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Your Favorite Movie That Takes Place In Las Vegas?

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Your Favorite Movie That Takes Place In Las Vegas?


Leaving Las Vegas


It tears down that glamorous wall that people think of when they think of Las Vegas. Vegas is really a shitty, downtrodden town with a really good marketing machine behind it. You never hear about Vegas' homeless problems. You never hear about the bad side of Vegas...only the good.

So, to see a film as daring and as bold as LLV, it's really something. By far, it's the most honest film based in Vegas.
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you nailed the first one that came to my mind in your post...

i suppose my personal favorite is 'Hard Eight'... for some of the same reasons...
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One from the Heart - It's such a beautiful movie to watch. True movie magic considering it was all filmed on a soundstage.
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Corvette Summer
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Only part of it takes place in Vegas, but oh well:

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Diamonds Are Forever
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Leaving Las Vegas and Go are some of my favorites too. Another (obvious one) is Casino - great movie. Very Bad Things is an excellent dark comedy with some scenes in Vegas. I'd also recommend The Cooler and Bugsy.

By the way, if I remember correctly Hard Eight takes place in Reno. As does the underrated California Split - definitely worth seeking out.
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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Ocean's 11
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Fear and Loathing without a doubt.
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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
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Leaving Las Vegas
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Originally Posted by vasb
As does the underrated California Split - definitely worth seeking out.

Fear and Loathing for me too.
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The Cooler
The Godfather
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
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Fear and Loathing
And I'll second One From The Heart. What a delight of a film.
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Common no one is going to mention Showgirls.
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Leaving Las Vegas is one of the best movies ever

I think Con Air has one of the best Vegas cameos ever though
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Diamonds Are Forever.

"I'm Plenty."

"But of course you are."
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Honeymoon in Vegas!

My wife and I actually honeymooned there, and it was like approaching holy ground when we walked by Bally's.

Yeah for Johnny Sandwich!
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Very Bad Things!
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Ocean's 11.
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Viva Las Vegas (One of Elvis' best)
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Leaving Las Vegas has to be #1 in my book, mostly for reasons mentioned and for being one of the darkest love stories ever.

Casino is a close 2nd because it is the most realistic view of the mob in Vegas ever made. I lived there through some of it, and watched as the mob died and the corporations took over (not for the best BTW).

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Vegas Vacation
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