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Opening night or wait to see it at the theater?

Old 05-04-08, 01:44 PM
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Opening night or wait to see it at the theater?

I have a friend who has to see the movie opening night, and if you don't want to go opening night you might as well not go. When I had a different job (and got off earlier) it was one thing, but I am not much of a fan leaving work, meet up with him somewhere, go buy the tickets, go get something to eat, go back to the theater and try to be the first or first few people in line just to watch a movie. Turning what should be a 90 minute-2 hour experience into something that lasts nearly 4 hours or more is not an ideal way to spend my time.

So if I want to see it at the theater, I find it more rewarding to wait. Less time waiting, easier to find a seat, fewer people in the theater tends to mean less problems with said crowds.
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Old 05-04-08, 01:55 PM
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I go to opening night shows only for a few movies. I went for fellowship of the ring and Grindhouse.
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Old 05-04-08, 02:06 PM
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I don't like the packed crowds, regardless of the movie or "event" that it is. I can see why some people do though, because they like that 4 hour experience of waiting in line and chatting it up with friends.

Lately for me it's been watching movies on opening weekend on Saturday morning or afternoon. Small crowds, less rowdy people, and you still get to see the movie right after it's out.
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Old 05-04-08, 02:07 PM
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I like my friends, so the whole experience with dinner and stuff is fun for me.

J/k, but really, it depends on the movie.
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Old 05-04-08, 03:21 PM
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How about see it in the theatre or wait for the DVD? Iron Movie is the first 2008 move I've seen in the theatre. I hate crowds.
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Old 05-04-08, 03:38 PM
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There are three types of movies for me.

1. Movies that I NEED to see ASAP (usually opening weekend). Usually because these are the movies where the crowds can be fun and not obnoxious. The last movie in this category was Cloverfield. After hearing reviews for Iron Man, this is another one that I'll see ASAP.

2. Movies that I see in theaters because enough of my friends wants to go. Recently, a group of friends wanted to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I wanted to see it too (and I'm happy I did) but if it wasn't a group thing I would have waited for the DVD.

3. Movies that I'll just wait for the DVD. This is the majority of movies lately. I'm not a big fan of crowds for certain movies because there tends to be some assholes in the crowd that can ruin the experience.
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Old 05-04-08, 05:50 PM
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Depends on what movie it is.

If its a blockbuster that I really want to see, I go see it opening night, you feel the buzz of the other people, and its just feels like a better time.
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Originally Posted by superdeluxe
Depends on what movie it is.

If its a blockbuster that I really want to see, I go see it opening night, you feel the buzz of the other people, and its just feels like a better time.
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Old 05-04-08, 07:16 PM
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I think the only movie I've gone to on opening night was "Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith". I used to go to the theatres quite frequently, but being in a wheelchair made going to the theatre too bothersome in the end. Getting there, fighting through the crowd (although people are usually quite nice and move), and trying to carry popcorn and a drink just became too much of a hassle.

I think the last movie I saw at the theatres was "Click". I went with a friend and his parents. I don't mind going to the theatre if friends are going. Heck, that's part of the fun, but I just don't find myself interested in going to the theatres by myself.

While the price does get a little high once you've bought your food and drinks, it isn't the money that's the issue, but waiting for the Blu-ray or DVD is just cheaper in my opinion. You can watch it when you want and you can start or stop when you'd like.
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Old 05-04-08, 07:17 PM
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Movie crowds now pretty much suck so I dont really like to go when there are a ton of crowds. However I usually do just because of my anticipation of the movie so I go despite the crowd, not because of them.
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My biggest issue is my hatred of spoilers. It's getting to be almost impossible to avoid spoilers if you don't go early. There's spoilers everywhere in the movie forum already outside of the main thread, let alone TV interviews and friends and family that have already seen it.

The only exception to trying to wait out the crowds is comedies. I feel somewhat self conscious or something going to a comedy with 10 other people and silence in there.
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Old 05-04-08, 07:41 PM
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The few movies I see in the theater, I wait till the crowds lessen and I can catch a Saturday matinee and use my discount passes. Generally though I'm definitely a big fan of just buying the DVD.
I have no special interest in seeing a movie opening night.
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Old 05-04-08, 07:57 PM
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I used to get really excited about movie release dates. Last couple movies I saw in the theaters were No Country for Old Men and the new Harry Potter movie.

Last movie that I really psyched to see and went out on Friday/Saturday night was Grindhouse.

I usually just go to the theaters when I feel like it. It usually ends up being Saturday/Sunday afternoons. I get tons of free tickets with my American Express points. If it weren't for having those tickets laying around, I'd probably go to the movies even less. And, I guess now that it's the 'summer' season, I'll go a little more.

Other than that, I've just been buying movies through Columbia House and Blockbuster for around $10-$12ea. And I have a stack of 10-or-so DVD's that I haven't watched yet.
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Old 05-04-08, 08:18 PM
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Honestly, I'm not sure if I've ever seen a movie opening night. Mainly, cause I'm a cheapskate. I think I have gone a time or to an opening day matinee before.

If it's a movie I want to watch in the theater, I do aim to see it within 2-3 weeks of it's release. Last thing I want to do is fork over big bucks only to see it at the local dollar theater a few days later. Again, trying to pinch pennies...
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Old 05-05-08, 11:04 AM
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I used to love seeing a big movie on opening night. Packed house, excited atmosphere, it was a great time. I still enjoy it one in a while, but I go to matinees mostly now.
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What I learned from Iron Man this wknd (having seen it twice)... if you go opening wknd - sit in the middle, ensuring you're with like minded people who've waited in line and want to see the movie. If you're on the side (having arrived later than you should've) your chances of being next to people who don't give a shit and will talk nonstop are much higher.
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Opening night is my thing if it's a movie I'm absolutley pumped for. Over the past year though I've started going to matinees opening weekend.. one, it's cheaper (and when ticket prices are $11 it's almost essential) and two the kids usually go to later showings on Saturdays since they can stay up later.

Case in hand, I saw Iron Man at a 2pm matinee on Saturday and there were only about 10 people in the theater. It was refreshing not having out of control teens giggling, laughing, and acting like idiots.. like when I saw Be Kind, Rewind.. ugh.
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excitement, packed house..... thats what blockbuster movies are all about...

for blockbusters... i am there opening night..

for certain comedies, i am there the other week
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Not opening night but at least opening weekend. But I reserve this for big movies Like Iron Man, Batman Begins, LOTR series, and a few others. I
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I wait until the first Sunday show, when the only audience other than myself are old people who wandered in by mistake.
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I like opening night, though I can extend that to opening weekend... if I see the movie on Saturday, when my schedule is a little bit more relaxed, it's all the same to me. Mostly it's because I want to avoid spoilers for the big movies, and I enjoy talking with friends about it... mostly the same reason I'll watch some TV shows immediately instead of DVRing it for the next week.

If a movie has been in the theater for a few weeks, unless there's a ton of buzz, I'll just wait for the DVD/Blu-ray to come out.
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Originally Posted by Groucho
I wait until the first Sunday show, when the only audience other than myself are old people who wandered in by mistake.
So that's how you get all the ladies.
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since I don't work Fridays - first show of the day.
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I used to love opening nights and sometimes you can still get the awesome energy of a group of people excited to see a good movie. More often than not it's cell phones and talking back to the screen. The best screenings if you can get in are the screenings held at the big comic conventions. I saw Stardust and Hot fuzz early at San Diego Comic con and SF Wondercon and the audiences were great. We waited several hours for each screening and not only was the audience on their best behavior, but every one laughed a little harder at the jokes and just reacted a little more to the important parts of the movie.
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Opening night is in my theater.

Forget the crowds, sticky floors, cell phones, popcorn chomping clods, babies crying, endless commercials, trailers and sales pitches.

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