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How many people had this problem at Gamestop?

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How many people had this problem at Gamestop?

Old 11-09-06, 05:56 PM
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How many people had this problem at Gamestop?

I was wondering through the pages of a Gears of War thread and someone on there was saying that they went into Gamestop and picked up their GoW in which they previously pre-ordered. While getting their game the Gamestop employee asked them if they wanted to get a pre-order of Halo 3. While the person denied getting a pre-order, the employee persisted to ask the customer again. I guess this person that was picking up GoW got asked to pre-order about 2 or 3 times, and were being kind of rude about it. Then when this person got their game, they did the same thing with the next person in line.

Well, I went to Target today after work to pick up GoW, but they didn't have the LE one that I wanted. So me and my buddy went to Gamestop to pick up the game. I asked one of the employees if they had the game, and he said they were only selling the LE to people that didn't pre-order. This was fine by me cause it's the one I wanted anyways, but I also think he was lying to milk me out of an extra $10. I already had a pre-order for Smackdown vs Raw and I noticed it was out so I that I had a pre-order for that and I wanted Smackdown too. When he was rining me up he asked if I wanted to pre-order Halo 3, and I responded with my usual "no thanks." Then he asked me again "You sure?", and once again I said no. Then he asked me once more "You sure you don't want to order the 'legendary' Halo 3." By this time I got a little pissed since I already clearly said no twice. If you ask someone twice, and they say no twice, I think it's time to stop pressuring them (the customer) to do something. So I responded a third time with a stern "no, I just want to get my games and go home." It seemed like he got mad at me for saying that which mad me even more pissed off at this fact and I started having a little fun with my buddy poking fun and how hard they press Halo 3 on people. I told him not to go back to Gamestop cause they're going to make you buy Halo 3, and all that good stuff. Nothing I said was too harsh, I just thought it was pathetic he asked me so many times then got mad at me cause I said no. Anyways, it was time to pay, and he was giving me attitude about my debit card. Once the transaction was done, he didn't ask me if I wanted a bag, just placed my reciet on top of the games and shoved them over to me a little bit and that was it. Didn't thank me for shopping, didn't tell me to have a good day, nothing, just placed the reciet on the games, then pushed them over to me.

I personally think this whole Gamestop/Halo 3 thing is pathetic. No one even knows when the game is comming out first of all, how long was Halo 2 delayed for...? I have more things to spend my money on then to put a down payment on a game that I might not see for another two years. It's also pretty pathetic how the employee treated me, with his manager there no less, when I denied the pre-order. If this is how Gamestop is starting to treat their customers (especially ones that just spent $140 + on games) I for one wont be shopping there anymore.
Old 11-09-06, 09:39 PM
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This probably belongs in the Videogame forum, but regardless.

When I was at my local Gamestop the other night to pick up Elite Beat Agents for the DS the associates working there were asking everyone in line if they wanted to reserve Halo 3. One of them was pretty pushy while the other was fine with a simple "no". I got asked and said no and added that I have no plans to preorder as Halo 3 will be readily available come November next year. If they had pushed me any further I probably would have walked out. I'm tired of this whole preorder nonsense as it serves no purpose in the long run. More and more I've been ordering games online so there's no reason to preorder in a store.

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