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Oasis vs. Manowar: Funny Liam Gallagher quote

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ahahah, i mainly listen to punk, but know both these bands- and have even seen manowar live-- manowar would kill oasis as far as volume.

but come on, i hate pop stuff, but at least Oasis has some talent, and influence- they Wrote some good songs, though not my taste, they're far beyond manowar as far as talent.

but whomever knocked Motorhead. are you crazy? seen motorhead numerous times- by far the loudest band- i challenge anyone to see them and not have a hearing problem for a few days. did a small tour with them- and with ear plugs it's still too loud. ( had 27 year old ears at the time)

as far as influence it's not even close- Motorhead inspired 100 times more bands than oasis, and i'd say if much more important/pivotal band in the history of music.
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Originally Posted by Tenacious D
That's hilarious. Noel is an a-hole, but he does have a point. I don't think I'd want my summer home any where near James Blunt either (if I could afford a summer home that is).
Shit, man. I'd take a summer shack in Ibiza, even if i have to live next to James...gulp...Blunt.

Maybe when he's out getting laid, by chicks who dig his sensitive shmaltzy crap, I can crash at his pad.
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Re: Oasis vs. Manowar: Funny Liam Gallagher quote

Originally Posted by Applejack View Post
Besides that, I doubt many metal fans use the internet that much anyway. It's hard to afford web service when all of your money from working at the gas station goes to Generic smokes, keeping your Iroc-Z in tip-top shape and hair care products so they can rock the mullet in front of the high school to impress the babes.

Generalizing about entire fanbases is fun
scoff if you will, but it wasn't by accident that when asked what was best in life, Conan replied:

"To crank led zep, to drive a fine Trans Am with screaming chicken on the hood, to cruise high school parking lots and hear the oooooo's and coos of the babes"
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Re: Oasis vs. Manowar: Funny Liam Gallagher quote

EDIT: I do not know why the thread was resurrected after well over a year and a half but I got nuttin else to do so I'll post something.

I liked Oasis, then didnt, then did, now I mostly dont care about them.

BUT I wouldnt call them Shite, they have some good stuff.

Of course they are completely self absorbed and moronic but they are better than many bands out there today....which, now that I think about it, isnt saying much, but oh well.

Right about James Blunt though, I wouldnt want to be near his 70's pet rock having, crystal necklace wearing, shag carpet stepping, Jesus sandel wearing, top three button opened hairy chested, nutless singing douche.

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