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Your favorite small-time local bands

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Your favorite small-time local bands

I'm hoping to keep this thread dedicated to the unsigned or relatively unknown local bands.

Two of my current favorites, both in the Metal genre.


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Re: Your favorite small-time local bands

easy... it's Junkbutton:

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Re: Your favorite small-time local bands

Spinto Band I guess.
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Re: Your favorite small-time local bands

^ I think they would qualify, especially if they put a bit of their own spin on the covers.
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Re: Your favorite small-time local bands

how about you tell us where local is too?
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Re: Your favorite small-time local bands

This is probably bending the OP's rules a little - since they have a number of albums out - but I rarely run across anyone who's heard of them, let alone heard them, let alone seen them live. And this is in their "hometown".

I'm talking about Chicago's own Waco Brothers, a raucous blend of punk/country/roadhouse with a Welsh twist, thanks to the inimitable Mekon Jon Langford.

If you get a chance to see them live, by all means do so. Fast, loud and oozing the ghost of a liquored up Hank Williams channeling the ghost of Joe Strummer.

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Re: Your favorite small-time local bands

Muck and the Mires from Boston MA. I think these guys are one of the few bands that does the "garage" sound justice right now. Yes they won Little Steven's Battle of the Bands but they're still pretty much unknown to most people.

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Re: Your favorite small-time local bands

Originally Posted by Liver&Onions View Post
how about you tell us where local is too?
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Re: Your favorite small-time local bands

A few bands from my hometown of Louisville, KY. Wow how I miss this music scene.

First of all I have to throw my cousin's band in there. Definitely love the extreme metal! Their live show is really awesome.
Intent to Kill

MSD - use to be horror oriented now more of rock vibe.

Some old school local metal. Their shows were nuts. In the middle of Bleed Bitch a guy would kneel down in the pit and let people kick him until he bled. Nuts!
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Re: Your favorite small-time local bands

I meant your own local bands. I wouldn't expect people across the country (world?) to pick local bands from Denver. As far as the other criteria, when pulling up a previous thread with this subject, people were posting bands like Pantera and Smashing Pumpkins. While technically local, I was hoping for smaller bands that people may not have heard.
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Re: Your favorite small-time local bands

A handful of my local favorites all broke up at about the same time (Gatsbys American Dream, The Blood Brothers, Pretty Girls Make Graves), but a few great bands have risen from their ashes helping to soften the blow a bit:

Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground - Kind of a psychedelic indie/pop band.
Wild Orchid Children - Features a few of the dudes from Kay Kay, they refer to their sound as "gonzo soul music," and I think that works.
Past Lives - All the best parts of The Blood Brothers reuinited for this post-punk quartet.
Minus The Bear - Didn't actually rise from the ashes of the aforementioned bands, but they did form after the breakups of a few other great local bands (Botch, Sharks Keep Moving). One of my all-time favorite bands.

Those are a few of my current favorites, and they all have albums coming out in 2010 that I'm really looking forward to. On top of them, there's also Murder City Devils (who, despite having broken up in 2001, still play plenty of shows in Seattle), Thee Emergency, Shook Ones (actually from Bellingham), and I'll always have a soft spot for MxPx (even though they haven't made a great album in over a decade; also not actually from Seattle).

Here's some of my favorites from the city's burgeoning hip-hop scene: Blue Scholars, Common Market, and Nam. Also worth checking out: Gabriel Teodros, The Saturday Knights, Mad Rad, Grynch, and Cancer Rising.

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Re: Your favorite small-time local bands

Originally Posted by Lemmy View Post
I used to live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and a great band from the area is Shadow Reichenstein. If you put Rob Zombie's best stuff, the first 3 Ramones albums, and a dash of Misfits in a blender, and then dressed them like the Cure if the Cure were Nazis, you'd have SR. I saw them by accident..I arrived at a club early, and they were the first of 3 bands on. After their set, I immediately bought a CD from them (small indie label), and soon found out that the band is huge in Europe (especially Germany...go figure!). I mean, they have entire sections of their sites devoted to tattooed fans. Not too many local bands have fans that get tats of the band.
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Re: Your favorite small-time local bands

I guess Garbage could be considered local cause they did all their recording here in madison.

But there is a new band that I love called LUNA MORTIS..

They used to be called "The Ottoman Empire" before they got the new lead singer Mary.
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Re: Your favorite small-time local bands

There is no local music scene here. At all. Just bar bands covering skynyrd and other hick acts, and most of those have been replaced by karaoke DJs.
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Re: Your favorite small-time local bands

This may or may not meet the thread's guidelines...

No question one of my favorite acts - small time or otherwise - is Mary Prankster, based out of Maryland. I'd say she was big enough to be considered a "regional act" for the Mid-Atlantic. I heard a lot about her when I was living in Northern VA, but foolishly didn't pursue any of her music until I was living in Ohio (the first time I saw her live was in Columbus!).

She started out with a "cow punk" sound, which became more pop/alt rock-oriented over the course of her three studio albums. Her last full length release - a live album - pretty much dropped the "punk" part and was pretty twangy.

Catchy tunes, great stage presence, kick-ass live show, cute, and possessing a very dirty mouth...I love her! Sadly, she retired from the music biz a few years ago. Last I heard she was in NYC pursuing voice over work.

Early stuff:

"Tits and Whiskey"

"Mercy Fuck"

Mid-period MP:

Fan made video for "Punk Rock Heaven":

Latter period MP:

"La Resistance"

"Tell Your Friends (Part One)" (live acoustic):

How I wish she was still actively musically and would put her stuff on the Rock Band Network.
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