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First album you ever bought? First CD?

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First album you ever bought? First CD?

Old 12-10-07, 06:19 PM
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I think my first CDs were Nirvana "Nevermind" and Pearl Jam "Ten". A pretty good time to get into CDs really!
Old 12-12-07, 12:22 PM
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Sister Hazel - Somewhere More Familiar

There was quite a buzz around Gainesville since they were a local band that had a national hit. That led to me listening to top 40 radio (I had previously just listened to sports talk with my parents) and buying a ton of CDs.
Old 12-12-07, 12:31 PM
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Old 12-12-07, 02:35 PM
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First cassette : Weird Al - "Bad Hair Day" - 1996
First CD: WWF: The Music - Volume 3 - 1999
First "real" CD: Notorious B.I.G. - "Born Again" - 1999
Old 12-12-07, 02:38 PM
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Heh - this thread is fun!

My first single: "King Tut" by Steve Martin. Yep - there's no accounting for taste sometimes.

My first 8-track: Crusin' by the Village People. I got it probably in 1977 or 1978. I was 6 or 7 at the time and was blissfully unaware of the whole "gay" thing. I just thought it was fun, poppy music.

My first album: Duran Duran by Duran Duran. Interestingly, the band was almost completely unknown in the US at the time - late December, 1981. I was almost 11 years old at the time. I went to an Atlanta-area mall with my grandmother to return\exchange some unwanted Christmas presents. There was a Record Bar store next door to the cafeteria, and I talked her in to letting me go in. I looked around for a few minutes and found a British copy of Duran Duran's first album - the original first album, mind you, not the 1983 US re-release - in the bargain bin for $5.99. It looked cool, and I begged her to buy it for me. She did, and my love affair with Brit New Wave was born.

My first cassette: I have no idea, although two K-Tel cassettes stick out as being possible "firsts": Hooked on Classics and some "Best of 1981" tape with Sheena Easton, Melissa Manchester and Steel Breeze. I honestly don't remember cassettes that well, because: a) I went through them like tap water (I know I had at least 4 copies of Never Mind The Bullocks) and b) some neighborhood kid stole all my tapes back in 1983.

My first CD: it's kind of hard to say. I got a CD player from my parents for Christmas in 1985, and my uncle and grandparents got me CDs of Duran Duran, Rio and Seven and the Ragged Tiger as presents too so I'd have something to play on it. So they were my first discs... but I think The Cure's Staring at the Sea was the first CD I actually bought.

While we're at it:

My first concert: My parents took me to see The Beach Boys at Lanierland Music Park in the late summer of 1983. It wasn't my choice, but it ended up being kind of cool as Dennis Wilson died a few months later. The first concert I actually chose to go to was Men At Work, also in 1983, at the old Omni in Atlanta. I still have the ticket stub - it was only $11.50 per ticket! I remember being miserable before the show because I was going to get braces and the orthodontist had put spacers in my teeth earlier that day. But what a great show! Ahhhhh... good times!
Old 12-14-07, 12:06 PM
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As ashamed to admit it as I am, my first CD purchase was New Edition - Heartbreak. Closely following that was Tevin Campbell's T.E.V.I.N.. Luckily my musical tastes have greatly improved since then. But then again, I was only 9 or 10 at the time.
Old 12-14-07, 12:11 PM
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First tape - Bobby Brown's My Prerogative

First CD - embarassingly, the Geto Boys

I wish I could turn back time.
Old 12-14-07, 12:21 PM
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Neat thread...

Vinyl -> Kiss Alive II

CD -> The White Album & Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols.
Old 12-17-07, 02:18 AM
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first tape - jackson 5 collection from tv
first cd - Kris Kross - Totally Crossed Out
First Dvd Audio - Metallica - The Black Album
First SACD - Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon

First and only 8 track (garage sale) Johnny Cash - A boy named Sue
Old 01-15-08, 09:45 PM
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First single-Jim Stafford-Spiders and Snakes
First album-BTO-Not Fragile
First cassette-Blue Oyster Cult-Some Enchanted Evening
First cd-Randy Travis-Storms Of Life
Old 01-15-08, 10:00 PM
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Originally Posted by B5Erik
First LP I bought: KISS (Self-titled debut) (bought it in 1977)

First CD I bought: Black Sabbath (Featuring Tony Iommi) - Seventh Star (bought that one in 1987)
I was just going through my stuff and found that KISS LP. I've had it for 30+ years, and I don't think I'll ever let it go (even though I've got the CD). I've still got that Sabbath CD as well...
Old 01-15-08, 10:40 PM
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Personally I think it should be what was the first album you stole
Old 01-16-08, 10:05 AM
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First LP: Star Wars Soundtrack
First CD: Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Flaunt It
Old 01-16-08, 10:25 AM
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First Album: Kiss Destroyer (1976)
Old 01-17-08, 05:33 PM
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First cassette: Pink Floyd - The Wall
First cd: Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
First iTunes: Sarah McLachlan - exclusive live ep
Old 01-23-08, 01:36 AM
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1st album was either The Monkees (debut) or The Doors (debut). Can't remember. May sound contradictory, but, remember...Hendrix also briefly shared billing with the Monkees (for about 2 shows).

1st CD was undoubtedly a Beatles CD...probably Rubber Soul. Whatever was in the first wave of Beatles releases.

Cassettes? Never bought prerecorded cassettes (except in garage sales).

How about 8-Tracks? (never had them either, but remember friends trying in vain to unravel some of the tapes that got eaten in their car's player).
Old 01-26-08, 12:15 AM
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Bought Two: The Star Wars Original Soundtrack and Sam Cooke: The Man and his Music.
Old 01-26-08, 10:35 PM
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Originally Posted by LiquidSky
Well, how about that! Rubber Soul was my first album too.

My first CD was Dire Straits - Brother in Arms.
Old 01-27-08, 12:09 PM
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First LP was probably a K-Tel Hits collection off of tv.

First CD was probably The Cure Disintegration.

First 45 record was Steve Martin's King Tut

First 8-track was something called Looney Tunes. It had Dr Demento type songs on it.

I have no idea what my first cassette was.
Old 01-27-08, 03:44 PM
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Great idea for a thread. I'll make some educated guesses....

LP was probably

45 was likely

I'll think a bit on the others.

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