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Smallville 2/25/03 "Rosetta"

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Smallville 2/25/03 "Rosetta"

Alright episode.
In the beginning it shows Clark hovering in the caves and he is about to stick that key thing in the space in the wall. He does and a bright light comes out and he wakes up in the middle of the road and Lex finds him. Clark thinks it was a dream and he might not have walked to get there. He finally does stick the key in the wall really and now he is able to read the writings. He shoots some symbols into the side of the barn with his laser eyes and Chloe shows up right after and takes pictures. She posts them in the newspaper and it gets the attention of Dr. Swann(played by Christopher Reeve) and he starts emailing Clark. Clark goes to see him and he discovers where he came from and that his planet no longer exists. He goes home and starts up the ship and puts the heart of the ship into it and there is a message inside tfrom his father hat he was sent to Earth to conquer it. Clark is confused, but Jonathan Kent convinces him that he is really meant to do good. That guy that Lex hired to figure out the caves also gets put into a coma like state when he tries to put the key into the hole in the wall.
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I cant wait, the impression i got from the previews is that he tells Lana the secret, maybee im wrong but i hope so. 4 more hours to go
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When Clark just read Swann's (Christopher Reeve's) message ("I am a friend"), I completely got goose-bumps! This show kicks ass!

I know I am a geek, no need to tell me.

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One problem for me was the scene where Clark was 'writing' on the wall...

He had two beams of fire coming out of his eyes in different directions. From what I've observed, those beams should be straight as if to point at what Clark is looking at... these were not. That means his eyes were spinning all over the place and should have left excess burns all over the barn.

Imagine Clark goin' all goofy eyed...
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great episode
the music from the movies
Christopher Reeve
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WooHoo! Best episode yet!

Just sucks that the next 2 weeks are repeats.
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The music from the movies made the episode. Great twist on the
Superman there to conquer the world
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WOW, that was so riveting. Any chance I missed that is is like Part 1 of 9 part mytho? hehe
So much revealed, they going have hard time taking that back and it looks like we have freak of week coming up as well.
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really good job of utilizing Reeve, and was nice to hear him be the one to speak the words of jor-el...a really nice way to pass the torch.
- didn't see any credit for the Williams musical snatches.

if/when this series ever comes out on dvd, i actually hope they do best of's in addition to box sets.
so much of this series seems to be formula and freak of the week filler, but once every 3 or 4 shows they do something that does the best incarnations of this character proud- like tonight.

i also like that they are addressing the issue of the possibility of Kal-el being a conqueror, not just a beneficent do-gooder.
any person withany shred of humanity would have to grappel with the issue, that if he is so exceptionally powered, maybe it is in his destiny to rule over the unexceptional.
theres a lot of mileage left in the myth...good to see the series isn't just belabouring the themes from the first film
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Holy crap! John Williams' music! What an episode!

I'm hoping he really did just misunderstand it. I really like the conflict it will bring him, but I wouldn't want Jor-el and crew to actually be evil.
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Man oh man oh manischevitz!!

After watching that episode, I melted into a pile of groiny goo. Total spoogeonomy, mass scrotilia!
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The ship had to say more then that it had a whole bunch of writing in it.
I thought there would be a hologram of his dad.
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I watched this episode and moreso than any episode I started screaming at all the people in Clark's life. Why? They're friggin idiots!!! A slow duck could piece together that Clark is more than human with all the evidence flying around.

Dramatic tension is one thing....enough evidence to put OJ Simpson in prison with a jury of twelve middle aged black men is another.
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... was anyone else perplexed by the dial in connection that Clark's barn has, the speed at shich they dial in to the ISP, and how his friend keeps his email program and addresses on his machine...?

Other than that and my post above...
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First episode I have ever watched..really good show..the music was awesome..
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Originally posted by Flay
WooHoo! Best episode yet!
That has to be my favorite episode of Smallville so far.

Christopher Reeve was great, and hearing John Williams' score from the film was classic!

I really dug the twist at the end in reference to Clark's (Kor-el's) destiny and the reason that he was sent to the third rock from the sun.
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Great episode, i liked it a lot and Reeve was awesome, no previews for next week
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One of the best episodes of the season, with the scenes between Clark and his parents very much like...well, the Smallville scenes from Superman: The Movie. Utilizing John Williams' Superman fanfare (particularly the moment when it focused on a close-up of Reeve before the commercial break) and Krypton motifs really added a special touch.

And of course, they had to feature yet another guy that comes very close to finding out too much about Clark and he ends up being put out of commission, with Lex even more determined to get to the truth. At least they did something different with Lana and Chloe this time around.

I also enjoyed the twist at the end when Clark, who was at first hesitant about finding more about his past, came to the dawning realization he was on Earth for another reason altogether.
That was very funny.
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Is it just my tv or is it in full frame????

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Excellent, Excellent, Excellent episode!

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Can't say enough praise about the episode that people haven't already said. Even if that wasn't The Best episode, that definitely is my Favorite episode right now.

And the music from the, oh man oh man. I thought they only did the main theme bit...but then that establishing shot of the barn with the Krypton theme....WOW...
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The ep was so good my wife did not want to get up tuck my boy in bed until the next break (I had already tucked him in at the 1st break).

My VRC died and this show makes me want to go buy a DVD Recorder instead of another VCR.

I felt like I was watching a mini movie on TV, not a TV series.

1. Clark floating/flying in his dream was awesome
2. Reading Krypton
3. I say the Doctor will turn into Brainiac in a future show
4. Christopher Reeves
5. Clark Finding out about where he came from
6. I think Marlon Brando said the line about a God amoung men, or something like that in Superman The Movie
7. The music sent a thrill thoughout my whole body
8. Both actors giving the message at the end

My wife said I was like a kid watching the show.

WB is handling the show with lots of respect to the Man of Steel and to his fans around the world.
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As far as Krypton being a war race, Lois and Clark showed them as being war like in one of the shows before they got married.

Through A Glass, Darkly 05/05/96
Part 1of 4// Two strange people, Zara and Ching, come to Metropolis to test Superman.

Big Girls Don't Fly 05/12/96
Part 2 of 4// Season finale//It turns out that Zara and Ching are from New Krypton, and that Clark is married to Zara. They want Clark to rule and fight Lord Knor. Then an assassin
sent by Knor attacks Clark.

Lord Of The Flys 09/22/96
Part 3 of 4//Lord Knor comes to Earth to try to conquer it. His first target... Smallville. His next? Metropolis.

Battleground Earth 09/27/96
Part 4 of 4// Lord Knor challenges Clark to a duel, and the kryptonite from Star Labs is stolen. Knor accuses Clark of treason against his kind.

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Originally posted by Iron_Giant

3. I say the Doctor will turn into Brainiac in a future show
Ah, I'm curious. What does Brainiac do? I mean, what are his powers and things like that? Thanks in advance?
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I enjoyed the episode but they should have had Dean Cain on as well.

Cool scenes withClark and his Parents, the things that occured in the cave and of course Christopher Reeve
I thought it was great that they got to use the John Williams music too. Great touch!

A couple questions, dont Chloe and Lana have anything ever to do other than oogle over Clark?
Are there any other guys in Smallsville or are his dimples just to irresistible?
Also, doesnt Lex have anything better to do than chase after what Clark is all the time. I am beginning to think he has a crush on Clark like the girls.
Now I know what all that slash writing is based on.

I cant wait for the episode where he conquers all of earth. That will be the two part episode where he gets to Bush and stops an impending war.

I dont know, I think they should let Tom Weiling be the next Big Screen Superman. Hes got all it takes.
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