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Classic Rock Advice

Old 05-06-03, 02:39 AM
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Classic Rock Advice

ok I'm a huge fan of 60s & 70s music...but especially hard guitar and blues oriented rock. I'm familiar with most of the bigger bands (some of my favs are Led Zep, Allman Bros and Black Sabbath). Was wondering if anyone could suggest some rare or obscure bands that may not have made it big but played well nonetheless. Anything from folk to metal...below are some examples.

spooky tooth

the music machine
shadows of knight
moby grape
peter green's fleetwood mac

mother superior
pride & glory
gov't mule
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I have one I think you'll enjoy. Crack the Sky
They are a great band. For some reason they got huge in Baltimore but not the rest of the country. They have got kicked off of tours by the headlining band because they would blow them off the stage. ELO is one example of this. They started out in the mid 70's. Their stuff is very rare but you could probably find some on ebay. I think their older albums have been remastered on CD. Anyway I would recommend their albums:

Self titled first album
White Music

These are my two favorite.

If you're looking to download some of their songs, I would recommend:
All American Boy
Hot Razors in My Heart
Hold On
Surf City
Skin Deep

These songs would give you a good idea of their type of music.

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Well, since you did mention anything from folk to metal, I'll give a rec to one of my all time favorite discs...

Big Star: "#1 Record/Radio City". It's actually two recordings on one CD from 1972 and 1974. This stuff is closer akin to the Beatles, but it's got an edge in spots. Big Star released timeless, great music.

link to more info
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I like Rainbow with Dio and blackmore. Don't laugh but before Whitesnake became a cheese metal band they had some albums in the late 70's that were straight forward rock.
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-seminal psychedelic rock album
- excellent guitar rock from San Fran
- this album created ambient music
-The definitive art-rock album
- a forgotten classic by the founder of Pink Floyd
-essential, nuff said
-don’t dis prog until you hear this masterpiece
- great live album
-one of the most underrated albums ever by the co-founder of Big Star, a classic, IMO.
-if you don’t own this album, proceed no further with your life
-unbelievably good punk-pop album that very few people own.
- excellent live album featuring a who’s-who of the British art-rock scene circa 1976
weird and amazingly precise collection of songs, probably the height of Krautrock
- a German Velvet Underground on analog synths, inspired both the electronica scene and early rap, essential.
-the definitve new wave album.

That’s it for now, let me know if you need more…
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If you love that old heavy ass 70's rock (sabbath,Zepplin) then i highly recommend you check out some "Stoner Rock" bands like Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Clutch, or Karma to Burn.Try these few out for starters & let me know what ya think & i could turn you on to many,many more.
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It rocks that you like Gov't Mule.


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I saw Leon Russell with Edgar Winter 20 years ago. It is still one of the best concerts I have ever seen.
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Gov't Mule does in fact rock. Unfortunately, at this year's Midtown they played opposite Def Leppard, and I'm sure you can guess the shameful decision I made on that one. I've seen them before, though, and as previously stated, THEY ROCK!

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Less well-known?

Originally posted by jk4w
If you love that old heavy ass 70's rock (sabbath,Zepplin) then i highly recommend you check out some "Stoner Rock" bands like Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Clutch, or Karma to Burn.Try these few out
Try Masters of Reality, the 1980s hardrock band created by Chris Goss - who subsequently produced Kyuss and QotS. They record and tour sporadically and before now have included Ginger Baker on the roster.

It is probably also worth trying Budgie who have been around, off and on, since 1968.
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Not classic rock, but given your choices, you'd probably like Hobex.
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Thanks for all the suggestions...I gotta do some research on these. I'm more after guitar driven music than synths.

Found a site that had some good info called Roadburn if anyone is interested. (Dinosaur Vacuum section)

Gov't Mule is one of the last true rock'n'roll bands left. Now that they are wrapping up the Deep End tours, does anyone know if they are gonna keep playing as a group or what? I know both Haynes and Abs are in other bands now as well. It'd be a shame to see them go...

das - think it's a stretch...they look similar but not the same.

Gdrlv - The bands don't have to be from the classic rock time period, that's why I tossed in some 90s examples. It's the sounds I'm after.
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If you're interested in wild, guitar-driven 70's rock try the Frost from Detroit. The two guitarists in that band (Dick Wagner & Steve Hunter) ended up playing with Lou Reed and Alice Cooper.

Have you checked out the MC5's "High Times" album? It's excellent.

Good obscure British bands you should check out from the early 70's are the Groundhogs, the Edgar Broughton Band, and Blodwyn Pig.

More popular bands that deserve a second look are pre-Woodstock Ten Years After (try "Stonehenge", "Sssshhh", and "Cricklewood Green"). Quicksilver Messenger Service are also the most underrated of all 60's Frisco bands. Their first three albums are brilliant. You might also like Spirit, The Flock, and Fleetwood Mac (when Peter Green ran the show).

There's a vast wealth of good classic rock bands out there and all their records are still in print.
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The Yardbyrds maybe? Eric Claption, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page in the same band (different times). Get what is called the ultimate 2 disc set since it has music from all three eras, as the other 1 disc set mainly had Beck music and not much from the others.
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Originally posted by tomveil
I like Rainbow with Dio and blackmore.
I agree 100% but nobody I know seems to even know that Dio was in Rainbow. Nor can they name any songs, although they usually nod when I sing "Man on a Silver Mountain"

But maybe they're just laughing at me
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Savoy Brown - Kim Simmonds is an amazing guitarist or early Humble Pie
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