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Best Film of 1982 (ongoing survey)

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Best Film of 1982 (ongoing survey)

A quick note:
  • Some people are now saying it's before their time, so they haven't seen enough to vote... If you've seen even one film that you really liked from the year, and thus you consider it the best you've seen (even if it's the only one you've seen), go ahead and vote. Heck, I was born in '82, so yeah, it's before my time too, but I've still got a favorite from most years back at least through the 70s, even if I've just seen 2 or 3 from the year.

I know we've got polls like this all the time around here, but I figure this one will be a little more comprehensive and perhaps even informative.

This thread will be for your pick for best film released during 1982 (think Oscar considerations for what's eligible). I'm not making it a poll because whether you like it or not, that would influence some people's choice.

Results will be posted in this thread, and all subsequent threads for each year, and they will be ongoing... so you can still vote here even weeks after other year's polls have begun.

Please start your post with your #1 film from 1982 (try to limit it to one - after all, that's the point - two at the most (I'll split the vote)), and yes, discussions are more than welcome!

Current Leader -- E.T.

All Years:
2001 -- (currently) Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
2000 -- Requiem For a Dream*
1999 -- Fight Club*
1998 -- Saving Private Ryan*
1997 -- L.A. Confidential*
1996 -- Fargo*
1995 -- (currently) Braveheart
1994 -- Pulp Fiction*
1993 -- Schindler's List*
1992 -- Unforgiven*
1991 -- Silence of the Lambs*
1990 -- Goodfellas*
1989 -- Do the Right Thing*
1988 -- Die Hard*
1987 -- Full Metal Jacket*
1986 -- (currently) Aliens
1985 -- Back to the Future*
1984 -- Ghostbusters*
1983 -- Return of the Jedi*
1982 -- (currently) E.T.
1981 -- Raiders of the Lost Ark*
1980 -- The Empire Strikes Back*
1979 -- Apocalypse Now*
1978 -- (currently) Halloween
1977 -- Star Wars*
1976 -- Taxi Driver*
1975 -- Jaws*
1974 -- The Godfather: Part II*
1973 -- (currently) The Exorcist
1972 -- The Godfather*
1971 -- A Clockwork Orange*
1970 -- Patton*
1969 -- (currently) Midnight Cowboy
1968 -- 2001: A Space Odyssey*
1967 -- The Graduate*
1966 -- The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly*
1965 -- Dr. Zhivago*
1964 -- Dr. Strangelove*
1963 -- 8 1/2*
1962 -- Lawrence of Arabia*
1961 -- The Hustler*
1960 -- Psycho*
1959 -- North by Northwest*
1958 -- Vertigo*

If you haven't voted on the previous years, feel free to go back and do so.

*Poll closed, winner declared.

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1) Gandhi - 9/10
2) Das Boot - 9/10
3) Fast Times at Ridgemont High - 8/10
4) Diner - 8/10

Tough choice for me between Gandhi and Das Boot... very tough.

1) Moonlighting
2) Tootsie
3) E.T.
4) Diva
5) Mephisto
6) Lola
7) Personal Best
8) Das Boot
9) Three Brothers
10) An Officer and a Gentleman

1) Sophie's Choice
2) Diva
3) E.T.
4) Fitzcarraldo/The Burden of Dreams
5) Personal Best
6) Das Boot
7) Mephisto
8) Moonlighting
9) The Verdict
10) Wasn't That a Time
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1. Conan The Barbarian
2. Blade Runner
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Das Boot
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#1. e.t.

02. the evil dead
03. zapped!
04. coup de torchon
05. fast times at ridgemont high
06. tootsie
07. das boot
08. identification of a woman
09. my favorite year
10. eating raoul

11. class of 1984
12. the thing
13. the verdict
14. deathtrap
15. an officer and a gentleman
16. 48hrs
17. victor/victoria
18. godard’s passion
19. come back to five and dime, jimmy dean, jimmy dean
20. diner

of note:
blade runner
cafe flesh
the draughtman’s contract
a good marriage
the last american virgin
the loveless
a midsummer night’s sex comedy
night shift
permanent vacation
q the winged serpent
sophie’s choice
the state of things
white dog
the world according to garp
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While I am tempted to vote for Ghandi or Das Boot because I think they are probably better films, I am going to vote for E.T. - The Extraterrestrial because it is the first film I have distinct memories of seeing in a theater, and seeing more than once. This was the beggining of film for me so it will always be special to me.

I wouldn't mind if these voting threads continued. I enjoy voting and seeing what others vote for.....and what the final result is.....
I was born in 1976 and I have top ten lists for myself for each decade back to the 1930s (I could probably make lists for the 20s and 10s if I wanted to) so probably have already picked a favorite film for years and years back.
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Others I liked:
Blade Runner
Fast Times at Rigdemont High
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn
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Sophie's Choice
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Blade Runner
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E.T. Phone Home. Overrated, but still the best film I saw from this year.
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I liked both Fast Times and Das Boot, but I seem to watch Fast Times more often, so it receives my vote.
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[list=1][*]Blade Runner [*]Gandhi[*]Poltergeist[*]Boot[*]Ingenjör Andrées LuftfärdI have seen this countless times as a kid and in older days, I wish this could come out on DVD.[/list=1]
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1 E.T.
2 Das Boot
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Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
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Geeze... "Before their time"... I feel like an old man and I'm only 31... Bunch of damn_kids!

Blade Runner

Followed closely by John Carpenter's The Thing and Gandhi...

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to have my pacemaker adjusted and my hearing aid replaced.
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Just think, if this were the world of "Logan's Run," all of us DVD talkers over 30 would be worm food by now.

My choice:
Blade Runner (which I wouldn't have seen in '82 in the theaters, but viewings over the years since have convinced me of its value)

Runner-up: the criminally underrated John Carpenter's "The Thing."
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John Carpenter's "The Thing"

Also on my fav list.

Blade Runner
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2. DAS BOOT (The Director's Cut)
3. BLADE RUNNER (The Director's Cut)
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1. E.T
2. Das Boot
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Originally posted by Sunday Morning

#1. e.t.

02. the evil dead
03. zapped!
04. coup de torchon
05. fast times at ridgemont high
06. tootsie
07. das boot
08. identification of a woman
09. my favorite year
10. eating raoul
I see this list and the only thing that comes to mind is...

Zapped!??? #3??? Before Das Boot...before Tootsie. Scott Baio..Willie Ames.

My faith in humanity is shattered.
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I'd go with Gandhi, but Fitzcarraldo is a very close second.

I would vote for E.T. as the WORST movie of 1982.

I would vote for Blade Runner had the director's cut come out in 1982.
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