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Best Short-Lived Shows

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Best Short-Lived Shows

What are the best shows that checked out too early? Let's try to keep them under three seasons.

My votes go for two one-season shows that deserved better:

The Adventures Of Brisco County, Jr and Nowhere Man.

Post some of your faves.
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Definitely Sports Night.

Runnerup: Action!.
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I'd agree with Nowhere Man

Two others that were way ahead of their times, and therefore too "smart" for TV:

Police Squad

The Ben Stiller Show
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Thieves and American Embassy. Both unjustly cancelled shows.
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Undeclared on FOX
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Robbery Homicide Division
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Undeclared, Firefly, The Adventures of Brisco County, Action!, Brimstone, Space: Above & Beyond, Freaks & Geeks....almost all FOX Friday night shows....there is a shock....
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Sports Night.... At least I have the DVDs
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While not officially off the air yet, I expect Andy Richter Controls the Universe will be eligable for this list.
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Many of the above shows that were mentioned, I would agree.
My favorite short-lived show was ... Profit. It had 4 glorious and vicious episodes; one of which was preempted.
I would also add My-So-Called Life and Dark Shadow (remake).
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Frank's Place
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The Street
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Now and Again!
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Time of your Life (w/ Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jennifer Garner)

Time to state the obvious: Clerks Animated!
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Originally posted by Jboone
Frank's Place
I was going to list Frank's Place as well but for the life of me was drawing a blank on the title.
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Just waiting for the first wise guy to pop in and say Cop Rock... oh, wait, that was me!
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Tales of the Gold Monkey
James at 15/16

Disagree with Firefly. There were several things bad
about it. (besides being on fox).
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Titus - one of the unique comedies ever on television
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EZ Streets
Sports Night
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Originally posted by btlives
Tales of the Gold Monkey
If I remember correctly, that was a good show. However I haven't seen it in many, many years, so it might not have been.

I think the biggest was Freaks and Geeks.

Hidden Hills may become another.
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My So-Called Life. It should have at least gone for 4 years and followed her thru highschool.

Lateline. This is my all time favorite sit com that I feel deserved a long, long life on TV. It was the Al Fraken comedy about a late night news show, and was far more intelligent and witty than any of the other crap it was up against, and it was up against a lot, since NBC kept on jacking around with the schedule and moved it around all the time. I never did get to see all the episodes, sadly, because of this, but what I saw was comedy gold.

Working. I watched it a couple times on NBC when it first aried and thought it was great, but it wasn't until it was on some cable channel, like TBN or something like that, that I got to see the full series, all two seasons. This show had huge potential, but suffered because of too many cast changes. It could have and should have lasted several seasons.

Tick. It's a sad, sad world when a series like this can't get a multi season deal. The 8 episodes we have are pure gold, and there was so much more they could have done.

Lone Gunmen. Ditto to what I said about Tick, and that they cancelled it in the middle of a two parter. Fox sucks.

Police Squad. It was listed, but does anybody know the true reason ABC took it off the air? Becasue they felt that audiences had to pay TOO MUCH ATTENTION to the show while it was on because it had so many visual jokes, and they felt audiences didn't want to pay that much attention to the show. In other words, they wanted some dumbed down piece of crap to take it's place.

Nothing Sacred. It was controversial and stirred up a lot of heat from the Catholic community, and it was up against a powerhouse line up on Thursday night at ABC, and I forget exactly how many episodes we got, but again, what we got was pure gold. It was a drama with much in common with St Elsewhere and other like ensamble cast dramas, and it was set in a Catholic church in the inner city. It was a rivitening hour of TV, that is for sure, and it was sad that it was seen and loved by so few.

Twin Peaks. It should have gotten a third season.

The Chronicle, at least I think that was what it was called. The series on Sci Fi about the tabloid newspaper that covered x files type stories. It was a pretty good, fun series, and the only thing that made me turn on Sci Fi ever week. I guess they needed room for Meet Joe Black.

Newsradio, but that is only because Phil Hartman died.
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the dana carvey show
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Men Behaving Badly--for its first year the funniest damn show I've ever seen. Then they messed with the cast and it died after a second year I think

The Edge--Sketch comedy-like show on FOX in the early 90s I think. Damn that show was funny.
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