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Highly Rated Movies That You Didn't Like.

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Highly Rated Movies That You Didn't Like.

There are several highly rated movies I watched that I really didn't care for. Then afterwards it seemed like I was the only person on earth that didn't like it. Four of these dvds were: Momento, The Others, The Royal Tenenbaum and Signs. Which movie did you watch that fit into this "Am I the Only One" catagory?
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wrong forum. but i'll toss lawrence of arabia, pi, and 2001 in the ring.
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The Matrix
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Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Almmost Famous
Exorcist, The (Not Scary IMHO)
Insider, The
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American Beauty
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American Beauty

Good Burger
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American Beauty
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Brotherhood of the Wolf. That movie sucked.
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2001, Signs
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Pulp Fiction
Fight Club
The Godfather trilogy
Meet The Parents
Hundreds more...
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The Ring
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I didn't like Caligula and that was rated "X."
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A Beautiful Mind
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
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Dam, several American Beautys, This is my favorite movie of all time. Oh well

The Matrix
Apocolypse now
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Not that I didn't like it, but I just don't understand the almost orgasming with glee over Spider-Man. It was a decent flick at best, but I've seen many people call it the best movie ever and I fail to see why.
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I hated Saving Private Ryan and A.I. Artificial Intelligence.
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Originally posted by Mr. Cornell
I hated Saving Private Ryan

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American Beauty (the Chris Cooper character was ludicrous)
My Big Fat Stupid Greek Wedding (just plain stupid and not funny)
Apocalypse Now (intermittently decent and boring 'til they got to Brando and then he made the rest terrible)
Blade Runner (zzzzzzz)
American History X (way too simplistic and unsubtle)
Requiem For a Dream (the absolute worst bottom of the barrel: over the top propagandistic nonsense and too stupid characters)

Many more I may add later.

I must add:
The English Patient (How did I forget that one? You tell 'em, Elaine!)

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I hated The Grifters, and I recall a lot of 4-star ratings for that one.
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The Matrix
Minority Report
Pulp Fiction
The Usual Suspects
Bottle Rocket
Saving Private Ryan
Run Lola Run
American History X
True Romance
Good Will Hunting
Animal House
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Films that people tell me that were great and that I should see that I just wanted to hit them after seeing...

Moulin Rouge (WTF was that, I want my 30 minutes of life back, I couldnt even get back the 30 min mark.)

Chicago (Not as bad as Moulin but still a steamy pile)

AI / Minority Report / Catch Me if You can (3 strikes $peilberg, your out! Can he get a grand slam w/ Indy 4?)

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Just plain boring, except for the father, he was cool)

Training Day (Not bad but I wouldnt see it again)

Monster's Ball (Sucked hard like Halle, err nevermind)

Beautiful Mind (only saw it because of Jennifer, Crowe was good but the film just lagged)

Shadow of the Vampire (Highly recommened to me, beyond boring)

Royal Tenebaums (I just couldnt get into it, too long and too boring)

John Q (Knew the ending in the first 2 minutes... not even remotely good.)

Eh, I am sure there is alot more from this past year or so but I cant think... Long live BATTLEFIELD EARTH!
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Beautiful Mind
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im gonna disreguard the poster that put down pulp fiction, fight club, memento, and the godfather trilogy because he had to have been joking
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