 05-28-22, 10:44 PM
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Re: Stranger Things (S4E06) -- "Chapter Six: The Dive"

Onto Episode 6 thoughts:

--Jason is blaming Patrick's death on Eddie being possessed by Satan. Jason's a moron, though it's not necessarily any crazier than the actual explanation.
--Wait, I thought they killed Agent Wallace. Guess not. First, they shoot him. Now, they're torturing him.
--God, Suzy's home life is my worst nightmare. But glad she's back...
--Murray basically says: "Fuck you, Yuri" and I enjoy this.
--But this Hopper in prison storyline is freaking awful. So boring.
--Jason...good at giving speeches, bad at judgment. Why is this town listening to a high school senior?
--Even with the awful hair, Mrs. Wheeler is a snack.
--Argyle wants to visit the garden of Eden.
--Eleven is the worst Plinko player ever...
--Owens has basically become redundant with Brenner back and is not useful at all with Eleven.
--Steve has got some swimming skills. I couldn't hold my breath 30 seconds, but he goes a minute or two.
--Robin is Team Stancy. Poor Jonathan is going to get his girl stolen by a man with Farrah hair.
--Steve into the Upside Down and attacked by demon bats. how the hell did Will survive there for so long?
--Nancy, Robin, and a reluctant Eddie follow him.
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John Pannozzi (05-29-22)
Old 05-29-22, 03:40 AM
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Re: Stranger Things (S4E06) -- "Chapter Six: The Dive"

Murray is an unassuming badass.
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John Pannozzi (05-30-22)
Old 05-30-22, 12:04 AM
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Re: Stranger Things (S4E06) -- "Chapter Six: The Dive"

Thought Steve was stupid was jumping in and going for the dive. But then they all follow him after he gets got.

Fun episode. Very curious to see the Hawkins lab massacre. Hopefully a TV-MA.

Aaaaaannddd, the Russian prison story is still trash and doesn’t need to be there at all. We wouldn’t need 75 minute episodes if not for that bullshit.
Old 05-30-22, 12:57 AM
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Re: Stranger Things (S4E06) -- "Chapter Six: The Dive"

The only good part of The Russian Prison storyline was getting to see Murray’s karate skills.
Old 05-30-22, 01:00 AM
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Re: Stranger Things (S4E06) -- "Chapter Six: The Dive"

Hopper is a terrible motivational speaker.

Suzie! Sheesh, what a crazy family.

Ah, so Jason is going to lead a witch hunt against the Hellfire Club. It's cool, storywise, that it brings the Wheeler/Henderson/Sinclair parents together.

Nooo, Steve! "When did he get so hairy?" Lucas asks. Maybe it was when Joe Keery turned 30, lol. I think they made it a "Watergate" just to have an excuse to get Steve's shirt off.

Isn't there also a new gate forming in the trailer where Chrissy was killed?

More bullying of Eleven, seen in her memories. Damn, that girl's had it rough, even with other 'special' kids like her. Maybe it's understandable that she would snap and murder them all.

On the other hand, I have a new theory/wild-ass-guess about the massacre. Could it be a hallucination, like one of the kids doing a mind trick? I don't think Eight is there (that orderly guy implied that she was gone), but maybe some of the other kids have the same kind of power to create visions. Probably not, just still hoping Eleven's not that messed up. I guess I'll find out, hopefully, in the next episode.

Tangential note: I recently finished binge-watching all five seasons of the show Search Party (on HBO Max), starring Alia Shawkat. Then, when I started a rewatch of seasons 1-3 of Stranger Things, I realized that one of the lead actors from Search Party, John Reynolds, also plays the tall, goofy deputy in Stranger Things. Anyways, Search Party is good, and really crazy, so check it out.
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John Pannozzi (05-30-22)
Old 05-30-22, 06:26 PM
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Re: Stranger Things (S4E06) -- "Chapter Six: The Dive"

This was a good episode too. I bet in better circumstances a metalhead like Eddie would think the Upside down kicks ass. It was hilarious watching that dude fight the bats.
So they went to town on that orderly. Maybe my earlier theory is correct.
Fuck me. I’m gonna watch this whole thing in two days. That’s what I get for drinking eight goddamn fuckin whiskey sours. A hangover binge.
Old 06-05-22, 01:33 AM
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Re: Stranger Things (S4E06) -- "Chapter Six: The Dive"

Enjoying the series. Except for the awful Hopper subplot that is.
How is he able to even walk on a broken Tib/Fib, let alone fight with it? Are the writers totally unaware of what happens when you break the weight baring bone of your lower leg if you don’t cast it?
Old 06-05-22, 01:57 PM
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Re: Stranger Things (S4E06) -- "Chapter Six: The Dive"

This episode is the prime example of my only complaint for this season - too many parallel plots! I believe the episode started with 7 different plots.

I forgot the actual order:
  • Harboring a fugitive - Eddie Munson / searching for the gate to the Upside Down
  • Hawkins mob searching for Eddie Munson
  • Eleven's memories
  • Hopper in the Russian prison
  • Joyce searching for Hopper
  • Hacker girl and the Nina Project
  • Military torturing the agent

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Old 07-04-22, 08:00 PM
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Re: Stranger Things (S4E06) -- "Chapter Six: The Dive"

The stuff with Suzy on her modem was ridiculous. She connects and gets some kind of ASCII based graphical interface and starts talking about IP addresses and how the Internet will change the world. It's more likely she would have only known about local BBSs and not the Internet. How would she even know that the computer she was attached to was connected to the Internet? I guess it's in line with other '80s movies where they "hack" into another computer via modem connection, but kind of killed even that by bringing up the Internet. Did any printer back then have a button you could press to print what was on the screen?

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