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UPCOMING RE-RELEASES LIST (rumored and confirmed)

UPCOMING RE-RELEASES LIST (rumored and confirmed)

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DVD's that have been released on dvd before and are confirmed or rumored to get a RE-release.

The list is based on information gathered from the internet and I have NO connections to the studios. There is a possibility that some of the titles might not get a re-release since the list contains also rumors.

Pretty much all of the bold titles are certain (some are on the fence). Some of the "confirmations" are from a while back and studios tend to change their minds. Anyway, don't blame me if a bold title doesn't get released.

This list hopefully prevents all the "Damn, I just bought this title and now it is being re-released" talk.

101 Dalmatians [Animated] (2010)

12 Monkeys (UE, DTS, COM [Gilliam, Roven], DOC, 2D)

400 Blows (Criterion)

Absence Of Malice, The (SE)

Alien (2003, SE, COM [Scott], 2D)

Aliens (2003, SE, 2D, DC)

Alien 3 (2003, SE, 2D)

Alien: Resurrection (2003, SE, 2D)

The Andromeda Strain (04/01/2003, SE)

Animal House (2003, SE, DOC)

Apocalypse Now Redux (DC, SE)

Army Of Darkness (03/04/2003, SE, TC, DC, COM [Raimi, Campbell, Raimi])

As Good As It Gets (COM [Brooks, Nicholson, Hunt, Kinnear, Zimmer])

Assault On Precinct 13 (16:9, DD, COM [Carpenter], isolated score)

Backdraft (SE)

Bad Boys [Michael Bay] (Superbit, DTS)

Batman (SE)

Batman Returns

Batman Forever

Batman & Robin

Battle For The Planet Of The Apes (16:9)

Beauty And The Beast [Jean Cocteau] (2003, Criterion, SE, original audio, Philip Glass DD audio, COM [Knight], COM [Frayling])

Beetlejuice (SE)

Beneath The Planet Of The Apes (16:9)


Black Hawk Down (06/--/2003, SE, COM [Scott, Bruckheimer], COM [Nolan, Bowden], COM [Special forces veterans ‘93], multiple DOC, 3D)

Black Hawk Down (2003, Superbit, DTS)

Black Rain [Ridley Scott] (SE)

Blade Runner (SE, TC?, DC?, Definitive DC, workprint?, COM [Scott], 3D)

Blazing Saddles (SE)

Body Double (2003, SE, DOC)

Bottle Rocket (SE, Criterion)

Boyz N The Hood (SE)


Bram Stoker’s Dracula (SE)

Breakfast Club, The (2003)

Bridge Too Far, A (SE, 2D, COM [Goldman and key crew], DOCS

Bugsy (SE)

Casablanca (10/06/2003, SE)



Charlie’s Angels (Superbit, DTS)

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Christine (SE, COM [Carpenter])

Clear And Present Danger (05/06/2003, SE, 16:9, DTS)

Cleopatra (DC)

Clerks (2004, 16:9, SE, DC, TC?, new COM, old COM [Smith, Mewes etc.]?, DOC)

Cliffhanger (Superbit, DTS)

Color Purple, The (02/18/2003, DC, RM, SE, DOC)

Commitments, The (16:9)

Con Air (16:9)

Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes (16:9)

Crimson Tide (16:9, COM [Scott])

Cube (04/15/2003, SE, 16:9, COM [Natali])

Dances With Wolves (April 2003, TC?, DC, SE, 2D, COM [Costner, Wilson], COM [Semler, Travis])

Dark Crystal, The (03/04/2003, Superbit, DTS)

Dark Star (16:9)

Das Boot (03/04/2003, DC, Superbit, DTS, 2D)

Dawn Of The Dead (10/--/2003, DTS, SE, RM, TC, Romero’s Cut, Argento’s Cut, COM [Romero], COM [4 cast members, probably Emge, Foree, Ross, Reiniger], DOC?, 3D)

Day Of The Dead (08/--/2003, DTS, RM, SE, 2D, COM [Romero], COM [Avary])

Deer Hunter (2003, SE)

Dick Tracy (SE, DTS)

Dog Day Afternoon

Empire records (06/03/2003, SE, COM, DC)

Enemy Of The State (16:9)

English Patient, The (SE)

Enigma (2003, COM [Apted])

Enough (2003, COM [Apted])

Escape From New York (12/--/2003, RM, DD, SE, COM [Carpenter])

Escape From The Planet Of The Apes (16:9)

Event Horizon (SE, DC)

Face/Off (DC)

Faculty, The (SE)

Fahrenheit 451 (04/01/2003)

Fast And The Furious, The (05/--/2003, SE, DTS, COM [Cohen])

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (02/18/2003, Criterion, 2D, SE, DTS, COM [Gilliam], COM [Depp, Del Toro, Nabulsi], COM [Thompson])

Fargo (2003, SE, COM [Deakins], COM [Bevan, Fellner], DOC)

Fish Called Wanda, A (2003, 16:9, SE, DC, COM [Cleese], DOC)

Fly, The [David Cronenberg] (2003, SE)

Friday The 13th (UR)

Friday The 13th 2 (UR)

Friday The 13th 3 (UR)

Friday The 13th 4: The Final Chapter (UR)

Friday The 13th 5: The New Beginning (UR)

Friday The 13th 6: Jason Lives (UR)

Friday The 13th 7: The New Blood (UR)

Friday The 13th 8: Jason Takes Manhattan (UR)

Frighteners, The (SE, DC, COM [Jackson], hopefully the 4˝ hour DOC from the LD)

From Here to Eternity (03/04/2003, Superbit, DTS)

Game, The (SE)

Godzilla [Roland Emmerich] (Superbit, DTS)

Goodfellas (2003, SE, COM [Winkler])

Good, The Bad And The Ugly, The (RM, Footage added)

Grease (2004, SE, COM [Kleiser)

Great Escape, The (16:9, SE, COM, DOC)

Green Mile, The (SE, 2D, supposedly a COM [Darabont])

Halloween (05/08/2003, SE)

Halloween: H20 (SE, 2D)

Hard Boiled (16:9, DD, COM [Woo, Chang])

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone (SE, COM [Columbus], 2D)

Heavy Metal (03/04/2003, Superbit, DTS)

Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 (THX, DD)

Home Alone

Horse Whisperer, The (DC)

Howard's End (SE)

Howling, The (SE, COM [Dante, Stone], DOC)

Hunt For Red October, The (05/06/2003, SE, 16:9, DTS, COM [McTiernan])

In The Line Of Fire (Superbit, DTS)

Iron Giant, The (SE, COM [Bird])

It’s A Wonderful Life (SE)

Jewel Of The Nile (2003, 16:9)

Jungle Book, The (2006)

Karate Kid

Killer, The (16:9, DD, COM [Woo])

Killing Zoe (DC)

Labyrinth (03/04/2003, Superbit, DTS)

Lady And The Tramp (2009)

Last Action Hero (SE)

Lawrence Of Arabia (SE, DOC, isolated score, 2D or more)

League Of Their Own, A (SE, possibly COM [O’Donnell])

Legal Eagles (04/01/2003)

Legends Of The Fall (03/04/2003, Superbit, DTS)

Liar, Liar (COM [Shadyac])

Little Mermaid, The (2008)

Lord Of The Rings, The: The Two Towers (2003, DC, SE, 4D, multiple COM, DOC)

Lord Of The Rings, The: Return Of The King (2004, DC, SE, 4D, multiple COM, DOC)

Manhunter (2003, SE, RM, DC, COM [Mann])

Mars Attacks! (SE)

Matrix, The (04/29/2003, SE, 2D, COM [Moss, Gaeta, Staenberg], inc. The Matrix Revisited disc)

Mean Streets (RM)

Men In Black (Superbit, DTS)

Men In Black 2 (Superbit, DTS)

Metropolis [1927] (02/18/2003, SE, RM, COM, DOC)

Midnight Run (2003)

Misery (DOC)

Mission: Impossible (SE)

Monty Python’s Meaning Of Life (2003)

Moonstruck (16:9)

Mothman Prophecies, The (SE, COM [Pellington], DOC)

Nightbreed (DC, RM)

Night Of The Living Dead [George A. Romero] (03/25/2003, 3-D)

Of Mice And Men (03/04/2003, SE, COM [Sinise])

Office Space (SE, 16:9)

Outsiders (2003, DC)

Panic Room (SE, multiple COM, 2D)

Patriot Games (05/06/2003, SE, 16:9, DTS)

Planet Of The Apes [Franklin J. Schaffner] (SE, 16:9)

Philadelphia (SE)

Poltergeist (SE)

Poseidon Adventure, The

Predator (2003, SE, DTS, COM [McTiernan], DOC, 2D)

Pretty Woman (TC)

Prince Of Darkness (Possibly R2 exclusive, COM [Carpenter, Jason])

Punch-Drunk Love (SE)

Raging Bull (SE)

Rain Man (03/04/2003?, SE)

Raising Arizona

Ran (16:9)

Ransom (COM [Howard])

Resident Evil (SE, 2D, COM [Anderson, Bolt, Jovovich, Rodriguez], COM [?], COM [?])

Return Of The Living Dead (SE, DC, COM [O’Bannon, Stout])

Right Stuff, The (2003, SE, 2D, hopefully the long US cut)

Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves (05/27/2003, SE, 2D, RM)

Robocop (DC, TC, SE, 16:9, DD, COM [Verhoeven, Neumeier], DOC)

Rollerball [Norman Jewison] (16:9, COM [Jewison], COM [Harrison], DOC)

Romaning The Stone (16:9)

Ronin (COM [Frankenheimer])

Rules Of Attraction, The (SE, DD, Unrated, truck-load of commentaries)

Scarface (2003, 16:9, DD, 2D, SE, DOC)

Sea Of Love (05/06/2003, SE, 16:9)

Seven Years In Tibet (03/04/2003, Superbit, DTS)


Shawshank Redemption, The (SE, 2D, supposedly a COM [Darabont])

Singles (SE)

Sixteen Candles (2003)

Sleuth (16:9)

Spaceballs (SE)

Spider-Man (Superbit, DTS)

Splash (2003, SE, COM [Howard, Grazer, Hanks, Hannah])

Spy Kids (12/--/2003, SE, DC)

Stargate (02/18/2003, 16:9, SE, 2D, DTS, TC, DC, COM [Emmerich, Devlin])

Star Is Born, A (2003, SE, 2D)

Starman (SE, COM [Carpenter, Bridges])

Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home (03/04/2003, SE, 2D, COM [Nimoy, Shatner])

Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier (SE, DC?)

Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country (SE)

Star Trek 7: Generations (SE)

Star Trek 8: First Contact (SE)

Star Trek 9: Insurrection (SE)

Sting, The (16:9)

Strange Days (2003, SE, 16:9, DTS)

Straw Dogs (03/25/2003, Criterion, SE, 16:9, 2D, COM [Prince], DOC)

Stripes (SE)

Sure Thing, The (SE)

Terminator (2003, SE, possibly the same as the previous SE but this time as double pack with T2)

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (06/20/2003, SE)

There’s Something About Mary (05/13/2003, SE, 2D, COM [Farrelly Bros], COM [Farrelly Bros], COM [Decter, Strauss])

They Live (Possibly R2 exclusive, COM [Carpenter, Piper])

Thunderheart (2003, COM [Apted])

Titanic (16:9, SE)

Top Gun (SE, 16:9)

Towering Inferno, The


True Lies (16:9, SE, DTS, 2D)

Truman Show, The (16:9)

Vanilla Sky (SE, COM [Crowe, Wilson], DOC, possibly just a separate extras-disc)

Weird Science (2003)

West Side Story (04/01/2003, SE, 2D, DD, RM, DOC)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (03/25/2003, SE, DTS, COM [Zemeckis, Marshall], 2D)

Wicker Man (07/22/2003, DC)

Wild Bunch (16:9, DC)

Windtalkers (SE, COM [Cage, Slater], COM [Willie, Smith])

xXx (Superbit, DTS)

Young Guns (04/22/2003, SE, RM, DTS, COM [Estevez, Sutherland, Sheen, Mulroney, Phillips, Siemaszko], DOC)

Zombie (16:9, longer version)

- New title
- Details modified

- Bold = “Confirmed” title. Not necessarily officially announced by the studio.
- Normal = Rumored Title. Mentioned in some occasion. Might get releases but then again, might not.

- SE = Special edition.
- TC = Theatrical cut.
- DC = Director’s cut.
- 2D = Two Discs. 3D is three discs, etc.

- 16:9 = Anamorphic (remastered). Previously non-anamorphic widescreen or full frame.
- RM = New transfer. Has the same aspect ratio as the previous release.
- DD = New Dolby Digital 5.1 mix.
- DTS = Both Dolby Digital and DTS sounds. Only DTS is listed to give room for other info.

- COM = Commentary.
- DOC = Documentary. Length 30 mins or more.

- All features are NOT mentioned.
- Details are NOT 100% accurate.

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From the http://www.thedigitalbits.com/rumormill.html

According to http://www.Comics2Film.com :"The Tim Burton original, Batman, will contain lots of extras, like additional scenes, deleted scenes, trailers, commentary, storyboards, cast info and so on. The other movies in the series may also be re-released, but with fewer extras. Harvey speculates that Batman Forever may contain deleted footage as there was an estimated one hours worth cut from the movie."

I can't wait for these! I've came close to buying the old ones.
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What's supposed to be new about the Commitments reissue? Anamorphic widescreen? I own the current release, which appears to be open matte.
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Dances with Wolves

I hope this is the 4 1/5 hour version. I have it on LaserDisc, That is the only movie preventing me from ditching the LD player.
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Goshdarnit, I’m sure I saw mention of a domestic release of the Tai Seng/Mega Star camp classics Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain and Naked Killer but I can’t remember where it was. Anyone able to confirm?

Also, anyone heard rumours of Fox re-doing the highly underrated Strange Days?
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The WILD BUNCH re-release will only be RSDL-improved (dual-layered instead of flipper), but not 16x9-enhanced?
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Acording to thedigitalbits you can add Ridley Scots 1492 for later this year!!!
Paramount is working on a dvd.
Also the animated version of the Lord of the rings is comming later this year from Warner.
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Has anybody heard anything about "Misery"?
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Anyone know what the deal is with the new editions of The Killer and Hard Boiled? I haven't heard a thing about them until now. Which studio is releasing them?
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Does the list encompass any possible Criterion remakes? (i.e. is there any way of knowing what Criterion has it eyes on next?)
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Any word on the re-release of 'The Great Escape'?
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According to Anchor Bay's web site, Django and Django Strikes Again are coming out in late 2001. At this time, The Evil Dead is listed for "early/mid 2002".
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Posted by Mikko Rasinkangas from Tyler_Durden's computer.

Jerry Maguire is coming in 2002. J M Kenny is doing the SE.

Added Lawrence Of Arabia.

Some details corrected.

Does anyone know anything of the following (I just know that they were in some occasion mentioned as a possible candidates for a re-release): Absence Of Malice, Crimes Of Passion, Dirty Harry Collection, Hard Days Night, Sleuth, Zombie. Since I’d like to know if they are on this list for nothing.

Have they already released the corrected DTS versions of the Jurassic Park movies?

Removed: Fly Away Home (Release 08/07).

Last edited by Tyler_Durden; 08-05-01 at 06:27 AM.
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Whats the deal with The Fly? is this the 80s version?

Same goes for Lawrence of Arabia.


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Exactly which "Black Rain" are you talking about? The Michael Doglas film, or the Shohei Imamura film? Of course, the latter is what interests me most.
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Is Run Lola Run being re-released with different material? Amazon has it on pre-order status. And if I'm not mistaken, which I could be, the MSRP has risen as well.
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For those like JaseXF3, who are concerned about the cost of replacing DVDs in their collections, I'd like to suggest that you sell your current editions as soon as the new release is announced. That way you can get a decent price for the old one and lower the cost of the new one.

I'd like to see a new release of "Chariots of Fire", one of the few P&S titles I have left, but there doesn't seem to be one in the works that I can find.
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Anybody got an update on release dates for following movies:
Dog Day Afternoon
Blade Runner

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I don't think Trainspotting is even tentatively scheduled for re-release at the moment... unfortunately Criterion doesn't have the rights.
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Is there any word on Pretty Woman? Both dvd releases thus far (98 widescreen and 00 10th aniversary edition) have "bonus" footage added in, and I hate the bonus footage. There's no option to show the theatrical release on either disc. On the 98 release it's called "director's cut" and on the 00 version it's called "selected B Roll" film - both are horrid imo. So I'm hoping against hope that one of my favorite movies of all time will get a third proper release and allow the viewer to choose to watch the theatrical release in widescreen.

Otherwise I'll be forced to (gasp) re-purchase the vhs just so I can watch it without the extra "hooker" stuff. And in doing so suffer through pan and scan h*ll. I can't believe I bought this in vhs years ago, then twice in dvd form trying to get the "real" version. I'm pi$$ed.
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Originally posted by CitizenKaneRBud
Bunch of rumors:

As Good As it Gets
Bottle Rocket
The Truman Show

none confirmed though!
I know a studio executive who said they will probably go into pre-production in '02
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Juliette of the Springs?
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Any news on a re-issues Parenthood, at least w/s??
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re: Pretty Woman

Originally posted by Mikko Rasinkangas
I wasn't aware that the director's cut was released on dvd... That's why it's on the list.

None of the reviews I've read mention it is the DC...

Does anyone know the exact length of the Director's cut and the theatrical cut (the length on the cover doesn't help since they are always wrong)...

If the DC has been released, I'll take it off the list...
Well, the 10th anniversary B Roll version has a listed time of 125 minutes and when I skipped to the end (as the credits begin to roll) it says 124.5 minutes approximately. The widescreen DC version says 124 minutes, and the time when I skipped forward also said about 124.5 - seems to me the two versions differed by a few seconds but that's it.

Spot checking showed the same added in footage on both disks from the theatrical release, but I didn't bother to watch the whole thing.

As to the length of the theatrical release - you've got me, because it's never been released on dvd. And I got rid of my vhs over a year ago. IMO this movie should DEFINITELY be re-released in its theatrical cut - as of now, there are two versions "B Roll 10th Anniversary" and "Director's Cut" (which appear to be the same version of the movie, with extras on the 10th Anniversary disc as the only difference) - but no theatrical release option.
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Anything confirmed, as to when, the SE's for ROBOCOP and DAY OF THE DEAD will be released?
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