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BBV BOGO - warning

Old 07-04-13, 05:16 PM
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BBV BOGO - warning

There are only 2 BBVs in my area.. Decided to go then 2nd I haven't been. Had no idea it was so far.. over 45 minutes! (wouldn't have gone there if I knew it was that much driving!)

They had a huge selection of previewed Blu-ray, many as low as $6.99. I got a stack of 14 movies, and was shocked at the price the cashier rang up. He explained that it really is not a BOGO - what they really do is ring up 1/2 the movies (the most expensive ones) as FULL Price, then give the others free.

I took back a few $12.99 and thought that would be enough. We were tired, and spent too much time in the store. and the driving wore us out. Just wanted to leave. The price seemed much better and we drove home.

Upon arriving home, it just struck me what really happened.

the formula really hurts you unless you have all the movies at the same price.

Example. You have 4 $12.99 and 4 $6.99. You would think the total would be $26 (for the 4 $12.99) and $14 (for the for $6.99) = $40.

Instead, they would charge you $52 (4 X$12.99) and then you get the other 4 movies free. That's an additional $12!!

I counted up my stash and realized that I still got (imho) overpriced. In retrospect, I should have done different transactions - 1 for each price range.

I have been buying PVD from BBV for decades, and never remember having this problem. As long as I had an even # of discs at the same price, it all worked out.

Upon reflection, I still got a great stack of blu-rays for an average of $7 - which wasn't bad considering some of the higher priced new releases. But I did end up spending a little more than I should have.

This place is way too far to go back again (hoping they all play)...Maybe they changed their system... maybe the people at the other store always went out of their way to make the BOGO work as I thought it would. In either case, that is my last drive to that location.

Wanted to alert you to this...

Then again maybe everybody else knew this but me...

That being said,, if you just get the same priced discs, they had a pretty decent selection....

Oh well.. chalk it up to experience...

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Old 07-04-13, 05:29 PM
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Re: BBV BOGO - warning

Originally Posted by hariseldon View Post
Isn't that standard practice for BOGO?
It must be..

As I said, I never noticed this before.. Either I have always bought all the movies at the same price, or the cashier was extra nice..

Must have been in the dark (or just lucky!) all these years!!
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Old 07-04-13, 05:41 PM
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Re: BBV BOGO - warning

Could you make them seperate transactions?
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Old 07-04-13, 06:08 PM
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Re: BBV BOGO - warning

Originally Posted by hariseldon View Post
Isn't that standard practice for BOGO?
It's been standard practice for BOGO since the beginning of time.
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Old 07-04-13, 06:10 PM
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Re: BBV BOGO - warning

oh well.

Yes, you can (and should, imho) make these different transactions. Whether the cashier will let you do this easily (i.e. not forcing you to buy, leave, come back,etc.) is up to them.
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Re: BBV BOGO - warning

BOGO transactions have always been this way.

You should buy only the same-priced movies in one transaction.

The more varied prices on your movies in a BOGO transaction...the more you lose.
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Re: BBV BOGO - warning

Wow, at all the Blockbusters I go to in my area they always ring up the like priced items together. All the 12.99 ones first, then apply the B1G1, followed by the lower priced ones and etc. I've never had a problem with that before. I just went this morning and bought a whole bunch of 6.99 ones with two 9.99 ones and I got the 9.99 ones buy 1 get one. I guess it just depends on where you go...

And again, as people said, you could have done separate transactions.
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Old 07-11-13, 12:23 PM
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Re: BBV BOGO - warning

I had the same thing happen to me. Luckily I had to stop and get gas right down the street when my wife looked at the receipt and noticed that the discount was incorrect. Mine was a pretty small amount though ($3) but they still refunded it. The guys working there had no idea that was how the system worked either, but I don't buy much from them anymore since all of the local stores shut down. Good to know if I ever run into one of those sales again.
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