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Amazon Rant

Old 01-31-03, 08:28 AM
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Amazon Rant

Amazon Rant:

I just wanted to inform everyone of my latest (and last) experience with I have placed MANY orders with them with little or no hassle until now. I noticed the other day that I had a charge on my CC from Amazon for $19.77 on January 16th. I was curious about what this could be (I have used promotions and GCs for all my orders lately and have not “paid” for anything from Amazon in about 1 year). So, I called Amazon and inquired about this charge. They told me that it was a result of a technical error from an order that I placed back in August (I should have been billed when the items shipped since a few items were pre-orders). All they could tell me is that they thought a GC must have expired before I was billed therefore causing the remaining balance. I asked how a GC could be $19.77, shouldn’t they be $20, $25, etc.? Of course the customer service person didn’t know (she also stated that you could only use 1 promotion per order out of: free shipping, STL, promotional GC).

After being very nice for about 20 minutes, I got a little irate and told her that I am going to dispute the charge on my credit card, and if they want the money, they could fight it out with Amex. Anyway, I am waiting to hear from their billing department to find out what exactly the $19.77 charge was for. I’ll let you know what transpires… Keep you eye on those credit card statements!!!

Amazon and I are done if they indeed charge me the $19.77!

Thanks for letting me vent!
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Old 01-31-03, 08:38 AM
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No Problem about the vent.

Sorry to hear this. Very strange from I've been lucky.

I hope this gets straightened out to your favor.

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Old 02-01-03, 02:52 PM
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the same thing happened to me!!

i saw a strange charge on my card for $45.33 and, having used DDD almost exclusively for the last month or two, I knew it wasn't anything I'd purchased through their marketplace or regular site.

i called and asked about it and apparently it's a problem with orders that were placed in August/September/October being charged months late. the problem in my case is that my gift certificate expired and, when they tried to use it, it came up as expired and the whole order was charged to my credit card (it was a credit card/Gift Cert order.)

once i dug back in my order history and found the errant order, i realized what had happened while the customer service girl was researching it. after i explained that it was originally supposed to be a gift certificate and credit card order, she found the expired gift certificate for $30.00 (gift from the folks) and refunded me that $30.00. it just takes a little patience and explaining.

if you used a gc for that order and it just expired before the card got charged, they'll refund you. my refund just went through and all is right with the world again.

and, to clarify, only amazon's promotional certificates are round numbers ($5, $10, $20....) if i wanted to, I could send you a regular gift certificate for $27.94.
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