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Caught a 5:00 showing of this today. Good film, not great. I personally didn't find it heavy handed. Or pro or anti America (or war). Just about one solder who didn't want to return to Iraq. And the aftermath of war on several soldiers. There were a few overly sentimental and hokey scenes, but overall I'd recommend the movie. And give it a 7/10.

I just saw a commercial for the movie on TV. The editing is fast just like the movie trailer, but I noticed many scenes in the commercial that weren't in the final film. One where Phillippe drops to his knees next to Abbie Cornish on a beach. One where Cornish is sitting with her knees to her chest crying. The scene where Phillippe is walking around with no shirt on (back in Texas). Some big busty blonde waving to Phillippe from a window. A scene with the young male friend who hung out with them target practicing, walking in the middle of the street. The scene was through a rainy back car window. Phillippe holding Cornish's face in a motel room as if they are about to kiss. A scene with their car driving towards the Capital in D.C. Then actually talking to the Senator. Where he tells Phillippe going back is the right thing to do. Phillippe and his dad standing side by side wearing white cowboy hats. Maybe all of these will appear one day on a director's cut (?) You can see some of these deleted scenes here:
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The previews for this movie make me think:
"...if you don't chip in your buck o five, who will?"
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"Stop-Loss" shines a light on the extending of US military tours of duty of many in the military deployed in the middle east, and its effects on the soldiers who return home, only to be sent back against their desires. Director Kimberly Peirce returns with her first film since "Boys Don't Cry" (the film that put Hilary Swank on the map), and co-wrote the screenplay. Ryan Phillippe, Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Abby Cornish round out the main cast, and do a credible job in their roles.

Sgt. Brandon King (Phillippe) returns home to Texas with his buddies Steve (Channing), and Tommy (Gordon-Levitt) after a recent dangerous firefight in Iraq which resulted in casualties and injuries. Steve and Tommy have problems re-adjusting to life outside Iraq. Brandon and Steve each look forward to life in the US after their current tour of duty end because it's the end of their enlistment, but they learn they've been declared "Stop-Loss" and basically pressed back into active duty and deployed overseas once again. Steve was going to marry his girlfriend Michelle (Cornish) before being Stop-Lossed, and Brandon doesn't want to go back overseas based on his experience over there. Brandon decides to call in a favor from a senator, and plans to plead his case, and Michelle offers to drive him to D.C.

The film looks at the plight of the soldiers being stop-lossed and hard decisions they make should they elect to not return to the military, and it's not an easy or rosey future for the soldiers who fought bravely for their country during their tour(s) of duty, and no longer wish to fight after they return home. The film's pacing is very good, a credit to a tight screenplay that isn't afraid to cover most of the bases as it follows Brandon's search for a way out of being stop-lossed. Peirce's direction is also tight and personal, never flashy, allowing the story to unfold with a natural rhythm and pace.

I give the film 3 stars, or a grade of B.
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Caught this last Tuesday in an advance screening and I hated it. Terrible direction, terrible story, terrible acting. Channing Tatum, this guy absolutely sucks as an actor. Please, MTV films can bite me, stay away from this crap. I am glad its bombing at the box office.
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I give this movie 0 star or a grade of F.
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I just heard a review where the reviewer said after he got out of the film that he felt like he had been stop-lossed
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Originally Posted by SterlingBen
I just heard a review where the reviewer said after he got out of the film that he felt like he had been stop-lossed
He's very clever! Ahahahaha. Ahahahaha. *wipes tear from eye* Ah ha. Ha.
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The previews make it seem to be of the same caliber as Varsity Blues.
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This one really wasn't all that good. The cinematography is what you'd probably expect from an MTV Film. Most of the performances were forgettable, at best.

It's cheesiness (for lack of a better term) at times reminded me of "When We Were Soldiers."
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Originally Posted by Tommy_Harn
The cinematography is what you'd probably expect from an MTV Film.
I've heard that mentioned a few places and I realize it's an easy target to aim at, but just for the record, Stop Loss was in the can long before it had any association with MTV Films (which is just a releasing label for Paramount at this point, although that'll change).

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