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Does anyone know if is legit?
How fast is their shipping and do they sell any bootlegs?
I apoligize if this has been posted before but I couldn't find any past threads with search.
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i order from them occassionally, they are definitely a legit company. I don't think anything they sell are bootlegs, but I could be wrong. Everything I have ever ordered has been legit though.

Make sure to sign up for their newsletter when you order, you generally get a %15 off coupon in each newsletter.

You could order majority of the stuff they have from overseas places for cheaper, but if you want fast shipping they are the place to order from.
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I've ordered from them twice with no problems, and never received anything that didn't look legit.

I also order from Hong Kong, so (as was mentioned) their prices lose by comparision, but: they run sales every now and then that offer some very good bargains, and a few times a year the email code is for 20% off
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Pokerindustries is fully legit and I've been ordering from them for years. Good place - prices are a tad high, but average when looking at other US-based e-tailers.
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I've ordered from them in the past, and they seem ok.

I don't think it's reasonable to think that an import store's prices would be as low as the country the DVD is from, given the costs they have to incur to get the DVD's, but I find Poker and HKflix to be overpriced. There are other import stores in the US that seem to have better prices on most titles.
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I've ordered from them a couple of times. Totally legit. As mentioned, you can always find a better price elsewhere. However, there have been a couple of times that I used the 20% discount and free shipping (if you order over $75). The trick is to find those DVDs that everyone else seems to be out of, but Poker has.
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Poker Industries one of my favorite companies. Like others said, they offer 15% discounts on a regular basis. And they also offer free shipping on orders over $75.

Prices? I think for US-based companies, they are often the lowest. Especially with the discounts.

I've ordered from them many times, and only recently had one bad experience (a DVD was out of stock, and their responses to my emails were difficult). Not enough to make me want to stop using them, or even stop recommending them.

No bootlegs.

One thing I like about them is that they have a wide range of products from many different countries/sources. So yeah, you can probably hunt around a find some of their products cheaper on-line from the home companies, but what I like is that Poker Industries can be a one stop shop if you like European and Asian films.
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> No bootlegs.

LOL. Those Angela Mao DVDs come straight from the king of bootleggers, stiller66:

stiller66 claims he regularly sells to Poker and HKFLIX. Buyer beware.
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I don't think Pokerindustries and HKflix (which also sell them) know that PanMedia is a bootleg company. Do you have any proof of this other than a few messageboard posts? I couldn't find much on the illegitimacy of PanMedia. Just because they are crappy transfers, that doesn't mean they are bootlegs... if they do not get licenses to print and distribute these films though, then find proof and let Poker and HKflix know about it and I'm sure they'll end the relationship immediately. If they don't end it, then I and probably others around here and perhaps DVDTalk itself will probably end our relationship with hkflix and poker.

I did not know PanMedia was a bootleg company and since they're fairly new, I guess it's not quite common knowledge.
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Welcome to the forum biggreen. Why not tell us a little about your self....?

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They have some animated dvds from Buddha Video.The cover of Foghorn Leghorn is spelled wrong.
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I lost count how many misspellings I've found on the covers of legit HK DVDs... that doesn't = bootleg either.
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They are legit and I order from them occasionally, they respond on emails within a couple of days.
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no problem. i got many limited edition from them.

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