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It's Alive (2008)

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It's Alive (2008)

I didn't see anything posted for this yet. I guess the trailer's been up for a month or so, but I just saw it.

Get More Its Alive (2008) Trailers at

Another in the horror remake line up. I'm a big fan of the Cohen trilogy, so I can't help but catch this one when it hits theaters. I'm not so sure I wanna pay to see it though. This could be a travesty.

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in keeping with the tradition of the 1st i assume they will go for a PG rating, so as to appeal to a mass audience.
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In a recent interview (which I can't find the link to off the top of my head) Cohen talks about how bad this remake is.
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Here it is:
Cohen: Oh yeah, itís just awful, itís terrible. I made ďItís AliveĒ in 1974, it was ďGone with the WindĒ compared to this thing. I donít even think itís releasable. But they did pay me an awful lot of money for the rights, so I sold Ďem, and they just made a dreadful picture out of it. And then I got another picture up in Canada thatís supposed to shoot called ďMessage Deleted,Ē and another one called ďTrembleĒ thatís supposed to shoot in Pittsburgh. So I got a couple more pictures on the assembly line to be shot. Things slowed down out here because thereís a threatened strike of actors, and nobody wants to start their picture and then get caught in the middle of the strike.

Bloodshot: The remake of ďItís Alive,Ē does it have a CGI baby?

Cohen: Yes, it does have a CGI baby, but even thatís terrible. The beauty of ďItís AliveĒ originally was you didnít see much of the baby, it was all in your imagination; in the new one, everything about it is bad, from the characters to the writing, the effects, the overall production. Everything is terrible. I hate to say something bad about something Iím connected with, but Iím trying to disassociate myself from the damn thing. However, itís been made, and the money keeps rolling in, so what can you do? With something like that, when you sell the rights, you can only hope for the best.
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I remember my parents seeing this in the movie theaters and they told me about it. I later saw it on home video years later. My parent's description of the movie was a hundred times scarier than when I actually saw it. This doesn't seem scary either.
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I remember the tv ad for the original 'It's Alive' - now that was memorable and nightmare inducing - ugh, this remake seems pointless and dumb.
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I saw It's Alive at the drive-in when I was little and it freaked me way out. We'll see how this new one shakes out. I like cheese.
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